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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of Islam in the eyes of Americans and the need for help building the Dean Center in America. The "fit minor" mental health and political issues are also discussed, including "monster" mental health and political issues, "monster" mental health and political issues, "monster" mental health and political issues, "monster" mental health and political issues, "monster" mental health and political issues, "monster" mental health and political issues, "monster" mental health and political issues, and "monster" mental health and political issues. The "monster" mental health and political issues are also discussed, including the "monster" mental health and political issues. The "monster" mental health and political issues are also discussed, including the "monster" mental health and political issues. The "monster" mental health and political issues are also discussed, including the "monster" mental health and political issues. The "
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Try and program their children.

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Programming, I try to put it in my brain for it primarily because it's less stigmatizing. Other times. This is haram. Haram send her to Saudi. Let her repeat this. Iran. We need the will of God we need Allah. We've been told that they're out to kill us all. Salaam Alaikum. Brothers and sisters, we went to the streets to ask Americans about Islam. Here's what they said. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Do you know anything about Islam? No, sadly, do you know anything about Islam? Not really. Do you know anything about Islam?

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam? No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you've been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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Well, that's it to say on TV. Anything. I know it's in the Middle East. Whether you're gonna have four wives, brothers and sisters, as you can see, there are so many Americans who don't know about Islam. We need your help to change that help us to build the Dean center, the first Mega data center in America. We have $500,000 left and we need your help to finish click the donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you.

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hamdulillah Salam aleikum. Welcome to the deen. Show me your host subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bell and I have an exciting guest. exciting episode. He's here in Chicago. With me my brother, Shapiro. How are you? Sir? Allah. Allah. How you doing? Brother? Hamdulillah we got to give you a new nickname. For real the beast. Myself, man. Little Mario Romario? Yes. It's so nice having you How you feeling? Hamdulillah? Yeah, amazing. Amazing. hamdulillah got to we got some good. Some good nutrition today. Some training? That was beautiful. Yeah. Good. Yeah. So how was the How was your trip? Hello? Alhamdulillah. Allah has the most kind. short trip short trip. It's long

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overdue. Yeah. I think last time we met was like, four or five years ago. Yes.

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Back in Chicago here after all these years. Our first interest in Chicago 17 years ago originally, right? Yeah. Back in the day. 17 years Romanian and loving Islam. Yeah. Yeah. That was beautiful.

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So that's one thing for sure. Is that time is continuing to pass.

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We're not gaining or losing weight loss in Linser Luffy. Was

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we losing time? I mean, it's just

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you're never going to be able to buy time. Yeah, that concept by me time is just doesn't work. Yeah.

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It's faster, we realize that the faster we can stop messing about and get serious. Yeah. So I wanted to share this clip with you and get your feedback. It's a reality that me might be coming to a masjid near you. So it's hit the churches. And I want to see what we can kind of unpackage from this

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greater filter and she is the queen.

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Do you not want to shy away from controversy? But this is something that is for some people might be controversial, but for others. It's not like these were topics that many fatigues many scholars, you know they would avoid these topics. But now it's coming to a masjid near you. It's coming to the churches. So it's affecting our children. It's in the public schools. It's a teacher. That's kind of not a guy and not a girl like somewhere in between. Oh

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kinda Yeah, yeah. Okay right on.

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Girl, you know, whatever. You know, you have choices in this world to be all sorts of different things. But that's why it's MX. So, mix Chavis. That's where that comes from. I know some of you were a little confused. Some of you came and talk to me about it.

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some people do identify that way. I'm actually trans so I'm not

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tomboy, I'm, I'm trans, but some people do and I'm sure if they wanted to, they could also go by mix in their classroom.

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Any other questions?

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Do you have any other questions? Or can we move on? So now it's like it's being pushed, like we're coming to get your children

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coming to push our way upon you, it's not being left in the privacy of your own homes. What do you have to say when you see something? The

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first thing I would ask is how, how do we get here? In the first place? I think a lot of people don't. There's Oh, you know, it's not my business or this is a free country. Everyone can do whatever they want. There's a lot of

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excuses, but no explanations. People give excuses. When it comes to like, explain to me how did we get here?

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And it goes back to

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you know, the plus or Sam said,

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either Lancaster heifers nashit. If you don't feel shy, you'll do anything you want. As you please. That's exactly what's happening. This is a church.

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Now, a church even though it's deviated from the path of God, but there's only one path. People when I was talking to someone the other day I was explained to look, he was like, what Islam is a religion? I said, Islam is not a religion. There's no such thing as religion in the sight of Allah. There's Deen there's a way

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and this this has always been the same way. People I don't know sometimes they try to put you in a box you're this You're that? You're not it's even though since if you're not on the deen, you're not on Dean doesn't matter name is Muhammad.

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If you're not on the dean, you're not on it's always been the same Dean. From the first to the last, it's going to be the same same way as only one way, right? But also Madras lines and straight line. So that's the path of Allah. They do sidelines and it's the passage of time. I mean, every deviation, you can call a religions that came out left and right in the end, or all the prophets that came or brought the same message.

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But how would you translate Dean? Dean, it would be a way people say a way of life but then people were like, well, Buddhism is a way of life.

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I mean, it is a way of life but it's the way

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it is the way that Allah has chosen for his people. And it's always been the same it's never been different religions. There's no linear or it's first came this one and then a new religion and a new religion and it's always been one religion. One way one Deen one path one life

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it's like a train that's going to a destination st it's not going to go let's just straight man. Some people get on it. Some people get off it. Some people get excited, they look out so oh wait, we stopped that I want to get off. Right and then they get off.

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Some people stay.

