Knowledge Is A Weapon Against Misogyny

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Our last speaker, Dr. Hay for Yunus. She's an American Board Certified obstetrician and gynecologist. She's a graduate of both the mecca Institute of Islamic Studies in Jeddah, a graduate of alhuda Quran memorization school in Jetta. She's the founder and chairwoman of Gemini Institute for women, where she teaches classes and conducts seminars on the Quran, and its relevance to our day to day living. She also offers retreats on key topics to inspire a connection to God.

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Well, the floor is all yours now Dr. Yunus salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was a woman who Allah La Muslim Nehemiah and founder on foreigner Bhima alum Santa Monica semiology Buddha Domini how do we come in and milliamp hour Kelvin LaShawn I've seen letters power do I use ma are Bonilla to Saku Baba is had a tener will have an AMA lead on karma in the current global hub. ob straggly. Sadr USA Li Omri wahala. The Tamil assignee of ko holy salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah everyone, I would love to see you all. But unless pantalla has a reason for us, for the last year, actually, in a few weeks

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becomes a year where we lived in this way, when we became much more connected, but distantly. So hamdulillah. I mean, it's a pleasure to be with you all. It's beautiful to have this subject to be talked about and discussed about because it's real. Yeah, and I am sure if there was time, and I would have the ability or the opportunity, and maybe in the questions and answers to ask every woman listening to me today, I am sure she will have at least one. If not two, not three stories personal about feeling this, living this. And Allah knows how she managed it. So misogyny or, or, or discrimination or hatred, or looking down at women in general? It is there. It is absolutely. There

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it is.

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Toward Muslim woman. You probably gonna say it is more Can everyone hear me? Yes, you can hear you can hear, you know, audience fine. So me as a Muslim woman, you as Muslim woman, and we have double or triple or four issues that we are facing. This is how I'm going to start singing. Look at everything that happens in your life as a blessing from Allah.

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I have set in Arabic for those of you who know, everything comes from Alaska, Hawaii, Maya, Tina llahi. Everything comes from Allah is here. So when I am being discriminated against, you may find this is strange, but look to what I'm going to share with you. Everything comes from a wise hire is good. I am being discriminated. Have I been discriminated as a woman as a Muslim woman living in the in the States? The answer is absolutely. I lived in England before. Absolutely. As a Muslim woman, as a professional as a physician. But where is the hell? Where is the goodness in this, this is what you, every Muslim woman listening to me, I want you to know this. This topic will not be changed. We

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cannot fight it. Unless I number one, acknowledge it. And number two, each one of us as an individual fighted. Don't expect somebody else to do it for you. You do it, I do it. How do I do it? It's not fighting. You change the perception by you changed. You change I can share with you stories of what's mis perception, the way I look gives people beyond beyond I'll just share one quick story with you. So you can imagine and this is this is like 15 years ago, I was flying back from South Africa. And just just in the plane, we did not even take off yet. And they announced Is there a physician in this on this plane. And I stood up and I was supposed to law sitting at the end of the

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back of the plane and I came forward and another man came with me. And it took about 45 minutes It was about with talking with the pilot. Finally we had to have the passenger moved out because he was very sick.

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So I was coming back and I was waiting Of course my Muslim attire. And when I travel I usually wear a bio because it's very comfortable.

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And as I was coming back, this is 15 years ago but I will never forget it till the day Allah Subhana Allah will take me back and I was on on an airline. Of course Western aim without names were publicly and in the middle of the aisle.

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I was called, excuse me, excuse me. And I looked, and he said, Are you a doctor in front of everybody in the plane?

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And I said, Yes. And he said, are you? And I said, Yes, three times. I was about to joke because the third time said, Oh, yes, I was about to say, you want me to show you my license? What is that? perception, wrong perception? Because of the way I look? Definitely because I am a woman. If not, it's number one, because I am a woman. Number two, the way I look it doesn't fit. So number one, my beautiful sisters, and if the brothers are hearing me, we have to accept it. This is one of the wisdoms of Allah that we don't have an explanation.

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But there has to be hearing it has to be good in it.

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And Islam is not this. This is what the whole topic is. Islam is not this, that the the neither the scripture the Quran itself says this, nor are Swati salatu salam says this nor the teaching of Allah Swati saw to us. As I was thinking, one verse came in my mind and probably most of you may be familiar with it. It's the first verse in the surah course or to the mandala and Mandala is basically argumentation. What is this first verse?

