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AI: Summary © The importance of good manners in Islam is emphasized, including the need for luck and good deeds in public. The use of good manners in actions and relationships is also discussed, along with the need for settling accounts and bad manners in deeds. The importance of good manners is emphasized, and the use of good deeds and good luck in protecting one's health and life is emphasized. The need for effort in improving one's luck is emphasized, and the importance of avoiding offenses is emphasized. The book "medEC" suggests forgiveness as a way to improve one's luck.
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Baldy Dini

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alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah, He, I mean, he was so happy I am about.

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I want to start off by telling you a story that is related to a bad characteristic about holo, which is lying and deception. And this is something that happened to Jehovah. Jehovah is a character in Arabian character, and he used to always have funny and interesting things happen. So one time Joe has neighbor came to him, and he wanted to borrow his donkey, you want to borrow his donkey? So I told him, actually, the donkey is not here right now.

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So right after he said that the donkey started to bring inside the house.

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So his neighbors said, but I hear the donkeys inside. He said, so Pamela, what are you going to believe me or the donkey?

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So, as I brother explained,

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the topic of our lecture, good luck, good manners. And you know, good manners, good luck. This is something that is needed by everyone. It is needed by the scholar to be successful. It is required by the husband, the brother, the wife, the teacher, the businessmen and the Daya. Everybody needs good manners, and good behavior to succeed. How can anyone or anything succeed without good manners, even when you go to any business, customer service depends and relies on good manners.

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So for that reason, the scholar said in Dean akula, who who will hold all of the religion is hollow, is good manners.

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And good Philip, are so effective, that some extreme deviant groups that are not even within Islam, they use good luck to spread to spread their ideas and their ideology. There is one group in one of the Muslim lands, but they actually went beyond the pale of Islam. And they believe strange things like cows are brothers and things like that.

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And but they spread, you know how they spread, excellent manners. They are so polite, they're the first to help you with whatever it is a heavy bag or a box. And they're very polite, they never argued, always smiling. And so people like them. So they even start to overlook the serious things that they're saying, because they're so well mannered. And you've all seen someone who's afraid is excellent, and he knows a hadith and ayat, but they have bad manners and nobody wants to deal with that person.

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There's a story I always tell people, I call it the Imam and the drunk. And unfortunately, it's a true story. Mustard used I used to attend. There is an Imam that has bad manners, but he has a lot of em. He knows what the mufa Syrian say. He knows the Hadith. He knows the IR. He knows his stuff very, very well. But he's just very bad mannered, and there's a drunk in the same Masjid. He doesn't pray. But he has very good manners, but he's just drunk. So he always comes to the masjid drunk or half drunk. He sits in the parking lot the Muslim men come and he starts to chitchat with them and you know, talk and go back and forth. And it's so strange that in that mystery, when they talk about

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the Imam, the person who memorize with them with a city and say in a hadith memorize the Quran, half of the Quran, when they speak about him, they have only the worst possible things to say about that man. And then when they speak about the drunk, the sweetest things about the drunk. Isn't that sad, someone who learned so much of the religion, but when people speak about him when the believers mentioned him always in the negative, and the drunk, always in the positive, it shows us the power of good luck, the power of good manners.

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And the sad thing is that most people think that luck is something that's optional, or it's something that you do. Once you're done with worship, if you finish worship, and you have time, and I'm good with my Salawat and my husband, my, my czaka and my fasting and everything else. And if I have time now maybe I can work on my manners a little bit, work on my HELOC

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or they focus on worship and they leave a HELOC. One chef was telling me that he was attacked

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He said there was a guy, full big beard and had a small must have in his hand and he's reciting Quran in hajj, you have to make use of your time, right? He said right in front of him, there was this old lady trying to put a huge heavy bag on top of the bus. And she struggling trying to put that huge bag on top of the bus. And this man is in touch. And he's doing a Baba is reciting the Quran and he's ignoring her.

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You know what the problem with this guy is? He does not understand his religion properly. Is this how it is? The old lady old lady trying to put a big bag on top of a bus. But no, this is hard. And I'm making use of my time I'm gonna sign off on here he is.

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And you know what makes HUDs difficult while we're on the topic of HUD, what makes HUDs really difficult. bad manners. Really. I mean, imagine everybody's sweet and hedgehogs would be great. And it was so nice. I want to go again. But you go and you just like 100 line back it was great and everything but hummed along back.

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All I have met people who come back, distraught after Hajj, like they don't know where it's going after this. So you a friend of ours, smaller short guy, I'm calling him short. So that means you know he's really

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he says, I'm in the middle of toe off this big woman, big African woman just looks at me and starts coming at me and there is no there isn't any. It's not a crowd Now, open space open. I'm telling I'm not exaggerating. openspace he said she looked at me. She just started coming to me and she pushed me

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in an open space.

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He said what what's wrong with you? Why are you pushing me? There's a lot of things. She said you push me yesterday.

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He said Well, it wasn't me. He said it came nowhere near that woman, but she thought it was him.

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So I want to stress the importance of our topic today.

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Let's look at certain verses and certain Heidi that shows how important of luck are in Islam.

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First of all, let's start with the Hadith that is mentioned in the description of the lecture that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in NEMA brief to U turn Mima mcherry Mela hillock. Now in this hadith the Prophet Islam says verily I was sent to perfect the most noble of character or the most noble of good manners. Now you need to realize that we all know very well the process Elam was sent with other missions right? To establish the heat on Earth. So people can say, Hello, we know that. But in this Hadith, he made it as if his only mission was to come and improve a flap. Why? To stress to emphasize to us the importance of excellent luck in Islam. Likewise, Allah Subhana Allah in the

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Quran tells us why and he's still in Brazil and why he was sent.

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And Allah says, Allah Azza Naka, ihlara, maternal al amin, and we have not sent you except as a mercy to the universe or to mankind. Now. So in this verse, we sent you as a mercy now what does it have to do with luck? Because we can all think, okay, mercy, obviously, the process guides us to what will take us to eternal paradise, he will warn us of what takes to the Hellfire will air the villa. So it's clear how his sending is a mercy.

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But if we pay attention, we see that you cannot have mercy on earth ever without good luck. So if I were to tell you there's a hypothetical Village and in this village, everybody hates everyone else. There's a lot of envy. A lot of backbiting. People spread tales, rumors, a lot of cursing, a lot of cussing. Everybody holed up is there. Can you describe this village as a merciful place and merciful village? You can't? That means in order for there to be mercy amongst human beings in this dunya there has to be good luck. So when Allah azza wa jal says a woman of sanaka ilaha illa Allah mean, we have not sent you except as a mercy to the universe. That means there is also an indication

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there's an indication and mention of good luck in that as well.

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Another thing that shows us because we said most people would like to just focus on acts of worship, and if they have time for extra credit, they'll do some they'll improve their luck. But it's interesting to note that even the acts of worship were sent and were made designed to impact your HELOC. Even acts of worship are to impact your flock in a positive way. For example, with Salah a large region says no Quran in the Salatin ha and in fact, it will not come rarely the Salah it prevents the sins and the wicked deeds the reprehensible acts. So let's stop that reprehensible acts includes bad luck, Salah the act of worship and the effect it's supposed to have on your manners

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when it comes to how

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A lot of students in the Quran Allah ratha, WA Sukkot Elijah Allah. So Allah as we did now mentions the act of worship, which is Hajj, the impact on a flock, no vain talk no argumentation and Hajj. So we see the act of worship, we see the impact it's supposed to have on your lap with fasting, we all know very well, if you're fasting and someone curses you or tries to fight with you. Your answer is in Islam, even in Islam. So we see again, the act of worship, and the impact that is supposed to have on Allah so far be it for the believer to think that I can focus on the acts of worship, and I can neglect my good manners. No. And unfortunately, today, there are many problems with a club and

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that makes the topic even more so more important.