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Just gotta ride it all the way. That's always been the same. But the boss also said if you don't if you have no shyness, you're going to do whatever you want. And the fitrah the human being as such, where Allah created it that if it's not protected and fine tuned

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by the revelation the way

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you corrupt

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and this is what we've seen right now. A church is a deviation from the path of God but as in the Quran as it says

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if you know Allah will not check the nation with the other one there would have been much corruption in the massage it in the synagogues in the churches, where the name of Allah was mentioned. Of course, it's a deviation, but even according to Christian standards, the church was a place of God. Okay, putting aside the theological differences, which of course the wrong but there was considered still a place got up till like 50s 60s 70s you wouldn't see such things. Like what we just saw with this was unacceptable that people would have an uproar. So this this is

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technically a man who's dressed as a stripper.

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Looks like, I guess, and

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you're in a house of worship is supposed to be supposed to be the house of God. Yeah. And you have like you're bringing this kind of behavior that is more conducive to a strip club. Why are you bringing it to a church? Why the Orthodox Jews can you bring this to a synagogue? You think they they will

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lobbyists I don't think they would allow it but I don't know what's going to happen maybe they will sooner or later maybe the Muslims are gonna lie. Yeah, you got no master you know, gay mosques

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things are changing fast. The question is again how they reach here because we allowed these things to happen if people are not careful it's easy to corrupt your fitrah Phaedra How would you translate Fidra is basically what Allah created with the natural disposition

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it's doesn't mean you're perfect but Allah has created you in a in the best way. Clean, okay, you're clean. However, within the spectra Allah has also put certain you're susceptible to certain deviations. For example, the the soul the knifes

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desires, if a person follows their desire, their crop their fitrah Yeah, it's just a lifestyle this Allah has told us people have like, Why did Allah then put us in this way? Why did He create us like that? Why did Allah create shaytaan if you knew is going to

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Allah if Allah, if He does what He wills, they cannot be asked. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He said, You know that has given us a youth Rocco I Akula Amanda home life Don't people think there'll be left alone just to say we believe in the lobby tested. Actually the word here lifestyle is the word is fitna. There'll be put in fitna why, we don't know Allah is testing us. Like, you can just claim that I'm, I'm a good fighter, right? And then you're not gonna fight, someone's gonna challenge you on that. Right? People claim all kinds of stuff today, you're gonna be challenged, you can just claim I'm a believer, I'm an upright person. And you're not gonna be tested

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on that belief. It's just Allah has made the law like the so

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like, how do we reach here, though, again, like, how can someone allow? I think, even more shocking is the amount of people are supporting this. The amount of forget about the amount of people who don't see a problem with it? The amount of people who keep quiet.

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And this is where we're going. Because first we didn't we were against it. People were against this kind of behavior, not just Is this a lot of

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immoral, unethical, degenerate type of belief, you know, behavior. People are against it. They stood against it, they pass laws against it. But what happened is, after some time, people started being conditioned through media movies, slowly, slowly, you keep pushing, pushing, pushing, and you're not aware. That's how the fifth fifth row changes is, is a prophecy being fulfilled. Prophet Muhammad SAW some he talked about promiscuity, yes, rampid, promiscuity the process and said that time love established men will satisfy their desires with men and women with women. So this is profit. The last one of us just from the piece was was awesome. He said this, yes. And look what's happening.

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You know, you keep pushing someone, and they're not pushing back. You know, imagine you're in a, you're in a fight in a boxing match. And you just allow someone to pound you, you go in a corner just crunched down, you're gonna, you're done. You have to push back. And we look into the history. After the sexual revolution, all the laws that were passed, where people just kind of laid back, they got busy with entertainment.

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With movies, then social media came in, people were busy, they didn't care about and slowly they were demoralized. The brain changes. Everything you see, you watch you listen to even the slightest thing, brother, five seconds, tick tock.

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It changes you.

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It and the more. Imagine you watching that every single day you're listening, you hear the repetitive effect in psychology, we call it the repetitive effect. Even if you don't agree with it first. Trust me, if you keep watching that stuff within two years, three years, four years, don't worry that patience, it will happen you will agree with it, not just you will agree with that. You'll start promoting it. And that's what happened. Like we used to hate we were against it. Then we became all more almost like the same. Like we said, you know, it's not a big deal. So at first we're against it. Next thing we're like, you know, I don't have time for it. It's not a big deal,

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whatever, let people do whatever they want. I'll do better. Then slowly, people started saying well, it's not so bad. And now they're promoting the solicitation. Just keep slowly happening. It's certainly happening. Like before he just people had an issue with this kind of behavior. Like yeah, the more you go back, if you look at what's the Lucy show, remember,

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they had the different shows where you wouldn't even have it

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A couple sleeping in the same bed, let alone kissing on TV, let alone doing anything and more. I mean, this is here in America. I was I was looking at some pictures from Lake Shore, the beach here. This was I think, the early 1900s. And they were almost like in the Sunnah, right? You can see no skin and Oscar. Always there like early.

