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The concept of "the reason" in the Quran is a private conversation with Allah, and reading the Quran is a recitation of Islam. Pr practicing and learning the Quran is crucial for achieving goals, and bringing attention to one's words and feeling is crucial. The importance of bringing experiences to one's own growth and avoiding feeling sad is also emphasized. The Day of Judgment and fasting are also discussed, and the importance of learning and practicing to improve reading skills is emphasized.

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Strictly soldering was solely on the white a lot of the time really sounding of holy and

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so we're going to continue with the keys to understanding the Quran if you all remember I think most of you are with us. We started with the love of the Quran, and then I am why I am reading the Quran and we've covered two things we covered. I'm reading the Quran to learn, and then I'm reading the Quran to practice. So today we're going to add two more things, it's supposed to be three but I think the time will not be enough for three. So the two is the the why you are reading the Quran. This is how I will look at it. As you're picking up your Quran whether you're or you're reading the Quran, and your Salah or you are turning on the Quran as you're driving or when you are home.

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Remember this, this reason which a lot of us know it but I don't think it comes to us when we are reading the Quran. It is a private conversation with Allah.

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amazing concept when you think of it. So it's a private conversation with a las pantile It's called monada. monada is basically it's hard to find a one English word to give you the feeling the same feeling when you read it in Arabic. Yeah, it was like love in English. When I say it's home, I had the same feeling. But when I say monarda I have to use more than one word when Agia is have you seen two people in love? Of course you have seen right? So to people who love How do they talk?

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Right? Literally, because why I'm giving you this example because unless you feel this, it's not gonna come to the core and we always have to give examples from reality. So when two people are in love, when they are talking to each other, will they shout

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white, how do they speak

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softly you barely can hear right and gently, gently the words they are using a gentle and the way they say it or gentle, private you know then you can say you know what, they have a private conversation. So this is how it should be when I'm reading the Quran because it's a it's a last word and it's a private conversation with Allah subhanho wa Taala so I'm gonna bring this as a theory you know who we are always even in medicine we learn things theory and then we're going to teach us how to apply it or we will practice so I'm going to share with you where did this come from? I mean where did this come from? That's basically reading the Quran is a private conversation intimate

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conversation with a last pinata intimate and this is what I shared this harness with you because these are not commonly you find them and it's nice for you to review now remember these are all hobbies I put it in our lobby and I put it in English and I put to the sources and we are sharing it online also 100 so the first one this heavy throw Swati saw to a certain setting and since this is the first one you have in your in your handout, or Swanee sock or Sam said a lot and I'm gonna read it first then I want you to feel it and then I want you to look at where is the words that I want to learn and feel before I pick up the Quran so I start the journey of understanding the Quran a lot of

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people understand the Quran is the word Kassir.

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Even when they ask for classes, you know it's like we want to see have seen is beautiful, right? It's interpretation it's commentary. Of course I need that. But before I need this, right, I need to start reading it. You know, even if I don't understand let's just read it even in English. Of course in Arabic is better but in English, so unless I put this back in me, then my relationship with the Quran will move from a habit. I was taught when I was two and three, something I read, I said something I read and solder and I'm clueless. I don't know what I am reading or even remember what I read to a private conversation with Allah. Huge difference. So look what the first Hadith is saying

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Allah Swati salt or sand is narrated by Abu hurayrah. And he said, he heard the Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam saying, Allah does not listen to anything. As he listens to the citation of the Quran, by a prophet who recited in an attractive, Audible, sweet sounding voice. Let's say it one more time, because the next one you're going to I'm sure it's going to come to you Well, I'm not the Prophet. Right? So this doesn't apply to me. Don't rush. Next one will come to us, right? But this is in the beginning and you all say so how long Of course roswaal is was any mess.

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Ginger, Allah would love to hear their voice reading his words but there is a specific addition to it. If you if you read he say he would love to listen or Allah does not listen to anything as he meaning Allah listen but then Allah who listen, you know what it is you listen there's something really attract your attention you say hold on hold on let me listen well right Allah is Exalted so Allah listen to a prophet recites Now here the next is what you need to focus recite we all do know this is not the reason recite in attractive, Audible, sweet sounding voice and Adobe says hasn't sold so actually it's a sooner that you beautify your voice when you read the Quran. I am not saying

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you are you are

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you use a tone is not your tone Are you you're like making it is your natural voice but the best you can read the best you can read don't imitate the aura, you know the the beautiful voices Allah gave them and they recite the Quran that we all know because this is not you. You're making it up, read it in your own voice. Think of it again this way. When you have a child, whether it's your child, whether it is your grandchild, whether it's your nephew, baby, when you talk to the baby, how do you

