Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #27 The Recitation of Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
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Your mother

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Musallam is our mother. Now the Allah Azza wa Tada the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so he asked him Osama and Kurata Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for either here 10 Now to Kira 10 MUFA Sultan whorfin Khalifa

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Yeah Even Mamluk narrated that he asked her Musallam or the Allahu anha about the way Rasulillah Salam recited the Quran

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and she described his re citation for Salah Salem citation as clear, thoughtful and slow letter by letter.

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Letter by letter, not word by word, letter by letter not a or by area letter by letter.

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Yanni Subhan Allah it was so clear that

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every letter is coming from the proper Maharaja and you're enjoying the letters even you could feel every letter is taking it's right and equal Have you heard haka we do not swallow like some of us. When we recite, we swallow. Sometimes we swallow a word, definitely swallow a couple of letters, but as soon as I send them as a citation was very clear and slow and thoughtful.

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Alexandria ham, Allah said the recommended way to recite the Quran is to recite it slowly and clearly. Yanni was 13. It was narrated that Abraham does have the Allah Han he said, I prefer to recite Surah Al Baqarah and Ali and run slowly and thoughtfully, better than reciting the whole Quran. Better than reciting the whole Quran with Rush quickly.

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Had the Pheno Mohammed bin Bashar kala Hadith and Bucha real been has him called a hadith Anna Abby uncultured con, culturally anisul nomadic cave. Kira Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Karla

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Pamela explained describe the citation by one word.

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So Qatar generated that he asked us for the Allah Han about the the citation of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and he answered by one word, and he said muda he prolonged the citation of the Quran what does that mean Alhamdulillah here have been plenty

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see that mean? This is a mud that what he's what he's talking about if there was a metro social service to make mud he's not say a candelabra I mean Rahman Rahim Alhamdulillah here have been with me in our Walkman you're Rahi beam there was a med okay.

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Now had nothing I didn't even know how to call the Hadith

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Ummah way and who Eurasia and Abney EBI Malayaka and almost cinema again call it cat under your Salah Salem. Jaco, thorough Pirata Yeah, cool Alhamdulillah here have been add me in some may okay.

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So my call our Rana and your Rahim so maracas, what can I Corrado Maliki yummy Dean

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so Musallam generated that promise I sent them recited every is separately.

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This is the Sunnah. We're not saying the people who combine or join the ad, it is haram but it is if you ask what is preferable. What is better is to stop a low Cuf Isla Roos Hill, yet it is preferable to stop at the end of every single area.

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Sometimes you see the Imam not our Imam and

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they compete he wants to do the Fatiha with one breath

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brother I got the fatty one breath listen to this and he started Hola Hola, but in some some of them also add Alif Lam Meem

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they're heavy. The property citation no especially the salad out of the salad. Do whatever you want even though it's the same thing preferable but in the salad, stop at the end of every single Aya especially in the fattier. Why especially in the Fatiha.

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Yeah, because Allah, the only Surah The only Surah one

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amendment as you bring him Allah He passed away a few years ago. He said,

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give a chance to Allah to answer you and enjoy the answer.

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So give a chance

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Hola Roscoe Salam said

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the hadith of Muslim

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Kasam to solid I want to quote the wrong Arabic but that's the summit was divided between me and my slave

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when he called the in this hadith the family house called Salaat right either called abdiel hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen call Allah ah Hannah Danny Abdi Faisal kala Rahman Rahim Khan

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scenario I'm doing the majority

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Abdul Malik Kiyomi Dean Esna

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he can I Buddha yeah canister in the Abdi where the Abdi Massa?

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There is a conversation there's a dialogue going on between me and you. between us and Allah subhanaw taala only in the fattier for you. Where's the joy 100 In the era behind any manual Rahimi Maliki only Dini Yeah, can Abu do II kind of study and you lost the joy yaki the big difference. Al Hamdulillah here have been let me in Hamadani Abdi

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Niro, Rahi

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Allahu Akbar, anyone when I imagine that I'm talking to Allah, and actually ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is answering me back that whole Salah is going to change. Because now if you notice Jaquan

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why you one of our biggest problem that we are facing not only here in the whole Ummah, what is the biggest problem is that our our a badass became rituals only. And it's the calcium. Excellent. We all doing that. That's all we're doing. That's the problem.

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The problem is, we're only doing that you see a brother Fraser in the first row, he does not miss it. And his heart is full of hatred, and envy and jealousy. And he does not talk to his brother next to him. Well, what does the soma do? Why are you racing to the first row?

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I wouldn't ever that became just rituals. The main reason for this API that is to affect the heart and then not doing that job.

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In the salata, 10 handled fascia, well, mongkol solid to prevent me from committing major sins, major sins, we all commit minuses. But yeah, if every single day five daily prayers will occur to sell the car to donations, and the still I'm still the same guy smoking and lying and cheating. And if something is missing, something is missing. Something's really missing f1

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And we have to ask ourselves, why are these Ibadat prescribed? Why? What does this what does this do?

