What Is The Ruling On Keeping Stimulus Cheque Of Spouse & Children – Shaykh Abu Eesa

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What is the ruling of keeping one stimulus check if it includes one spouse and one's children.

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Many countries that handed in law are supporting their citizens by giving them some form of financial assistance, whether it's a Universal Credit, or whether it's subsidies or whether it's tax breaks, or whether it's just straight out cash in the form of a bank deposit or a cheque or in America, they call it the stimulus. A stimulus is not a phrase that we use here in the UK. But the principle is the same. The interesting thing about the American model is that they are giving different amounts according to one's a number of children and ages and wife and so on. In actual fact, actually, all the systems around the world are doing that. But what if it has been

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specifically specifically named out for your children and your wife? Are you able to collect that and use it yourself? And when I say you yourself, I guess I'm speaking to the questioner is indicating that the male, the breadwinner, the one who runs everything, earns everything and spends everything is the one in question. So what I will say is this is that the ruling on this is according to the ruling of the house. Because in principle, of course, children do not get their own wealth until they are ready enough to understand it. And they owe to use their own wealth. I mean, before they understand it before they appreciate its value, its meaning, and so you are the Guardian

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on their behalf. Anyway, all of the money that comes in on a normative basis, whether it's benefits or whatever social security system that you actually exist within, you are spending money on their behalf. So that's not a problem before your wife, though, of course, that is her own wealth, she has the right to use that however, she wishes. However, as you know, the vast majority of houses have no financial understanding that if money comes in, whether it's benefits that are claimed for the house, whatever, then the breadwinner, though is the one who brings that money in and the bill payer at the same time and therefore pays all the bills and that's something which happens for all the

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other subsidies and grants and and support that we get as our families. So as long as there's already an existing understanding in place, then that's something which is permissible This is not something which is gender focus, it doesn't matter whether is the female who's the main breadwinner in the house with a male it's about what's in place at home, in the understanding of the family in between what actually happens and this goes to show a point that I've made many times especially in protect this house, that the the rules which are dictated by the parents either with respect to property and rights and so on, are there for for in reserve they're not to be applied all the time.

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what's what's the basic principle is our back and forth between people our informal understandings and agreements before we have to apply to formal rules is when this system breaks down when we don't agree when we have arguments, then we start to then go to the rules which say right now actually, this is their right this is their right and we need to then separate So in principle, it is permissible for the one who is the head of the household to take that money and use it on the household and the needs of the house as per the usual agreements. Wallah.

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