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how do you talk, baby talk, what is baby talk? baby talk is beautiful, sweet voice in their language, right? And the baby looks at you and he starts with a smile laugh, or you get his attention, right? You don't use someone else's voice. It's your voice. But you and you talk differently. This is what it is a lossy is he use his has an assault, meaning whatever Allah gave you, you beautify it to the maximum. If I want to beautify it, what does that mean? Number One has to be

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it has to be slowly, slowly, slowly coming to the heart. Absolutely. Number one is slowly because when you read the Quran quickly,

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it's even you even the most beautiful voices that you hear you hear. It's different when they read it slower than what they read it fast. So panela, even the most beautiful reciters. Right in Africa, if you hear them in taraweeh. Amazing. Listen and wait when you hear them in fudger, outside Ramadan, it's like birds. And it's the same reciter it's just because slower, of course, they have to read a little bit faster into our beautiful Intel. More beautiful when slower, so has an assault, improve your voice, even if it is one, I'm not saying you're going to spend two, three hours a day, you're not be me. Maybe one day, we all will get there. But at least there is your reading. And this

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is actually the best is in your solar is in your solar. When you're at home the total cost extra you do any of these to spend a little bit more time and you can hear it Don't make it too loud, you hear because it's a private conversation. So that's the first time you look at the next one that applies to you and me. And this is human beings our soil is far too saddam says

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the Messenger of Allah acid a lot listen more attentively to a man among me, a human being you and me. She already with a beautiful voice, who recites the Quran out loud, then the master of a singing slave, listen to his slave. So this is a parable. So you have a slave and or somebody you have authority on, not necessarily slay your child. You have an authority, right? And the child singing, right? And you're so happy because as your child right? Or even better your seat your child is reciting the aura and you're listening. Why especially if your child reside with a beautiful voices. I mean, you've seen some children love or hate your law. I mean, I know a boy 11 year old anytime

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they invite me the mother knows that doesn't mean it's not unsynchronized is like this is the condition I'm not coming. Unless he comes before we eat. He's gonna recite something from and of course he starts getting scared is it for? I said, Don't worry about memorization just open anywhere you want. amazing voice panel. So the mother of course, even if she doesn't show it, she's very happy. Now Allah is Exalted. And you and me, even if we don't have a beautiful boy voice, but we do our best to beautify our voice. Allah will listen to us. Allah my Creator.

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Your creator, the owner of everything, the one who's capable of doing anything he wants, will listen to you or me. Just the fact I am reciting the Quran in a beautiful voice. Again beautiful voice meaning I'm taking my time remember these basics when you pick up the Koran.

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Even when you are listening, even when you are in a rush, remind yourself like we always, most of us sometimes forget our level amichai phonology, right? I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed devil before I read, but then suddenly you say, Oh, I didn't say all the blush, and then you see it right away. It brings it back because it became a habit. Let's make this as a habit. That's one I read the Quran. I am gonna make it slower and beautiful, as much as Allah gives me so that's monada number three. And this is not a hadith but this is a saying to our beloved Mubarak, a very righteous man. He said, Sal to Sophia with 30 another very righteous man called and he says when a human being

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stood up and Salah what should his near his intention v when he reads a man reads the Quran insular? What should his or her intention be? This is not in your in your handout. This is a see saw the hugging? When a man stand up or you only let's talk first and then I'll tell you what he said. When we stand up in Sala and we are reciting the Quran. What is our intention?

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I would love to say that.

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Is it that through always

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doing? Exactly we are doing it because we have to do it. It's part of my solder. I'm not saying this is wrong. But I need to bring an extra I need to bring this back. So of course, I'm going to go and play and read the Koran because otherwise, especially my solder, for example, fat Yeah, right. My Salah will not be accepted, accepted is there's no solder. So I'm going to do it, but do I do it with this intention? Now what he answered, so he said the man who stand up in solder reading or on what should his intention be? And he said, This is the lubman robot. He said his intention should be private, intimate conversation with a law

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Private Internet conversation. Now think of this what is this has to do with understanding the horror. You told me and think

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what is this, there is a concept that we A lot of us are missing. The concept is you do one thing to Allah, He will give you 10 this is something we all know. But if you do something for Allah, with pure sincerity, anything, you will get things tangible, but we don't pay attention to things you may have it or you may feel it before here. One of them is this. If I am going to spend time,