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I think just pre world first world war just Yeah. Daytona Daytona Beach. Can you imagine 20

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women were being given fines for wearing shorts. There's a ton of beach. Yeah, they're being fined. So this is probably most of the beaches in America. Now someone says that's all fashion. But you're talking about all those fit the fit. That's the natural way most people if they're if they're a God fearing religious, any kind of people who want to live a morally upright life, there'll be like they can connect with what you're saying. Because the fifth rise, Allah has created shyness into human beings and identify and as a Yeah, I'm with these guys. Exactly. I can agree with this. Yes. But how far have you gone off where you're like, look where we are right now. Like you're talking about

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covering two nudist beaches? Yeah, look at the extreme why what's changed is that people change their bodies change. Well, maybe a bit. But what changes we lost our our ethics and morality, we lost our shyness. We don't see a problem with doing. So it's just a lot of programming. has advocated for programming have tried to put it in my brain for it primarily because it's haram. Haram, the slave programming, they're trying to put it in my mind. It hurts me a lot of programming. It's from that's the thing that now is upsetting to a lot of Christians, Jews, religious people, Muslims is that you have these curriculums are being set up. You're also your school principal, if

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you're somebody who has a master's in psychology is it or your background is in this and mental health and counselor for currently and for many years. So you see the traumas, you deal with a lot of these issues. And what as How is happening is that now, systematically, now they're injecting things into the children at such a young age, from kindergarten to two years of a second grade is one curriculum, and they're putting the stuff in you as a parent, I should be able to teach my children what I deem fit. Why are you pushing this sexuality and pushing all of this stuff that, you know, it goes against our moral values? And

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we have to just swallow it. Yeah. If you're, if you're sending your children to these institutions, yeah, I've been a principal for many, many years. I'm working on my Master's right now as well, and counseling and been a counselor for many, many years, almost two decades.

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They know that the formative stages or the early stages, and that's what they're targeting. I mean, for you and I.

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Yeah, and it's not a question is pushed conspiracy apart. This is a conspiracy, right? They know exactly where they can get people and desensitize them. And if you look at the psychologists who push this, like Kinsey, for example, Alfred Kinsey,

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that's what he wanted basically, like a fluid sexuality, these were sexual deviance themselves of God, when you look at their work, horrible, you know, if you look in new study their work, even Sigmund Freud or, you know, the grandfather's of psychology, you look at some of their writings. And you would, how would people celebrate this? How? Why not, not, not now we're talking about back then we're still morality was, to an extent upheld in the church in the house, conservative states and so on policies.

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they know that children can be molded. The fitrah is the fitrah spear as the process of tours, every person is born in fitrah. And then his parents meaning the environment, this hadith can be extrapolated and extended to so many different things, that his parents to convert him and change him in through a Christian Jewish hours. It's not just about the religion here. It's about the fact that a person can be changed through conditioning, especially at certain ages. And that's where these people are targeting. And my question again, is, how did it get to this point that they can influence laws, they can pass legislation, you know why? Because we allowed them to

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write because if you look at the legal system, okay, you Yeah, you vote your your representative, but then it's a very small pool of people decide really what the laws that are passed.

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But people didn't. Protests people are too busy within the means of the law to to keep. You can't that's the thing. I'm trying to break the law. The law allows you Yeah. And that's where you see right now a lot of reversals taking places, right, a lot of like 2022 was a bad year for these people. Because there have been some laws that were reversed. Right? It was a bad people. It was a bad year for abortion.

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It was a bad year. So why because within the law, we're not asking here people know we don't want to go. We're wise. We're not, we're not afraid. I'm not scared of anyone. But I'm wise, we got to be wise. You got to know where you are. Right? You can be just a loose cannon. But within the system,

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you can do a lot. The problem is that no one's doing anything. And people are holding hands with the wrong people.

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You know, what's wrong with the Muslims getting together with conservative Christians and Jews and fighting for the same ethics and morality? Why are they holding hands with the wrong people? And promoting that that's um, you know, it's like, and now the people are switching with depends which way the wind blows all of a sudden now you got people coming? Because you have this is something that conservative Christians, like you said, and conservative, also Jew. Yeah. Oh, there's this whole Abrahamic faiths and Judeo Christian to the Okay, let's agree upon this thing. Yeah, we have different theologies, no doubt about it. But here in the issues of ethics and morality, there's a

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lot of agreement. Yeah. So work together, worked it Why are you working with the wrong people to corrupt the morality of your own people send the wrong message, send the wrong message, because oh, well, are there minorities where minorities scratch my back? Scratch, you're gonna leave a lot of wounds on my back by scratching me.

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Like this is doesn't make sense. But you see under pressure.

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People melt that's when you know, oh, there's a bit of pressure or let's join hands with with these groups. And those groups know you're supposed to push back. Even if you push along the process. I'm sorry.

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Allah says stand for justice. Even if it's against yourself. Did you see those they had some videos and because you have a lot of these teachers who are coming out on the tick tock and videos and they're talking about, pledge allegiance to the flag. So during third period, we have announcements and they do the Pledge of Allegiance. I always tell my class, stand if you feel like it, don't stand if you feel like it, say the words if you want don't have to say the words. So my class decided to stand but not say the words. My room does not have a flag. It used to be there. But I took it down during COVID. Because it made me uncomfortable. And I packed it away. And I don't know where and I

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haven't found it yet. But my kid today goes, Hey, it's kind of weird that we just stand and then you know, we say it to nothing. I tell this kid, we do have a flag in the class that you can pledge allegiance to, and he like, looks around. He goes, Oh, that one.

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The inclusive pride flag. I pledge allegiance to the queers of this color movement, and alphabet movement. And then the whole again, young children, and then they're discussing today the boy is talking about identifying as being a girl and sending these mixed signals children. I mean, you know, I mean, you're an expert in this area. I mean, how confused are kids just in general, at a young age, they're naive, you know, they're not fully developed. And if they want to be GI Joe and they're playing they want to be now you're this capitalizing off this see

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it this suppression and because the child as we're trying to save the children, man is saving the children from this child cannot discern between right or wrong. But they have a lot of ideas, the creative, Allah has blessed him with a lot of skills. And in they have inquisitiveness. They want to learn this is part of the fitrah. But again,

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Islam revelation, submission to the Creator came to guard the fitrah.

