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Abdurraheem Green
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Norwegian culture has become more centered around family and family members, with statues of family members being a part of the culture. They also mention that Norwegian culture is often portrayed as modest and modest in some ways, but it is also seen as a beautiful cultural habit.
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You know, I heard something about really nice about Norway, about Norwegian culture that I really liked it. When I was I was looking at all those statues, you know, the statues of older people make it and the kid

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I was thinking as a side point, you know, you know that little screaming kids reminds me a little bit of Norwegian politics right now. Right? Because really, honestly, for someone to say so for someone to say yeah, that Muslims are taking over because they want halaal food and separate prayer rooms reminds me that it'll screaming that it'll screaming kid.

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And honestly, that's the sort of stuff you'd expect from you know, the kindergarten kindergarten. Yeah. He probably says I you said.

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Yeah. Okay. You don't expect that from mature grown up people. Oh, and I wanted to mention the really nice thing that I heard about Norwegian culture. Yeah, I remember now you see. And he really beautiful thing. I don't remember what it's called. Because one of those words is a bit tricky, but you'll remind me

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we were going around the statues and we were talking about actually, I was saying apart from of course, statues not being something allowed in Islam, and *. Like that's not something we really approve of. But as it actually it's something that was really nice because what was it was talking about all of it seemed to me to be about family, about people and about family was a lot to do with kids, family men, women fighting, loving thinking this and that, but it was all and you know, throughout history statues have been about what the prince the King, the general that this and that, but these were the statues about people, right, and their lives. And you know, and I thought

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it was just something quite touching. And then the brothers were telling me you know, something about Norwegian culture is that is considered really bad to show off. Yeah. And so he said, even for example, if you're a businessman, and you go to a business meeting in a you know, a really smart design his shoe and your watch, and you're like trying to show off and this and that, and the slickest and the smartest that. He said you can even lose the business deal because of that, right? Actually, they are very, you know, Norwegian culture. You're supposed to be very modest and not to show off as that as a really beautiful thing. Mashallah, that's a really nice cultural habit to have

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like, that also means I don't have to walk around in a suit vows in Norway. I'm the low which is a nice thing. So I was just pointing out that's a really nice characteristic.

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