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paying more attention, little bit extra to my fatty heart, I'm not going to tell you all baccara little bit more reading to beautifully. One Salah a day, May Allah forgive me, but I have to be realistic, right? One Salah a day, and each one of us, myself included, there is one Salah in the day, when I have more time. True or false. It could be fudger for a lot of us. And as in some of us surgery is the hardest one, especially these days. If you have children, they're getting ready to go to school. 630 is your busiest time. Right? But 830 is probably your quietest time because everybody's in bed. Or if you're a person who doesn't work outside the house, what is your upper

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You can do 30 minutes. So I'm not gonna say which silo but pick up one. Or it could be the extra to the NFL extra. Pick up one solid your knee I'm going to apply what this is. That's my intention will be to privately talking talk to a loss Pantone not because I have to do it. It's my fault. Did you did you pray? Alhamdulillah? You know how we all do at home vacillate? As if it is a male offer give us Verdun and it's done. That's how it is. That's if even if we don't say it. Our our tongue is saying it even if you don't mean it. Did you? Did you pray? Yeah.

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Right, that's 100 la salette. I'm the London right. So let's move to this, right. And Mm hmm. And I love this and I'm going to translate this and I put beautiful in my book. And he says, if you want to benefit from the Quran, so that's the condition. That's what you want.

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All we want What does benefit of the Quran make?

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What does the Quran will do to me? Let's say one plus one equals two, we live in a society and we live in a time where everything I need to know what I'm going to get. May Allah forgive us, but that's true. Why? So what I'm gonna get from the

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mean, change your MBA, I mean, right? Number one, we all say you know what the reward which we're going to come to reward Alhamdulillah to what do I want to do? What How is the Quran will benefit me, by put Morocco in my time put Mara Baraka blessing in my house, but Barack and my children, I feel better. Sometimes I don't feel well I just put on and listen, I feel better, this is all benefits, and more and more and more. And he says, if you want to benefit from the Quran, so this is the goal, do the following. Number one, focus, bring your heart to it, literally, bring your heart to it. Because most of the time My heart is somewhere else. I'll bring another example of cooking,

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right? If you are cooking and not paying attention, even if you know the recipe, well, the result is the same that when you are not distracted. I don't mean you have to read the recipe but you're not distracted. So number one, bring your heart. So talk to yourself. Like let's focus five minutes. Number one, bring your heart whether you're reading or whether you are listening. Number two,

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give it a listen carefully. If you are listening, listen, if you are reading, listen to your sound your voice. Listen. And this is the most beautiful, read it. This is what he's saying. The way that someone is paying attention, who is talking to him?

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know, when you sometimes you tell you to tell the children. Look who's talking to you. Right? I remember who's talking to you, if you get upset. And you say, remember who's talking to you? What are you trying to tell him? Remember, I'm your mother, right? Or remember I have an authority, and immediately the child changes. So here he's saying, bring your heart.

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Listen to what you are reading. And most importantly, remind yourself that who are who is talking to you, meaning bringing a loss pantalla. And His Majesty, same thing when you are an insider and you want to focus Insider, what is the easiest way and I see the easier, just a minute, a minute fraction of a second think Allah is looking at what's going to happen, you'll change immediately, that that moment, or that fraction of us right, that fraction of a second, whether you're in sujood, whether you're in court, whether you are reading, this is the same thing. When I am reading the Quran, I am going to say to myself, Allah who is listening to me, and this is his talk talking to

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me. And to me, personally, not to everybody, and he sent the message to me. So remind yourself of this, talk to yourself and say, Come on in my heart will focus five minutes. So put the phone away.

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Close the door. I mean this all the external distractions, which we all have. And I'm going to choose a time where I can focus probably one of the best two times you can focus, you know what, when you're driving, when you're going to work back and forth, right? Because you know the way very well, especially if you if you come into the highway in the time, the rush hour, and nothing is moving, right? Normally what do we do? Either we're thinking, or brain going to this or that, or especially these days talking on the phone. It's my time to catch up on my calls. Don't at least part of it. Part of it. I'm not gonna say all the time, and Allah will open more. So bring your

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heart. Listen, think who is talking to you? And whose word is this? Now, how do I bring this? To me? This is beautiful. How do I bring this? How do I keep reminding myself that this is an an intimate conversation with a lost pilot on five things.

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Five things number one, and I loved this. I love loves it when we are reading his words

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of Love, Love it. Love when he's when we are reading his word. Now think of this. You will write a book. You write an email, you will write a text message right? And think you are going meeting that person and that person

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He or she younger old, reading your message

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and smiling what's gonna happen to

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know her very happy now you felt you are special, right? That person is reading your. So imagine Allah looking at him and you reading his words and he taught me and taught you that he loves us reading his words. It's not a fear is not I'm gonna go to john, I'm going to be punished. I'm sorry, I'm going to go to Jana is not what I'm going to get in gender. It's about love. He loves that the Abdi you and me His servants, listen to him out reading I'm sorry, reading his words. So the first thing when you bring the Quran again, you say, Allah is loving this moment, this moment of love to and this always apply, Allah is looking at To me, this something we really have to bring it all the

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time to own life. Allahu Allahu Allahu Shah, he did not he, Allah is with me. I was looking at me, and Allah would be my witness in both ways.

