Haifaa Younis – Meeting Allah with Qalbun Saleem – Part 1

Haifaa Younis
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While they are early he was a happy woman who Allah La Molina Mayan fauna on fire now Vemma alum tena innaka Simeon would you would dua la Manya o to becoming a Mulayam for our call Beenleigh Shah, when I've seen letter showered behind Allah you SMA or Bonilla to Zulu whenever there is a headache to now Hublin AMOLED on Kurama Inaka Intel Wahab will be shortly Sodre us Sully Omri, well, hello lock the Tamil assignee of coho Kohli to Zack Mala. Hey, everyone. It's a pleasure to be in Malaysia. It's beautiful country. I hope you know how beautiful is your country? Usually you don't. You know why? It's not only you. It's

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everywhere. Like when people I live in California, and when people want to California is beautiful. But when people come in, they say wow. And I was like, okay, yeah, it's beautiful.

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In general, when we live in a blessing, what is the most dangerous part of living in a plus and a blessing?

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You get used to it.

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And you don't know the value of it. And you take it for granted. And we call the people who does that they are entitled Of course I'm gonna live in a beautiful country. Of course I have. Let's say clean water. Of course I have air condition. So Hamdulillahi roblem it's a beautiful country. It's beautiful. It's a blessed. I mean, I visited more than one mosque, the Imam former Arab. I hope you have enjoyed his re citation. impeccable. I when I was listening, I was like, I wonder how sounded the Quran when it came from the mouth of Rasul Allah ISA to Sarah SubhanAllah. Again, because you're used to it. When you live in the West, you don't find this very often. So be grateful to Allah

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subhanho wa taala. And letting Shaka to

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let us see then, if you are grateful, I'll give you more. And if you are not, may Allah protect us all, for another Villa Sinead, My punishment is severe. And the punishment here is not the punishment of the AF euro is actually most of the time is here because Allah is talking about blessings. And Cofer here is not cool for you don't worship Allah could be part of it, mainly when you are ungrateful to Allah. So number one, be grateful. Be grateful. Number one, you're alive.

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Ideally, me mean this. A lot of people today wish they are breathing. And you and I will hold your hand. Number two, be grateful that you are

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Muslim? Don't take it again for granted. I was just told I thought Malaysia were mainly Muslim turned to be 65%. Right? So you have non Muslim around you. Some of you may interact with them daily. Right? There is no difference between me and them other than Allah chose me to be a Muslim.

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And this is a huge near and blessing. Allah gave you the key of Jana. How long it will take to get to Jeanette a different story. But at least the keys dear, because you all in this room say now. Yeah. Hi Lulu. So that's a huge blessing. Third is faith faith event. You're not only a Muslim, but you also you believe and hamdulillah brand I mean, we all practice may Allah make us practice better. May Allah subhanaw taala make us closer to him, do even more and more. But at least we are there is people don't and don't look down at them. Everybody has their own reasons and circumstances. So be grateful. And being grateful comes to me number one I'm so grateful for to

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Allah subhanaw taala that she brought me here, this beautiful gathering. May Allah reward faith event for this beautiful organizations. And may Allah subhanaw taala Make me worthy of it Make me worthy and all of us that we even are worthy to recite His words.

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Right? We are sinners, all of us

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could ignore Adam hotdog or Hyrule Hapa in a toga boom. All the children of Adam or the sons of Adam, she and he are sinners. That's the hadith of Rasul Allah He sought to sin and the best among them, those who repent. So may Allah make me worthy of talking in front of you. Right? And reminding you of Allah subhanaw taala and I seek refuge in Allah that I remind you, and I do not practice it myself. And this is a huge issue for everyone in the teaching field, even if you're teaching your children, as simple as you're a teacher at home,

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and whoa, on me, I say this to myself before anyone if I say something and I don't practice it. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm a newly Mata coluna malata falloon Cabrera mcta