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Exercise and all staying away from eating and drinking. And at the end of the day

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I break my fast on a lie or Subhanallah

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when we enjoy this a lot and I enjoy that I am or I live that I'm standing in front Maliki only Dean.

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I'm standing in front of the one who controls when when the mountains are

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are moving.

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And they become like scattered dust and

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I'm standing in front of him. I'm standing in front of the one that law who will cause some at all

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And if you stand in front of someone who owns

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Texas, Texas,

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you'll feel like you know, skies big he owns Texas is a multi multi billionaire. He's very influential. He's very strong. You're standing in front of the one lone wolf because somehow it will work what Texas are you talking about? will cause some anxiety when

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qualcosa Marathi will

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Yokohama Allah said the method of re citation mentioned in this hadith that means stopping at the end of the if that is the most recommended way it is better to pause after each area even if the following area depends on the area that precedes it

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think one more and then we go to the next chapter which is very quick and related to it.

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There's one more Hadith

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definitely Muhammad of Nova Ilan called her her death and her Buddha would call her death in a show

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called Asana to Abdullah him no more often your call right in the vs on Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Nakata. He LML feta whoo hoo Wahoo, a Accra, in Fontana laka and Medina, Leon Fiera. Lake Como Murthy accord them I mean them big telco called for Cara Raja kala we'll call them wow we have no Lola ah Timmy NSO Allah, La have to look comfy Delica salt I will call the LAN Abdullah and Rafa narrated, I saw the Prophet salallahu Salam, writing his camel on the day of the conquest of Makkah. On the day, the Mecca was conquered, conquered Yanni, and he was reciting in Fontana laka tan Medina Allahu Akbar, we have given you your Muhammad a clear conquest, that Allah may forgive you, forgive

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for you what preceded OF YOUR SINS and what will follow. He recited it. And he did Terje and He repeated it.

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This indicates that re citation audibly is better than reciting in a secretly in some places, especially when it is to glorify Allah and awake the HEDIS. So when I'm trying to get a message through Rasulillah Salam, he recited the Quran in a loud voice and he repeated it. And that is recommended when you're trying to get message to the people in front of you. Especially if you want to wake them up maybe in Jamar, you mentioned the eye or maybe you're inside the eye, maybe you make 30 of the eye. If you know that this will wake up the people will bring that to the people, you could raise your voice with the eye, no problem. This is the whole Hadith was indicated because of

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that. Now I want to get to this before we leave in sha Allah Subhan Allah there is a whole chapter on Bab magia feeble carry Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the reports pertaining to the crying to the crying of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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Nakayama him Allah said I'm gonna read it. I'm going to quote him. The nature of his crying was similar to that of his laughing He neither laughed out loud. No, he did not. He neither laughed out loud. No, he did laugh by your thorough sleep, which was funny. He did not laugh continuously. Likewise, when he cried he neither wailed, nor was his breath was taken away due to it. Rather, his eyes would shut tears and the sound would emit from his chest. He cried out of mercy, out of His mercy for the deceased, and sometimes he cried out of his concern and mercy for his nation. Sometimes he would cry to his fear of Allah. And sometimes when he heard the Quran, due to his love

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of Allah subhanho wa taala, thus embodying the required combination of love and fear of Allah.

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At death in Soweto, Nasir Khan had different Abdullah Hamlin Mubarak and Hamad bin Salman Sabbath and Mataro of weapons. Well, who have no Abdullah Habesha clear, and Abby Khan, I tell you to Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam wa Who are you suddenly, when he shows up as he is on get as he is in mero? Jelly Minnelli Boca Subhan Allah

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of the Lord Misha here narrated that are the Allah Han he said I entered upon Las Olas I sell him while he was praying.

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Uterus crying he heard the salsa salams crying you too is crying such sound emitted from his chest like that of a boiling kettle

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you know when you put a kettle on the water and it's boys.

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So this is the sound that Abdullah heard coming from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while He was praying

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there are many forms or many different kinds of praying of crying

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there's a crying there is fake

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there is crying. It's called bokeh and more if

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anybody knows what that is that

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yes, because the guy next to you started crying you cried

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which is not bad. It's okay. Happens a lot of Ramadan.

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I have no idea what the members saying but the guy next to me is going to be a lot weaker.

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And then there is a crying when the

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Subhan Allah What a beautiful

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what a what an amazing feeling when the hair hits in the heart

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and Allah subhanaw taala for example, why should raka till oral Dooby no Riera Bihar Maha

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well I shut off my chin all do we know Europe be what will the URL kita where g been OB GYN was shahada walk all the other you know I'm Bill

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on board

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the whole earth is lit by the light of Allah subhanaw taala and the shahada abroad and the prophets are brought and the Kitab the records are present and no one will be oppressed on that day. Was he Canadian? A telco more of the home, Elan, Jen Hizzoner all Hatter either.

