Haifaa Younis – The Humbleness of Sayyidah Aisha R.A

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a sexual encounter between two women, with one of them being the most beloved. The other woman is asked about her husband's relationship with a stepDAughter. The segment also touches on the importance of women in society and their role in shaping society.
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secede Aisha and a woman asked to see deja who was the most beloved people told us why the South was. Now pay attention to this one.

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See the Aisha was asked who's the most beloved people to Roswaal risottos she set forth Lima

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and then from the men now the question to say the eyes, he said xojo ha

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i Li in there who kind of saw a woman a woman? He was fasting all the time. And he prayed the night all the time. What is special about this hadith I just shared with you.

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Now you are the wife.

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Okay? This is a stepdaughter.

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Haltom is a stepdaughter for Seda. Aisha right. Her mother is Khadija see Dolly. So here you go. Somebody comes to you, you're married. And the husband is there says who's the most beloved your husband? What is the normal answer?

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why you're even asking.

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Of course.

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What does that teach you about say the Aisha

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truthfulness. humbleness,

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does not see herself something.

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Although he was asked and told that she is the most beloved.

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There's a lot of lessons we learned from this woman.

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The focus was not them. And me. You know the AI?

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The everything these days about AI and me, not them.

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This is a woman asked her

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who's the most beloved people to your husband? And she said something stepdaughter and then from the men she didn't say her father said I will say no. She didn't say her brother say nap drama.

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Cigna Haley both related to her husband.

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How much he loves the rest of our lives.

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When you love someone, you love everything related to it. Right? And if you don't love someone,

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you can finish the sentence

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