Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – September 25, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having good values and morals in order to achieve success in a business. They mention the importance of having taco ball, crystal clear, and good deeds as the most important characteristics for success. The speaker also talks about the importance of learning the second part of it, and mentions an in-person event that emphasizes the need to strengthen the team to carry on.
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When dealing with a better

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some football family you

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will see from what I've seen

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and I'm

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very happy

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shape on.

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Well that's fairly rigid and

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on top of

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my brothers and sisters to continue from what we took last week in terms of good morals and values of how it is

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or was the mission of

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my son to complete in perfect good values good morals. We also

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will, in fact I'll get into that later in Java. But in order to continue with that topic, I want to add it shows us some of the properties

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to statements that are absolutely powerful. The first one that

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says that there's nothing that will be heavier on the scale.

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There will be nothing that is placed on our deeds that is heavier on the scale and

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there is nothing heavier on the scale.

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we also see the profit or loss.

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He mentions about that time as well, about good deeds. He says the two major characteristics that will lead a person to paradise or acceptable

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consciousness of a loss of kindness,

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and good morals. So the heavy scene that will be placed on our on our scale is good morals, good values. And the two best, most important characteristics that we need to have within us are taco ball, and crystal clear consciousness of awesome candidates, and good morals and values. Now, I know when I mentioned the first IV, some of you probably think to yourself, shouldn't our Shahada, our testimony of faith is the heaviest thing on the scale?

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How is it that the prophet SAW some of the matches that the heaviest thing that will be placed on the scale is good morals and values? How is that when something is more important than that? Well, my brothers and sisters, this indicates in the highlights the importance of us as believers having good values, and part of our belief is to have good values. And without having those good values, then our belief is this. There's a component of our belief is deficient, that will take away from that weight on the scale. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one who had the best of values and morals. We've heard that already. But how is it that a person can learn the

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sooner This is the important part? How is it that a person can learn the signal?

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the sauce

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that was revealed to us that are the words of a loss?

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How is it that a person can learn

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but not have?

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What we do see this? How many of us know a half of it, or two or three or four who have finished completed memorizing what they don't have?

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How many times do we see people that said, you know who I am, I'm a believer just like you, but they're arguing and yelling and swearing and cheating and stealing and bribing and so on and so forth.

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Good values, good morals are part of our team. And there's a reason why I'm bringing up this topic

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for today, that we're learning the second part of it.

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Can you remember

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I said that there's a reason why I'm bringing this up.

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And I mentioned earlier, something that we'll talk about

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those of you who may have forgotten on Friday nights, we used to have an in person, take place here in the masjid. You remember we can pray

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it has been

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single one of

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from Las

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Vegas means

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that we have

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to strengthen our team to make us sales

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to make it easier for us to carry on worshiping

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shoulder to shoulder

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all together

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to complete

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