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And Ally and tokoto mulata Hello, Allah said this in Surah, two soft

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or you believe this is you and me? Why do you say what you don't practice? Whoa, for those who say what they don't practice, so everybody in this room, young and old mother, grandmother, mother to be, inshallah soon short like in a year or two whenever Allah decide, but whenever you utter a word to teach someone, you really have to ask Allah subhanaw taala to make you number one, your practice and the best teacher. And I say this as on a personal level, the people who taught me the best is not by words, is actually by action when I watched them, she and he. So I started this by making a dua for everybody and myself, and I usually seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from four things

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related to here, related to the topic and number one is, I seek refuge that Allah subhanahu wa taala give us knowledge that is not beneficial.

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And what is the non beneficial doesn't mean has to be standard knowledge and it is beneficial, not necessarily

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any knowledge that does not get me closer to Allah is non beneficial.

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Whether it's medicine, whether it's engineering, whether it's Quran, whether it's tongue study, if I memorize the Quran, and then I become arrogant, this is not beneficial knowledge.

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If you have you have a PhD in Islamic Studies, and then again, you are arrogant.

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That's not beneficial. So I seek refuge from in Allah's pantalla from a knowledge that is not beneficial. And number two is medical biller Ayesha from a heart. And this is our topic for today and tomorrow, that will not surrender to Allah.

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And what is a heart that surrender to Allah? How many of you know the end of Surah Al Baqarah? Show me hands. The last verses of Surah Baqarah show me hands. I'm sure you all know the meaning of it. Maybe some of you know it by heart what Ilham, who doesn't know when Allah says Carlos Samia now what Aparna Allah said we hear and we obey. Does anyone doesn't know this?

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Yes or no?

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You don't know it? Or do you know it? When Malaysia talk to me?

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Right? I don't know. You know, this is my first time talking to a Malaysian crowd. So I need to know yes or no.

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So Kyle Billa Yoshua, the DUA I just made. I seek refuge in Allah from a heart that does not surrender to Allah.

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That when Allah says do I do and when Allah says don't do I don't I don't look for a friend button why now I'm too young. I'm too old. I live in Malaysia I live in America na.

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Semi Anna Wattana immediately you hear your obey. That Circleville Ayesha. Enough's enough seen letter Sheba from enough's a she or a he, you and me, that will never have enough.

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We're never satisfied.

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And now I'm assuming that mashallah Tabata Cola, Malaysia is an advanced country. So you have things available?

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Am I correct? Hamdulillah I did some homework before I came. Right. hamdulillah

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The this is a NEMA a blessing, but it's a huge test.

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Which is similar to the states if I want to go and buy something, I have no issue. I just go and buy it. These days. You don't even have to go. You just aren't on your laptop, even phone and you just go to nowhere and then your order it comes to your door.

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So what happens my knifes and your nerves gets used to things. When I don't get it. What happens? I get upset. I start complaining. Right you order something comes to your door. It says it's gonna come tomorrow. Well it came on Sunday I started complaining

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or I opened it and it's like, this is not what I wanted. I want something more what I wanted and I was so happy a week later. What happens I get bored and I need something else. That's what you seek refuge in Allah. That you never have this snuffs that whatever Allah gives is not enough. You have an apartment, two bedroom you want three. You have five bedroom apartment, you want a house, you have a house, you want a bigger one. You have a house, you want a beach house, you have a car you have to you know what we are including children. 10 year old How many of you have 10 years old? A boy or a girl? Did they start nagging about a phone

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I need it. And I look at the 10 year old I said really? Oh yeah, I need it.

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It's not that I enjoy it. I want I need it. And I was like why?

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Subhanallah Neff sin, lotta Shiva, seek refuge in Allah. These are actually four. It's the hadith of Rasul Allah Santosa. And the last but not the least, do our own men do I in law used. Now you PSMA supplication that is not heard, meaning you did not fulfill the requirements of the dua or the DUA that is not pleasing to Allah.

