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Lesson 99 – Chapter 39-41 Hadith 599-602

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim publish flatly surgery were Sidley MD washer of data melissani of Coco Lee obon acid in our email kita Marquis de Sala, the book of the timings of prayers and today inshallah we will complete this book. So bad number 14 bad man you could have been a seminary burden Orisha mayuko, who what is this like meaning it is undesirable, mean a summer of a summer, what the some of me to stay awake at night and engage in conversation in talk, bother Asia after Russia, meaning the undesirability of night talk after Russia when a person has performed so that Russia than what is better than a person should go to

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sleep soon after that. Why? Because it is disliked to stay awake after a shot because the harm is that a person will sleep late and as a result of that his prayers will be affected whether it is the night prayer or it is the fudger prayer and the word or some of it from the letter scene. Meanwhile, we have read this word and also Mr. p and v Samuelson do that the people are too arrogant to listen to the Quran to believe in it and instead what do they do? They spend the night talking away in their chitchat. So this kind of summary is disliked after selected Russia has done I don't know your hair color or

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hair color he said Impala Kumar, ob. ob Rosa tell us Let me hear for Carla who ob had this neck a for kind of a pseudo la he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you saline mokuba we have read this hadith earlier of how the people asked the companions as to how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to perform the sada when he used to perform selected mokuba mokuba means that which is obligatory because mokuba is from gooty berkata which is to prescribe Allah He said Can you spell hedgy era where he allotted aroona oola hanaa? Can we read this Heidi's earlier this is why I'm just going to read the Arabic while you suddenly are slow to my audio huduma led the axon Medina to a sham so here

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when I say to my colleague filmography katakana is the Hebrew arratia with regards to Russia he said the prophets are a lot of them used to prefer to delay or insha Allah He said what kind of yecla who Noma publika will hadiza bother her and he would dislike sleep before it and speech after it. So Aisha he would delay and he disliked no oblah her to sleep before performing Aisha and Hades bother her engaging in conversation after performing Russia. What can I and he used to yen Tofino min salatu wa t Hina, Yahoo hadoo Niger Lisa who this is talking about fudges Allah, then when he would end this budget, then one of us would just be able to recognize the person sitting next to him

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welcome Amina sistina in any would recite about these many verses in budget plan. So this hadith we read earlier also in this hadith we see that staying awake after Isha is something that is disliked. However, Mr. Bahari clarifies that for what purpose is it okay for a person to stay awake after Isha? Because remember that there are certain things which are not permissible, okay, which are how long that if a person commits them he is earning sin, but there are other things which are dislike, which means that just because a person is doing it, it doesn't mean that he's committing a sin. It's just dislike the profit sort of all the sudden did not do it. he disliked it Allah subhanaw taala

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does not approve of it. But it doesn't mean that if a person does it once in a while for some genuine reason, it would be wrong. So what are those situations in which a person is allowed to stay awake after Isha?

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bath a summary Phil Phil? Well, Heidi Barden arratia are some of staying awake at night and engaging in conversation. But what kind of conversation Phil Phil engaging in conversation that is about understanding understanding what world politics understanding the dean while hiring, and some good bargain Asia after Asia. Now remember that claim is general okay. This is a specific meaning understanding their religion, which is why we see that after Isha also, there were times when the scholars would stay awake, either to write their books or to to study in more detail. Like for example, Mr. Mohali, we learned that he would stay awake at night, so many times, and what would he

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do? He would write the Hadees. He would study more. For instance, when somebody said about him that they were traveling with him, and in one single night, Mr. Bahari woke up multiple times that night. What did he do? He left the lab and he wrote something

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He fixed something that he had written. And this was the time when he was compiling his book. So fix is understandable. If a person wishes to stay awake at night for the purpose of learning that is understandable. What is this height claim? Remember, this is general, this is this could be with respect to the person himself. And it could also be with respect to somebody else. Sometimes you're up at night, because you have to do something that is good for yourself, that is beneficial for yourself. And other times you're awake at night, and you're engaging in conversation, that is good, not necessarily for you, but for who, for others. Like for example, if you have some guests over,

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then it is necessary that you engage in some kind of conversation with them. Likewise, sometimes with the family members, right. Sometimes there are some social events, and you do not wish to be there. But the only reason is that if you don't go, then people's rights will be neglected. People will be upset, they will be hurt. So this is high, not for you, but for who, for others. So a person must be aware of the circumstances, you must be aware of the people who are around him and see the need. If there is some benefit, some goodness in him staying awake and engaging in conversation, whether that favors for himself or for others, then there is absolutely no harm in that. Then

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instead of it being McCrone it would be Mr. House. Instead of it being mcru. For him to stay awake at night it would be something preferable for him something that is good for him. Have doesn't have the likeness of God at the center of our religion and hanafy you had the Center for what color he said in Tijuana. He said we waited for a lesson and hasn't meaning of Hudson and bursary. So he said we were waiting for Al Hassan Bosley, what was the Elena and he was late in coming to us.