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So, Allah azza wa jal tells the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Quran, we're in a color and a hollow pin of him and verily are upon great are excellent,

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excellent manners. And some of the scholars like even Ibis, the scholar and the companion, and Mujahid the famous professor of the Quran. They say we're in Nicola Allah, Who can have him the year upon an excellent holiday, it means it means we're in nikka Lana Dean in a vein that you're upon a great Dean a great religion. So all of the dean in this ayah was called Hola. So it's the commands and prohibitions that you're upon, that you're, you're upon are the hook that Allah commanded in the Quran, meaning I need the manners, the discipline, the way the path, all the things Allah described in the Quran, this is what you're upon. And that's why, when Solomon and his Sham asked, I saw the

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logo and the wife of the Prophet said to him, he asked her how was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam she answered, she said, Cana Hola, hola, or his whole talk was the Quran, meaning he was the embodiment of the Quran, every good thing and every positive thing I commanded in the Quran. You could see it in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, her answer was so good and so concise and so accurate. That sadhana Hashem said, I thought to just get up and not ask anything else, there was no more detail that I needed to ask kind of hold on, is how long was that of the Quran?

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You know, there is I'm not gonna say the country but I visited this one small country where there is a Muslim minority population. The only it was very sad. The only thing that the non Muslims knew about Islam was halal meat.

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That's the only thing they knew about Islam. You know why? Because the only thing the Muslim stressed the only thing that Muslim stressed in that country was Halloween. I was on the airplane going to that country. It's a very small country. I want to give too many clues. And the stewardess she was a non Muslim. She's like it's Helen.

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As a thank you.

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That's all the people knew about. about Islam, halal meat. Why? Because that's all the population stressed. I wish they stressed out hate. I wish they stress something else. With all the stress was allowed me to imagine the stress though, hey, guess what all the non Muslims would know about Islam. So he

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I want you I'm going to read to you a part of the Hadith where heraclea Heraclitus, he asked Abu sufian about Islam, and I want you to pay attention to the answer of Abu sufian.

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What was his answer about the teachings of Islam I want you to notice was is there any mention of a flap and his answer so Huracan Heraclitus, he asked Abu sufian about the prophet and seldom What does he order you to do? So Abu Sufyan said, he tells us to worship Allah and Allah alone, and not to worship anything along with him, and to renounce all that our ancestors had said, he urges us to pray, and to speak the truth, to be chased, or to be charged and keep good relations with our kith and kin. You see a follow up here.

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To speak the truth be truthful, is that good or not? Lying is very bad, isn't it? And to keep good relations with our kith and kin. So the when a non Muslim was asked about Islam, he would mention things related to Good luck, which means when he was presented with Islam, they told him about good luck. If now we walk around the streets of Calgary and we asked non Muslims, do you know anything about Islam? And they start to tell us about this even the most well read person about Islam will probably mentioned what the five pillars might tell you. The five pillars might tell you about tawheed he knows a little about Ramadan and things like that. But do you really think if we walk

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around the streets of Calgary or any other city, and we ask people what do you know about Islam? Well, Islam commands people to have good manners. It focuses a lot on good and they don't know that a lot of Muslims don't know that.

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Because we didn't put that emphasis on good manners. So we're going to look at some Hadith that really, really bring this point home and show us the importance of having good

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flock, a really powerful Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with his companions so he asked him a question. He said at a Drona manual mu Phyllis, do you know who is the one who is bankrupt? Who is the one who is bankrupt? So they answered the auto sutala roughly Safina Muladhara Hamada, who was Allah Mata. They said the one who is bankrupt amongst us is the one that has neither Durham's me which is currency, nor possession. That's the one who is bankrupt, he's got no money, and he doesn't own anything either. That's the one who is bankrupt. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam explained to them, that the muffler is the one who is bankrupt. He is the

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one who comes forth on the Day of Judgment with a lot of good deeds, a lot of good deeds, a mountain of good deeds, but he also came forth with bad manners, the President said that he has insulted this person and took the wealth of that person and hit that person and perhaps killed that person. So now what happens?

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Because now they have to, you have to take that from he oppressed them, he did bad things to them. So what will happen? This person will take from his good deeds, and then that person will take from his good deeds and then when he has no more good deeds, when he has no more goodies, what happens?

