Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 10 – The Month of Supplication

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to month ofals and fasting, including the implementation of fasting rules and avoiding bad luck. They also mention a new panel and deadline for submitting applications. The conversation touches on the importance of showing one's weaknesses and the need for a response from Allah. Additionally, the speakers emphasize the importance of staying up late to cook and a loss of control when asking for help from others.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen they turn off Ramadan and one of the names, scholars gave Ramadan his Shahada is the month of supplication or asking Allah subhana wa Tada. And it's interesting to learn the relationship between supplication and fasting because Shabbat Ramadan is the month of fasting and is the month of the Quran as we will learn later. But what is the relationship between the supplication and Ramadan and why Ramadan was called the month of fasting the month of yoga of supplication?

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Number one, if you look in the Quran, you look in the Quran and Surah Al Baqarah the cow will our last panel hautala talked about the month of Ramadan and fasting you will live in Amman akuti Bali Kumasi I'm all believer so yeah I'm fasting has been prescribed upon you and then Allah talked about shall Ramadan that lady owns unifi for the month of Ramadan that the Quran was revealed. And then Allah Potala here the next verse or Aria is the idea in your planner. What is our circular k bardiani for any party that would you Buda today either Dan for the StG? buli What do you mean ob landerholm your shoe olus pantalla heel addressing euro Swati Salatu was set up if they asked you

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about me. I am a law near Wuji Buddha with a die. I responded to the caller when he calls me to the one who makes supplication when they supplicate to me yesterday will let them respond to me when you when we let them believe in me, let alone your shoe. So they will be guided. Then the next verse is also about Sam now the rulings of Sam.

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So you you see in this that the Doha supplication is in the middle, it's in the heart of fasting is part of it is integrated in it. And why is that? What is Allah teaching me reminding me Don't forget to make Doha constantly in the month of Ramadan specifically, and always in general, because our Swati Sartre said, I'm taught to me and you are in a hurry, talking about fasting, and You are Subhan Allah connected together and he said that I thought that all

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three people there supplication will never be rejected, meaning their supplication will be granted. Who are they? Number one email munadi, adjust ruler. And number two, I saw a Mohatta if the person was fasting till he or she breaks the fast. And this is one narration by Amanda tirmidhi. And in another narration or saw a Mohini of both the fasting person at the moment when he or she break the fast that's application is granted. And then what our tone McGlone, the wrong person when he makes it Wow, this one specific fee goes up to Allah subhanaw taala. And the doors of the heavens will be opened. So fasting is absolutely very much conducted with you up. Third thing that will help us also

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in Ramadan, especially when we are busy, we cannot catch up with those people who are doing way more. I can't do that much. So now I don't have time I feel I'm running. And the act of worship I wanted to do I'm not able to do it all. And we just spoke yesterday that trauma bond is a month of worship. We'll learn this at da who will a bad Doha supplication in fact is the act of worship. That's what our Swati salatu salam said Abdul who will evaluate and this is also Amanda tirmidhi so when I am Subhan Allah Look how beautiful this religion and how generous last panel were Tyler that's here I am I'm putting my hand up I'm asking Allah I need I'm in need whether it's for me

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whether it's for my family, whether it's for the whole oma but we are in need, the fact I put my hand up I will be rewarded. This is an act of worship, like I am reading Quran like I am standing up in Santa in prayers, like my fast. So a dua who will a bad Allah who loves for us to ask him and Subhan Allah Subhan Allah add this also Turin to keep reminding ourselves don't stop asking ALLAH and your heart does not need any prerequisites.

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There is etiquettes of Doha, but in fact, Doha does not have pillars that if I don't do this that is not accepted. No, I can do it anywhere except one place, but in general, I'm walking, I'm driving, I'm sleep, I'm going to bed to sleep, I'm cooking, I'm preparing the food before I eat all these dua, asking ALLAH and so a dua who la vida Alhamdulillah now I can be in a constant, constant action of worship by asking Allah pantalla asking something for me in this dunya for this life, asking for the two kinds of da two kinds, two ways of asking Allah they call it your own master deed your heart I need your be give me and there's nothing wrong with that. Your love Give me here for dunya Allah

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give me the best in this dunya and the best in the after. Robin Akina for dunya hacer awfully after it has been working out there but not. But don't forget, let's not forget, and this is the month where Allah will respond. Because I'm fasting that I asked and make dua for my asherah for my grave. That's a loss on data make it bigger, wider, that loss Pantanal make it a place of peace of john, it's a loss pantalla give me Just give me the highest level of genuine, give us the highest level of gentlemen, that we will see a loss portada Allah will forgive us. So don't forget to ask for the hero for the oma so that

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there's another kind of da and this is specially specifically helpful for those who doesn't know a lot of da or they don't think they need Subhan Allah Allah bless them with everything. They call it da da bye bad. The act of worship of your art is when you also say this when you glorify Allah. So when I say Subhan Allah, when I say that either hate the law, I am in a state of Doha, that act of worship, and that act of worship I am not asking I'm actually glorifying Allah and that's an act of worship Subhan Allah so keep

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keep our let's keep our tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah which we'll talk about it's another day but mainly this remembers his job asking him now you'd get in touch with her like in our corner nobody in the country nobody me you're allowed to know DT but you should the HANA glorify you. I am among the wrongdoers. I am a dua it's a sign. It's a way of telling a last panel Matala your Allah hi glorifying, you're a lot you're exhausted. You're alive. I know you can do your Allah I know nobody else can do your Allah. I am weak. I am poor. I can't help myself. You are the only one and Allah said this. It's also when he said about what color buco only yesterday blockquote

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Allah said call upon me I'll respond to you. This is also not allowed off in the levina ustick Luna and Eva dirty search Runa Johanna muda Hurry, those who are arrogant and they do not ask me they will get to Jana. asking ALLAH is a sign of humbleness, I cannot do with your law. You can do it. You are is another form of a body because it's obedience to Allah. We said Ramadan is the month of obedience, one of the one acts of obedience to Allah I asked him because I am following his order. He told me what Allah Ramadan yesterday Blackcomb your Lord say, asked me, I will respond. I am obedient to Allah by asking Subhan Allah and He will give me what I want. So I'm showing Allah, my

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weaknesses, my poverty, His Majesty, I am obedient to Him. I am absolutely in a state of worship as long as I am in a state of Nevada, so I can really way ahead from other people by just asking Allah subhanho wa Taala I am glorifying Allah and telling him I know you hear me, I know you will give me and the last but not the least, when we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala two things. Don't rush. Take your time. Ask him, show your poverty show that you need him. And don't say he didn't respond he did. So panna, but the way he respond is not necessarily the way I wanted it. It could be completely the opposite, but that's what's good for me, or he will keep it for me at the Day of Judgment. Let's

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not ever stop asking Allah showing him our poverty.

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Our need and we have this yaqeen certainty that he will respond. robina artina Jr has an affiliate affiliate he has been working on other been now Jacqueline alajuela Sara mighty Kuma Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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