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Now one of the diehards now we're going to get to the topic of today, which we shot live if we have enough time today, we'll cover it and Hamdulillah we have plenty of time tomorrow. One of the most beautiful jewels in the Quran, you probably most of you didn't think of it as a DUA,

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is the Tao of Sydney Brahim not about Makkah,

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which Allah who responded, is a dua that Satan Ebrahim did for himself.

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Does anyone know what to do? Ha I'm talking about

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he did it for himself, not to Makkah, not to the children, not to the Ummah, not to the nation. He did it for himself.

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I was told Malaysia has a lot of her fault.

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I just met too.

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And I was about to test her and someone saved her when they entered.

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So what is the dua?

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Just give me the idea. It's okay. I'll take the idea. I'll give you the verse. Anybody? Don't be shy. Come on. Well, Zini

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yo, my yo baton. Yo Mulayam Pharaoh McAloon Wella balloon Illa man at Allah be convinced him. Give me your hearts before your ears.

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This is Sydney Brahim.

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And this is in surah. Two Shuara the poet's now when you read the Quran,

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don't only pay attention, don't only pay attention to the verse that you are reading. Pay attention to the one before and the one before in which context this Doha came.

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And that's the impact. That's the power of it. Here. If you read a little bit few IRH before it's the story of Sydney, Brahim talking to his people, which we know it very well. What are you worshiping, which had now about Anna can allocate if I don't we didn't know about and Allah has been what is these idols you're doing? We found our for parents doing it immediately. Immediately he stood out, stood out. And he said, All right, to Mata widow, and two more Abba Akumal the moon in the home, I don't only he made a statement. I'll translate. I want you all, young and old male and female,

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to say to yourself, have you ever done that?

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So he stood up in front of his people? 1000 probably more. And he said, What are you worshiping? What is this? What is this? And they said we have these idols? We found our parents doing it. We all say that.

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I'm not talking about worship, right? Why do you cook this way? My mom taught me this is how she does right? Why do you greet me this way? This is how we do it at home. So here they said we found our four parents doing this, the statement

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and then the DUA.

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Now look at the statement and look at the DUA. So the statement he said, Do you see what you are worshiping? Do you see it?

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In the home I had only Oh do you see what you are worshipping you and your parents? They are my enemy.

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What a statement is this?

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They are my enemy. He was alone. One person. That's why Allah described him as Ummah, as nation, because he was alone. He stood up. And he said, what you are doing all this you are worshiping, they are my enemies.

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That no Maha don't only in the home, it's a group, not one. Now he starts saying who he is worshiping. And if anyone asks you, Who is Allah,

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and you don't know exactly what to answer, take this verse. couple of verses in our beloved I mean, the Lord of the heavens of the earth, of the Jinn of the ins and who was he for things?

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Hello, Connie, for her wedding. He created me and you, us and He guided me and you and us

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Remember I said the first year after being alive, that I am guided?

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It's not because I'm smart is not because I did my homework. Now, a lot of people out there are much smarter than you and me. And they are hard worker way more than you and me. But Allah for some reason, and wisdom did not chose them. So don't feel bad, don't look down at them. Be grateful. Because at any minute I can be that person. So he said, Hello Connie. For jolla again, He created me and he guided me.

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That's not it. Well, let the who what your Emoni where your screen. He is the one who feed me and give me drink. How many of us when you had dinner tonight, or you had lunch? You said he fed me?

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What do we normally say? I cooked it? I ordered it.

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Someone gave it to me. Send it to me.

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Your testimony

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he feed me whatever you put in your mouth, the sip of water, the food anything. He gave it to you and to me your time money, way esteem and he gives me the drink way the armory to for his feet. Now I am taking you till he get to the DUA see who is he?

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See who is he complete declaration of the Oneness of Allah. He's not shy. I'm a Muslim. Yeah.