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There's still a line of people that he offended, he starts to take from their bad deeds, until in the end, the prophet SAW Selim describes he will be thrown into the hellfire. So can you imagine the man had a mountain of good deeds? So let's think what could he have possibly have done to get this mountain of good deeds. So no doubt, he must have prayed five times a day, maybe he woke up before fed and prayed an extra hour or half an hour, maybe he gave a lot in South Africa. Maybe he went to ombre a number of times he went out to Hajj he did so many good deeds. He removed maybe obstacles from the road. But he had bad manners. So after all these good deeds, his good deeds didn't avail

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him, because they came forth with bad manners as well. So so many people know they focus so much on Salah on doing good deeds, and doing all kinds of acts of worship, and they neglect how they treat their fellow human beings. They neglect how they treat their brothers and their sisters in Islam, thinking this is the way to go and focus on the acts of worship. This man had a mountain of good deeds in India and he had nothing and then he had a mountain of bad deeds because of his bad luck. And then whenever below he was thrown into the hellfire.

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For that reason, one of the early Muslims, Rahim Allah, He used to say that good deeds do not compensate for bad manners. While good manners may compensate for bad deeds.

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One more time, he said good deeds do not compensate for bad manners. They did not, don't make up for your bad manners, just like we saw in the hudy. The man had good deeds, but he also had bad manners. So his good deeds didn't help him. But he says that good man is they might make up for your bad deeds. Because we know from the Hadith of the prophets, Allah, that the heaviest thing on your scale on the Day of Judgment is what the heaviest thing on your scale, because your deeds are actually going to be weighed, physically going to be weighed, put on the balance. And the problem tells us the heaviest thing the most dense object to be put on the scale of your good deeds is your good

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manners heavier than hudge heavier than Hajj heavier than jihad, heavier than Jihad heavier than fasting heavier than that, the densest thing your good deeds. So that's how he says the good deeds could make up your good manners could make up for your bad deeds. So this man had a mountain of good deeds, acts of worship, he was doing his whole life and he lost all of them because of bad manners. So we begin to see how important this topic is. It can't be that all we're focused on worship, and neglect bad manners.

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Now another thing if we pay attention, where does this happen? The sphere the settling of accounts amongst the believers. Where does this happen? It happens in front of the gates of Paradise, in front of the gates of Paradise brothers and sisters, that means he was that close to entering general. Then he lost all of his good deeds, then he gained more bad deeds than he was thrown into the hall far from being in front of the gates of general church contemplate how many stages he succeeded and made it past state the certain stages to get in front of the gates of gender. There's so many things that the person of good deeds will find much easier than the one who doesn't have

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good deeds. For example, death itself, just itself is difficult, but to the people of good deeds, the righteous people, it's an easier experience. So he made it past the difficulty of death when he was put into his grave and there are the questions of the grave that only the righteous people can answer. And he answered those questions. He made it past that point. There is a torment and the punishment in the grave. He made it past the punishment in the grave. Then there is the resurrection when people stand for 50,000 years with

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Son a mile away from their heads, the sun a mile away from their heads, and they stand for 50,000 years. No talking whatsoever. No joking, no smiling, no side conversations people just standing for 50,000 years. But you know what, the people have good deeds, it doesn't seem that long to them. So maybe the day didn't seem so long to him either, because he had good deeds. He made it past that difficult stage, and it's a very difficult weight.

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And then there's a judgment on people are being called in front of a large zildjian one by one, and he made it past that. And then he went towards gender. And he has to cross the Sirat suspended over the Hellfire 500 years over the Hellfire, it suspended this bridge. And the problem described it that it's sharper than a sword thinner than a human hair. And it's as if Allah gave it a mind of its own. It's craftier than a fox. And you have to cross over this bridge thinner than a human hair. And he made it past the set up. He succeeded made it past the setup. And now he's standing in front of the gates of gentlemen, see how far he came in front of the gates of gentlemen who lost their boat

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to open. But before it, the believers enter agenda, they settle a lot of guilt settles the accounts between them, whoever hits someone is not going to go into agenda and then they're going to be giving each other looks in general, is none of that. So they have to settle the accounts there. So in front of the gates of Paradise, this happens and he loses all of his good deeds because of his bad the * up and he's thrown back into the hellfire.

