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Salam o Allah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lumbee will Musa Lee her Madhu rasool Allah is Allah Allah He was he was I was

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just given cathedra and cathedra from Babu, my brothers and sisters

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on the subject of structuring your day,

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second installment of that

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the key thing to do is you cannot structure something you cannot have, you cannot answer the question, what is the best way of doing something unless you know where you're going.

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So, the goal is very, very critically important.

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If you have no goal, then you don't know where you're going. So, it is very important to have the goal.

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So, I my

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suggestion for people is

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do two things, one

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at the beginning of the morning and two before you go to bed in the night

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and this must be done without a

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without exception, I mean, there is there should be no reason why you do not do this, right? Absolutely no reason.

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Now, the

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these two things, first one is to write down three things, I mean, three is like a in my opinion is like a magic number, right? Three things that you need to complete on that day.

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Right three things that you must complete on that day.

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In order of priority now, to get to an order of priority, you need to have your goals clear, because what what is the highest priority, the thing that contributes to your life goal, the best.

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And the most, this is something of highest priority. Next priority is something which is number two in that and so on something which is urgent and important and something which is absolutely critical to do. So in this context, make your plan and say that I need to do this particular thing by this time, and there has to be a time and there has to be

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what you need to complete the measurement, what you need to complete and by when measurements are absolutely critical, you cannot achieve success. If you don't measure measurement is like totally it is something which is completely indispensable, right? The reason I'm saying that is because you cannot improve something unless you know how you are doing. And you cannot know how you are doing unless you measure. So everything must be measured.

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effort must be measured. Seriousness must be measured, actual results were measured. So record and measure everything.

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So start with that with your life goal. And this life goal, reduced that into smaller

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portions. And then you have your down to each day. And every day, this is what I must do in order of priority three things that you must complete on that day.

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Then what you do is

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in the morning, you begin your day with those three things with that goal that I must complete these three things today. And by the end of the day.

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So start before that before

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you begin with the three things in your mind. So this is these are the three things I need to complete by today. And

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in the

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evening, you measure that? No, did I complete them you're not complete them, what was the what was the situation? This was measured. So every morning you start with a thing and say this is what I need to do today. And in the evening. You see what you actually accomplished.

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Make very, very be very clear about yourself and make sure that you measure the thing correctly.

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Remember that you can make excuses, but excuses do not change anything.

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Don't become fiction fiction doesn't become fact. Because you have a good excuse. Success doesn't turn to failure. Failure doesn't turn into success. Because you have a great excuse.

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If you lose your wallet, your wallet won't come back. If you have a great excuse, right? You can convince people you can tell people Oh, you know what I what can I do? This was a situation and it was really not to my control, and poor guy, whatnot, whatnot, makes if everybody people will all agree with you. Oh, no, no, no, absolutely right? You know, you really, I mean, no one could have done any better. Believe me, it may make you feel better. But that wallet which is gone, is gone. That wallet is not coming back into your pocket, because you have a good excuse. Or because your friends are believed that what happened was,

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was completely reasonable. And really

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good. It was not your fault. So here, I'm not asking you to beat yourself up. It's not a question of, you know, ascribing fault and punishing anybody. I'm just saying that understand the reality reality doesn't change, because people don't want to believe it.

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And the reality is that you lost your wallet. That's all there is to it. So if you really want to benefit from that, then you have to say, Well, what did I learn from this? One of the things for example, you might say I learned is to keep my wallet wallet in a different place. So instead of when I used to travel on Bombay trends many, many years ago, in the late 70s, I used to keep my money in my socks.

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And people told me Oh, be very careful, you will lose your money. So I never I'd never lost money. I didn't lose a single cent, because my money was in my socks. And you can't I mean, no big pocket can pick. There's no big sock, right? The pickpockets. So my money was if I never lost it, but that's because I was very clear in my mind that I'm not going to do the money. I mean, this was my goal for myself, I will not do my money. So it is very important to keep to make sure that you don't fool yourself.

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One of the most important

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realizations that you can have, and I suggest that you have it as quickly as possible, is that there is only one person in the world that you can fool. And that person has you said the same name as you write,

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same name as you. So decide for yourself. If you don't want to be that person, then don't be that person. But don't fool yourself. Because if you find yourself then you are going to be in a place where really nobody can help you.

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three goals, first thing in the morning, in the night, you do your assessment, and say how did I arrive? today? What did I do? What went well? What did not go well? And what will you do differently tomorrow? This is very, very important. Again,

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no random work right?

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Clear what your mind to say. I'm assessing my my day to see what I did. And

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based on that, I will

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my next day in the morning tomorrow will be based on this day. So I will do something differently based on today that this must become a

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completely solid routine of yours, which never changes

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there is no reason for it to

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to change.

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No matter what happens in the rest of your life.

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Start the day with three goals. Start begin with one

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you know completed go to the next one, complete that go to the third one. And if you get interrupted come back and finish the phase the one you started and that's it you know. So if you do this, you will find that

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you will be able to

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to monitor your progress going forward

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in the night, you measure this and say how did I do with I succeeded and succeeded or not succeed? How well did I succeed you know all of this so underlie if you I think it's this is not rocket science. It's quite simple. If you it's just a matter of

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Eating what you want to do with yourself.

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But if you decide to take advantage of,

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you know, the what time Allah has given us, then

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quite literally nothing can stop you, you know, I have to sort of visual power and, and wealth, but nothing at all can stop you

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if you decide that you don't want to be stopped,

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so, it's really up to you what you want to do with your own life. Right I hope I hope I'm being clear

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three goals in the morning, start with them. And then in the evening, you measure how you did and you are the one who sets the measurement please understand this somebody else you are the one who will set the measurement and you know what is best must do it. And please understand, no one dies from too much pressure

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don't worry about all this modern world thinking

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praising you and praising yourself and praising your children or whatnot unduly and not press, not pressure not pressurizing them not giving them enough

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what should I say?

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You know not a lot not

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putting enough pressure, pressure is very, very important. Pressure is what?

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What helps you to succeed quite literally, without pressure you cannot succeed. So, therefore, pressure yourself and trust in Allah subhanaw taala completely Allah subhanaw taala will help. There is no doubt about this. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to be pleased with us and to make us more and more productive. Very important in all of this to keep remembering that the end success depends only and only on the result of Allah smarter so don't sacrifice that for any reason.

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As well as my data to help you and be pleased with you was Allah Allah will carry when he was a member of the gang why