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Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the story of a pious worshiper named Bob Caesar who was kept trapped and eventually found himself pious. He went on a long expedition to do a large party, but was eventually dropped by a younger sister who wanted to stay in her house. He later describes how his sister's actions led to her becoming angry and losing her job. The segment also touches on the actions of different brothers and sisters in a family's life, including committing suicide and causing harm to others, and emphasizes the importance of avoiding small acts and not trying to do something wrong.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa I suddenly will sell the more aluminum boys or metal Delilah mean, while early he was off bH mine Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We're gonna talk about a story about a man called Caesar. But Caesar, as some of the allameh have mentioned, was a monk and he was a pious worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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However, he was trapped by shavon. And I want you to really think about this. When you hear this story. Look at how shade barn he traps people, sometimes they could be really pious people. We lost planet Allah protect us. Anyway, Boss Isa was from Bani Israel and he had his own temple. And he would worship Allah subhanaw taala day and night and some narrations talk about him, you know, worshipping Allah for about 60 years, in this beautiful state of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one day, Bob Caesar, who was famous and people knew about him, they knew that he was a famous pious monk who would spend his days and nights worshiping Allah. One day three brothers, they

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decided to go on jihad, they went to, they went to, they wanted to go on a long expedition. Now, they had one problem, they had a sister. And this sister, they didn't know what to do with her who's going to look after their sister while they're away. So they they, you know, sought counsel with one another, and they decided who better to leave their sister with than this great monk, this great worship of God Lost Planet, Allah, this pious person, by the name of bosasa. So they went to parties, and they said, Listen, Bob Caesar, we want to go and perform jihad, we want to go away and do, you know, on this long expedition, and we want you by Caesar, to look after our system. Now,

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immediately, but Caesar says out the Billa, I seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala. He didn't want any form of temptation, or any kind of fitna. And so the brothers walked away. Then shaytan came to Sisa and said, Listen, I'm Cesar, you know, you're a pious person, you're you're the most pious person in town, if you don't look after their sister, then maybe somebody else with will and maybe they'll do something bad with her, they won't look after her, Well, they won't treat her well. And maybe she will be a temptation for them. So shaytan came to me that came to policies and this way, so but our sister went to these three brothers. And he basically said to them, Listen, I will agree,

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I will look after your sister, however, she will stay on in a room that is specifically, you know, next to the temple where I worship a mosque. So there's a temple, and at the back of that there was a little room. And basically, policies, I said to them, that she will remain there, she wants to stay in my house. So anyway, they bid farewell to their sister. And bosasa would basically look after their sister and she would stay in this temple, but she said would never in the room next to the temple, but Caesar would never enter that room. So he would cook some food for her. And he would leave it outside his own house, or at the temple. And so she would come outside, she would take the

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food, and then go back into her room. And then, you know, and this happened for a while. And then eventually shaitan came to Sisa and said, Listen, you know, this poor woman, she's coming outside of her house, in order to get this food, you know, what, what are you doing, but to Caesar, you should at least take the food to her. So she doesn't have to come outside, you know, she's a beautiful woman, maybe someone will see her and maybe they will do some kind of harm to her. And so he, you know, eventually he went, he started taking the food to this woman's house. And he would leave the food outside the house of this woman outside the room of this woman, knock on the door, and then he

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would disappear. And as such, the woman would come out, take the food and go back in. And this happened for a long time. For a while now that remember the brothers of the sister, they'd gone away on Jihad on this long expedition, and they hadn't yet returned. So this happened for a long time. Eventually shaitan came to Barcelona and says, Look, she's still coming outside. She's all alone. She's going to come out of her room. And what's going to happen? You know, maybe someone will see her. She's a beautiful woman, and perhaps, you know, they will do some harm to her. So but Sisa said, Okay, look what I'm going to do, I'm going to go inside the house, leave the food there and

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come up. I won't say a word. So he started to do that. He'd knock on the door, she would open the door, and then he would leave

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The food inside of her house. And this happened for a long time, he would not utter a word, and she would not utter a word. Then as time went on, Siobhan came back to the policies and says, Listen policy Sir, this poor woman, she's by herself, she's gonna go mad. You know, her brothers have gone for a long time, she she doesn't go out much enough, she doesn't have anybody to speak to, you should at least ask how she is. So but Sisa initially started to talk to her from outside of the door. So he'd go and leave the food come up and speak to her from behind the curtain. And, you know, as time went on, slowly, slowly, you know, the chats became longer, it became bit more informal. And

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he began to enjoy her company. So shaitan came to him once again and says, you know, what's the problem, just go in, have a little chat. You're a pious person. And so he started to go in and visit this woman. And as time went in, went on, the charts became longer, he would end up spending, you know, the night in her house, and eventually they fell into Xena.

