Dua is an Essence of Our Lives

Haifaa Younis


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do art is an essence of me and your life?

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essence? Meaning, how many times when someone asks you, how are you Alhamdulillah? What is that? hamdulillah? It's a form of dua. It's a form of supplication. Right? I'm praising a las pantalla. I'm praising him.

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Right? Let's say, a friend or your child comes and tells you I have a huge test tomorrow. And what are you going to say? ask Allah to make it easy. What is that? That's what?

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You're afraid. You're afraid, these days where we are living? The uncertainity that's all around us. What do we need? I need to feel safe. I need to feel secure. I need to feel healthy. I need to feel protected. All these comes together, whether it's about me, my family, or the people around me, what do I do? You're a law. Please make it easy. In a simple way. Your law Please lift this test from us.

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Your law please take make it easier. That's all. That's all supplications