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So the good ones, Allah would be my witness, they're not good ones a lot will be my witness. So Allah is looking at me seeing me, a lot is listening to me. Same, so loves that I am reading his words, but he is looking at me. He's listening to me. He's praising me.

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He's praising me, because I am reading his words. Now Eli Lama you know, that we really need to bring this feelings to us when we read the Quran, move it from the again, the casual and just read the Quran. We don't know why we are reading it and what are we reading? And the last one that the more I read the Quran, Allah who will give you love, you know, how true is this, you just have to practice it. And giving don't always think of giving material, money. Feeling good, is the best give a look and give it to us. Just feeling and peace, feeling peaceful. Although everything around me is shattered. everything around me is upside down. Nothing is the way I wanted the children is not what

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I want. My marriage is not going well. My job. I don't know what's gonna happen. No job, they laid me off. I didn't pass my exam. Any of these that didn't get to the college I want to go any of us. The Quran will give me things nobody else can give it to at all. Try this trial. Right? Anytime. You don't feel well.

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You know, you feel lazy. Let's put it even this easy, lazy. You know, sometimes I don't feel like doing anything. You know this feeling. Now what is my couch and just lets me there. And these days, get me my phone. And let's go and look at social media. Whichever one you do, right and easily hour or two. This is basically complete time. Unless you're really learning something and you feel

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sad, you wasted your time, nothing happens. Sometimes you say, I mean I didn't even sleep I wish I slept so at least I will feel more rested. Any of these moments, are you really feeling sad.

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shaitaan is going to come and remind you not to do it. Fight and pick up the heart and read page. one page, just anatomy. I'm not talking about reading the meanings now just the fact you are reading the Quran, see what Allah will give you. But this needs, practice, needs a practice and a lot of dwell. Show me what you are teaching me. As I always say to Allah, show me, show me what I am hearing what I'm learning what people say, I don't see it. Show me that this is real. And he will let you know who will show you. So bring this this feedings make your reading of the Quran, living, reading, living or alive. Like you're living something pumping when you are reading and you're you

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are feeling and you are aware that you are reading the Quran.

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And who are you reading whose words you are reading, who's looking at you, and who is hearing you. These keep them again and again and again. And this by the way will lead to the whole shoe and sauna.

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The aim that we all look for and we think it's impossible because the more you focus on your reading of the Quran, inside Salah the more your heart is there.

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The more you think I was looking at me, Allah is hearing me. I'm not going to think about something else in this life. Right? Whatever that

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is just that I just can't because this is more way more. So that's the private conversation of a loss pantile second is

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our the fourth goal. So, love the Quran, I read the Quran to learn, I read the Quran to practice it's a private, intimate conversation with Allah. Fourth, which we all know, what is that? The reward? Right? we all we all say when I when I asked you, like three weeks ago, and everybody was saying, Oh, I read the Quran to have the rewards. Let's look at the rewards, or remind yourself of the basics. Right? What is the word I'm gonna get for me?

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Yeah, but what did Allah teach me?

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You all told me reward give me a reward. Center again, one letter.

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Exactly. That's the first one. Right? That's the first one. I have it for you the first one. And this hadith is actually in a ternary. And says Allah subhanaw taala says the following are swellings. autosen, I'm sorry, he says, Who ever recite or read one letter, one letter. This is in page two, you have whoever, recite or read a letter from the book of Allah, the Quran, he will be credited, he will be rewarded. A good deed. White, he was a good deed, and a good deed gets a tenfold reward. So one timestamp, so I, and then this is what it is really.

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The best ever, right? And I don't say iv flamming is a word is a letter. A leaf is a letter. Lamb is a letter. And meme is a letter? How many letters in fit?

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At hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, aalameen? How many letters? Look at you.

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Right? Why I am not counting because I don't I know this hurry. But I did not think of it. That means every time every time in my Salah, which I have to is non optional, right? I don't have a choice. Every time I pray five times a day, how many Raka?

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If I if I pray only the obligation? How many? ruka?

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17. Right. So that's 17 times I'm reading in fact. So that's at least 170 reward. Assume 140? How timesten? Well, it's not one factor at times. It is every letter, you know, 31 times then you go and do the math. You go and do the math.

