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AI: Summary © The speaker describes how the arrival of the extremist community in the early 20th century led to the deaths of Muslims and the depiction of Islam by other speakers. The speaker describes how the attack on the Westerners caused them to become the spokesman and become the president, leading to extreme behavior and accusations of bribery. The speaker mentions a book that represents their statement of faith and the issues they faced, including contention of faith and the depiction of Islam by media.
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So how are they come Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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writings in the early 21st century. Prior to leaving the UAE and moving to Qatar,

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I was

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under attack from extremist selfies led by Abu Khadijah in the UK, in Birmingham, Abu Khadija who I'd known from early 90s,

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who I knew had not studied anywhere.

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His Quranic recitation was weak in shambles, his knowledge of Arabic was

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less than zero. But

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due to his

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being around the sheiks when they came to the UK, etc, their familiar face, he became trusted by them, and he became the spokesman.

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And people started to look up to him as he took the stage and

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led the attack on all those who had preceded him in the Dawa

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inviting people to

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pure Islam

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Salah via

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whether a name or in concept, and now he became the whip. So he, after smashing, or damaging, attacking, etc, a number of other speakers, he came around to me, and he started attacking me for sitting with WPS and quanties and Giamatti, Islam is and because I had no belief

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in isolation.

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If I differed with people on certain issues, I could still sit with them. They're still Muslims, they're still concerned about Islam, etc. So I didn't allow differences, to now isolate myself,

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you know, from the rest of Muslims. So this is what the extremist view held. If the person is of the people of Buddha, they have been dying, they're different aspects of their belief or in their practice or whatever, you should have nothing to do with them.

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If they come walking down the street, you should walk on the other side of this.

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You don't give Salaams to them.

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So, very extreme element, sadly enough it destroyed and decimated the ranks of those who were trying to propagate

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correct Islam free from the cultural baggage which had

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corrupted it to a large degree amongst in the practice of Muslims from all over the world. So under the attack of being not a true Salafi and so on. So

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identify the book

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by Jamal Messiah Eman,

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general issues of faith,

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which had been put together by some of the leading students of from Jordan, leading students have shared Nasr dinner with Bernie in which they had identified the big issues

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where people have deviated in large numbers, especially in modern times and provided the correct response to those issues with the evidences etc.

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So basically, I agreed with everything that was in the book.

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So I said, people were questioning my Qaeda etc. You want to know what it is? Here is the book. I translated it. I put my commentary on it and

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you want to attack you can attack that work

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where everything has been laid out. This book

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was printed in Daraa Fattah press

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before I left,

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among the last things which were printed there and reprinted

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and distributed.

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So, it represents my statement of faith how I

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believe regarding these major issues, you know, revolt against rulers, etc, etc

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which was on the rise at that time. So hamdulillah it has been distributed in Africa and Asia and elsewhere and it represents till today, my Arcada in these specific issues, modern issues of contention regarding the faith of Islam

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barkcloth eco, sir Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato