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Juz’ 12: Hud 1-123 – Yusuf 1-52

Hud 50-95

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Well either I didn't have home Buddha and two odd we sent their brother who's the Prophet is called the brother of his nation. He said, Oh my people worship Allah, you have no deity other than him. You are not but inventors of false hood. Oh my people, I do not ask you for any reward. My reward is only from the one who created me, then will you not reason. And again, this shows to us that the Prophet of Allah when he worked for Allah, he did not have any greed for material benefits. So likewise, the dari, the person who was calling people to Allah, what is it that he needs to remove from his heart, any greed, for worldly return? Any greed for worldly return? You have to get rid of

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it otherwise, otherwise, a person cannot be sincere. For the sake of Allah will call me all my people. ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to him. He will send rain from the sky upon you in showers and increase you in strength added to your strength, and do not turn away being criminals. These are the benefits of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What are those benefits that you receive this summer? Our la comida Radha, he will send down on your showers of rain blessings will fall down on you from the sky. Where does it come? quwata illa quwata come whatever strength ability you already possess a lot. We'll give you more of that while at a low

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maturity mean, we learn that when a person would come to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asking him what he should say when making dua to Allah.

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Does it ever happen to you? somebody asks you what kind of dog should I make?

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What should I ask Allah for? Or sometimes we wonder ourselves, you know, there's so many things to ask for. What should I ask? So, people used to ask this question very frequently from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So what is it that he would teach them? He would tell them say, Allah homophily Welcome knee, Dini. workzone and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would show with his fingers, meaning four things, right four things you need to ask Allah for Allah homophily or harmony. When Dini was zucchini. Now say it with me Allahumma faily? What how many who are dealing with zucchini? So four things right? First of all, you ask Allah for much better for forgiveness, then Rama, Oh Allah,

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forgive me, have mercy on me. And then you ask Allah for hedaya and for risk for guidance and for provision. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, would say that these words gather for you the benefits of your life here and your hereafter. Meaning it's one of the most comprehensive draws. It's so short. Aloma affiliate harmony, who delivers Oconee justice, these four things, what a comprehensive.

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But now you're asking a lot of forgiveness for mercy for good in this world and good in the hereafter. They said, Oh, who you have not brought us clear evidence, and we are not wants to leave our gods on your say so meaning just because you tell us why should we leave our gods? nor are we believers in you. We only say that some of our gods have possessed you with evil. He said, Indeed, I call a lot to witness and witness yourselves that I am free from whatever you associate with Allah, I have told you clearly that you should not worship these idols and you insist on clinging to them. So I make it clear that I do not I do not believe in them at all. And he said, I'm the burrito

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memento shikun I am dissociated from that which you associate with Allah subhanaw taala, meaning I do not agree with this at all. I do not accept this at all, other than Him meeting whoever that you believe in other than Him, so plot against me altogether, then do not give me rest bite. Indeed, I have relied upon Allah, my Lord and your Lord, there is no creature, but that he holds its for lock. Indeed, my lord is on a path that is straight. But if they turn away, then say, I have already conveyed that with which I was sent to you. My Lord will give succession to what people other than you, and you will not harm him at all. Indeed, my lord is over all things a guardian. And when our

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command came, we saved who and those who believed with him by Mercy from Us, and we save them from a harsh punishment. What a God and that was odd, who rejected the signs of their Lord, so arrogantly and disobeyed His messengers so stubbornly and follow the order of every Jabbar in our needs.

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The obstinate tyrant. Instead of following the Prophet, who did they follow? They followed their leaders who were very arrogant, who were very oppressive, who were very stubborn. That is whom they followed. Many times it happens that we are being called from two opposite people. One is calling us to Allah, and the other is calling us to disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala the people of God, they responded to who, those who were calling to disobedience, not the one who was calling them to Allah. So what was the result? They were finished, they were destroyed. In a hadith and Muslim Dharma we learn the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the Day of Judgment, they will come out of the

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fire, they will emerge from hell, a neck having two eyes that see and two ears that here and a tongue with which it will speak and it will say, I have been charged with three. I have been charged with three mean Hellfire will speak and it will say three, I have to take them in me. Every Japan in our need every obstinate, arrogant, oppressive tyrant. Secondly, each one who claims with Allah, another god. And thirdly, those who make pictures, pictures of what?

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Of what of living creatures, detailed pictures that look almost real. Yes, this is a major sin, because this is like competing with Allah's creation. So if something like this has been done in the past, we beg forgiveness. Why? Because when a person does Toba when a person repent for a mistake that he made previously, then what happens? It says though, he never committed that sin that sin is erased, but it is only if a person repents. So we see that a person who is arrogant who is oppressive his end is what?

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What is his end Hellfire? jabatan our need Hellfire? Now we need to see that what is our attitude in our homes, with our children, with our family members? Do we oppress them just because we have the power? Do we hurt them just because we have a sharp tongue? Do we misuse, misuse, the status, the ability, the strength that Allah has given to us? Just bear in Annie, those were oppressive. Those who are arrogant, tyrannical, they are not those who are going to go to gender, who are those who make it to gender those who are humble well, but to be him, the people of odd they were therefore followed in this world with a curse and as well on the Day of Resurrection, unquestionably are

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denied their Lord than a way with odd the people of who they follow Jabbar need so they could not attain closeness to Allah. What he does the Moodle have them slowly her and to some old we sent their brother silent. He said, Oh my people worship Allah, you have no deity other than him. He has produced too from the earth and settled you in it. So ask forgiveness of him and then repent to him. Indeed, my Lord is near and responsive. kariba moody. They said also earlier, you were among us a man of promise before this. Do you forbid us to worship what our forefathers worship? And indeed We are about that to which you invite us in disquieting doubt. He said, Oh my people have you

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considered if I should be upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from himself, who would protect me from Allah if I disobeyed him. So you would not increase me except in loss, meaning I cannot listen to you. I have to do what Allah has ordered me to do. And all my people this is the she camel of Allah, she is to you assign because the demand that we will believe if you show us this specific miracle, so the exact miracle was shown to them. So let her feed upon Allah Earth and do not torture with harm, or you will be taken by an impending punishment, but they have stronger they killed the camel. So he said, enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days. That is a

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promise not to be denied. So when our command came, and these three days also, they didn't take a warning from that. Look at the stubbornness and pride over here, the arrogance and sin, we saved solidly, and those who believed with him by Mercy from Us, and save them from the disgrace of that day. Indeed, it is your Lord who is the powerful, the Exalted in Might, and the shriek sees those who had wrong. You see, Jabbar need people who are arrogant, they make a lot of noise. And what is it that they were killed by a noise and the shriek sees those who had wronged and they became within their homes corpses, fallen prone, so arrogant, and now they were laying dead. Their bodies just

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lying galamian ofI her as if they had never prospered they're in unquestionably some mood denied there.

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Lord, then away with some old, what do we see that one nation after the other is meeting the same fate, the right to survive their generations eventually they get corrupt. Allah sends reformers, prophets, the people insist on they're wrong, and hence they're removed from the earth. And other people take their place. Allah blesses them, their generations, their future generations, they get misguided. And again, they get distracted. They get deceived by the blessings that Allah has given them, they get corrupted, and the cycle begins all over again. What do we see that the people of New Orleans Cena, those people who survived with him, Who were they, they were believers. And later on

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from their generations, from their descendants came, these nations that are mentioned over here.

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So initially, they were guided what happened gradually, they forgot the message of the prophets. And even when the prophets came to remind them, they refuse to accept. Why, because they were deceived by this dunya they were deceived by this world, they got corrupted by this world. So never ever get deceived by the blessings in this world. Never think that just because my forefathers were righteous, I will be fine and never think that because I have so many good things here. I'll be fine later also, no, this life is a test, a test, a chance that is given to us only once, so that we earned the pleasure of Allah, while other true soluna Ibrahima bill Basra and certainly did. Our

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Messengers come to Ibrahim with good tidings. They said Salaam peace, he said peace and did not delay in bringing them a roasted car. These guests were angels. They came in the form of human beings and Ibrahim or Islam immediately he served them the best food that he had. But when he saw their hands not reaching for it, he distrusted them. He was afraid and fell from them apprehension that why are they not eating the food I give them. They said fear that we have been sent to the people of loot, we are angels we have been sent to destroy the people of loot. And his wife was standing and she smiled. Why did she smile and realizing that these are angels? We were getting

