Jannah Gems #40 – The Prophet and Emotional Intelligence

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses how Subhanallah's teachings about emotional intelligence have been greatly impacted by his teachings about the importance of human intelligence. He explains that Subhanallah's teachings about intelligence have been greatly impacted by his own experiences with his own personal experiences. He also shares that Subhanallah's teachings about emotions have been greatly impacted by his own experiences.

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I've been teaching about emotional intelligence for several years now going on five years. And just I think it was this year or last year. My teacher, Sheikh Hamza, he actually is the one who told me that the prophesy said, I'm actually already in a hadith relayed the value of emotional intelligence that it is the higher form of intelligence. And I was shocked because, you know, here I had read, you know, the prior to emotional intelligence, we were looking at IQ, and now this is considered the higher form of intelligence. And so this was more a modern idea. But he said, No, no, the problem is I'm actually has a hadith where he tells us that emotional intelligence is the height of

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intelligence. So I just was floored and then I found the hadith of course, he told me where, and so this is the heavy headache, right? And I also agree that the remaini biLlahi, do either NES Subhan Allah, think about this, right? The basis of reasoning, what is reasoning, its intelligence. So the basis of reasoning after right faith in Allah, so that's like, when you have knowledge of Allah, that's the height of intelligence, right? Human intelligence, we accept that. Right? So after that, it's loving kindness towards people. It's being able to what? Emotionally right, there's an emotional intelligence there, towards people. And of course, you know, it's obviously applies to

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oneself too. But I thought this, this was just so profound. And of course, you know, we don't we're not shocked. We should never be shocked when, when the brothers I said and reveals truths to us, but it was just so much more of a proof that Subhanallah indeed, there's nobody in human history that was more emotionally intelligent than the world as I said him, and his life is a perfect example of that. But even his words, teach us that emotional intelligence is actually the the higher form of intelligence. So Subhanallah just something that I was really amazed by it. I wanted to share