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Are you why you're not eating? Many I don't know about Malaysia. So I can't say here. But many of us Muslim in Ramadan, were a little bit shy to say I'm a Muslim. I'm fasting. What do we say?

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I'm on a diet

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Subhanallah it's sad. It's very sad. Why am I shy?

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And look at him.

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Were either married to faraway machine when I get sick, he cures me. He didn't say I go to the best physician. You know, I have the best insurance. I went to the best hospital.

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and then comes to the door I'm gonna take you quickly through we'll let the automatic yeah fairly hotly to Medina and I hope and I wish and I implore Him to forgive my sins.

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And then he made the dua for his father.

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And then he came to the DUA that I will should I just shared with you. He looked at alliances when our tours in Yama, your bathroom

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do not disgrace me the Day of Resurrection, the day they will be resurrected.

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Your Mulayam foul maroon will happen on

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the day where nothing will come to my veil. no children, no wealth will come to my rescue. That's His Word say Nate Brahim.

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Nothing, nobody will come to you or to me, this is a fact we need to live with it morning and evening.

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The children that you spend your life to raise them and sometimes disobey Allah.

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Because of them, you will run away from them.

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The only a role model when he or only he or a B or Sahiba t he wore Benny the Day of Judgment will be running from each other.

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Every one of us and Allah repeated this concept and the Quran the day that yet the human being the person she or he your fear or run away not to run or run away

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you will make fruit more Omen Aki brother

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in Omi he will be in many ways many more than one form in the Quran. The one that just coming to my mind will only He will be your run away from your brother or sister real one the blood one

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will only he will be in your mother and father was saw Hey Betty, he were bunny his wife and his children or her husband and her children. So he's saying to Allah subhanaw taala don't disgrace me on that day. I'm going to go alone. Standing in front of him.

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I call it a reminder to myself, the private interview.

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You know how we get scared when we have tomorrow an interview? How many of you in their life had an interview?

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Which one have you asked me?

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The college one the medical school one the residency one the job one? Which one? And how do you feel the day before?

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Nervous was scared to all the DUA that Allah subhanaw taala taught you we start memorizing them as you are leaving you're going to text whoever you know depends what's your age don't forget mean your DUA. What is the best dua in an interview? Right? We all I had this all

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in that interview

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no one will come to your rescue.

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And there will be no phone

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and no two hours. And you are an I am in front of whom?

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Ohana Tillu, who will heal? Are you

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all the faces will submit

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to the high ELCA Young. That's how Allah described himself the old living. The old Sustainer the one who doesn't sleep.

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So here's a Brahim in that interview.

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What are tacos in Yama? Your bathroom? He's not there yet. But this is in private Doha when you're in me. What do we ask Allah give me and give me

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not say name Brahim. Don't disgrace me on the day they will be resurrected. Your Mullah Omar loon Wallah by noon.

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What will and children will be of no avail? They will not help me. Even if they want, even if I want to go and rescue my mom.

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Now come what will save me?

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What will save you? What will save us this in the worse Illa men at Allaha with Calvin serene except that

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who comes to Allah with the sound heart?

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In case you wonder what is the sound heart? Why this whole lecture about sound heart? How many of you know what sound heart mean? Show me hands.

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I'm glad that I'm giving this talk

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Jessa Kamala had faith event. And brother Ahmad they chose the topic I did not.

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And it is sad because of this is not only here. Many people don't even know the concept.

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What is called Bosetti

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why the heart?

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Who cares about the heart?

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In dunya? What do we care about?

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How beautiful she is how smart he is how tall she is how rich he is. Right? Who looks at somebody and says Wow, look at her heart. I want to heart like this.

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You're laughing

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and the only thing that will save me and you that day is the what you just laughed about.

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Does Allah care about my name and last name?

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How tall how short? What degree? How much money I have in the bank? How many companies how many children? How many grandchildren?

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He wants only one thing from me and you

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