Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #13 – Pride in One’s Islamic Identity

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Of the characteristics of the believer is that the believer takes pride in the faith of Islam and his identity stemming from that faith. Note that this ‘pride’ is not at all the type of pride that is forbidden, because that pride is based on the false assumption that somehow you are better than other person because of something you have done. This type of pride is not arrogance, but rather an overwhelming sense of gratitude that Allah has blessed one with imān, and the dignity and love that comes from recognizing and living with imān. The Prophet (SAW) said, “It is not befitting that the believer humiliates himself…” [Abu Dawud]. The believer carries himself with a sense of purpose and dignity, and is never embarrassed or ashamed of his identity.

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today's hollowcore characteristic is one that I was debating should I speak about or not because it has a bit of a difficulty to explain and also to understand. So Bismillah I said, it has to be discussed, because it is one of the characteristics. It is a very sensitive one, and it needs to be explained. So I ask Allah to make it easy for me to explain, and it needs to be understood. So I ask you to pay attention. This characteristic is that the believer takes pride in his faith. The believer is proud of his faith. Now, why is this controversial? Well, the number one hook I began my lecture series on was humility. And today, halfway through the month, I'm talking about pride. Is

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there a conflict? Not at all, because when I say that the believer has reserved for his faith, this is not a sense of ego and pride, that I am better than everybody else because of who I am. No, it is a sense of responsibility, a sense of heritage that Allah has gifted me with something that is more precious than anything anybody else as unless he has the same faith, that recognition that appreciation will allow the believer to feel a sense of responsibility and a sense of dignity that unhemmed Allah I have this faith, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in the Quran, mankind or you do is whoever wants to have honor and is where will they find it? Mankind or you do the resulta for

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internet in the desert Allah He Jamia all there is belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And who did Allah give it to? Who did Allah azza wa jal give it to? Allah says in the Quran, in the desert, Allah He was the Rasulullah he was meaning reserved belongs to Allah and to the messenger and to the believers. This is not the same as pride, we have to have residual Islam, we have to have a sense of dignity, that I am a Muslim, Allah guided me to this faith, I have the responsibility of conveying that faith, I have to exemplify embody the faith, there is the sense of dignity and pride not in who I am, but in what I represent, not in me, but in what Allah has gifted me with. So when we say we

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should not be proud, that is correct. And when we say we should be proud of Islam, that is also correct, because we're not being proud in myself or yourself. The pride or the source of reserve comes from Islam. And the believer carries himself with that sense of ism. And the believer always has that recognition, that responsibility that Alhamdulillah Hilda Dr. Donnelly had all praises due to Allah who guided me to this and I would not be guided had it not been for this guidance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, My humble healing movement, it is not befitting for the movement, and yet the left so that he humiliate himself, look at how he phrased this, it is not

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befitting my ambery it's not befitting. It's not dignified, that the believer humiliate himself meaning for the sake of his Iman. So anytime a person makes fun of our faith, any time people are laughing about our faith, the believer should not become embarrassed and shy. The believer takes pride in identifying with this faith of Islam, the believer is not embarrassed. He's hiding behind so many of us especially after the horrific events of 911. You know, because of political pressure, we felt our pressure to change our faith to change our names to hide our identity, no doubt when lives are threatened. No doubt the Sharia allows us to lower the bar, no doubt about that. But when

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somebody is making fun of you, just because you don't want to be embarrassed, then there is no bar to be lowered. You have to have the bravery, the courage and there is that comes in belief in Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The entire Sierra of the Prophet says that, um, the entire lives of the Sahaba it exemplifies this is how many times was our Prophet system directly attacked, he was mocked, he was humiliated, things were thrown on him and said, Never once did he act in a manner that is unbefitting undignified his reason is what remains to this day. And what the people did to him is lost. The same goes for the Sahaba they were persecuted so much so to death sometimes, and they did not give up there is their dignity that was there, that dignity that comes from Islam, that is the characteristic of the believer, the believer takes pride not in himself, but in the heritage and the legacy that Allah

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Subhana Allah blessed him with. Now, one of the reasons why this top they become sensitive, is it because it conflicts with other sources of pride. So in our day in culture, people take pride in their nation state, whatever their nationality is. And since the days of Jai Helia, and pre Islam, people take pride and still used to take pride and still take pride in their ethnicity in their racial heritage. Right now, this is an awkward topic, because now we have a clash of identities. But I have said and it is consistent throughout our ultimate identity is Islam. Who Osama common Muslim in Allah called us Muslims. This is our ultimate source of identity, who are just Tabacum he chose

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you to be Muslim. Everything else is not only secondary, it doesn't compete with the ultimate identity of Islam. What is a race? A race is a group of people that have a similar heritage races come and go. If anybody thinks their race is better than other races, this is a racist. Now, can you not take pride in your heritage? Well, yes, but with many conditions of those conditions, you understand that this is a blessing Allah gave my my grandparents my great ancestors are from Lucknow, I'm a desi heritage, I speak three languages Hamdulillah. I like to spicy food. Thank Allah for that. Okay, no problem. I take pride in this. But the minute I say to my staff, that your food

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is not worth anything, my food is always better, even though it is better for me. But for you, your food is better. I understand no problem. The minute I think and I'm being serious here that I am actually better than another culture, another skin color, another language, I will Billa This is the essence of racism. So I can take pride in my heritage, as long as I understand. Everybody also has the right to be proud of their heritage. Correct? No problem. I can take pride in my nation states. Yes, I am happy. Allah blessed me to be born in this land that has a lot of benefits and perks. But I also understand nation states rise and fall and come and go and nation states are not gods and

