Yahya Ibrahim – Tazkiyah Through the Quran #23 God fearing

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of self-quarantine and holding oneself accountable for one's actions to avoid fearing their relationship with Allah. They urge people to be sensitive to their heart and hold themselves accountable before they become one who is self-quarantine. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fearing their relationship with Allah and increasing their love and hope in Him.
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Heart vet is anxious and worried about its relationship with Allah. One of the clear signs that there is a movement towards righteousness between you and Allah is that you begin to consider inside your heart in your consciousness, the relationship you have with Allah. And this is an elemental element of Maha Sabha taking account and stock of yourself that you become one who is self reproaching. Self indicting holding yourself accountable for the large in the small in the good in the bad the halal and the Haram The sooner and the Buddha that you are from those way that look at Allah who when he left koruba home that when a laws made mention of that their hearts begin to find

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their fear and their connection with him. When levina young acuna ma at a walker lubu Margiela they are those who gave in their generosity and in their spending, and we spoke about the importance in connection of giving charity of removing that incrustation and the hardness from the hearts that allow the light to penetrate welco lubu Margiela it causes the heart to then soften to the fear of Allah Subhana one to Allah, a worried heart is not a heart that becomes obsessive compulsive. It's not one that is overly critical, but it's one that is balanced within the scales of the keytab. And the sooner it's not one that is hysterical in its fear of Allah. But it's one that it is not

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negligent in assuming that Allah forgives all sins, even if one has not asked for forgiveness, and demonstrated a reproach and hate for the actions of the past that they have committed. And I asked you by Allah subhanho wa Taala to begin investigating your heart as a psychology of repentance and redemption. That you look into your heart and hold yourself accountable for for Allah. Remember the Allahu anhu he would say has Cebu and fusa come cobbler and to her Sabu hold yourself accountable before Allah before he will account for you was he knew how kubla and tos Anu and weigh out your good deeds in the scales before they will be weighed for you what to Hey yet well out of the Cabal

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and prepare for the day where you will be displayed openly in front of Allah for others to see. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to open our hearts to him that Allah allows us to fear him Subhana Allah and be worried about relationship with him without going into despair where we lose hope and love for him. gela Allah, May Allah increase our love and hope in Him and remove despair in our hearts while maintaining a fearful stance. Allahumma amin

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