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This great monk, this great worship of Allah subhanaw taala, this person who would who engaged 60 years of his life in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala, you know, and he was a pious man, eventually check on tricks him and eventually he falls into Xena. So once again, then what happens is she gives birth to a child, she gets pregnant, she gives birth to a child, and it still her brothers haven't returned. So shaitan came to Bob Caesar, and says, Listen, Bob Caesar, you know what, what's going to happen when these brothers come back, and they see that you've committed Zina with this woman, you better you better kill this child, you better murder this child. So but a

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seesaw goes away. And he murders this child. And as time goes on, Siobhan comes back to him and says, Bob sees her. Are you crazy? You know, what are you doing? Look at this woman, do you really think you've just killed her? child? Do you really think she's going to keep quiet? She's not going to keep quiet. She's going to inform people that you've murdered her child. She has this love for her child. So what you know, but she said he asked What should I do? Siobhan said to him, that Listen, you need to murder this woman and bury her. And people will believe you just say that she felt sick. And you know, she died and you buried her. And this is precisely what he said that he

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murdered this woman. So now look what what Caesar has done so far. This was a worship of Allah subhanaw taala. Initially step by step Shakedown got him until he has, you know, committed Zina, and not only Xena, he goes on to murder the child, his own child and her child. And then he commits another murder. He murders this woman. he borrows this child. Eventually, the three brothers come back. They come to Betsy, so you know asking about their sister. And but Cesar says, Listen, I'm really sorry. But your sister, she fell ill she, you know, she got she fell ill and she died. And so the brothers they believe barsi subprocessor was a pious man as far as they're concerned. He was a

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monk. He's been worshipping Allah for 60 years. So they go back home. And then they go to sleep. And that night,

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one of them had a dream, one of them had a dream. So one of them had a dream, and basically said that he woke up in the morning and he said, Listen, if he told his brothers, he said, I had a really strange dream. I had a dream, that the place where policies are told us, where our sister is buried. In fact, she wasn't she's not buried there. She's buried in another place. And actually, he had committed sinner, and he, you know, she had a child, and he murdered both the mother and the child. And in fact, this is what a Caesar has done. So the other brother, another brother, he says, You know what, sapan I love this is exactly the same dream that I had. So they they also had the same

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dream. So they went to the place where, and actually some narration said that it was shaytan, who came to them in this vision in this dream and told them, look how a pond works. So they went to the place where in their dream, they saw that barsa had buried this, their sister and, and lo and behold, they dug it up and they saw their sister, they're buried along with a baby. So they go back to budds reset and said, but if you'd like to ask, this is actually what you did. We're going to take you now to the ruler and you're going to be punished. Now barsa is really upset. He's anxious. What does he do? What should a person do at this point, he should make Toba to ally he should repent

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to Allah.

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La, Barcelona, he did not do this. And eventually he has been, you know, they're gonna crucify Barcelona. They're gonna execute him for this great crime. So what do they do on the way? On the way as they're going to be? They're going to crucify him and some narration say he was actually on the cross. They're about to crucify him. They're about to execute him for this crime. And what happens? Jadon comes to him now in the form of a man. And he says Bursa, do you know who I am? And when she says, No, he says, I am shaitan. I'm a police, and I'm the one who got you into this mess in the first place. And I'm the only one who can get you out of this mess. So but

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what I want you to do, is to prostrate to me a frustration of worship. If you do this, then I will get you out of this mess. So mercy says I'll do anything to get out of this mess. So he prostrates to a blease. He prostrates to him as an act of a bother to shape on. So when he prostrates shaitan disappears, and they crucified. But

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look at this brothers and sisters here was a monk. He was a person who's a worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And what does he do? Slowly, slowly shaytan gets to him one by one, in a small way, slowly, slowly, he doesn't tell him straight away commit Zina, but no, he just, you know, slowly, slowly. And eventually this man falls into Zina. Not only does he fall into Xena, but because he does not repent to Allah. He then goes on to murder. This, you know, two people, his own child and this woman, he murders these two people, and then he lies about it. And then he finally he prostrates as an act of worship, to shape on and that is when he dies, all 60 years of his worship, wasted, he

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ends up dying as a worship of the devil not not a worship of Allah subhanaw taala. So brothers and sisters, we have to be very careful that when we fall into sin not if we fall into sin, we will fall into sin, the Prophet slicin evisa coolibah Adam hataoka hydrocotyle hydrocotyle in a terroir boon that the every son of Adam, every son of Adam, he sins, but the best of sinners of those who repent, Allah subhanaw taala says, Kalia Eva da Latina Astra for Allah unforeseen lotta Kanako Mirage Mattila in Allah hi young Pharaoh boo boo Jamia in welcome for him say oh my worshippers who who transgress against their own selves, meaning that they sin. They transgress against their own

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selves. Oh, my worshipers who transgress against their own self don't despair from the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Allah is a fool the forgiver the forgiver the Rahim the merciful. So what is the condition of this forgiveness we must look at the next part of this ayah Allah says we're unable to become Wesley moolah. Turn back to Allah.

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Turn back to Allah in repentance and submit to Him. When we fall into sin brothers and sisters, don't despair. And don't let shake on trick you into doing another sin and another sin and another sin, but rather we should remember to repent to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will forgive us, we should show remorse, we should feel remorse, we should stop doing that sin and we should make a deep resolve, we should have a resolution that we won't fall into that sin again, this is what repentance means. But another moral from this great story. And the biggest moral in my opinion, is how we should be aware of the small sins that ended up leading to large sins, we should

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not walk, you know, towards any sin. Even if the sin is in the distance we should not try. You know, we shouldn't take even one step towards that sin, thinking that we will not fall into the sin. Because Chopin, he is very patient he has all the time in the world. He will wait for you He will take you one step at a time. You know, he doesn't rush straightaway telling you do this and oh, that's and he takes you slowly, slowly. And sometimes he traps you thinking that you're doing something good, but in reality, he's taken you on the path to an evil sin. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us of those people that when we sin, we repent to Allah. ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow

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us to recognize the traps of shaytan and not make us of those people who start you know getting tricked by shape on the small things eventually that leads us to the large things large since May Allah subhanaw taala protect us

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This criminal law sprint Allah forgive us of all our sins. What after that one and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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