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And people might say, you know, you guys are very strict. But when you understand why that strictness, look around, then you see that it indeed it makes sense. We're trying to protect these children. It's not fair. It's golden. It's oppression. For someone to target a child who does not understand cannot make their own choices. Let's say for example,

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a girl

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is playing with cars.

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Back in the days it was like not a big deal. I mean, she might play a little bit and get out of it and go with the girls.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:25

Or her mom, I said, Look this not just go with the girls. And she might say yes. Okay. Now, you're told, Oh, maybe there is a boy inside of you. Because only boys like cars or something like that, you know, something silly. And it confuses them.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:39

And then they start looking online and do girls like cars. And the first thing you're gonna see is all kinds of weird messages and blogs and support groups. Back in the days, you will have

00:25:41 --> 00:25:46

one of the activists who goes against

00:25:48 --> 00:25:51

conversion on gender, gender conversion, and

00:25:52 --> 00:26:18

people transiting he's done it, and he's regretting it. He's gone back. He's telling young people don't do it. He said, When I was young, I was I started wearing girls dresses, it was something because it was around. So my grandma put it on me. And that was oppression, because should have told me. No. And at that age, you just know, the child slowly gets the message.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:32

But right now, people don't maybe you need to explore maybe this maybe the there's just so much pressure that's being pushed on you that people are confused. We used to have, you know, I mean,

00:26:33 --> 00:27:16

SSA and problems now, it's not even that it's about like, you don't even know who you are. What's your gender, even though you can always look it up and see everything is male, female. Yeah. But people are saying, you know, I don't know what I am. I'm trapped in this body. You've seen those videos, storytime. This has been my first year in preschool with a class of my own teaching alongside another queer neurodivergent educator. And we have been rocking our TOS class, we've been talking about gender and skin color, and consent, and empathy and our bodies and autonomy. It's been fabulous. But our teaching team is shifting and a new person is being onboarded. So today, at the

00:27:16 --> 00:27:40

lunch table, when the topic of gender and * came up, one of our students plainly looked up and said, Well, I'm a girl today. But I know that teacher co isn't know their envy. And the look on the incoming teachers face was priceless. She just looked around at the two of us and said, this class is incredible. And I am so impressed.

00:27:43 --> 00:28:25

Seen the people, the people you deal with the beautiful people. So is that why now when you have an individual, such as this individual here, while bring out who there's a lot of talk about him now. And he says some things that are on point I'm gonna let you react to, to this video here. Just Kids alone. If you want to try anything against that I'm not anti gay. I'm not anti transgender, I'm not anti any of these things. What I'm what I am anti is propagating your worldview on other people's children. If you're gay, and you can't have kids, why do you now believe it's your right to go to other people's kids and tell them how to think if you've decided that the type of * you want to

00:28:25 --> 00:28:57

have will prevent you from recreate from procreating? That's your decision, right? You've decided that having * with women isn't worth it for you. You don't want to have children, you want to have * men fine, your decision and you're entitled to it, that does not give you the entitlement to go to other people's families who did decide to have children and raised them and try and program their children. Leave the kids alone. You can be as transgender as you like, don't come talk to my kid about it. That's my child. I will program my child with my worldviews. I raised them, I pay for them. They're my kids. They're not your kid, and they're not the government's kid. And this is what

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I was saying earlier about women being blank slates. Same with children, right? You either program your woman and program your children or society will do it. Do you believe the lessons that society are putting inside of people today are good lessons? I don't. I don't I will not send my kids to school. I don't think they will learn anything. Do you know how many teachers I've seen pissed out of their minds. Corner on public toilets on cocaine. I'm a teacher. You're my kid. You're right. I get

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home. We have the internet. We have unlimited information. I can say Google World War Two, right report. We'll talk tomorrow. And with discipline, my kid will know more than any kid in any public school without the indoctrination without all the propaganda. That's where all this all this deliberate, deliberate, governments know what they're doing when they're trying to propagandize and, and I think a lot of people do not understand yet because most people still live inside of the matrix as your buddy from Romania. Your Romanian also in Romania. He's not actually Romanian. No, he just lives in Romania, Romania, but that kind of talk doesn't work.

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work in Romania now. It works on YouTube and not in Romania. I'll tell you that. So what do you think? I mean, he's on point on a lot of things. Obviously. Number one is he's like,

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he said, Well, I don't mind this. I don't mind that we mind that, you know, he doesn't mind. We mind that. He needs Islam. And then he would mind it too. Yeah. So we mind that. Like, he's I don't care if you are this or that. No, we care because that's where it starts from. See, that's the problem. His mentality is wrong. He says a lot of good things that are

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attractive, flashy, but he's missing the point.

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I'll give an example. He says, I don't care if you are trans or this or gay. Just don't come to my children. It's like saying, I don't care. There's a fire on my house. I'm gonna put it off. Or if people start lighting fires, as long as doesn't come to my house, dude, come on, man. Wake up.

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These people are more dangerous than fire. You think it's not going to come to imagine there's like a bunch of people here in the village your house is safe. Got your family safe.

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And as a man, you're saying oh, I can see all these people lighting fires around my house. So okay, as long as you just do it on your own place. I don't care. Just don't come to my house and light my own house on fire. People are gonna be playing with fire alarm around your house Guess what? Your house is gonna get burned.