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Right? So 17 in every letter in Al Fatiha times 10 Billa. And this is even woman these days, right? How many of us are human being follow the stock market?

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Up and down and everybody talks about it, right? And I'm not saying a term, but I'm saying it is a reward. The stock market in reality is a reward. Because you put $1 and then within a year or two a month a day became 10. And you didn't do much you just bought a stock right?

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Here you free of charge. You don't even have to know anything. Right now you know, and you have to do with actual default choice. Because if I am playing after, say a fact. And we this is the first thing we taught our children, but when we taught our children, this, we don't talk we don't teach them this.

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We don't teach them that every letter L Aleve. Lamb hamdu ha Meem dal, that's fine, right? timesten that's 50 times 17 you do the homework?

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Al hamdu Lillah Hera all this. Right. So that we just look at this Hadith, which a lot of the Muslims know what if they don't know the, the wording, but you know the meaning. So that's the third one. Now this is going to make me do what, when will this really work? Here? Do you handle a lot of that you picked up the camera, and you're fine. And now you're applying all what I said. Two lines later, shaytaan is gonna come to you. That's very common. And everything else is gonna come. You know, I need to do this. I need to do that. Let me just go and do one thing and I'll come back and guess what, you're not going to come back. Right? This is where this Hadeeth is gonna come. Let's do

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one more line

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is how you fight back. cython who comes to you and he doesn't want you to read the Koran. Let's read one more line. And then remember how many letters in this line? So times what how much I'm gonna get talk two hours. We don't pray because

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I mean, you're praying because you have you know, you're supposed to be praying

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If you don't think about the rewards you just bring because that's that's one of the reasons that

00:30:07--> 00:30:26

I'll tell you what, there is two ways when you look at the reward. Either I'm trying to improve, I don't think of the reward, I'm sorry, there's two reasons I got to look at the reward, either because whether there is a reward or there is not a reward, my Salah will not change, and my urine is not gonna change. We are not there yet.

00:30:27--> 00:30:46

Were not that level in relationship with the last time that you know what, for example, when you love let's say Mother, or you love someone write and they used to say to them, you know what, whether you're going to tell me thank you or you don't tell me thank you whether you reward me I am doing it because I love doing it.

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We're not there in that relationship with the Quran that's what we are trying to build. We're trying to reach to that that's why we have to remind ourselves of the material rewards till it becomes habit till I love it and then I'm not gonna think about it anymore. You know what I'm saying? So remind yourself of this specially when you are lazy Please forgive me when we are lazy when picking up the Quran and this is very common. Picking up the Quran is difficult. Think of yourself in Ramadan think it yourself now. Huge difference Subhan Allah Allah when I'm the same person. So that's one the other one Allah and then you have it in your in your handout. And this Hadith, he

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says, and I'm going to read the English one because it's nice group of men went to z dominant or calm and they sent to him.

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You have found goodness, you had the honor to live in the company of a loss messenger. So the first thing the first thing so this is a man who did not see roswaal use AutoSum came to a man who he said you had the goodness to be in his company. It's similar to someone never been to Makkah and somebody just came back from Hajj and you're gonna say I'm gonna go and see, what do they talk about? Let's get her or him tone. So he said this.

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And you offer the prayers behind him your law. This pray, he prayed Diandra Swati sought to sit up and tell us what what what was what did he tell him? What did what did? What did you hear from him? And he said,

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Arsalan salatu salam said the following, the one I put in bold is what the saying of roswaal the salt was, he said, Behold, for I am leaving. This is the words of Roswell is awesome to me, and the generation before and generation after.

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Behold, for I am leaving amongst you to heavy weight things, two valuable things, one of which is the book of Allah, the Exalted and the glorious. Now that is meaning the Quran, meaning the book of Allah is the rope of Allah. He hope he who holds it fast, would be on the right guidance, and he who abandons it would be in error.

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We all worry about the children growing up here. This is the most common question I get the most common problems we are facing, right? And I always say I don't want I don't mean it in this way. But don't blame them. Meaning, don't put all the blame on them. The time they are growing is very difficult. It's very different than when we were growing. why I'm saying this. Because what is this? Hades teaches me it's the rope of Allah,

00:33:52--> 00:33:59

the rope of Allah, Whosoever abandoned it, meaning the Quran, Allah will abandon him

00:34:00--> 00:34:15

who protect us, who keep us in health, who keep us focused, who makes us successful, back to the basics Who? Allah. So if I abandon his book, what I am telling the last pantalla

00:34:18--> 00:34:34

abound. So when I want my children to be protected, and we all want that, right, do I do I have to teach them make them make their relationship with the Quran? As an I'm not saying to say better?

