Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #32 – Time Off is a Blessing

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker talks about a free time they have available for children to take vacation, and how they need to feel grateful for their time. They also discuss the importance of staying healthy and not feeling sickness or death. The speaker is hesitant to say anything about their health or anyone else until they receive information about their vacation.
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When I have a free time, when I am off from work, children are off from school. This is a free time. Number one, remember, this is any ama, this is a blessing.

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And I need to be grateful for that grateful for the time. Grateful the fact I'm alive and treat grateful for the fact that I can take vacation. Not everybody can do that. There's people who cannot. I have seen those people. They don't. Maybe every two years, they take a vacation, and some of them even three. So how long continuously working hard to So number one, this is a NEMA. I have to feel this is a NEMA, I am able to take time off. And then time is another noon. Seed not love normally used to see

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when you wake up in the morning. Don't think you will live till the evening.

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When you wake up in the morning, don't you think you will live till the evening? What is a smarter flat and totally myself? Boys I'm saved up a lot and probably Saba. And when you go to bed or when night comes in, don't think you will see the morning

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and take from your health. Take from your health or save your health to the days of sickness and from your death to the from your life to the days of your death. What does that mean? And what is this has to do with vacation. The fact I am living is an animal what so even Abdullah was teaching us that the moment I am living in right now, I don't know if I am going to be living Joel Salatin, a chef to the to another two hours. I don't nobody can say I know. Nobody can guarantee I am going to be living tonight. What I'm going to be leaving tomorrow morning. None of us can say this about themselves or about anyone else. So the fact I have this time right now. This is an yamma This is a

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blessing. We rarely Think of it this way.

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And this blessing to things Allah will ask me about it. And I am supposed to be grateful.

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I am supposed to be grateful for this time.

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