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He was late in coming to us, we were waiting for him. And he didn't come on time. So basically, we have to wait for quite some time. So much. So that had that until groebner we were close to moonwalk t to the time of tme his rising meaning we waited for Hassan Bosley to come because he would come at a particular time to teach people. And we were waiting that whole time. And it was almost time for your session to end. So imagine a session is supposed to begin at 11 and it's supposed to end at one o'clock. So they were waiting from 11 o'clock and it was almost one o'clock just to give you an example. hotter Corona moonwalk up me further. Then finally he came for Carla. So he said Donna, he

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called us who do you want hoonah our neighbors, ladies, our neighbors had invited us. And because of this reason, I wasn't able to come on time. Sorry, you had to wait. So makalah then he said who has another three? He's saying to his students who were waiting for him all this time, that on Amazon, and as I said, are the Allahu anhu that once in a while man nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we waited for the prophets of Allah, to Salah Latin a Latin one night had that until Ghana, it became shuttle layli Yabu that it was almost half of the night, meaning half of the night had almost passed. We were waiting for the profit sort of all sentimental so late. And why were they waiting in

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the middle of the night for Asia. Okay, they came to the masjid waiting for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to lead them in prayer to lead them in South Africa. And what happened? Almost half of the night had passed for Java. Then he finally came when it was almost half the night for Solana. Then he led us in prayer, some hot oven and then he addressed us for color. So he said, Allah in the NASA Sandow, so Morocco, that, indeed the people, they perform their prayers, and then they went to sleep. What inner calm and indeed you learn Tarzan movies for Latin man to love to masala, you have continued to be in prayer as long as you were waiting. There were some people, what did they do?

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They prayed they couldn't wait. So they prayed themselves and they went to bed. But what did you do? All this time you were waiting for the prayer. And as long as you were waiting, what were you doing? You were in the prayer, you will have the reward, as well as a Muslim, or an assassin and Hassan said, we're in little coma. And indeed people lay his aluna behind him, they will always remain they will continue to be on goodness, mental height as long as they wait for good. Meaning as long as you're waiting for something good. You are engaged in that act of goodness. So for example, sometimes it happens that you go somewhere just because it's convenient for you to go at that time

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You have to wait for a couple of hours before that particular session can begin. And you might feel as though you're wasting your time, you're being too hard on yourself. But the fact is, that as long as you were waiting for something good, whether it is Salah, or some gathering of knowledge, or anything good, then it is as though you are engaged in that good deed. Pilar kawakawa said Who am in Hades, the NSA and in Libya Salalah. Ronnie said this is also part of the Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam words that were in the Omer, Lazar, Luna beheading, man,

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it's not just limited to prayer, but it is general. So in this Hadees what do we see that the profit or loss of salami came after so long? First of all, Russia was made then after the prayer What did he do? He taught people something good. He taught people something good. So sometimes it may happen that he may be very early and the only suitable time to have a family hardaker in a Masjid could be after Isha. So Is that wrong? It's not wrong. It is disliked to stay awake after Isha. However, for a genuine reason, like for example, gaining knowledge, then it is something that is permissible. And remember height, if it's something hate, either for yourself, for example, a person is at work, they

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don't have any other choice but to work at that time. Or it is hard for somebody else, like your family, your guests, your relatives, then for that reason, it's okay.

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You can perform a show once the time enters, and then you can be awake for whatever good reason that you are weak, that it was a teachable moment. Right? And was a very good occasion at which he mentioned this point because it gave the people the patience also, right? Because remember that waiting is something very, very difficult for people. There's an expression which is that an int is a shotgun in that waiting for something is worse than death. That waiting is so difficult for people but when they're given some good news, change your perspective. You're not wasting your time here. As long as you're waiting, you are engaged in faith that gives you the ability to be patient. You

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see what is that you look at waiting as a waste of time and something that's very burdensome, very difficult. And the other is that you view it as you are already performing that act of righteousness. How does that Abuja Mankato Verona Sure, I can easily call that an Israeli Omar Abdullah hip neuroma. Abu Bakr Abu Dhabi has Mehta and Abdullah Hubner Amato caught a son an abuse of Allahu Allahu Salama selected Russia if he actually hired he even almost said that one night the Prophet sallallahu Sallam performed selected Russia. And this was towards the end of his life. fella Marcel lemma, then when he said the Salaam he ended the prayer, common abuse of Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam have a call. He stood up and he said, about eight o'clock he addressed all the people saying that come later come heavy. Have you thought about this night of yours meeting tonight for interrupts me at him? For indeed, ahead of 100 meaning 100 years from now lay Yaba, he will not remain mimin from among those who who are he is a yoma Today I know one of the on the surface of the earth. I hadn't anyone meaning Did you know that of all the people who are alive today, present today on the surface of the earth. None of them will remain alive 100 years from now. So what happened for what he did and NASA? So the people were healer. They misunderstood what he does to

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misunderstand. They misunderstood FEMA Cala t Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they misunderstood the statement of the prophets are about to send them either to Maya had the Solomon had in a hadith and made a dishonor what they narrate concerning this 100 years they misunderstood, thinking that what the prophets are the lawyers and the meant was that within 100 years, the day of judgment will come. That's how some people misunderstood it. And that's how they narrated It was 11 abuse, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and indeed the prophets are allowed isn't what he meant was that layer because men who only oma Allahu Allah, that no person was alive today will remain 100 years

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from now, you read with alika and Natalie modelica. And what he meant by that was that this generation will finish by them, but the people misunderstood. But anyway, in this Hadith, what do we learn? That after Isha the prophets of answer was teaching the people something good, something beneficial for them to know. So it doesn't mean that it is completely forbidden for a person to stay awake after a shot, and it's not acceptable it is disliked if he engages in any kind of conversation. No, it is permissible. And a person may engage in something beneficial, which is either good for him or for other people. However, a person must keep in mind his need for sleep and

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Also his need to wake up in the morning for prayers also, because sometimes it happens that we are you know, busy doing an assignment or reading something good or we listening to a lecture and we delay too much. And because of that delay, what happens is that our morning gets affected. So, while this is beneficial, it is permissible, it should not be done at the cost of selected budget, which is why it should not be a regular habit once in a while if it happens, it's completely acceptable. But a summary Mowgli fee will night talk with a brief with the guest well, and the family.

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Is that okay? To what extent How long can you delay your sleep for the sake of your family, and for the sake of your guests?

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Remember that we don't have guests on you know, every single day. So this is something that will happen, you know, out of routine, but that one night that it happens, is it okay? Or should we engage in conversation with a heavy heart and with this guilt in our hearts? No, be relaxed, be calm. It's okay. It's permissible. And where do we get the evidence from from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? It's a long Hadees but a very interesting studies have definite abnormalities are the head does an American illusory man called a head definite ob had done a birth man and are documented nearly buckling and the US have a suffocating abdomen even a VBAC. So who is

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he? The son of Abu Bakr, Abdul Rahman.

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He is narrating this incident and he's saying that indeed the US has to suffer for the most horrible suffer Kanno. He described them as that they were in essence, some people who are forgotten who are poor. Well I'm gonna be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said about us horrible suffer, that man, whoever Cana he was in the who with him, for the food of it naini to whoever has food for two people for the end hub, then he should take with the Latin three, if he has food for two people at home, meaning he can take two guests, he can bring two guests over, then he should take three people from the US House sofa home and feed them.

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We're in our barn. And if a person has food for four extra people, then what should you do for Harmison than he should take along with him fifth outsiders or six, meaning then you should bring people from a cyber sofa home and he should feed them. Who were these habits of they were basically those companions who had migrated to Medina. And because they had migrated to Medina, this is why they were living in Medina without their families. They had no families. They had no homes. They had no work, no source of income. And they were in Medina, either temporary or long term basis. Because remember that there were people constantly coming into Medina, who had recently accepted Islam and

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their families oppose them. So they came to Medina to seek refuge. And also some of them came to Medina even though they had families back home who are Muslim, why did they come to Medina to learn from the prophets of Allah Salah. So sometimes we learn about the delegation of so and so. So who were these delegations were with this day in the masjid. This is why the number of us Hagia Sophia would constantly fluctuate. At times, there were many people, and at times, there were only a few. But remember, they had no families, no relatives in Medina. If you ever go to a city and you have your relatives over there, even if you there for a couple of days, you can stay with your family,

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right. And even if you're not staying with them, you can just go there once a day and have one good meal. Even if all day you're eating out that one meal you can have at your relative's house, but the US House so far did not have that. So we see that their basic needs were unmet. They did not even have food. But they still remained in Medina in those difficult circumstances. Why? Because of their Eman because of their religion. And in order to be with the Prophet sallallahu salah and this is the reason why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam always encouraged us, however, that if you have food, if you have extra food in your house for two people, then don't just let that food sit there. Take of

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house for home how many not two, three. And if you have food for four people then take five or six people how many ever you can take, but take them home with you and feed them.

