Jannah Gems #33 – There is No Free Time in the Life of a Muslim

Haifaa Younis


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La vida as an Imam Ibn taymiyyah have defined it. And once we understand this word, I think everything in life will change by the grace of Allah be Amina, so led by the act of worship is everything, everything a lot loves, and is pleased with seeing and doing external and internal and that's why we are created that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala said on my hello to Gina when instantly Abu I did not create human beings but only for one reason. One reason only That's what he said the Illa Allah is

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a four or a four and statehood award if you want to use that, that a lot that we use, it's in the Arabic clan, which means everything comes after this is meaning only this. So Allah said, I have not created the humans and the genes but ILA to worship me. So if I understand worship in a limited way, that's okay, I wore my hijab I prayed I fast I went to Hajj, then that's I'm a state of Ibadan. What about the rest of my life? What about me studying? What about me working? What about me taking vacation? What about me? They have aid, which are days off off, most of them. Almost all the Muslim countries, the days of aid or days off? Where is my rebounder in these days? Is there even an act of

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a bother other than going for supernatural aid? Going for the prayers of them? So the principle what the scholars teaches us? In fact, reality, there is no free time in the life of a Muslim.

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Don't take me wrong. There is no free time. In that life of those three. There is no time what I am going to be doing nothing. What about if I'm very tired, and I just want to sit on the couch while I'm not doing anything. But I still can do something please allow us to say something in my mouth. That will please our last.

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But I'm extremely tired. I can't even move and I'm going to ask a loss pantalla to make me strong. Jacobi. karoui, the one you are, you have the strength, make me strong. That's an act of worship. I just said something that is pleasing to Allah span of time. So vacation is a lead time of leisure. It's a free time from my usual occupied things. It doesn't mean in this free time. I am not going to apply the acts of worship.