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This Hadith really, really shows you the importance of good luck and good manners.

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Allah also refers to having good manners and good behavior with Allah azza wa jal as well. But Allah subhanaw taala, as you know, is merciful and forgiving, and you might do something, and that is a transgression against Allah azza wa jal, but a larger jail might forgive you. But if you transgress against human beings, it's a little bit more complicated than that. Because what if they don't forgive you? What if they come and take it from you on the day of judgment? If you really think of this, think of losing your good deeds on the Day of Judgment, you will forget all the petty issues that we get angry over and we fight over and dystonia. And you will not offend people, you're not

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talk bad about people, you will not curse or insult anyone. Because if that person doesn't forgive you, and they want to take it from you, on the day of judgment, you have a problem. A large region will forgive you, but these people have to forgive you for the things you did against them. This is very, very serious brothers and sisters. It's extremely serious. It's not worth it. Make sure you get if you offended anyone, you make sure you get their forgiveness in this life, before they take it from you in front of the gates of paradise. Make sure you do it in this life. It's very, very serious. It's not worth fighting with anyone over anything. And that's why the early Muslims when

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someone insulted them it didn't bother them too much. The great scholar Sophia nofilter I'ma holla

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someone came to him and said these people certain people have said some bad things about you. So he sent them a bowl of dates with a message saying I heard that you have assigned to me that you have given me some of your good deeds. I couldn't find anything with which to thank you except this bowl of data so please accept it from me.

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Try that next time someone says something bad about you send them candy or or basket of fruit and I heard that you gave me some of your good deeds. This is just a thank you

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do you think next day they'll meet you Thank you for the basket for embarrassing

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you know one time the great scholar

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Mubarak Abdullah robotic Rahim Allah He came to Savannah theory. He said, Well, I have never heard of hanifa talking about about anybody talking bad about anyone. So Savannah thought it was him and now he says Abu hanifa is more intelligent. Are you solid? Allah has Ana de Maya Baba. He said Abu hanifa is more wise than to let something take go away with all his good deeds. Why speak about anyone? Why?

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And since this is not a popularity contest, sisters don't talk about people.

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I'm serious. Don't back by don't and you might get angry with me. But I know you know, brothers know. Allah knows you talk a lot about people. Stop it. I'm serious. I know some of you are not smiling in

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our next conference. Don't bring this guy. But seriously, stop talking about people don't backbite it's not worth it. You know, we worry about eating halal meat and then you eat halal. The meat the meat of your dead sister. It's horrible. Like, it's horrible. Don't do it. It's not worth it. I know. There's a pleasure that comes out of talking about Did you see the way she looked at me when she wasn't yet. It's really fun. I know.

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But don't do it. It's really, really bad for you. It's really bad. And, and I know there's all kinds of excuses for backbiting. The famous one is I can say this in front of her face. And if you can see it in front of her face, it's not backbiting It's okay. Now you're not in front of her face. Don't do it. Stay away from it. Hold that tongue. And brothers as well. It's not like brothers don't back by 10. But sisters love it more. Seriously, they really, okay.

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So we want to look at some ad that show the importance of luck. And really, it's phenomenal. When you look at the ad that mentioned the excellence in the virtues of good manners. You would think this would be the same today talking about something else about jihad, about Korea, Malaysia or something else, but you hear such fantastic reward and always go back and it's for the people who do what, they have good manners. You think it's something simple, good manners, but it's so heavy it's so fantastic. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in one Hadith

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Mammon, che in a follow females and minuman Tamati min Hosni Whoa, look, there is nothing heavier on the scale of the believer on the Day of Judgment, then good manners, it's the heaviest thing that goes on your scale your good manners. So all of us were struggling to go to general we're trying to do all these things have good manners, it's the heaviest thing. It'll help that tip the balance. The problem is I'm also was asked by Abu hurayrah Allahu anhu. What are the two things that most lead people into the Hellfire are mostly people into paradise? He has paradise first. The promiseland responded taqwa Allah. Allah Allah, having taqwa of Allah, being God conscious and having good

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manners. These are the two things that most take people to Jenna, cola and having good manners. Then Abu huraira Golan who asked the prophets of the Lord said none of the two things that most take people into the Hellfire and the person responded to and from when Forge, the mouth and the sexual organs, the mouth, what comes out of the mouth, primarily bad manners, cursing, lying, backbiting all that bad manners. So the mouth you see good manners being one of the top two things that ticket a paradise bad manners, one of the top two things that take to the Hellfire when.

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When the film is telling us of the believers who are most complete in a man who would they be most complete in a man in them in many in a man? Who are they? A son of whom coloca the best of them and

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the best, the most complete a man are the ones in Best of luck. In the moment you do Riku because nikolova he goraya to slightly will climb. Verily the believer will attain with his good manners, the same level as that attained by fasting and establishing Salah. Can you imagine that? And how many people have you seen who fast and establish the salah and they have bad manners? If they just added good manners to that. The prophet SAW Selim promises a house in the highest part of Paradise in the Hadith abrazos Williams is another imune the Beijing veerabhadra agenda, demon tarakan. Mira, we're in cannot happen I guarantee a house in the lower part of paradise for the one who leaves

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arguing he leaves argumentation even if he's right. You see that? That's not easy people. Even if he's right, most of the time when you're right. You want the other person to have it. Right sisters?

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Now I was joking. So most of the time when you're right you want to you want to be right. It was said that a lot people would come to him and just argue with him and arguing he would just be quiet and they would get up happy. You see. I nailed him. He didn't answer. But he and he was right. But he didn't want to argue it's not good, either. But the problem guarantees for your house and lower part of Paradise if you don't argue. Then the LM said we're baiting fee was certain Jenna lemon tarakan. Kadeem

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We're in kanimozhi Han and house in the middle of paradise for the one who leaves lying. Even if he's joking. Don't lie.

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And you're lying. A lot of people do it. Yeah. But we wouldn't steal.

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And we wouldn't commit Zina. None of us goes into a Walmart and steal something we would never steal. We don't want to steal. We don't want to commit Zina, but we lie. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked, Does the moment steal? them said perhaps he might Yani. He said, they asked him does the movement commit Zina? He said he might. Then they asked him does the movement lie? process him said no. Isn't that strange? We don't go into Walmart and try to steal the fan or try to steal anything and walk out with it. Milk. You don't do that. It's beyond the and there's nothing that can convince you to rob Walmart correct.

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Or any other story on it.

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But I just was told that you have one of the busiest Walmart's in North America, right?

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Here in Calgary, the computer anyways, so what happened?

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It's the one who leaves lying a house in the middle of paradise. We're based in London and in a house in the highest part of paradise for whom? I think you know the answer. Lehman has Suna hollow, for the one who's a slap or have good luck, a house in the highest part of Jenna, for those who have good holla. So we start to see even more the importance of having good manners in Islam. Then the interesting thing is, if you notice all the things mentioned in the Hadith, the lower part, the middle part, and the highest part, all of them deal with good luck. Did you notice that arguing it's not good luck to argue, and lying is not good, either. So all the things actually have to do with

00:30:46 --> 00:30:50

the law, again, to stress the importance of good manners.

00:30:53 --> 00:31:27

In Haditha porcelain, we'll talk about the most beloved people to him, and the closest to him on the Day of Judgment. You wonder what do I have to do to be close to Brazil on the day of judgment? And I guarantee everyone in this room would rather be closer to the Brazilian on the day of judgment and again the answer you guessed it, those who have good manners, and I know you would think it's all the other things but it's good manners again, and of course it's not just good manners by itself any with the Salah with everything but not the Salah without the good of love without the good manners. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam even used good manners as one of the things that we look for when we

00:31:27 --> 00:31:35

want to give our daughters in marriage to someone the president said either jochum mentor Donna Dina who

00:31:37 --> 00:32:03

for the widow Oh, Frankie whoa for a while. If someone comes to you and you're pleased with his religion and his a flop, then give your daughter to him in marriage. But in another narration, either just a comment O'Donoghue, Donahoe, what do you know? So would you in another generation if someone comes to you and you're pleased with his flock here the President mentioned a flat first and then his Dean then what to him as well? Nothing about PhD surgery.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:05

