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The speaker advises the audience to slow down and focus on their priorities. They stress the importance of not rushing to work and not being too busy. The speaker also emphasizes the need to slow down and focus on one's own life.

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We'll be learning in a shame on you're watching

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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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someone retained to scan if any rush to busy day, what does it require us to slow down, you will need to take time off for yourself

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has to be in the day. This is not my time the day

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and the week in the year. And look what allow us to do. Some scholars teaches this based on what wide push actually lamented only getting five times a day to slow down. So much choice. Sign up.

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He made it obligatory, especially when German German take a break.

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And Mr. Milan is not an obligation but highly recommended, etc. Caf

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still young.

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I wouldn't say it is impossible, because there's nothing impossible for him. I will say it is

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very difficult to stay focus. Stay in Vicar to stay watching your heart, watching your knee and watching your flaws and sincerity and you're rushing around daily. Right and left.

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It's very difficult.

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This is why it's priorities

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in each station or stage of our life and his priorities. What is happening to the woman now is no more priorities. I have to do it on

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what is happening you can do.

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I've always said this to my friends. How can you be a mother of three or four children, and you work 24 full time and you're supposed to be excellent mother, you're supposed to be excellent at your work. When you come home, then you're supposed to be excellent wife. And you're living in a time when there is no health. So you are the cleaner, you are the koku You're the chef, we will do the homework, we will take the children to all after school class activities, and then you're going to have left over time and energy to focus on yourself.

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One of them will go out of the door, if not more, a lot of them you know what's worse thing will go out.

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you will not be doing any of these. With action, you can't.

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You cannot be focused on 40 hours of work, which really these days is a 40 hours. Usually when required.

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Then you have the children and the children and the needs of the children these days. And then no help to keep the house clean and food and everything. And then the husband means and after this if you have any laws or you have your family

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priorities when you say I need to slow down yes and slow down. Where are you in your life.

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If I want to put you as a mother of young children, then your priority now is being a mother.

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Either I don't work. Either I work from home, or I work part time.

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Unless you're going to tell me I'm gonna die. If I don't do this, which in this country, it's very unlikely

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then I will live less.

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But I will take care of my heart and I will give the people but on one main responsible July, Allah is not going to ask me about my job. Number one is going to ask me what my children especially when they are young, because that's another question come

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definitely slow down. And part of what you need to do is you children will not come to my veil, the job will not come to mind. The width will not come to mind. None of this slow down. Stop. I know a lot of people so I know people who stopped working physicians lawyers, so she tells you now at this stage, why children are the plan.

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Honestly, is we have a woman and this is one of the things changed. They put it in their head that we are super. We're not.

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No human being is super. If it's a man he cannot do if the man now asked him to do all what I just said they can do it.

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Right. There's a very famous beautiful cartoon was all over this and that usually is Mother's Day. And he seen it. It's a picture of a mother in bed. Right? And there are six people in the front of the bed. There's a chef and a teacher and the clean I mean, right and then on top of that

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Have a head that said I'm sick today.

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Six people to do her job

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What do you know seek legal help.

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And usually in this rush

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thing, the first one go over is Omar

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out on what remains. nickel forget for a

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second usually happens zote

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the husband's right in general, because you have no more energy left in no more. He cannot even talk at 9pm Where's Mike?

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So definitely slow down. Absolutely