00:31:24 --> 00:32:05

You have to you can't always be on a defense or just leave me alone I'll leave you alone. That's not Islam that that's someone who doesn't have Islam but now imagine if he had so we'd love for him to now you know take that step forward because he agrees you know magic tape man just take the man come on and you you got a hammer that simple as that brother simple you know this is out of the love Brother What will go it will go to Romania bro take a shot that there man we will come and visit you there. But imagine if he had because it's hard now to go ahead and measure according to constant he don't have he's on point with a lot of things. But imagine if he had that guidance, living by the

00:32:05 --> 00:32:14

Quran and Sunnah. Now he came across the Hadith where the prophet Muhammad peace have been found themselves you see an evil. Go ahead angel with your hands if you can't shake your hand mouth.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:30

Or at least hated your heart. Right? But he did. But now a person doesn't have that. They're going Oh, I love this hadith. Yeah. Let's let's wait to connect to Sally's. Because let's start from the back. Yeah. What did the process

00:32:31 --> 00:32:46

with elecard Awfully man. And that is the weakest of EMA. And when you just hitting heart, that's the weakest level? Yeah. Okay, let's say are on my right now hates because no one is actually going to change about their hand. Yeah, we lost that.

00:32:47 --> 00:33:31

It'd be nice within the law. I think people could change it with their hands. I think even here in North America, if enough people get together, whatever, boat, whatever they do, you know, people are gonna say, oh, that's the point that people didn't get involved. They're passive. I'm not going to talk about the feel of what you can do vote this and that. All I'm saying is look at the reality. A lot of people became very passive Christians wherever. Muslims, of course. And this is what happened. We're coming to get your children, right. That's what it is there. I mean, it got to that point, where I'm going to talk smack in your face and tell you in your face that I'm coming to get

00:33:31 --> 00:34:08

you and you can do anything about you know, you like taunting someone. Yeah. Are you teasing them with that song? Yeah. Why are they doing because they can't but then they turn it around. It's like a joke. And this is for real. As for real? Disney. Look at all the fortune 500 companies. Everyone pretty much is supporting this. How do you think they got to that point? Disney, Disney, their children are watching Disney? What do you think there's no condition? Do you understand? The neuro psychology of it? The neuroscience of it. Everything you watch it affects us called it's called an influencer? Because it influences you. That's why it's called a program because it programs you

00:34:10 --> 00:34:49

right? But if you don't change it with your hand within the system, you can but no one does it. Because everyone's sorry, their people are cowards. Okay, at least speak against it. No one wants to speak against it either. Because, oh, I'm gonna lose my job. Well, so what? What do you think now when they see him someone like Andrew Tate, and then a compare look at many of the community leaders. That's why people gravitate towards him. So he's speaking even more even though he don't have the deen Islam. But then you have this fitrah calls him to say that this is wrong, but then you have people some community leaders don't even speak that much. But you see with with like,

00:34:50 --> 00:35:00

a lot of our community leaders and I know this is you know, I don't know people can react and do whatever, leave it in the comment section. Just keep it there, right. I don't

00:35:00 --> 00:35:20

Don't Care honestly but this is the reality it's not my ego that I don't care about anything it's really that I care but I don't care if you want to cancel us or comment or you know say Brother You guys are talking about this what do you think you are this the reality we have reached this point because a lot of our community leaders did not say anything

00:35:21 --> 00:36:09

and now families are coming with their children to assess counselor and say please fix our children my kids are this this this man you know what what do you mean fix them now? Where are the hot buzzer talk about this oh you get cancelled or you get pulled your funding away so what who provides Allah provides not just a look at our numbers we don't have a problem with money Aki the Bronco SIMS I don't fear for my own poverty we don't have liquid our numbers but both of them Elizabeth is there like the phone want to see like if anyone cancels you removes your your funding or can we not come all together and just re establish that system we can do we want to that's the problem. Do you see

00:36:09 --> 00:36:53

this being a reason why many Christians are seeing Islam as the last hope now they're seen because Islam doesn't but now they're starting to realize why Islam is strict on so many things the submission to the Creator that heavens an earth Islam has guidelines and you can't night now, kind of just like a buffet mix it up and with this way, one day weekend, and we'll bring the you know the stripper into the church to draw people in who's actually a man will No, no, no, it's Islam is strong. As a system. The question is, are the most so strong? Because Islam is only going to be as strong as the practicing of the Muslims. And the bustle who said, you will follow them into the hall

00:36:53 --> 00:36:54

of desert.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:06

I'm not trying to insult anyone here. But this hadith, we're not shying away from it. And they say who this is another prophecy? Yeah. Who? The Christian who's the who else? He said, literally said Who else?

00:37:07 --> 00:37:13

Look what they're doing. They're, they're disrespecting their places of worship.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:35

And what are the Muslims gonna do? Guess what, we already starting to do that as well. Right? Because again, if you don't change things, if you're not proactive, everything's on the defense event, guess what someone's going to push onto you. It's just the law that Allah has designed for the universe. If you get pushed, and you don't push back, you're gonna get pushed more.

00:37:37 --> 00:37:48

Right? But look, look at the last part. He said that then hate in your heart. And that's the weakest of the month, meaning you're at your weakest level. Okay, if all of the Muslims would hate it,

00:37:49 --> 00:37:53

we would say we're at the weakest level of our eemaan.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:22

The problem is that a lot of Muslims don't even hate it anymore. So what kind of weakness is that? It's even a level below that. So when it comes to the D solicitation that's been happening over time, how did you get it, let it get to that state of getting so desensitized. And that is that systematic approach. If you're sending your children to these institutions, you're kind of setting setting yourself up. You're setting yourself up. And

00:38:23 --> 00:38:25

it's even more than that today.

