Jannah Gems #37 – Schedule Your Life Around Allah

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Salam should not be an afterthought. We need to schedule things around the Salah, it shouldn't be like, I have to do this, this, this and that. And then I'll try find time to pray, you know, and this is part of the organization looking at your day, how can I make sure that I'm fulfilling the obligations that to Allah first and foremost, so that I am doing, you know, what I need to do and the things come, come after. And in our planning, you know, even goals for ourselves, yeah, we can, we can have recreational activities, we can have goals, you know, with our peers with, but we also have to have, you know, spiritual goals for herself to each person is different, and each person can

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connect to Allah and in different ways through whatever they were given.

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So not just planning, you know, you know, just the logistical things of our day, but also making sure that we have the spiritual time that we need, so we feel fulfilled,

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is important. And that includes, you know, making time for a long you know, doing doing vicar.

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Not waiting until something bad happens for us to do these things. If they're part of our routine. It acts as the protection, you know, it acts as a protection when things start to go wrong. When your relationship is strong with Allah and makes those things it makes them easier to thought comes to my mind as you're, as you're saying, what is the verse in the Quran was pantalla said that the solar to the Riyadh Pharaoh your law or Unto Allah thing whenever we are really overwhelmed, and this comes some people it's like daily if not more than once a day when you're overwhelmed. Remember this you know, we are on to the coffee, we are on to text message we are on to social media. You

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know, the social media is a numbing, I call it like like an injunction. I will remind everybody for federal law or run to Him, whether you're in an extra two salah or the obligatory salah, or if it's the time of the month, you can just sit down in your place and just talk to him. If you don't know any of the DUA just talk to him. Allah make it easy. So this came to my mind as you're saying the other one, you said you take care of Allah when you have time he will take care of you sexually a hadith of Roswaal risotto Sara, Tara of your life or a higher need for coffee should know Allah it time during time of ease. Allah who know you chill during time of difficulty. So and I am not

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stressed out, it's the weekend there's nothing kids went with their father, or I have nothing to do, then that's the time that's prosperity as prosperous time, that's when I am going to be spending more time with Allah. So when I am so stressed out and have so many things on the list, Allah will make me remember the Salah and he will make me feel that Decker is important and he will make me feel better. This is a very important concept. I'm so glad you mentioned it.