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And we see that this particular night. This particular evening there were many people amongst the US have a sofa who were hungry. So what happened? Well, I'm not above a crane and the man who is narrating about his father that avocado and who he came besotted with three, so avocado I know he brought three guests home

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Why in order to feed them from powder cannabis or Allahu alayhi wa sallam and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went with how many br chahatein with 10 because the prophets Allah, Allah was the most generous of people. So he took along with him how many 10 people? You know, we hear about the generosity of a look at a little

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imaginary the generosity of the prophets of Allah and it was even more. I can Ramadan. How do the contenders describe his generosity, even faster than when?

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Even more speedy than a fast wind? Allah He said, for what Anna? What Abby will only Abdullah and said that in our house, it was myself and my father and my mother. We were three people. For that ad. The narrator is saying I do not know color he said one but it and also my wife will Hardiman and a servant bainer. verbena at everybody, between us and between the house of Abu Bakar. So it seems that Abdul Rahman lived next door to Abu Bakr

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and they had Abubakar Buddha or his wife, Abdul Rahman, their son and his wife, and between the two houses was a servant who would go back and forth. So it was all of these people in their big extended family. So we're in the barber clean, and indeed Ababa, Abubakar Otto on the Russia in the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he do? He brought the guests home, and he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to have the evening meal with him. The Arusha What does it mean to give the dinner basically. So he went to have dinner with the prophets of Allah. Because he must have realized that I brought three guests home with me, and we don't have much food. So he said, I won't

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eat here. I'll go and have my dinner with the Prophet sallallahu. Someone Evita, then he remained with them with the prophets, Allah doesn't haze the wind slowly at inertia until solid ratio was performed. So he went in the evening performance is very sharp. And then what happened? So manager, then he returned for everything. Then he remained hotter until fashion abuse on Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after Isha. And what happened? He stayed until the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had his dinner when he had his dinner for Jetta bergama then he came home, after mop, Amina Neely Masha Allah after a certain part of the night had passed, how much part

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as much as Allah had willed. So basically he didn't come home right after Isha

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the prophets Allah wa sallam eight, Abubakar stayed. And then after much of the night had passed, then Abu Bakr came home. When he came home, Allah, Allah who she said to him, who invited to his wife will now have a soccer and What kept you away? From your guests, you have guests at home, waiting for you to come so that you can give them food. And Where have you been all this time? Where were you? Oh, call it life. He or she said your guest. Caller he said a warmer shade to him. He said in surprise that did you not give them dinner yet? Did you not feed them yet? Or that she said about they refused had that idea until you came? Meaning I offered them food, but they refuse to eat until

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you were present amongst them. Because think about it. If you bring us home, and then you go somewhere. Will they eat without you? If you're the guests would you eat without the host? Even if you're very hungry, would you eat? No. So likewise, those guests they didn't eat? She said other Audioboo forever. They were offered the food but what happened? They refused. Allah He said, Who? Abdurahman? He said for the hub to enter. I went away for about two and I hid Why did he hide? Because he saw his father was upset. And you know when somebody is upset you don't want to be around them in front of them especially if it's your father because you don't want to get in trouble for no

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reason. Even if they're not upset with you. They're upset because of some other reason. But you're afraid that if I'm around they're gonna get upset with me for something or the other. So he said I went and I hid for color so he said yeah, when soft. winter winter basically means a hammock. Jehan Sophie, so are you you know idiot or something like that? You can understand it. So yeah, one sorry, said.

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He called him for jet Tao Subbu. Then he, you know, derided him he scolded him basically, what color and he said to his guests kulu now eat la honey, and I'm not happy at all. La honey and some people said that a worker is saying this to his guests. And what is that honey, honey? I mean honey, and is from Hannah, which has to be happy and satisfied after eating something. But it can't be imagined that he would say this to his guests, because this would be extreme disrespect to your guest. You

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We learned that honoring the guest as part of email what other said that what is meant by his statement there honey and is that underneath? No, no, be delicate. I am not happy with what you've done that this whole time you've been hungry. You didn't eat so eat already. So he said kulu eat already learning and and then what happened for color? So he said, voila, he Abubakar, he said what la de la nueva. He said, viola, I'm not going to eat any of this ever. But you didn't eat. I'm not eating at all. Now eat already. The Alo arland. If Abubakar really ate with a bottle of autism or not. And now with the food that is there, he's saying, I'm not going to eat at all because I'm upset

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with you. So you eat. Basically Obama didn't want to eat from that food. Why?