And Dean

00:32:07 --> 00:32:51

The president also said in a hadith hi eurocom hyrulean the best of you are the best of you to their family, Holly, Yanni the wife, why, why is why the wife and the best of you is the best of you to his to the wife, why not to the most the people in the message the muscle in the believers, for example, why the wife, the scholars say because if you are good to the wife and you have good manners with your wife, chances are you have good good manners everywhere else. True or false. True sisters are only answering now. Because you've all seen that brother in the mustard he's just about to faint from the man in his heart handler or colorific rather than circle of it is about the faint

00:32:51 --> 00:33:10

at home. Well, I have seen this f4 to his wife, throwing her I know of a brother. All he spoke about was that when Dean and all this stuff, but his wife to teach her lessons he would throw her with his own child in a homeless shelter with the drunks and the drug addicts to teach her lesson.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:48

hydrocodone hydrocodone, the best of you to his family, people are so bad with their family. Now, I know one guy every time you see me talks to you about gurus. You know, Sheikh Hassan has a verse in this Masjid on Wednesday, and there's another Tuesday in this place. And all he talks about, but he used to beat his wife so badly that he had to take her to the emergency room after Yeah, not once or twice, constantly. He'd beat us so bad and any, any knee to the stomach who hits a woman like that? Yeah, knee to the stomach, you know, double axe handle on the back. He would beat her and then take it to the emergency room. She can speak English. He tells her she rolled down the stairs.

00:33:50 --> 00:33:53

He had to switch hospitals because you can't keep rolling everyday down the stairs.

00:33:55 --> 00:34:04

But he thought this is good Dean has a class here. I attended the class over here. But then he beats his wife. What is this young people are so bad with their wives now.

00:34:06 --> 00:34:16

As a joke now, a woman you know she wanted to hear some sweet words from her husband. He said something to shake me to the core. He said the earthquake.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:29

They said another one was in front of the dressing room. You know, putting her stuff on? She said I wish I were a bird said I wish I was a shotgun.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:35

All right, I want to start wrapping up.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

It's interesting that when someone approaches you with bad manners, you immediately start to have their bad manners as well. And you'll see how the nice day you know you woke up and you prayed to God before fudger which was great. Then you create a budget on time. And then you finish all the car for federal and then you made fantastic breakfast and you had your tea or your coffee and everything was great. And then you go and wherever it is.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

To work, what have you, and then you meet someone who had a very bad day. And he gets in your face, he yells at you and says some rude things to you what usually happens? You start to respond in the same way. Don't do that. You were having a great day. And if he had a bad day, I have to have a bad day. Now. That's your problem. You didn't wake up if you didn't have, you know, sunny side up eggs like I did. Why should I have a bad day because you're having a bad day. So someone comes in yells at you. This is known as a psychologist called the concept of reciprocity. We always talk about it. It's where you reciprocate. If someone yells at you, you yell, if someone whispers what happens? You

00:35:37 --> 00:36:08

whisper, right. Sometimes if someone comes to your house and someone's asleep, you don't want to tell them, please be quiet. All you have to do is whisper, you find them whispering also, it's normal. So someone yells, you yell back, someone, you just smile, keep having your good day, don't ruin your good day is a great thing. Don't ruin it. So most of the time, and even better, hello, they're contagious. You're having a great day, you're smiling, you meet someone with butterflies. And then you start to yell at him. And then you go to the office angry. And then you start telling people I met this guy who's so Toby just ruined your morning leave him. He's had a bad morning,

00:36:08 --> 00:36:10

Carlos. So,

00:36:11 --> 00:36:43

so good, hold on. It's not just something that we have temporarily just it's a constant thing. And you try to keep it the whole time. Don't let people and the robots they're bad the fluff on you. The process that I'm also directed us to focus on the good and not focus on the bad. And even when a man has issues with his wife and he starts to dislike things of her. The Prophet Selim said laochra home minion mean attorney and the believing man should not hate the believing woman, obviously his wife here in Korea, I mean, her whole open rhodium in Ha ha ha. If he hates a certain

