Ramadan Series Day 08 – The Month of Obedience

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The month of fix is recognized as the month of fix for Islam, as fasting is required for every creation of a law and hesitation towards lying and acting on light led to the creation of the month. The importance of obeying Allah's commands and not wasting time is emphasized, along with the need for people to show their love for Allah and weaknesses in actions. The conversation includes multiple speakers discussing the importance of obeying Allah's commands and not wasting time.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh another beautiful name of the month of Ramadan, we're living the journey of learning about the month of Ramadan by learning the names, or the other names that scholars gave Torah, Milan, and all were based upon what Ramadan really mean and bring to us Muslims. So one of the names of Ramadan is the month of obedience, the Shah, the month of obedience.

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And we quoted this hadith because we need to look at the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the month of Ramadan in a wider range in a bigger aspect. So remember Buhari already related this hadith out of Swati site to Assam said this on the authority of alpha mu Hari Rama Allah be pleased with them, millennia Dakota Zoo will Emily be fella hijjah Teddy les be another Tomahawk robber? What does that mean? whomsoever and I'm translating he literally, whomsoever did not stay away from lining and acting based on lies. Allah does nothing in his, him or her staying away from food and drink.

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And he might even hajer in his touch Halle Berry, the commentary of Emmanuel Bahati beautifully said that doesn't mean Well, I cannot apply that I'm not going to fast. No.

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Fasting is the obligation. I need to do the fasting, because that's one of the pillars of Islam. But how, what kind of fasting I am doing? And what am i presenting to Allah, as we spoke about earlier, right? the hospitality of Allah, I'm taking advantage of it. Right? And the

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what kinds of the hospitality of Allah subhanho wa Taala what kind of things I'm doing to deserve that hospitality. So the month of OBS, I need to stay away from and we just put this video because it's specifically related to fasting.

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I need to stay away from lying

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and acting upon these slides or act or do things which is not true, not truthful. And what Allah or Swati sitosterol is teaching me here this month is a month of obedience is not only a month of fasting, it's month of obedience, of doing everything Allah subhanho wa Taala wants me to do one, and stay away, as much as I can, as much as we can, from everything Allah told me not to do. And this is one of the examples whosoever did not stay away, or avoid

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lying and acting upon the light or acting, not truthfully, then Allah doesn't meet his fasting.

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So interesting, the act of obedience to Allah pantalla which we find human beings difficult.

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Every creation of a law

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is obedient to Allah, willingly or with difficulties so interesting we are not the only creation of Allah that we struggle to obey the law said this in the Quran. Allah said this is sort of arrived when he is jus Matthew somehow it will be our current bill do we will ask Allah to Allah prostrate prostration is an act of obedience. Right? Well yeah he is to the to Allah prostrate, Matthew, somehow it whatever is in the heavens, warmer field or whatever is in in, on on the earth, by one willingly worker one, car one unwillingly, with difficulty, don't like it. Below, do we went outside in the morning and in the sunset? So obedience of our last pantalla Shah, it's the month of

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obedience of Allah, I need to tell myself I am in a month that Allah expects me to obey Him. And whatever I am doing act of obedience even if it is a little bit, the response from a loss pantalla very word from Allah subhanaw taala is unaccounted for. I am fasting my dua is absolutely granted. I am fasting I will be rewarded. I don't know how much I am staying away from other disobedience of Allah. Allah as rewards multiplied.

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Very, very nice commentary when you read about the unwise obedience, there was a dialogue between should a man of no Abdulmalik is one of the leaders of the emirate.

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Time and one of the righteous people the name is Anil has admin and he entered on Sulayman and now Abdul Malik and there was a lot of discussions and admonitions and then at the end at the end, the leader or

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not the medic asked the scholar, give me an advice and this advice applies to us here in Ramadan. He said also, Carla said, have them Allah glorify Allah, when is zero and exalt Him

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and your Orca, female and the Huck exalt Allah so he will not see you where he told you not to be wire when I stuff critical when I asked you to come to America, and he will not miss you where you should be. Let me say it one more and apply it automobil glorify Allah, this is the month of obedience, we need to glorify Him. We need not to take it casual. It's not the usual This is Ramadan, glorify Allah and exalt Him. exalt Him you look at him and you think of him and you know he's looking at you that he will not find you what you want doesn't want you to be so this is the month of Ramadan I should not be wasting my time. This is the month of Ramadan. I should not be

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wasting my money. What we said Allah, Allah, what you said yesterday that Anwar stay away from things Allah doesn't like

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too much talk, wasting my time wasting my money, so he will not the more I exalt Allah, He will not find me what he doesn't want me to be and he will not miss me what he wants me to be striving for Salah Tama one on time, I'm on my prayer rug.

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This is Rama one, he wants me to be reading Quran I'm reading Cora. I'm not gonna be doing the usual things I do in my other months, let alone the disobedience of Allah. So he said to him, glorify Allah, and exalt Him that He will see you where he doesn't want you to be and he will not miss you where he wants you to be shot. Ba and ba, ba ba ba to law, one of the essence of worshipping Allah is to obey Him. One of the signs of a laws law is obeying Him. This is the month what I need to show Allah my love might read your son, we all loved it. They want

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to submit an

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offer on a carbon, the end of solitary bahara they said all samina we heard your law. We heard the stay away from lying, our partner we obey all for all Please forgive us, what we did before even these few days that passed. So let us all from today

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if we have done it already Alhamdulillah we already have spent the whole few days that we passed already with obedience of Allah let us be grateful if and we are human beings that not give these six days its do right let us run today. Look at the month of Ramadan, the month of obedience. The month will Allah look at me and he wants to find me where he wants me to be a where does Allah want me to be wherever place or time place that pleases Him? That he's happy with me your rbma Desert como la jolla And may Allah subhanho wa Taala help us you Allah Allah.

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Allah de Chirico Shu clico, Hosni valatie your Allah help us, Allah the character remember you are shook Rica, to be grateful to you for hosting a reality that we worship you in the best way. The most beautiful way that pleases you. You're in la Santa Monica murottal live on Bearcat.