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Were 40 had a boo, boo. Work on home khazana to her Salah Nayeli come Salah Manoli come to the tomb Federico Con Ed in LA and the INSS, may Allah make us from these people, the angels waiting at the doors of gender and welcoming meaning come inside come welcome Salam aleikum. The instance of telling you Salam aleikum, enter to the Tom Hardy you're going to stay there forever. That said done, Lord. So these

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Subhanallah and of course, every single ayah in the Quran is a is an amazing area because these are the words of Allah subhanaw taala but sometimes, you know, same idea, you hear it nothing. And another time same ayah you hear you can stop crying.

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It was the right moment when the heart was open, and it hits hard. And there's Subhanallah

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the heart send signals to the eyes and the eyes start shedding the tears and what a beautiful feeling especially well is that

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when when is the best time to have that feeling? You know when

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alone because you see in the Salawat Gemma it's very hard. You're scared because if you cry the guy next to you might feel you and then the shutdown is gonna come and tell you Oh, you're crying so he could know that you're crying and then they say oh, Mashallah. Brother basil's crying Oh, he's such a good person.

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So that you stop crying.

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But when you're alone at night alone alone, there's nobody even your wife is sleeping. Your kids are sleeping, you're alone your parents are sleeping.

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And you stand up and you start reciting those.

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And then the TFL

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This is who's that guy?

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Is one of them that

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one of the seven

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What did you learn?

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What did you learn? And a man or a woman that was alone at night? And he remembered Allah subhanho wa Taala foul but fair but from the word fire bomb What does fire don't mean

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fire but I

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saw his eyes are flooding of tears just by himself. Who's he who's he faking to

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his his alarm Allah nobody's seen that

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and if someone used to notice that the past any let's assume that maybe somebody's wife so I'm crying used to say

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this cold is killing me.

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It's called this flow is very hard.

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They they hide as much as they can yeah one

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if you can't cry

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if you can cry tobacco

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try to cry any

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force yourself to cry. Get yourself trained to cry.

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From Makossa to Kullu Bukom embody Dalek for here Cal hija Rottie I should do as well

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although when you know you know how much I love you

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when we stay for a week or two weeks or a month or maybe since last Ramadan, that we're not one

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tear came down

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I know I said that many times but to ally There's something's wrong definitely something's wrong 100% Why

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either German lira hmm Telugu hace mucho saw de min Hachette in

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what il can answer no not very whoo ha lil G bad Lin

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La La Honeyeater for karuna, who along Allah.

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Allah saying that this Quran came to a gerbil to a mountain it will shaken and asunder and and shattered.

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And if everyone on Earth, we're not humans, they will only burn they will all mountains and this Quran came on a mountain, it will shatter.

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And we hear it every single day. We finish it maybe 234 times during the year and we finish it in Ramadan, and not one tear. Allah said in the Quran Surah Al Baqarah some Nakazato Lobo come in by the Dalek, your hearts became so harsh, so harsh. The here can Ijarah they are like rocks, but maybe they are worse than rocks harder than rocks. And this is what's happening.

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Lecture ism

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caught birds and seminars and conferences and Quran and Hadith and nothing

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will lie if it was

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pain in the chest. It was numbness in the left hand yella to the hospital.

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Cards cardiologist check my heart. Yes, please.

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But when something like this socket, no big deal. No, there are child Matana after we finish this it's about to finish. We're going to start talking about the diseases of the heart and how to cure them.

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This is extremely important.

00:22:09 --> 00:22:15

Your heart problem right now, the heart attack you will fall and after you die you will not feel the pain. So

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if they take you out from the freezer to bury

00:22:20 --> 00:22:32

you're not going to feel any pain you're not going to see anything. But when you have a heart disease inside the heart the Shirke anger hatred

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you show off RIA This is a painful in the dunya and in the cupboard and

00:22:43 --> 00:22:53

horrible in the akhirah This is the heart disease that keeps going does not stop with the death that's the one we have to concentrate on and work on to cure

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May Allah bless us all with Knapp Sallim ala one, you know

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sometimes don't think that I am the best person amongst you Allahu Allah. One of the setups used to say if sins have a smell, you cannot sit next to me

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so I used to make this diet and now I just remember that they should make it again I used to make it all the time. Hola hombre Saucony Calvin Salim and Akaka

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maybe we should revive this. Ya Allah blessed me with a sound heart that I will meet you with or your ALLAH blessed me

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or let me meet you with a sound heart.

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Allah hombre Saucony we all know Allah Mirzakhani right. This is very easy. Calvin Solomon. We all know. Right? Calvin Solomon, Allahu Mirzakhani la Marzocchi Calvin Solomon, Al Kaka. This is the hardest word from the cop. That same in Urdu. Luca Luca you lucky to meet

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no Buddha occurred yeah what occurred Alka I meet you be with with it Allahumma Rockne Calvin Solomon LKB six words llama zucchini, Calvin Sullivan Alka amenable Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was happy as me is that gonna love here are a couple of Hiko so that I can please on your way out to try to help that cause on our brothers and Syria and $50 a month for the whole family gynecological stuff

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