00:34:36--> 00:34:38

The relationship with the school and the homework?

00:34:41--> 00:34:43

The answer is no.

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

And I'm not talking about him. I'm not talking about the child become half of the colonial Ruby. I mean, I'm talking about a habits, a habit of reading the Quran. Have the law is the rope of Allah, you're holding to him.

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

attached to him, of course, he will protect you and me. And this is again, something we need to, even if it is, it's never too late, bring it back. But most importantly, before I teach anyone else, I have to have this, how I'm going to give it to my friends or children or my colleagues or my people I know if I don't do if I don't look at the Quran as their robe to the rope to Allah.

00:35:27--> 00:35:32

And my child will know, he needs to remind he needs to see me as a mother.

00:36:25--> 00:36:25


00:37:13--> 00:37:41

Look at the next hire if there is two, two companions were killed. an invader were killed in I'm sorry. And so in the Battle of two companions were killed. Right. So what do they do they solve them in one shroud right there who's going to go to the grave first, as to at the same time they have bearing the same grave? Which one will go first?

00:37:43--> 00:37:51

Exactly. That's what our Swati saw to samsa. He said, he said bring the one who has more Quran? Why?

00:37:52--> 00:38:40

Why? It's an honor. It's an honor, it's an elevation your status is higher, higher in dunya in this life, as we are going to the grave, let alone there. So it's an honor, we need to look at it as an honor handler we still have but we celebrate when our children finished reading the Quran, hundreds is good, it's beautiful. Let's keep that and let's move it even to more. So it's an honor. Then the next one is actually applies to us specially when I'm saying you meaning the the or anybody who does not know how to read the Quran properly. estado which is very common these days, very common in a lot even even in the people who their native language is Arabic they struggle. Why so this is what

00:38:40--> 00:38:42

he says are Swati hisako.

00:38:43--> 00:39:01

And also you have this is narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim are solely thought for Salaam sentences on the authority of Seder. He said the one who is proficient meaning eloquent meaning in the Quran for him his or her? Very easy, and they do it beautifully. Right?

00:39:02--> 00:39:31

What's their status? That person, right? The one who is proficient in the citation of the Quran will be with the honorable and obedient scribes, the angels with that level, you know, to feel this hadith. Remember the usual thing we say, when somebody tells you do this good thing do good thing this, this and this and especially when it comes to forgiving people giving more at one point say, you know what, I'm not an angel.

00:39:33--> 00:39:36

Right? We also don't expect too much from me, I'm not an angel.

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

What does that mean? I'm always since I am a human being, and that's what Allah created me as a human being. What does that mean? Meaning things the angels do is not easy. And sometimes it's almost impossible for us reading the Quran fluently, professionally, beautifully, eloquently.

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

I am you will be evening we will with the angels Massa fertility ROM and not any angels. Even the angels have statuses, my suffer Okay.

00:40:15--> 00:40:18

So now you're going to feel sad while this is not me.

00:40:19--> 00:40:33

I don't even know how to read that. Then the second one will make everybody smile, everyone, it doesn't matter and says the following and the he who recites the Quran and finds it difficult to recite.

00:40:34--> 00:40:35

Where do we start?

00:40:37--> 00:41:02

Right? Everybody reverts new Muslims. Muslims grew up in a non Arab world, even maybe in the Arab world, they don't treat it very frequently it gets difficult even in the army language. If you if you do not practice and practice that sometimes you read it absolutely not the right way. He says and that one who find it difficult struggle to recite the Quran, what's gonna happen?

00:41:03--> 00:41:09

No, the best way we'll have a double reward, the whole agilon y double reward.

00:41:12--> 00:41:56

Exactly recite and struggle. And this applies to everything else. Right? For example, let's say a woman is thinking of putting hijab and you know, how difficult it is. I'm not gonna say it's easy. Absolutely, it's not. There's a lot of struggles, right? So the fact you put it in on that's a good deed. The factory is going through all the struggles internal before external, by the way, there's a lot of internal struggle, right? shaitaan comes to you, your neffs comes to you What did I do? People, everyone is looking at me, people will make fun of me and on and on and on. That struggle by itself is a reward. One time Stan, don't forget that one timestamp with the Quran there is one times

00:41:56--> 00:42:00

10 and then every letter is timestamp again, you do the math.