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Because it was not enough. It was not enough while he wanted his guests to eat. And this is the reason why he avoided being at home for so long. But still, he couldn't avoid it. He came home and the food is now being served. And he says well, la de la

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Abdurahman says way Malawi and by Allah mercon Nana Hello, we would not take one look at him from any bite in there except a robber. It increased men especially her from beneath it. Actor woman her more than he said by Allah we would not pick up any vital food, any morsel of food except that more would rise. More would come out from beneath it. every bite we picked up. There will be more food appearing over there. Carla, he said Jani had the until shabby room. They all had eaten well, was solid and it became axon in mechanical Blavatnik The food was more than it was before for another la Abu Bakr Abu Bakar when he saw it for either here, or here and it was exactly as it was before as if

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it was untouched, or cathode Amina or it had increased it was more than it was before for calling in. Attorney. He said to his wife, yeah, often when if you're us or sister of money for us marhaba What is this? What is happening? Did you bring more food? Did you put more food here? What happened on that? She said law? She said no karate I need and by the coolness of my eyes, Lahiya surely it is an honor now, actor minha Pablo Burdick bheatha nafi. Marwan it is three times more than it was before when she saw the food she said, By Allah it is three times more than it was before for Academy.

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So then Abu Bakr ate from that food, what color and he said in Canada,

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that is from chiffon Eonni Amina who, meaning his oath, when he swore the viola I'm not going to eat this. So he broke that oath. And he ate of that food because he saw that this is food with special Baraka in it. This has blessing in it. So he needed that food and be this was food with burqa. So he didn't want to stay away from it. So he broke his oath he ate it and he said that you mean by the way was from Japan, some akademin ha, look what and then he ate from it one bite. So now hamana her then he carried it in an abuse Allahu Allahu wa salam to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Why did he take it to him? Because he knew the prophets of Allah sent 10 people with him, how much would he

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have eaten and took it immediately to the prophets of Allah sin after one bite, his love for him for us by hiding the Who? And that food it remained with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam until the morning. And then he said what can have been in Albania colmenar couldn't have done it saying that between us and some people there was some contract activating some contracts and treaty farmable agent and then the term had ended meaning the term of that treaty had ended for Falconer its national regiment so 12 men they left Morocco only gradually men home owners with each man was some people meaning with each individual was a group of people along Ireland will come marco de la

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Julian. He said Allah knows how many people were there with every single one of those individuals. 12 men with each men was a group of people, a lot of them how many 510 15 I don't know how many people were there. But he said, A Kudu minha ajumma.

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But they all ate from that food. Okanagan or he said something like that.

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The food, which was barely enough for five people

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avacado Boulevard who said doesn't matter the profit or loss and said we should take people home, the profits or loss and taking 10 people with him. He took three people with him the food he was afraid he wouldn't be able to eat from it. Why? Because he thought it wasn't enough and he avoided

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To the best of his ability, stayed in the masjid stayed with the prophets on a lot of time until Tony, and he came and then the food is served and it only increased, he ate from it took it to the prophets of Allah time it stayed there all night. And in the morning, many, many people ate from it. Why? Because that food had Baraka in it. That one is that we rely upon the means, that we say, This food is only sufficient for these many people. This much money is only sufficient for these many individuals. With this much money, we can only have a family of these many individuals, we can only entertain these many people in our house. And the other is that you rely upon Allah. And you say,

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Allah will put Baraka and you go for it. And we will come up with our own who took that step brought three people and look at how many, many people ate from that food. So from the lessons, in this Hadith, we learn about the generosity of the prophets on a lot of them the generosity of Abu Bakar, Alberto and who we also learn that when there are more people to eat from certain food, then there is Baraka, there will be Belka. Remember, once a group of people decide to the profit or loss of that we eat, but we don't feel satisfied. He said, perhaps you eat separately.

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Perhaps you eat by yourself individually, if you ate together, then you would have Baraka and you would also feel satisfied. So remember, that when there are more hands involved in something, then less is always more.

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Less is always more we think less is less, but less will be more, because the blessing will come. Allah is the logic that food is not the provider, nor are you the provider allows the provider and he will provide. And many times it happens that we see for instance, in our homes, we prepare one meal. But if you pick up that meal, and you take it to a potluck, and what happens so many people eat so much food and the leftovers are being sent with everybody. We think that a house can only accommodate a certain number of people. The fact is that where there's reliant upon a loss upon Okada, and there is that desire to do good than less will be more in charge. This is true with

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regards to money. This is true with regards to food This is true with regards to space. This is true with with respect to every single thing, exactly that they were helping those who are needy those who didn't have homes and families and food. So they help them and Allah subhanaw taala sent help, because we are not feeding them. Allah is the one who's feeding them. Today we have so much but it's not enough. Why because our hearts are constricted. We don't rely on a lot of penalty, we start counting. And when we start counting and listing, then that is where the wellacre goes away. You remember, the prophet sort of answered and said to I shall be the one who led to key don't die this

00:33:01--> 00:33:12

bag up. Because if you keep your money in here and close it and keep it safe and secure, then what will happen it will be restricted for you, then you will have only this much.

