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Things external

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is not always what it means in the sight of Allah. One second, the things that happen outside the incidents that happens outside does not always bring result, as I think based on my external knowledge or what I am seeing, not every bad, will end up with bad and not everything, every good external will end up in good

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famous verse in the Quran that many of us are familiar with wasa into crochet and Ohio law. why certain to him Bucha or sha Allah. Allah said this is what will occur. You may love something and it is bad for you. And you may hate or dislike something and it is good for you. In Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala said in the context of marriage, actually, he said was that integral Hoshi and where John Llahi Highland Kathira you may dislike or hate something, don't want it. But in it, were to Allah He He in it in that thing that you don't like higher and Kathira that Allah out of this thing. And this thing could be anything that you didn't like your hate. You didn't want it to happen. Or

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you're asking yourself why this happened to me, Allah who you bring from it. Hi, Ron Kathy Euro, we have seen this a lot in the Sierra actually, in the Sierra Roswaal is auto Sudan lived it.

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We all right, majority of us learned or know about or we should learn especially these days about Salahuddin via the Treaty of Aleppo Davia. Where if you read and this is basically an agreement right between the believers led by a Roswaal Esau to some other CO for this disbelievers. This is the two groups, disbelievers and Rasul Allah salatu. Salam and all the righteous people in the whole effort the 10 that were given Jana, you can imagine the disparity between the two groups. Right, who's better in the sight of Allah, of course, rasa risotto Sana and the sahaba. But if you read it, if you read in it, what was Swanee Sato, Sarah was signing and he signed the first thing come in

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from your mouth and mine and anyone. This is not fair. Why are we Why is this happening to us? Why we are accepting it, including, say normal Qing tourists while they sought to ascend because just to give you one example, it started by saying Nalli was writing it. So it was started by

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Muhammad Rasulullah like this agreement is between Muhammad Rasool Allah, the kuffar stopped segnale, and says, If we know he's also Allah, why we are in disagreement, remove Rasul Allah Subhanallah, remove, don't put title, just put Muhammad.

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See, nadie couldn't do it, or a soiree salatu salam looked at them and says, do it. Alright, Muhammad,

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he wrote to him. And then if you look at all of all, all the there's a lot of injustice, right? There's good, it no more fighting for 10 years. But if somebody from our somebody from the Muslims, right, run back to Makkah will not send them back. But if anybody from Makkah, comes to Medina, you need to send them back. So there's a lot of external injustice.

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So saying that I'm working through the Sahaba were absolutely unhappy. They were in a haram they were going to Umrah after all these years. And before they add that would they be they stopped them and they signed? And one of the points that they signed? No, I'm gonna deceive you will go back. Imagine this. Imagine this. We're getting ready have the honor of prepared or hedge? Right visiting Allah's house, and then they say, No, the plane canceled. Your visa didn't arrive. What happens to us? Now imagine the

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Sahaba were really unhappy. They couldn't it was very hard on them say no, I'm working Saraswati salt. You said you're a solo listener and help LS now and I'll help are we not upon the truth? Are we not the people of truth isn't not what we believe in is the truth. He said yes.

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And he said why we're doing this. Why we have signing this. Why we are accepting this externally. I satin Takahashi.

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You may when Allah knows us, he's our Creator. You may

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You may dislike something, you may hate something, you may see a lot of injustice in it. wager a lot of hate on Kathira and in it from it, a lot of fear is going to come.

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What's happened to Soho Damia, the conqueror of Makkah, as they were going back after signing Allah revealed in alpha Tanaka, Fatah, Medina surah. Two,

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we have all already open to you. A great victory, clear victory, clear opening. Opening. We just signed a treaty that is very unfair.

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So the first lesson and this whatsoever to calve in the story of seed no Musa keep reminding you and me. Don't judge by the external.

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The way Allah subhanho wa Taala

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operates is not the way you and I number one operate and not the way you and I perceive things were human. were weak. What do we know?