00:42:01--> 00:42:13

So when I pick up again why I'm saying this because the all these are keys for me to start understanding the Quran, because most of the time I find it difficult to read and I just drop it

00:42:14--> 00:42:57

was like this is too difficult. I know what I'm reading what Allah is telling me keep reading, keep reading, even if it is gonna be a two year span of your life. So remember, this is years ago, I sat next to a lady who was from an Arab country in Harlem and she does not know how to read. Period, not Quran, illiterate. I couldn't believe in this day and age these people will still illiterate, illiterate and her two sons, one is a physician, one is an engineer. She said I did my best. That's my children will not go through what I went to palace from a small village. Right? So I remember very well and I said, What do you read in Salah? And she said, I know I Fatiha because that's what

00:42:57--> 00:43:07

they taught me. And maybe small sort of, so I remember very well I brought the Quran next to her La ilaha illa Allah to make her read one letter.

00:43:09--> 00:43:12

It was forever because she doesn't know. She doesn't know.

00:43:13--> 00:43:31

So imagine how much rewards this lady will have for the all the struggles in this community here. I remember very well. 10 years ago, one of the sisters I was teaching her literally Alhamdulillah her Blimey will take us one hour. Now she's a teacher of

00:43:32--> 00:43:35

10 years. Teacher of color.

00:43:37--> 00:44:00

Absolutely. So remember the struggle, don't make the struggle. What does is the famous line in this country we say no pain, no gain. What is pain and gain is? Pain is the struggle. k gain is the reward? Why do we apply this for our daily life when it comes to the Quran? I don't I'm not interested in not ever in pain or the game.

00:44:01--> 00:44:21

But for dunya No pain, no gain. You tell this to yourself. You tell this to your spouse, you tell this to your children. You tell this to everybody, right? You don't like to get up for work but you say no pain, no gain. Same thing when you pick up the Quran, remember this No pain, no gain. And the next one is very nice to

00:44:22--> 00:44:59

read the Quran. And so learn to read the Quran and read it. So learn to read the Quran and read it and I haven't met Allah made me remember these days, all of us living anywhere in the world. A lot of the level May Allah forgive me, I'm not trying to scare anybody, but really you will have no excuse in front of Allah when we are standing. Why didn't you learn how to read the Quran, you name it, it's their city. You have classes live. You can come and learn. You want online. You want to record it. You want cities you want

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

item you name it like how many CDs how many now there is the famous reciters who they have a child read after them and you enjoy it right? How many classes here in this small relatively small city? How many classes we have just to improve your reading

00:45:20--> 00:45:42

let alone to learn to professionally are we taking advantage of it? No Why don't ask me so remember the style number one learn the horror learn it learn it meaning put time put effort for it as a priority Sakura learn read will occur you and teach people to read it

00:45:43--> 00:45:57

so even if you know a little bit and you're reading and you're teaching a new muslima and you revert the same thing you learn you practice and you teach and now he says why for in

00:45:58--> 00:46:11

in Amazon or an elemental Allah and you have it in your here the parable of that person who will learn the Quran and act upon it is that of a sack

00:46:12--> 00:46:15

a sack a bag right filled with musk

00:46:16--> 00:46:40

right which spread the fragrance everywhere right imagine you know this is this is small you know when you buy the small expensive perfumes What do they How do they where do they put them? small, very expensive sacks bright, sometimes silk, sometimes velvet. All this. Imagine if you pour that expensive perfume inside that sack and you're gonna walk around what is going to come out

00:46:41--> 00:47:23

amazing. Look at you. Amazing. That's the parable he said the one who learned it. Number one, all right, it taught it but mainly rather himself when he or she walks like a mosque. Maybe I knew or not smelling it. But unless Pindar knows. And then he said I'm the one who learned it. Or rather before he goes to bed, no practice no teaching. That doesn't mean there's there isn't much but it is like also a sack there is a must but Musk is not coming out of it. So it's locked. Why locked because it's in your heart.

00:47:25--> 00:47:27

Who doesn't want to smell good?

00:47:28--> 00:47:47

Right? Who doesn't want people to look and say you look good. You know or you smell good? Especially if it's a woman gathering any say news right? Read it. This is especially help you before we go to bed. Keep it next to next you just pick it up half a page how long it takes to read to have a good

00:47:48--> 00:47:49

How long is

00:47:50--> 00:48:09

five minutes? Absolutely right. Right. And if you want to do all what we learned online is talking to me and I'm enjoying it. 10 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes fine. How many 15 minutes we look at our phones and do everything else.

00:48:11--> 00:48:39

Right now, last two things because I wanted to share this with the last two things with you is on the Day of Judgment. Specially This is when you when you're struggling to wake up in the night to read the Quran. Because this is a struggle. And these days not very much struggle. But when summer comes in it's real struggle. Remember this a cm well Quran yes found. Quran reading Quran and fasting will intercede for that person.