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nation states as policies do good. And they also do evil. So I can take pride in this. The problem comes each one of these wants you to be the sole exclusive member of its group. So your primary identity should be to erase some people say your primary identity should be your nation state. Some people say and this is where we say no. And we say this loudly and unabashedly. My only ultimate unconditional identity is not of Islam. That is my unconditional identity, everything else it must be in accordance with my primary identity. If there's any clash, then precedents will be given without a doubt to my God, there is no question if there's a clash between loyalties, there is no

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clash for me as a Muslim ultimate submission is to one in one alone. So I am first and foremost a Muslim, everything else comes after that. And that's all Hallett and good, not a problem to have a racial identity, not a problem to have an ethnicity not a problem to have a nation state. But my source of reason and pride. What defines me, my defining characteristic is that of Islam, and this is the way the believer views the world, or whatever Qatar famously remarked, when they were walking into Byzantine lands, the keys of Jerusalem are going to be handed to him. You have to understand the situation and scenario, the Byzantium Empire, the Roman Empire is carved in half and the the

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best land that Jerusalem is going to be handed over to our motor club, and he's dressed in his shabby clothes because that's the way he dressed for his whole life. And somebody remarks to him, Oh, I made money and you know, if they see you, these are the Roman people what not, you know, why don't you do something to dress up or write a better animal or something? And Bob said, Woe to you. We were a people we had no visa, then Allah gave us is through Islam. Now knock on one as an Allah who will Islam and if we think that is going to come from any other source, then we shall be humiliated.

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This is not my resume I am who I am now again to be very accurate here are multiple hardtop did not dress down for the occasion. That's who he was. Right in our culture and time before dressing our way we meet the dignitary, that's not a problem, we should not dress it happened as though for Allah. But he said, I'm not, I don't need to change myself, this is who I am for the last 40 years, I'm not going to change because I'm using the government of the Byzantine Empire. So the point being understood, the primary identity is that of Islam. So, bottom line, what is all of this mean? Dear Muslims, understand that your ultimate label is that of Muslim. That is your ultimate label

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everything else, it comes under this term. Hence your source of dignity. And your source of reason will be this Islam. Hence, when somebody marks or makes fun of it, far from hiding away, own up to it. Don't be embarrassed about your Islam, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Don't be embarrassed when somebody wants to make you feel bad about your faith. You need to learn how to defend your Faith, obviously with wisdom, obviously with the right methodology of preaching and teaching, but do not be embarrassed to be a Muslim visibly to pray in public when the need arises. Subhanallah brothers and sisters, we live in a great land of free land where the the government and

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the Constitution allows us the freedom in this land. If we're not going to pray in public, if we're going to be embarrassed to pray in public, then how about places like China where you're not even allowed to pray, places where they're being persecuted? We should be embarrassed at this fact. I want to give you a personal anecdote when I was much younger in my 20s Long time ago, you know, I travel a lot. I travel so many days of the year before COVID especially. And I'll be honest, when I was younger, I would be embarrassed. How am I going to pray in the public in the airport. What not one day when I was waiting in the airport, I saw this, you know, Lady start performing her yoga

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routine before boarding the plane. She was doing all of the yoga moves. And she said to the people, you know, I don't like sitting cramp. I want to just stretch my body before I go in. And right there where everybody is she's doing her yoga moves. This was I think 25 years ago, I said to myself that Hodor Codevilla she is not embarrassed to do her, her routine in public. Why can I and should I be embarrassed to do my worship in public since that day? Wallahi I've never felt an ounce of anything in public. If I have to pray Yes, I will be wise I will make sure I go to a corner no doubt you don't pray in the middle of the street obviously. And if need be posted, I live we understand you

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tell the officer officer I'm just going to be praying. If it needs to be if there's no you know, a safe place, for example, then no problem. You take precautions, but you're going to hide your Eman. You're going to change your name you're gonna make your identity such that it's not Muslim anymore. For what now again to be accurate, if your life is threatened, you know, no doubt people are different and if need be, Allah has given some you know, permissibility but even in those situations, by the way, if one were to choose the higher route that is definitely allowed to do but this is we're not talking about life threatening. We're talking about making fun of Allah says in

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the Quran, why then they timid a solid tocado who Zola Eva. When you call people to pray, they're laughing and joking and what you're doing this is in the Quran. From the beginning they would laugh and joke Allah says on the Day of Judgment fell yo Medina Amanu, middle co Faryab Hacohen. Today the tables are turned and the Muslims the Mormons will be laughing at those who used to laugh at them. Brothers, sisters, take pride in your faith. It is halal, not just how long it is wajib to be proud of Islam, not a view of Islam. It is obligatory to take your identity from Islam where your Islam on your sleeve as they say in English, be proud of your identity and exert that identity. Therefore

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wherever you are, whenever you are, make sure you interact with people as if you are the ambassador to this faith, because you are the ambassador to this faith act in a dignified manner act in a manner that exudes the confidence of being a Muslim that dignity that only comes from belief in Allah subhana wa Tada there is that Allah confers upon the believers if we are believers in Allah, then we have there is not because of me and you but because Allah subhanaw taala has given it to us and this is of the defining characteristics of Eman and inshallah will continue tomorrow was set on wanting to catch

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