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worried that perhaps these people have come to harm us. They are in reality angels. So she smiled, a smile relief. Then we gave her good tidings of his health and after his healthier qub. This was Sarah, she was given the good news that she was going to become the mother of

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his health, early history. And this good news. What good news it was for her. She said Woe to me. Shall I give birth while I'm an old woman? Because he was very old at this time. According to some reports, he was about 90 years of age. And this My husband is an old man. Indeed, this is an amazing thing. This is something amazing. The angel said, Are you amazed at the decree of Allah? May the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you or people of the house? Indeed, Allah is praiseworthy and honorable? Why was she surprised? First of all, if you think about it, Sarah, the wife of Ibrahim and his son, she did not have a child for so long and harder. She had a son his Marine, and

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in Buhari we learned that Saddam was very, very jealous of her natural. This was natural. She wanted a child she couldn't have and harder has a child. And this was getting very difficult for her to bear. And unless the panel Todd also had a different plan. So Allah auditor Brahim, are listening today. Catherine is married to maka. Right. And that is where he left them so that a new community would come about the house of Allah was built over there. And it's my father and his son, um, he was in Makkah. Now Sarah is still in Philippines. All right, she's there, and she doesn't have a child. And now when she's so old, at the age of 90, and her husband is also so old, she's given the news

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that, oh, you're going to have a son.

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You're going to have a son. I mean, this is no ordinary news. This is no ordinary good news. Just think about it. If you've been longing for something, whatever it may be for her. It wasn't a child. For you, it could be something else. And then finally, after years and years and years, when you feel like it's not gonna happen, and then you get it. Imagine the state of happiness, you're almost in denial. You're almost in denial. sasara over here, she's in denial out of surprise, out of amazement. She's not doubting the ability, the power of Allah. But she's just amazed at how this was going to be possible. So the angel said, Why are you surprised? This is a loss order and how he's

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going to execute it. That is up to him. And then the angel

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Make the day silk Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who are Aleikum lol Wait, may the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you or people of the house. And even today, these blessings are sent to them. When we say Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, while early Mohammedan kamasan later Allah Ibrahim where Allah, Ali Ibrahim, and then along the baddeck Allah Mohammed. So the angel said Rahmatullah him about a category Alaykum elevate. And when the fright had left Ibrahim, which fight that, okay, these are not people, these are angels, they didn't come to harm us, they came to give some news to us. So this fight when it departed from Ibrahim, once he came to know who these men were, they were angels,

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and the good tidings had reached in which good news of his son, what happened, he began to argue with us concerning the people of Lou.

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Why, because the angels told him that we are on our way to the people of loot we have been sent to punish them. Ibrahim alayhis salam has just been relieved of a huge fear. And he has been given good news that he had been waiting for all his life. And what happens? He is now worried about some people that they're going to be punished. The prophets of Allah again, what do we see? They were not selfish people. They were not people who just cared about themselves, who just got lost in the blessings that Allah gave them. And they forgot about humanity that was suffering. No. The Prophet of Allah has given good news. He's happy. Yes, Alhamdulillah I enjoyed. But now the people have

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loot, they're going to be punished. Why? He's requesting a lot that give them some more time, give them some more time, or that they should not be punished because there's at least Lutheranism in there who believes so why should that community be destroyed? At least there's one believer over there. What happens with us, when we are enjoying blessings that Allah has given us, we forget those who are needy, we forget those who are needy, those who are needy for material blessings, meaning they're needy for food and drink, even clothing, shelter,

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some companionship, some love and care a good word. We don't offer that to them. And then if we do care about their worldly needs, what about their spiritual needs? What about their spiritual needs? how sensitive are we towards that, that we care about the spiritual needs of people, Ibrahim, Hassan is concerned for humanity. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went for the Battle of blood. When he went for that battle, this was no easy decision for him. Because on the one hand, he's defending the Muslims, he's defending the cause of Islam. And on the other hand, his daughter was sick. in Medina. She was sick at the verge of dying, but he had to go. And when he

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returned, his daughter had just been buried. This is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who was the life is full of hardship. But we see that he is the one who's constantly struggling, constantly striving to convey to people the message of Allah, because if they don't learn about it, if they don't accept it, if they don't worship Allah, then their final outcome is very, very harmful. It is very dangerous. So he's concerned for humanity. All prophets were like that. Allah praises Ibrahim, or they sent him in Ibrahim, Allah Holleyman, our home money. Indeed, Ibrahim was for burying, grieving and frequently returning to Allah. He was very soft hearted servant who turned to Allah

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frequently. So we need to think about ourselves, also, how much time how much of our money, how much of our efforts are dedicated to just our pleasures, our lives making our homes? And how much concerned are we for the welfare of humanity? What about them? Yeah, Ibrahim, or Ibrahim, give up this play. He is told there is no point. There is no point people have lived were given their chance. The Prophet has been sent to them. They're not going to benefit. Indeed, the command of your Lord has come now. And indeed, there will be some a punishment that cannot be repelled, because the people have notes. What were they doing? They were committing a crime that none before them had

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done. And what was that? The crime of, of homosexuality? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, the thing that I am most fear for my nation is the action of the people of Louis.

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He said I fear that this will become common in my nation.

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Also in my mouth so you see homosexuality is all about rectal intercourse and rectal intercourse is unlawful between men and men and men and woman. This is something that is forbidden. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said learn Allah human amela arama comi Luton May Allah curse the one who does the action of the people of loop and this could be with a woman also and this could be with a man also

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well and alone woman Amina I'ma call me Luton well I know love woman Amina Armando comi little thing the profits or loss on set this three times May Allah curse the one who does this action. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said Maroon man waka Allah behemoth in cursed is the one who does this action within animal

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Maroon on Manami llama la cama Luton, cursed is the one who does the action of the people of loot. Because the problem is that it doesn't just stop at one person. It doesn't just stop at one person. It's like an infection, it spreads. It goes from one to the other. And in this is a lot of harm. You know, this is something very simple. People don't understand why homosexuality has no room in our religion, why there's no tolerance for it. It's because the actual act is something that is forbidden. The Act is forbidden rectal intercourse is forbidden. Why? Because it has more harm than good. It brings more harm to people than it brings good to them. And it's very simple. Allah

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subhanaw taala has set limits for us. For every pleasure. When it comes to eating and drinking, we cannot eat and drink everything we want and desire. He has set limits over there. We cannot drink alcohol, we cannot eat halal meat, we cannot eat pork. These are limits that Allah has set. Why? Because he's testing us. And like we learned about alcohol, that it has more harm than it has good meaning you may enjoy it. However, it has its dangers. And likewise, when it comes to this kind of relationship, it may be very pleasing, it may be very pleasurable to some. However, it has more dangers, it has more potential for evil, more potential for harm than good. it harms the people who

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are directly involved in this physically harms them. And it also harms the society at large. So this is why we see that this entire nation where this action became common widespread because then it doesn't just remain with one person. It doesn't distribute with one person, then it spreads from one to the other to the other to the other. So what happens when this evil spreads, then the punishment of Allah descends like it descended on the people of loot. And when our messenger is meaning the angels came to loot, he was anguished for them. And he felt for them great discomfort because they came in the form of men. So he was afraid that my people are going to harm them. And he said, this

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is a trying day. And it might seem like the people of loot were really outrageous. But this is exactly what happens that when a man looks at another man as an object of sexual pleasure, then tell me, where is it that people can feel secure and safe? Where is it that a man even can feel secure? Where when a man is being attacked, is being approached for sexual pleasure? Then what does it mean? There is no higher there is no modesty left in that society in those people. So Lutheranism is instantly worried when he sees these men approaching them now they're not going to be safe. My people are going to harm these guests. They're going to approach them. And that is exactly what

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happened. His people came hastening to him rushing to him, they saw these men coming and they rushed, no higher, no hire at all. And before this, they had been doing evil deeds, because this is what happens when a person commits, how long he is not satisfied. He is not satisfied. No matter how much he does it, he is not satisfied. Allah says they had already been engaged in this but when they saw these men coming, these angels coming, they wanted more of that how long? Because once a person becomes a slave to his desire, then when is it that he can feel satisfied? You see Hillel is something that brings contentment, even when it is a little it brings satisfaction to a person on

