Wisam Sharieff – The Perfect Day 2

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the anxiety that comes with not being able to stop and the need to reevaluate one's decisions. They share a personal story about feeling irrational and the desire to create a new life raft. The conversation then moves on to discussing obstacles and the main foe.
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So in a moment of anxiety, everyone is going to not be able to stop. They're like, Hey, let me do some meditation, you've got to do some pre planning. So in a place of anxiety, having gone through some difficulty just in the just recently, I'm gathering that personal anxiety I've made I made really irrational decisions. I threw my entire evening off through the whole family of what if something major happens in your day and throws you off? We're going to look at the perfect day as having to live in the discomfort we are right now. Long enough, stay on the sinking ship, which is your present discomfort and build a new life raft that's going to take a Quranic transformation a

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DUA, a personal dua, a list of obstacles and what is your main foe? So those are first three things. Let's see. And then a list of things that brings you joy. So I'm gonna talk about these and add in another one.

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