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A lot of people don't talk about this verse, or refer to this verse. You know, what is this verse about this verse about? This is a woman and they even differ in her name. So you can imagine it's not like somebody who's well known and public Hola, Hola. Hola. Been Salah, but if you read the, the commentary, they will give you like five, six names.

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What did this woman do? She came to this rally Software Center. He was with a say die show. And they say die says narrating this. And she said this woman came to her Swati site or Sarah complaining about her husband.

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And she said you're also Allah, the meaning of explaining it. You said you're also Allah. He managed me when I was young. I got pregnant and gave children and now I am older now, quote, unquote, even to describe like I gain weight. And now he doesn't want to me and he told me You're like my mother, meaning no marital relationship.

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What should I do? Allah Swati Salatu was set out the Messenger of Allah pantalla the answer gave what Allah taught us up till now. And he told her, you are haraam Ali, you are not any more man and and a husband and a wife. She responded, I need you to feel this. This is a woman, not a scholar.

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Right, has a marital issue came to the best creation of a law. Right? And he answered her number one and the answer is not what she want. responded again, she said Yasser Allah, I lived with him all these years, served him gave children now I am older, and quote unquote gain weight. And now he doesn't want to me how how often you hear this. He responded for him to lay you this is what Allah taught him so far. There is no compromise. Third time third time, said I saw that there was a slot to sit on face change.

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And she told her to hold on to say that he knows when the Quran when the revelation being revealed Torah Swati Sato said she said to her, don't speak anymore. Wait. And then this verse was revealed to them to roswaal risotto Sara are the semi Allahu cola lucky to Jai DeLuca zodia with a sticky in a law because at the third time, she said I'm complaining to Allah.

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Basically what we say these days is not fair. What did I do? And Allah who responded, or an use that to this day, you and I recited up till today.

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Allah have heard a semi Allah, Allah, Allah had heard the saying or the speech of the one the one let's see, meaning the woman to Jagielka she is arguing with you or discussing with you the matter of her husband or law who yes smell the How would Akuma Allah hear what you are saying meaning how you responded? Imagine this is also a slight twist.

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And then an Allah then send

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the How come the ruling because of a woman not a scholar? What does that teaches me as a Muslim woman and this is to all my beautiful

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There's number one and you if you have ever heard me speaking or you will follow us, our programs on gender Institute, you know, what is my first focus in life? Learn your Diem my beautiful sisters, learn it well, and learn it properly, not what you were taught by your family, by my mother or grandmother, may Allah bless them and give them genuine dose and talking about study, learn while learn not only your rights, but what's your obligations also towards Allah towards Allah Swati saw to Sarah toward your family. Look at this woman. She didn't know but when she went, and when she went to Roswell resort to sit down, she was explaining she wanted an answer. And Allah supported

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So massage, massage, massage genie is there it is there. And as you put it to beautifully in your introduction about the the conference, it's painful, what comes from the inside, let alone from the outside. So basically, we women have to two sides we have to take care of inside my house. And this is of course not general. But I'm saying we hear this and we see this that inside my house, I'm being looked down, discriminated. And then I go out and I am the Muslim woman I am discriminated against looked down or even attacked.

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It is there. What should we do? Number one, as I said, learn this fact. Don't be surprised. Get your ID.

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What does that mean? And all of you we live in a non Muslim world.

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Get ready when you are in the supermarket. When you are in a waiting room of of the physician when you are in public as a Muslim woman, get your ID that you will be asked maybe nicely, maybe not nicely, in a way to

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express or reflect this. You need to be ready how to respond. Don't be shy. But be nice and be polite. And show the beauty of your deen. If you don't know the beauty of Islam, you cannot give it to people.

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One, two, when you are contacting or communicating with the other people, show them the other face. Show them show them by action. That what they hear and what they read and what they see is not true. Smile. Talk to people. When you see a child comment on it. Be sweet and nice. That's my Dean. That's my religion. Excuse me. Thank you I'm sorry I didn't pay attention. Sometimes I see when you are walking in the street and you see another Muslim woman say Salaam to her. spread peace. Be proud of who you are. shyness is beautiful modesty is beautiful, but that doesn't mean it's weakness. And I am hiding the beauty

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what most of the woman I think one of the problems if I am looking at it from the woman's side of our point of view is that we women don't see that don't see the beauty in it. I don't know what Islam gave me I don't know why Islam told me do this and don't do that. I don't know the wisdom the Hikmah from some of the things that we look at it and say this is not fair. All these things we need to learn we need to learn the number one

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weapon if I'm gonna use this word

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that woman will need to fight this hatred is education is educate you stand up and as the woman where she stood up to say normal, say it normal if there was a prophet or Swati saw it was Salaam service there was to be a prophet after meat will be online. And you know what, what a personality here when he was giving the hot one and gave the ruling that it has been the dowry has basically the meaning of dowry became out of limit and I am gonna put a limit to it.