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are that is the true richness of the heart. And how long is something that no matter how much a person indulges in, he cannot cannot be satisfied. Why is it that alcohol it's so easy to get drunk or to have more than a normal amount? Why? Why is it that alcohol is forbidden period? Why forbidden because it's not possible to have just a little bit. It's not possible drugs also drug abuse. I mean, all of this alcohol abuse

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Why is it that the police has to stop people and check in and drug test them and test their blood alcohol level? And when you go to take your exam, you know, to get a license or to your question on these things, right? Why? Because very often it becomes a problem. Because when a person takes one step of how long it doesn't satisfy him, it doesn't satisfy his desire. So these people also they had been doing how long they were not satisfied. He said, Oh, my people, these are my daughter's Lutheranism said here, these are women. Because the women of a nation are like the daughters of a prophet in the sense that he's a father figure, or these could be his actual daughters. He said,

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these are my daughters, they're pure for you. Meaning, choose the halaal option. So fear Allah and do not disgrace me concerning my guests, is they're not among you, a man of reason. And they said, You have already known that we have not concerning your daughter's any claim, meaning, you know, we have no interest in women.

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And this is exactly what people say today, that we don't find women attractive. We don't find pleasure in the exact same words that people have lewd said, you know, we have no interest in your daughters. And indeed, you know what we want? You know exactly what pleases us. You know, what pleasures us, we you know, that we like men, we don't like women, we don't find them attractive. We don't need them. We don't want them gone alone and nearly become kuwa. He said, If only I had against you some power, or I could take refuge in a strong support, meaning if I could fix you by force, I would do that. Because Luther Ellison was all alone. All alone, even his wife did not

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believe in him. The angel said, Oh, Lord, indeed, we are messengers of your Lord, because Luther is time is getting worried. These are my guests. So now the angels tell him who we are angels, so you don't need to worry about us. Therefore, they will never reach us. Don't worry, they cannot harm us. So set out with your family during a portion of the night and let not among you look back and let not any among you look back meaning you leave. Now the punishment has to come upon these people. And when you go, do not look back except your wife, she will look back. Indeed, she will be struck by that which strikes them indeed their appointment is for the morning is not the morning near. So when

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our command came, we made the highest part of the city its lowest, and rained upon them stones of layered hard clay, which were marked from your Lord and allows punishment is not from the wrongdoer is very far. Those who indulge in this wrong, then this punishment is not far from them either. And to madeon we sent their brother Shuaib. He said, Oh my people worship Allah, you have no duty other than Him and do not decrease from the measure and the scale. Indeed, I see you in prosperity. But indeed, I fear for you the punishment of an all encompassing day another example of how a person when he indulges and how long he can never be satisfied. The people of Srebrenica lamb. They were

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believers, what was their problem that when they engaged in business transactions and trade, they will cheat each other. So he tells them I see you in prosperity, you already have much money, why do you need to earn more money through how long? Why do you need to cheat other people? But what happens when a person is greedy for how long? Then he doesn't care? He doesn't care. He's not satisfied. He wants more and more and more.

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You see halaal that is something that we should ask Allah for that Oh Allah, on niran Eb marzec Danny, Oh Allah, give me satisfaction with what you have provided me make that enough for me make that sufficient for me. Aloha, MK Fini, behala, alika, unheroic. We're all in any default legalmente work. The tape is need desire for her arm out of my heart that I only find halaal pleasing. And I only desire that and make that sufficient for me. So he said to them, all my people give full measure and weight injustice and do not deprive the people of their due and do not commit abuse on the earth spreading corruption. This kind of cheating is also prohibited, right cheating each other,

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not buying and selling with fairness. This is how long it's a major sin at the level of the lower end who said they do not cheat in weights and measures the people do not cheat in weights and measures, but that they will be struck with famine, with severe calamity and the oppression of their rulers. Anyone they will engage in cheating each other in buying and selling. Then the punishment of Allah will descend upon them they will suffer in this world. They will suffer from consequences and this is something that we need to think about also, because sometimes we feel like we are very clever

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If we have managed to cheap another person,

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no, this is not cleverness. This is pure foolishness. He said what remains lawful from Allah is best for you, if you would be believers, meaning what is lawful from Allah, even if it's little, it's good. It will have Baraka, but I am not a guardian over you. I can't force you. They said, Oh, Sharif, does your prayer command you that we should leave what our father's worship? He's being taunted? For? What for his prayer, and this is what happens religion is accused immediately, or not do with our wealth, what we please, indeed, you are the forbearing the discerning there taunting him over here, oh, you're very righteous, you're very forbearing. And this is why you're telling us we

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see that they blindly follow their forefathers. So when he told him to think and take what Allah had sent to them, they were not pleased with his version of religion. They said you are of an extreme. He said, Oh, my people have you considered if I am upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has provided me with a good provision from him, and I do not intend to differ from you, in that which I have forbidden you I only intend to reform as much as I am able and my success is not but through Allah. Amato. 5011 Allah upon him, I have relied and to him I returned. So whenever a person finds that Allah is giving him halaal such Hello that is sufficient for him that he's happy with. He

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should remember that this is only by Allah has permission when moto Philippi illa Billah welcome Camila de Monaco shikakai. And oh my people, let not your dissension for me caused you to be struck by that similar to what struck the people of Newark are the people who are the people of Sonic, and the people of Luth are not from you far away, was the failure of bircham Soma tubo. La, in Nairobi, are Haman widowed and asked forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to him. Indeed, my lord is merciful and affectionate. Look at the names of a lot that are mentioned here. He reminds them Allah is loving, he's affectionate. He loves you. This is why he made you and he gave you so much. So once

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you reciprocate that love by being obedient to Him. He loves you, he gave you so much. Now listen to him, be obedient to Him. And okay, whatever has happened in the past has happened. Now, remember that he loves you. So if you seek forgiveness from him, if you beg for his pardon, he will show you pardon. Kalia Shuaib. They said, Oh, sure. I we do not understand much of what you say. How ironic. I mean, if a person can manage to cheat another in business, he got to be very clever. Right? Because cheating is something that requires a lot of intelligence, you have to come up with a lot of loopholes and trickery and deceit in order to manage cheat someone in financial matters, isn't it? I

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mean, there is professional crooks now, who will teach you who will guide you how you can avoid paying taxes, when these are professional crooks, right? Because taxes are taxes, you have to pay because you taking so much from the government. When I take my kids to the library, I'm so grateful. We can come home with 50 books without spending a penny.

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We can go my kids can play there for three, four hours without paying $1. Imagine Isn't this a huge blessing. You don't have to pay for parking. But what happens when it comes to paying taxes, then people are looking for loopholes declare I am single, declare I'm divorced, declare my income is very little declare I have a lot of expenses don't declare that I work I have an income in the first place. This is cheating. Remember, the hard is when people cheat, then they suffer from famine. They suffer from drought than what they have will become less. And this is exactly what we see that unfortunately, we as Muslims, especially living in these lands, we suffer from the scarcity

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mentality, that we feel that whatever we have is little, whatever we have is not enough. We are looking for ways to get out of spending. Whereas if you think about it, our healthcare is free. Our education up to high school is free. There are so many services that are completely free, yet we think that we are for yet we think that we are poor. So they said we do not understand much of what you say we don't get it. It's too complicated. And indeed We consider you among us as weak. And if not for your family, we would have stone you to death and you are not to us one who is respected. He said oh my people is my family more respected for power by you than Allah. Today also, what is it

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

that is of more concern to people? Allah soprano Carla's status or the status of people who is the status of people, but you put him behind your backs in neglect. Indeed, my lord is encompassing of what you do, and all my people work according to your position indeed. I am working here.

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

You are going to know to whom will come a punishment that will disgrace Him and who is a liar. So watch indeed I am with you a watcher awaiting the outcome. And when our command came, we save sure I have and those who believed with him by Mercy from Us, and the shriek sees those who had wronged and they became within their homes corpses, fallen prone galamian ofI ha as if they had never prospered they're in then away with my the end as the mood was taken away.