00:33:13--> 00:33:34

But if you rely on a lot of panel data, and spend where the need is, then in Java Allah who pays Baraka that we have leftovers, so food for one is enough for two food for two is enough for three food for three is enough for four always. So never hesitate in sharing. The thing is that when people are giving an unlock gives them

00:33:36--> 00:34:05

right when we start worrying about others, and we are concerned for them and we sacrifice our share for the good of others and a lesser penalty will take care of our needs. But when we think that we are our providers, we have to provide ourselves, then we are left to ourselves. Right in the sense that the one who relies upon a Latin ally sufficient for him, and the one who relies on something else that he is left to that.

00:34:06--> 00:34:08

Also, we learned in this Heidi's about

00:34:11--> 00:34:21

column x that this was basically a comma. A comma is basically you can say a miracle that happens with a follower of a prophet of Allah.

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

And kurama basically happened with the Olia of Allah with a lot of friends and aboubaker Buddha on who was the best man of the summer. And this oma is the best out of all the Oman. So you can say that Abu Bakr was the best of the best. And he was really of the ODM of Allah subhanaw taala and this is the reason why this amazing incident happened in his house with his food. Why is it that cannot happen? What's the reason? It's basically an unusual incident which allows powder causes to happen.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

at the hands of his Olia or in the life of his friends, why, first of all, in order to honor them for the purpose of DICOM

00:35:10--> 00:35:53

to honor that servant, secondly, as this beat, this beat is what? To confirm them, to confirm them that what they are upon of the deen is correct that what they are doing is correct. It acts as the as help from Allah subhanaw, taala and reinforcement that yes, what you're doing is right. Like, for example, sometimes it happens that when you're having, let's say, guests over, you might have doubts in your heart, will I be able to accommodate them? Will I be able to feed all of them? Will I be able to take care of them? And then what happens? You trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And food just starts pouring in and help to starts coming in. And this tells you that inshallah what you did is,

00:35:53--> 00:36:37

right, you don't need to doubt yourself, what you did was really the right thing to do. You made the right decision. So it happens for the purpose of this beat, so that they become firm on the truth that they are on. And thirdly, also as the lead for the messenger whom they were following, because remember that a kurama for the Olia is actually an ayah of the Prophet because of this thing happened with Boba kobudo. And what does that show in reality, the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? We understand. So there are three reasons, three benefits, one honor for that servant of Allah. Secondly, do give him stability, that what you're on is correct, you're doing the

00:36:37--> 00:37:17

right thing. And thirdly, as confirmation of the messenger, that yes, he is the truth, what he's studying is the truth. There are many incidents in the profits or loss in life were a little bit of water was sufficient. Remember that little bit of water that was brought, so many people ate from it, they used it for washing up the profits of the laws and even gave some of it to a magic whistle farm. And then that was returned to that woman, that water exactly as it was. So multiple times that happened. So anyway, in this head is we learn about the fact that staying up at night, after a shot with one's family with one's guests is something that is permissible, because you see, first of all,

00:37:17--> 00:37:55

and you came home late, when he came home, he ate dinner, he fed, he ate, and then he took the rest of the food to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So we see that he didn't sleep right after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also, he was up with his 10 guests only entertained that night. Secondly, we see the permissibility of requesting others to be charitable towards a good cause. Because we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he encouraged the people. If you have food for two, then take three with you. If you have food for three, take four with you. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam requested that people directed them to a good cause. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in directing people

00:37:56--> 00:38:08

to a good and noble cause. Then we also see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was someone who acted most on what he said. He told people take to and he took how many himself.

00:38:09--> 00:38:11

So he acted upon what he said,

00:38:13--> 00:38:55

I will Baccarat and who knew that the prophets of Ultron had 10 guests and still obaku, the one who left his family and went to eat with the profits of a lot of fun. Because he always wanted to be there. He always wanted to be with the proper providers, and the profits that allowed him to 10 people. I'm sure he wouldn't mind him cooking. And also you see, some people they go in order to take benefit. And others they go with the intention to give benefit, some goal to see what they can get out from there, and others go to see what they can do over there. So we'll look at who on who whenever he was around. He wouldn't be around to see what he could eat and what he could gain. He

00:38:55--> 00:39:31

would be around to see how he could help out. This is what we see in his life. He was always giving, he was always helping out. And perhaps this is the reason why he went there to see if there was enough food or not if the problem was intimate or not. And this is why when he had food when he started the food had Baraka was increasing. He took it immediately to the prophets, Allah Monson, one bite he took, and he took it to the prophets of Allah. He always wanted to be aware of the circumstances of the prophets, little laws, and this is why he accompanied him. But sometimes you find out somebody wants to come over, then open up your doors, it doesn't matter. one extra person

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

comes in. Unfortunately, now we count the heads and we count the plates. And this is why we don't have Baraka. We have extra food, it will go in the in the bin. It will stay on the plate. But unfortunately we cannot. We don't have to defeat to share with others and earn reward. When you open up your heart. Then really the food is enough. The space is enough. Everything's enough, but it's about taking that step relying upon a Lansing in Charlotte

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:01--> 00:40:11

you want to please someone, and that is also a form of charity. If smiling at your brother is a charity, than making someone happy with a good meal, that is also a charity.