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Of course he had the reason she stood up woman we don't even know her name. But we know she was a woman. She stood up and she said you're gonna make what Allah made a tunnel, you're gonna make it harm. And she quoted the idea from the Quran.

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When you look loose, it means it. Everyone let them spend according to what they have. You cannot put a limit if someone is richer

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them give more.

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But I can do this. You can do this without education. We're scared.

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Scared of what? Scared of what? You as a woman, Muslim woman attached and connected with away the strong, who can hurt me? Who can you relate to me? And you're going to tell me but it's happening. And I'm going to say yes, but I'll away when the strong is with me two things will happen when one lady died. And I'm saying this, again, from experience, I'm not saying it, you don't read this, these things in the books by the way, he will be with me in two ways. Either he will give me the patient and the calmness to completely ignore this or he will give me the strength and the hjem the absolute way of responding.

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So you need unless I have the education, unless I know this, I cannot do that. I absolutely cannot do that. So they're not forced to step in fighting this disease that is becoming pandemic I think it's number one come from the woman and I'm not saying you're going to become argumentative and you're going to that's not how it is. That's not how it is it's just like when I am in my office and I am discussing a point with a patient is not the argument is explaining

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and if third if you did all this and still things doesn't change that's where my connection with Allah I am going to say your law that's that's personal connection that we are missing Also, I'm going to say your own law. I did what you taught me. I tried to be strong, you helped me

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in nalle and also also now watch pantalla in many places in the Quran, but this is specifically about the messengers we will give victory to Our Messengers yes we are not messengers but we are fighting for a loss pantai and I want to end up because I know I have only 15 minutes Nadia Tell me if I if I passed my time You know what? I could listen to you God such a soothing voice so couple more minutes is fine don't worry.

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I don't think

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late to go over our time. But this is what I want to tell you.

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My audio is getting crackly I don't know what's going on.

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Again, crackly.

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So don't worry, don't raise

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this again because now

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you know, Oh.

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Hello. Is that good? Yeah, I can hear you maybe put your volume up a little bit. Yeah.

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I'm gonna put my volume up.

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my inner volume. Okay, I'll give you my beautiful sisters. With the three things and this is Allah is my witness. I did not prepare anything. I actually in fact just came from the hospital. Oh, wow. Thank you for taking the time anyway. No, yeah, exactly. I have like a patient who's in a handleless he's getting better but it's a serious so I had to go and see her. And I was so glad when it is one o'clock. I thought it was 12 my time. So hungry. Now. I will leave you with three things. Okay, new sisters. Number one, it's all from the Quran. Number one. You want dignity. You want to be strong. You want to live with, as with again, with dignity with honor, get connected with Allah don't get

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connected to any human being. And Allah said it, when can you reduce his fellow penalized Allah He Jamia whomsoever once dignity, power, honor, exit to Allah, conduct with a law, learn about Allah, learn about your dean, learn about his book, and see what Allah will give you. It's not going to come right away. It will, but it will come. That's number one. Number two, this process to change needs time. I have to be patient. I and you all of us have to be patient, not lazy. Not, don't give up. But be patient. Things needs time to change. And who's going to give me patient a sobald Allah, your subordinates are Bumi that's how I always say when things gets really tough and tight. I was

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lucky also Musab Bernie, you're Allah, you are the patient. Give me patient. That's number two. Number three, which is also related to Allah. Rely on Allah. He is the one who will change

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things not you and me, he will change it. But how? By you serving Him. So when I am here today talking to you, if my intention Allah knows my intention, if my intention was to impress you or to get the likes or to get the followers don't expect anything from Allah, because that's not from Allah. I fight for this Deen for Allah because it's his religion. I practice it because it's his religion. The last word I will leave you with, get connected with the last punk dollar properly and see what Allah will give you this akmola here Please forgive me for all the technical issues.