00:36:44 --> 00:36:56

mannerism from her, he focused on the other one that he's pleased with. Unfortunately, so many times people will focus on the negative till the, to the point where they start to hate the other individual

00:36:57 --> 00:36:57


00:36:59 --> 00:37:42

so I hope that now we've come to realize the importance of having excellent and great luck in Islam. I'd like to mention this even though it's a weak narration, but it's just interesting. I'm mentioning it as something interesting. They had the idea of looking in the mirror even though it's a weak Hadith, but it's just interesting that at the time when you are most appreciating yourself externally, it has nothing to do with Allah that reminds you of yourself internally, Aloma sin hollow key command center, helping another generation Aloma sin Holika, Santa Paula, improve any, any perfect or improve or complete my clock as you have completed my external appearance. It's

00:37:42 --> 00:37:55

interesting, even though like I said, it's a weak ad. But it's interesting that even at a time when you would be focusing on yourself externally, you focus on what is internal audit, or that brings you back to focus on a flop it's always always about a flop.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:00

And I always joke for some people that the art of looking in the mirror is in 90 low and they they have a job.

00:38:05 --> 00:38:12

have three minutes to go. I want to ask real quickly is a lot of good luck something that is

00:38:13 --> 00:38:30

Makita sub or Jubilee and is it something that that you can attain? Or is it something that you're just born with? And of course the answer it's something that you can attain you can attain Good luck because if you're just born with your clock, and some people would be doomed right and Allah would never punish you for something he He created you a certain way. So

00:38:31 --> 00:38:36

we have many evidences to that part of it is that the problem would say Aloma

00:38:38 --> 00:38:42

La, La La, La Land or LA guide me to the best of

00:38:43 --> 00:39:25

none can go to it except you. So that means it's something that I can be guided to it I can improve my luck. Likewise the prophets of Salaam said in it or in number Elmo bittern will help with the Hello, verily, knowledge is by it's through the attaining knowledge is through seeking it right to along constantly learning and clemency and being like learning to be calm and contain your temper and your anger is to help them through practicing being Clement clemency. And so by practicing it, so that means you can attain good color. But all you have to do is we have to just put effort into it. And part of that effort that we're putting effort into improving our love is linked to

00:39:26 --> 00:39:46

being realistic with ourselves and, and holding ourselves to account every night you can do that and be realistic with yourself. It is an it's a true story. One time one of them was saying that a man came to him and he said give me a doula to help me become patient because I don't want to wait for it.

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

He wants to do it quickly make him patient because I don't want to wait for being patient. You know, what I'm trying to say with that story is that you have to put effort, you know

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

It's not magic. Everybody wants to offer something, you know, what's the offer, finding your car keys? What's the offer running out of gas? I always say that there was a

00:40:10 --> 00:40:36

there was this book, ridiculous book written by Muslims. It's just ridiculous. They had in it for anything. I need this. And I was flipping through the book kind of like this. This is if you say it, you never run out of breath. It was that ridiculous. I look at the next one. This is the if you say it, you know, you will never run out of money, this die. He said, Everybody will love you. I just keep going through the pages. Then there was like this too, if you said your wife will obey you.

00:40:47 --> 00:41:05

Remember, the law used to say I'd rather sit with a well mannered Kaffir than a bad mannered Muslim who wants to be with a bad mannered person. But you know, people make excuses for their bad manners. Now, they'll say things like it's who I am, or this is my personality, everybody can improve. And

00:41:07 --> 00:41:41

in the end, I apologize if I offended any of the sisters. But please make an effort on that issue that we discussed. And I hope we were all able to realize the importance of good luck and from now on will not just be focusing on acts of worship, and totally neglecting our flop be good to one another. If there's anyone who have offended you make sure this weekend you get them to forgive you. you apologize because these things are not worth it's not worth standing in front of a large deal with another person over a petty issue. So without talking Lochhead very attentive listening so l'amour Baraka Mohammed

00:41:42 --> 00:41:44

was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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