Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 17

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various signs ofacing someone, including memorizing their fasting, adjusting their speech, and being ridiculous. They also encourage listeners to be opportunistic and not rush while watching music. The speaker emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself and not rushing too far.
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Have you ever on your loved one memorizes having this as a three component pile I used to sit down for another two or

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three human beings, their supplication is granted, it's natural, it is not rejected, meaning it is given. Number one sign of the person, the state of fasting, as long as he's fasting, till he eat or break is when the man will elevate and adjust.

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And the third one, without warning, there is application of the man or the woman or the human being who is going under injustice someone did injustice to him, or to whatever your father Hello.

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Allah lifted up, higher, higher higher up in a figure of speech above the clouds where you wish to learn, and the doors of the heavens are opened by a holdover from what is usually done someone

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says this is to the person who is injustice is being done to him or her by me by my majesty by my honor, I will give you victory even if it is later so always have faith and we will we be afraid of committing injustice against someone and be very careful when you make a blowout against someone. Because if you're in a state of injustice, this drug is granted and that's not my word. The waterfall was one is part of this is when you are fasting so don't be miser

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Don't be miser meaning you can always just fall I work and I have children and I'm running I get home at five and I need to start designing and making good so or and getting all these things absolutely to your cooking. Keep asking a lot of you listener

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keep a lot ask a lot to keep you know how to cook.

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If you are hungry

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and some people people ask a lot to keep you this this doesn't need a lot of books. This is usually

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your cooking it smells good.

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Casual, low you're safe, we don't even feel it

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you know the more you do this, you train yourself the more luck we give you the more and and that's the principle of this deal, the more act of worshipping you do the more out of worship Allah will give you a thought that he will obedience bring obedience. So don't be miser on the fridge on the fridge put a sticker put a sticker

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on normally How many of you will

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you know go on the internet now we're just saying this morning how this made a lot of music on the internet look for the drought of food for him to cut it

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put it on the fridge put it next to your stove so you don't give yourself an excuse I know remember a lot of you get it please forgive me You go to the bathroom get the dog getting off the bathroom move on and all these simple ones but when you're getting into your car

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and he did not have a car that's

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if you don't know all the sophisticated ones but keep this specially busy because that's the curve that's remembrance of Allah span in China

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also sought to know special time also this falling in the foot three go to

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the person who was fasting that time he or she breaks how fast or is fast there is a fact of there is a tower that is not that is granted. So be opportunistic.

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Don't give me a house. Give me the house

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next door

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and make me see you young Look at me in

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this way doing it for yourself. Make my grave as wide as possible. Jelly rolled on a piece of God

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say before the punishment of the graveyard you know what I'm saying? that it may injure you as because I don't know I will say this to myself before anyone. I don't know. I can guarantee what I am going to be done and we all gonna know that hey, somebody was gonna make a draft for you. Can you guarantee

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they will remember you up until one day of fasting they probably going to be dropping themselves. So don't be wiser. Do it for your children. Do it for your husband. Do it for your family. Do it for the woman but number one, do it for yourself

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and take care of it. Don't rush. Don't rush

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Then the day Tomic Can you make it give it to do like five minutes give it to her right? That's why again Milan is like even if you are going out to a party is breaking us to remind each other, remind each other make it like a custom bring the date in a beautiful Let's sit down when is the company make any damage to the direction of the company and an eat and remember this and if this is the update. I know my job is granted I know because he told you as you see what wonderla will give you wondering

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