00:48:41--> 00:49:11

They talk again, we said this many times everything on the Day of Judgment talks, except our tongue, everything moves and talks at the tongue. So fasting, the act of fasting and the Quran will talk on the Day of Judgment. The first thing we'll say your law they intercede for you and me again when you want to fast on Monday and Thursday and tire then I have to work and I'm hungry. Remember this. The first thing will intercede for you with a law, your law. I made him hungry

00:49:14--> 00:49:37

gotta be I mean, I made him hungry. And I will speak and says your Allah. I made him not sleep well. That even applies for your persona. Because you're waking up and reading Quran they will intercede remember that day. Now think of it this way. All these you really have to bring examples from real life to make you feel it right.

00:49:38--> 00:49:44

Thunderstorms and we lost electricity, which is not uncommon, right? When you find the torch

00:49:45--> 00:49:46


00:49:47--> 00:49:59

I was like, Am I lucky or angry? So remember if you start looking, opening the drawers in the kitchen, I think I have one where is it and then you put looking looking looking and finally what comes out and you're like you guys

00:50:00--> 00:50:29

You will have the most expensive whatever it is right? Because this is going to make you see and make your life easy now the day of judgment and you're in front of Allah subhanaw taala and we and we you and I and everybody's so scared. I don't know what is going to be in that book. I don't even remember who is going to come for my rescue? Nobody. Everyone will say me me me. And then Karen comes and says y'all

00:50:30--> 00:50:34

forgive her she woke up in the middle of the night for me

00:50:36--> 00:51:19

what is it waking up 15 minutes before for generating one worker leaving one page half a page you know what I'm trying to say bring this back to us so we feel it because the more we are doing it as habit it becomes boring I'm sorry it becomes boring it becomes natural. It doesn't matter what's the big deal but when I bring these to me that's why I always when I read had this approach really sought was I try to envision something happening now to bring it to my to me that that will help me to do it. And the next head is the person who does not have letters of the Quran in his or her marks is like the house that is rolling

00:51:20--> 00:52:09

that house room batim horrible. The house that is fourth ruins if you as a human being the mouth is like the mouth is like the house. If the mouth doesn't have caught on it's again half a little miracle hump but I'm not talking only about her fault. I'm talking about any amount of the Quran that you keep reading daily. Then my house will be not the last one I love that have you found a lot of luck with Barack at the time and he says the following are a swatting sort of setup the parable of the of the foot believer who recites or and this is not him. This is the citation leading who recites Quran is like a citrus like the fruit whose fragrance is a sweep and taste is delicious

00:52:09--> 00:52:39

every time you eat a fruit and you say this is yummy and then you know you smell it usually I don't know if you do this but for apples you know even for oranges you smell and this is this is gonna taste good. Right? So the human being the believer you and me are ebme when we read the Quran we are like that fruit tastes good and smells good. Now and the there believer who does not recite the Quran Barbie river,

00:52:40--> 00:53:15

like a date. Every time you eat dates remember life to date. Fruit has no fragrance, but has a sweet taste. What is the sweet taste came from? From believing? So not too bad? But there's not no no smell when you look at the date, you know to give dates to people who don't know dates they will see their faces if you ever give a date to somebody who doesn't know what data is. They don't like it because the look is not very, very attractive. And no, they usually bring it and smells like No thank you.

00:53:16--> 00:53:30

Right? So this is you and me when we don't read Quran This is why I wanted this because this is very any practical something I see everyday so I believe it doesn't read Quran is a date. hypocrite or recite Quran

00:53:31--> 00:53:32

is like a basil.

00:53:33--> 00:53:53

What is the basil taste? Bad? sour, bitter, but smells beautiful. So the Koran always makes us smell beautiful, but the taste is bitter because there is no email. Now the hypocrite does not recite Quran at all is like

00:53:55--> 00:53:56


00:54:00--> 00:54:05

It is a fruit that no taste and no fragrance.

00:54:06--> 00:54:07


00:54:09--> 00:54:13

No, there's no taste. There's no answer. There's no smell and the taste is better.

00:54:14--> 00:54:22

Which one you want to be? For sure. By the grace of Allah. We didn't do anything for it. We taste good.

00:54:24--> 00:54:27

And that's not my words that Saraswati salt was and because we have a man

00:54:28--> 00:54:37

smell good is my job. I need to put the effort where last Potala makes us have those subhanak Allahumma organica shedra

00:54:38--> 00:54:48

stuff we will cover today. So Allah Allah says no Mohammed Wanda, it was hard because you deserve it on. Next week, inshallah. We'll continue also isn't it