00:40:12--> 00:40:55

But make that intention even more pure for the sake of the loss of hundreds that don't just call people over, just because they like your food, call them over feed them, because this is a good thing. It's an act of charity. Okay, before we conclude Kitab malarkey, to select a couple of questions. One question was with respect to the forbidden times of prayers. There are several times in the day when Salah is impermissible, mandatory or voluntary. And essentially, there are three if you think about it. One is, as the sun is rising, the other is when the sun is setting. And the third is when the sun is directly overhead. So the question is that, when is the well meaning, when

00:40:55--> 00:41:37

is that time when the sun is directly overhead when solar is not permissible? The fact is that the sun is at its zenith, meaning directly overhead only for a few minutes. It's only momentarily. And it's almost impossible to know exactly what time unless and until you calculate, or you put something outside, and you check how the shadow is or if there is a shadow or not. Basically, the practical way of knowing when there's a while is, is to put a stake or pole in an open place, when the sun rises in the east, the shadow of the stick will fall towards the west. And the higher the sunrises, the shorter the shadow will become. And as long as it keeps growing shorter, the sun has

00:41:37--> 00:42:16

not yet reached the zenith. And once the shadow disappears in the sense that it's directly under that object, that means that the sun is directly above you. But you will only figure that out once you see the shadow going on the other side. So it's only for a few moments. This is the reason why we see that many companions when they narrow to the forbidden times of prayers. They only mentioned sunrise and sunset. They didn't even mention this time, because it's only literally for a few moments. And generally a person is busy in other things that you know. So that is not really a priority for most people at this time.

00:42:17--> 00:42:26

Another question was with regards to the time of sunset that when exactly is it? Is it when the sun begins to set or is it when the sun has completely set?

00:42:27--> 00:42:39

No remember that when the sun has set, meaning that the disk, the sun has completely disappeared from the horizon. That is when the time of mahalo begins.

00:42:40--> 00:42:43

When the sun has disappeared,

00:42:44--> 00:42:49

the time of the time of us is until the sun touches the horizon,

00:42:51--> 00:43:36

you understand that the sun you see it going down going down, and then you see that it touches the horizon. And then you see that a part of it has disappeared. And gradually, gradually, it completely disappears. So also you can pray until when, until the sun the disk you see touching the horizon, once it touches the horizon, that means that it has started setting, it has started disappearing. So once this time enters me, the disk touches the horizon, that's when you start playing, meaning no voluntary prayer, you cannot start you're also prayer, you understand. And it takes about three minutes, less more, somewhere between two to three minutes for the sun to completely set.

00:43:37--> 00:44:20

So if you are going by a prayer calendar, you understand that they've taken this into consideration when they're telling you the times. And if you're going by astronomical astronomically calculated time of sunset, then what do you do? You add three minutes to be on the safe side. So for example, if you see on your weather app, that sunset is at 543, for instance, then you should pretty much leave at what time 546 don't start exactly at 543 because that is when the sun has hit the horizon. Okay, that is when a section will disappear. And this is supported by Hades in which we learn that the prophets are a lot of Southern people obeyed the people from bringing a three times the Sahaba.

00:44:20--> 00:44:59

They said there are three times at which the Messenger of Allah said a lot of them forbade us to pray or to bury our dead when the sun has clearly started to rise started to rise when you see it coming up. You understand when you see it coming up rising, that's when you start playing until it has fully risen and until it is completely clear and remember that when it comes to the sunrise, it's about 12 to 15 minutes and when it is directly overhead at midday, but remember that it's only for a few moments until it has passed its senate and when the sun starts to set until it has fully set. So you see the words of the Hadith when

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

It starts to set until it has fully set.

00:45:04--> 00:45:41

Another question was with regards to missed prayers, we learned that Miss prayer should be performed in order. So for example, if a person Mr. Asa, and they're performing them now with their motive, then what should they do perform the hook, then also, and then motive. Now, what if a person forgets, in a sense that they're praying? And then they realize that they didn't pray those over us? Then what do they do? Do they break their Salah? Do they carry on? What do they do? There are multiple opinions with regards to this. But she has a mean he said that a person should complete his motive. And then he can pay his overhead and hassle. Other scholars say that no, you should break

00:45:41--> 00:46:23

his motive and then praise the Lord and then mothering. But other scholars say that it's better that he completes his prayer. And then he performs the missed Salah. And if there is only enough time left to pray the current prayer, like, for example, five minutes before you realize you, Mr. LaHood. And honestly, if you're praying, you'll miss your answer, definitely. But if you start, you're also at least you catch her. So then what do you do? Then you perform. So first, right, and you perform a robot, and then you perform the work once the sun has set. And then you perform a flip after that. So if there's only enough time for the current prayer, then what will you perform the current pray?

00:46:23--> 00:47:04

Also one more question with regards to missed prayers, that if a person has missed their prayers, let's say for two days for three days, let's say they were unconscious, they were sick, then in that case, are they required to make up out of those prayers or not. She even bezzie said, if it is three days or less of unconsciousness, then he should make up his prayers. Why? By analogy with one who sleeps. But if it is more than that, let's say he was unconscious for a week, he was unconscious for five days, then he does not have to make up his prayers by analogy with one who is mentioning. So let's say someone for some surgery, they've been given anesthesia and they're out for an entire day.

00:47:05--> 00:47:36

And even though they have regained consciousness, they're still not in that state. Sometimes it takes long for people to regain their full consciousness. So a whole day of prayers, they've missed 24 hours, then what will they do? Make up those prayers when they're able to write as soon as they have the strength, they will make up the prayers. But if it's too long of a time more than three days, then they will not make up their Miss prayers. One more question with regards to a person who has missed their prayers for no genuine reason.

00:47:38--> 00:48:15

For no genuine reason. And this is something that is unfortunately very common amongst the Muslims these days. And a lot of parents it gives that person the trophy to repent, and now this person is performing their prayers regularly. What about all the prayers that they have missed? Are they required to make them up? Or are they not required to make them there is a lot of discussion on this. Some scholars have said that they are required to make them up. And some have even gone to the extent of being a foreigner for each prayer. So assigning a certain amount of money for each prayer missed and then they have to give that amount of money in charity, but there is no basis for that.

00:48:15--> 00:48:29

The other opinion amongst the Ummah is that he is not required to make up the prayers Why? Because when a person is deliberately leaving his prayer, then that is what that is equivalent to.

00:48:31--> 00:48:33

That is equivalent to copper.

00:48:34--> 00:48:41

And when a person does Toba from that, then remember that doba has erased everything that has happened before.

00:48:42--> 00:49:25

Remember, that adobo yet demo? It destroys whatever happened before. So inshallah he does not have to make them up. However, considering the fact that he was a Muslim. And considering the fact that he did pray sometimes, like, for example, two prayers a day three prayers a day, he did pray, sometimes, it wasn't really a state of cover, then in this situation, a person must definitely increase in his default increase in his natural prayers to make up for what was missing. Because realize that it's like a debt almost, or something that is missing from your record something that was due, you didn't do it, it's missing from your record. So what should we do? You should make it

00:49:25--> 00:49:31

up through some other way. So how volunteer your prayers, extra good deeds is to fall Toba?

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

You see, with regards to fasting, we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded the women to make up their Miss fast. So when it comes to fasting, we have been commanded to make up in this fast. If it's less than three days, then a person will make up the prayers. Why? Because you are making the analogy with the one who is sleeping. Right? And if it's more than three days, then a person will not make up the prayers. Why? Because his take is like that over

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:01--> 00:50:42

during labor, a woman will pray until she starts bleeding until she begins to bleed. Okay, and that is basically when the child is going to come out right. So even though she's in labor for 24 hours, 36 hours doesn't matter, she's going to be in that state. Even if the water breaks, she will still continue to pray. And even if budget time has entered, then you will perform it with the first and then you perform your fighter Salah. So whether it is with it or a fault or any other parts prayer, if you missed it, because of sleep or for some other reason. Then before you perform the next prayer, you will make up the list prayer. If there's enough time for that great like, if a person

00:50:42--> 00:50:48

wakes up five minutes before sunrise, then they will display their budget. Not with it only.

00:50:49--> 00:50:53

If you have that time you had made that intention, so you make better.

00:50:54--> 00:51:08

Okay, inshallah, we'll end over here and inshallah we'll begin our next chapter. Next class, it's about again keekaboo. Again, the call to prayer. There's a lot of virtue attached to that a lot of importance and a lot of benefits also, you'll be amazed

00:51:09--> 00:51:15

subhanak Allah who will be handling the shadow Allah either in the antenna stuff will come in or to relate Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh