Kunu Mubarakat – Be Blessed

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Miss Smith, you

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remember one of the first things I learned when I moved is one of the teachers looked at us and says, Kunal Baraka,

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I didn't know what she was saying. Honestly, I remember I was like, I've never heard this word, be blessed.

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And I actually asked her and she said, that means whatever you hire is gonna come from your presence, or your presence will prevent evil. That's corny and that's this is the lab of Sydney's

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Shalini Movado can enema confirm Sani Versace was a cartoon.

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the description of a nicer mobile aka blessing. You are not necessarily with Muslims, not necessarily giving talks who lectures You are a blessing woman. You are. You are in a gathering in your presence. Bring higher whether the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you eat, the way you help the way you deal with a child. The way you remove something, it's always higher, move out