00:38:26 --> 00:38:48

So would you say like, this is this is I mean, you're borderline. You know, this is a big, big word to use. But would you say many scholars have said that? It's, it is haram, it's to send your children to the public schools. Yes. Some have said It's haram. Just like some have said, it's like flushing your children down a toilet spiritual suicide.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:23

Because you see what's happening right now. No doubt it is your unless you're sitting there everyday debriefing them every day, you know, every day, you're right. But how many people do that? And the problem is that it's bled into the Muslim countries as well. It's bled from the public schools into the Islamic schools. I work with Islamic schools, and some of the issues that we're having are huge. So let's go to Islamic schools because you'll have a curriculum that they'll copy from the public school so they some just the naive, they it just kind of gets past them. They got to look out for it. If they're taking it and putting it into their school, they have to look out for some of these

00:39:23 --> 00:40:00

things that are being taught. Yes, you have to filter you got to be careful, you got to adjust. But then again, within the law, what are you allowed to do, right? Because they, they're pushing you to make sure that your kids are exposed. Okay, you want to have your Islamic school? No problem. Go ahead. But you got to follow our curriculum. So yeah, you call the Islam but still you're following our curriculum. And in the end, if you don't then we can pull your funding or your licensing and so on and so forth. How do we even get to the point I just still can't wrap my mind around it. You know, when you go back to your min, your grind

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

and Father your grandmother at a certain time this is and people say oh this is old school this is like old fashion. Now it's like the 2023 almost and now you're born as a male or female but you can change that later to it does that gender fluidity how do we get to that point this is something that just so there's no science to back it up it doesn't carry any weight with any religion with God obviously, but with science with logic, it just makes no sense but you got half the country are starting to become divided and accepting of this i How do you just look make any sense when you go from a time when it was just this is not something even up for discussion? Right? All all this gold

00:40:45 --> 00:40:56

brother will lie and that's what the process says it he said that the best generation is my generation and then after and after he in many Hadith again prophecies, if people need to look how did processing and all these things?

00:40:58 --> 00:41:11

Right, the process himself first will be prophecy, it will be managed on Naboo, then rightly gonna Khalifa, then the corrupt you know, corruption. He talked about everything. Yeah. What what we can extrapolate from this hadith is that there's a

00:41:12 --> 00:41:13

there's a progression.

00:41:14 --> 00:41:26

Or you can say, a degeneration, because he said, My the first generation is the best one. And then after and then it will go down. Wow. So it's just, yeah, that's what we're having right now. Why is because

00:41:27 --> 00:42:18

Allah subhanaw taala. And he created us in such a way that we are easy to be guided, or misguided. Hence, teachers who are having master's degree very intelligent, and now they don't want to stand out. And they have a few others who are like really passionate, and they really are pushing this and now you have them just kind of following the herd. That's it. People don't want to they're scared to talk, they're scared to oppose, like, we can't even have a discussion. This is this is how far it's gone. That they passed legislation where you're not even allowed to have a discussion, it can be called discrimination can be called, you know, hate speech, and so on why that even reached there.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:19

If you are so

00:42:20 --> 00:42:26

confident about what you're trying to put on people here with your curriculum,

00:42:27 --> 00:42:37

then let it be debated. If you're so confident, it's actually very, very clear. I want people to think about it. If these people are saying that you're born this way,

00:42:38 --> 00:42:39

why that's the argument.

00:42:40 --> 00:42:44

If these people are saying that they're so confident about what they're offering to the world,

00:42:45 --> 00:42:51

then let it be up for debate. Why you limiting canceling people. If someone wants to oppose you,

00:42:53 --> 00:42:55

with science with argumentation,

00:42:56 --> 00:43:03

let it let the best person win, isn't it? By see they're scared because they know what they're doing. No, you're not born like that. You're born pure.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:53

But yes, you can be corrupted. And the corruption of today, brother, again, what we're faced with 21st, there's been all kinds of corruptions, there was Hollywood, there was Bollywood, there was TV, but now with social media, it is accelerated. And these people and that's why more all social media platforms are promoting this kind of, and if you are, by any chance of me and you talk against it, guess what? You'll be demonetised the platform, banned band, Shadow ban, whatever you have these Why did I say let's go and punch in the face or something that I see anything like that in the show that I incite anyone towards hatred or to be violent towards these people? I didn't say that. All I'm

00:43:53 --> 00:44:35

offering is some intellectual arguments. This is free speech. And where's the free speech? But that but you do have people pushing back like you had Matt Walsh from raise a woman? Did you? I don't know if you got a chance. I have okay. Really great documentary. Yes. So he's really caught a lot of momentum. You have a lot of mainstream also people out there who are gravitating to be excellent. These are voice of logic reason. But you see that this proves my point. They see how easily you can switch people this way or that way. Yeah. The problem is that there's not many people can switch that way. Everyone's pushing towards liberalism. Towards you know, last loss of morality and

00:44:35 --> 00:44:59

degeneration. And people are going for because their conditioning constantly it's in their face. If if more people would be pushing towards morality, then more people would probably swing that way as well. And we got to break through that barrier the wall there because you have people like Matt Walsh, we invited him on the program, but he works for this Ben Shapiro para and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:21

then you have this misinformation and these people also pushing his hate against Muslims Islam. So now they're scared to work with Muslims but if they would sit and get to know Muslims and look where we stand on things, I think there look the the agenda of these people is clear. I don't think they're hiding it.

00:45:23 --> 00:45:30

Because we can do a lot of good here too. We can we can we have so much in common, so much in common? And I think no matter what we can, I think,

00:45:31 --> 00:45:36

and the evidence for that as the process Salem would have treaties with non Muslims.

00:45:37 --> 00:45:39

People have different theologies, and then they hate Islam.

00:45:40 --> 00:45:47

And they even fought wars together, like in his army would have certain regiments of Christian Arabs and, and non Muslims

00:45:49 --> 00:45:50

to fight against the common enemy.

00:45:52 --> 00:46:14

You can the Christian Arabs didn't like the Muslims. They were very clear on that, or they really did not. Yeah, you're not I mean, so. I don't think this argument is that all these people hate us or to hate Islam, therefore we cannot work on on certain ethics and morals. So let's hold hands with these other people because they don't hate Islam. Are you kidding me?

00:46:15 --> 00:46:16

Really, they don't hate Islam.

00:46:17 --> 00:46:59

I mean, look what they're doing. Oh, oh, yeah, we can leave morality on the side for a bit. We just need to make sure we are protecting, they're protecting. Of course they hate Islam. They don't like Islam. If they were like Islam, they would convert to standard change your life? I I am convinced and I strongly believe that the majority have not. And I think if they've sat with a qualified teacher of his law, someone who really, who lives by the Quran and Sunnah and can communicate answer questions, I believe, I believe strongly that after some deep discussions and know if the person is sincere and genuine, I think this can be broken through and then good can be accomplished. You don't

00:46:59 --> 00:47:34

have to end if someone doesn't accept Islam, but still, they can end up being people that you can work to, together with, when you think, no doubt, because there's so much in common. There's so much in common good that we can accomplish together. And without, at the end of the day, all we're inviting you to is pure monotheism worshiping the one and only one God. We say Jesus peace be upon him. We don't insult him your tag teaming with someone else who insults Jesus, his mother. That's another thing I just can't wrap my mind around. It's just this is insane. I understand that these conservative groups have insulted Islam, and have said, since that's what the people pushed back the

00:47:34 --> 00:48:06

CallKit. How can you look these liberal groups have not done it, they respect this law. But as you said, if people sit down and explain to them things, it might be that they'll change their approach we can differ. No doubt, they will differ. I mean, you know, Allah said very clear that not everyone is going to be guided. Right? And that's why Allah created *. For these people. I'm sorry to say it. I mean, the thing is, like, don't be don't be offended. And why are you offended? You know, they think the same artists, yes, but we can get the elephant out of the room.

00:48:07 --> 00:48:54

And we keep moving forward on these other big issues. Like, I'll give you an example. As a perfect example. I had this comedian worked in Hollywood, he was on the Joe Rogan show. He was somebody who was a staunch enemy of Islam and assaulting Prophet Muhammad Ali and Benjamin, his name if you've heard of him, and he said, Look, I thought Muslims hated Jesus. And he was writing for the louder for Crowder's show. And he was writing the scripts for them. He's also made a song with that Tommy guy from the UK, you know, the Robins forgot his name. And for that he was the president of the EDL or so he was writing a song against Islam again. So tag teaming with someone who hates Muslims hates

00:48:54 --> 00:49:39

Islam anyways, make a long story short, he was someone who hated Muslims hated Islam. And to this day, now he's actually defending Muslims in Islam. And he'll say things like Muhammad peace be upon him, he'll totally had a shift. After he has some exposure to Islam to Muslims. You cannot we had them on the program. Totally different. Totally different person. You know, it's amazing. So and then another thing is, many of his followers for years and years and years when they saw us talking together, they're like, how can we be so blind? We were so like, fooled. It's, you know, to see their positive reaction of just us to Allah coming together, having a program talking about some of

00:49:39 --> 00:49:51

these things. And so I'm really optimistic to see if we can sit with more conservative Christians. We have so much in common. If you look around the Western community, we have slowed down in the dollar.

00:49:53 --> 00:49:57

You know, early 2000s, right. There was a lot of dialogue going on.

00:49:59 --> 00:49:59


00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

But just the amount. The quality is very low.

00:50:05 --> 00:50:21

Just down to Christians and non Muslims. Yeah, very few people are still doing down. It's now more about just being accepted. Yeah, no, it's yesterday, one of my clients was asked me like explained to me the Hadith of the, the strangers. Yeah.

00:50:22 --> 00:50:32

And I said, Let me tell you one thing about the Hadith. The problem is that we're not strangers anymore. People are saying, oh, yeah, the Muslims are just like us, you know, come welcome.

00:50:33 --> 00:50:36

We're so accepted. I'm not saying here that people should hate us.

00:50:37 --> 00:50:42

But the process of the start is something strange and returning something strange meaning you're different than the rest of the people.

00:50:44 --> 00:51:06

You're unique, which is attractive. If you think about it, people will want to understand the difference. That's what draws people to Islam. When he tells someone that, you know, it's like, kind of like Christianity, or really okay, well, I don't really need to worry, because I have my own thing. It's kind of like Christianity. It's all good. Now let's shake hands and have a coffee. Great, super, no problem. Have a coffee man.

00:51:07 --> 00:51:08

But we're not the same.

00:51:10 --> 00:51:47

What we're saying strange too, should be strange to you, because it's not the same what you're saying. That's what the process of when he came to Mecca with the message. It was against the culture that time but a lot of people are attracted to it because of that, because they're tired of the lack of morality and what was happening in our society. So here's another system that is not like yours that offers solutions and that's exactly what Islam is. If people would just give it a chance Wallahi it will solve all their problems Just name one. Name one problem in the world like people are complaining about

00:51:48 --> 00:51:51

world hunger. Okay, is that cow salt?

00:51:52 --> 00:51:59

That's one of the pillars of Islam is that cow sod is the pillars that is that cow will solve world hunger calculated

00:52:00 --> 00:52:42

if only only a few of the wealthiest things occur. Okay, name does any other. See, that carries forward. Islam rules the system is obligatory it's obligatory it will be taken from you it's not your money is a tax for the poor it's a tax report and it's not your money. It's not like whether you like it to give it or not or arms I'll give it I won't give it it's up to me. No, no, no, it doesn't belong to the poor people have to be fed that's have to be because they're right. It was solved. Okay. Give me another problem. So world hunger for sure. Alcohol is alcohol for sure. All the gambling, gambling, *, all these exploits sexual deviations, exploitation with the

00:52:42 --> 00:53:03

interest rate, but everything will the worst. The things that are the killers up to date down on the home, the family, everything with Zina, promiscuity, fornication, a whole world is complaining all these problems, say we're having these problems, they have all these United Nations 20 million new ones a year? How would the villa

00:53:04 --> 00:53:45

Islam is a solution. It's a solution for the world problems. It's a solution for individual. It protects you against all kinds of evils, it protects you against your even your self. Islam is a solution. I don't just look at it Just name one problem. And you find that Islam has a specific solution for a person has to be sincere. They have to be open minded. There's so many layers of layers of deception, falsehood, and people that have systematically been put in the way so people that hear Islam, they start thinking all these negative things that has nothing to do with fit. But if they really take some time, investigate, for example, just yesterday, I met a Serbian guy Marco.

00:53:46 --> 00:53:55

And obviously my parents, my backgrounds from Bosnia, and you know, the history between Serbs and Bosnians and whatnot, even though we don't just hate someone because their nationality.

00:53:57 --> 00:54:06

But what happened was he came in to the mosque, he says, Oh, I just wanted to do this myself. He just accepted Islam. Couple weeks ago, Allah said, he watched this program, we did TED talk to him reason Jesus.

00:54:07 --> 00:54:45

And he started investigating, and how he came at the end, was he wanted to as he's investigating, he wanted to give it one final push. So he went to his Orthodox Christian Priest, priest, and he started asking questions, and instead of addressing things, the preach priest, he started just bashing Islam. He couldn't, he said, so for them. That was the green light, except Islam because he couldn't. He had certain questions that the preacher he just didn't couldn't answer intellectually. And he just started bashing Islam. So at the end of the day, it's just as push it against Islam,

00:54:46 --> 00:54:59

with misinformation with falsehoods with attacks, but nobody can come against de la ilaha illallah you know, the pure monotheism. Right? The beautiful teachings that like you just said, the solutions for humanity.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:41

nobody's, this is like a lie. I challenge people, but let's be, let's be real, some people, right now they'll come up because you are an expert in this area. Also, you know, being in this field, you spent so much time going back and someone will try to put a doubt in your mind, they'll bring up the promise of someone's marriage to Aisha, they'll bring up some some thick issue, they'll bring up something out there that needs more more explanations, a context, right? And you didn't you do that for some time you went and you looked into all these things, and you know, even had a website, is it still up dedicated to this? Hamdulillah? Yes, we wrote hundreds of articles, academic articles. And

00:55:42 --> 00:55:50

I could sum up everything in a few sentences do that, please. And that is just because you think something is wrong?

00:55:52 --> 00:56:04

doesn't make it wrong. Just because you feel that this is not ethically correct, does not make that thing wrong. And that's the problem with most people. I had that issue. Yeah.

00:56:05 --> 00:56:15

As I came into Islam, because I've been conditioned my whole life, to have this pacifistic approach to life. And I don't want people to misunderstand me.

00:56:16 --> 00:56:29

You know, as Allah says, In the Quran, if the inclined towards peace, you're inclined towards peace, we don't have a problem. We're not like this war, you know, thirsty people, we just want to fight all the time and whatnot. The default is peace.

00:56:30 --> 00:56:33

So, your condition your whole life,

00:56:34 --> 00:56:46

in this fake pseudo philosophy, pseudo peace philosophy, because if you look at really at what's happening around the world, that people would claim the most peace are the ones who are destroying the world the most.

00:56:48 --> 00:56:57

Why the Tila hula tuxedo, Phil articolo in Amana animacy one surah baqarah Allah says and when it said to them don't make corruption upon the earth there was there were peacemakers

00:56:58 --> 00:57:09

Allah He challenged everyone look at the reality who is causing the most war and corruption in the world are those who are claiming to be the princes of peace

00:57:10 --> 00:57:19

it's one eyebrow that just gives immediate spawn things straight up. So I was conditioned by that just like you were just like you are

00:57:20 --> 00:57:24

whoever's watching right now all the Christians all the Jews all the atheists all the wherever

00:57:25 --> 00:57:39

and I had an issue with like the the Hollywood punishments it was like it was it was heavy on me. Yeah. It's causing a lot of cognitive dissonance to say you believe one thing but you're on the outside is another thing.

00:57:40 --> 00:57:42

And they don't align. So it caused a lot of stress.

00:57:43 --> 00:57:47

Hand I remember one of my friends left Islam

00:57:48 --> 00:57:52

for the same reason. And that added more agony to me because I like man.

00:57:53 --> 00:57:58

Now you're really being touched rameters and this guy was praying for you in the first line on the Mizzou

00:57:59 --> 00:58:09

and he was saying to him, like I can't believe that a piece religion will cut the hand of someone who steals a thief or a thief. But if you go into the jail right now, and people are doing 20 years as they take my hand, I want to get out there and sell it.

00:58:10 --> 00:58:15

You know, I was I was telling someone that in Romania or our friends there

00:58:17 --> 00:58:27

the politicians are some people are saying just bring bring back Dracula. Dracula would implement Sharia and Romania, because he was trained in the court of the Ottomans.

00:58:29 --> 00:58:34

And there was say that there was cups of gold in the, in the center of the city where you get water, no one would touch.

00:58:36 --> 00:59:13

It was safe, because people are scared because of the deterioration of this of the amputation the size of the arms Exactly. As enough for someone just like to, to feed his family on this is a specific theme. These are thieves and criminals. And this is a hypocrisy because if you ask anybody if you had have a bag of money under your bed are some golden years safe and someone put you and your family in danger. And they came and he took all that. And if you caught him, what would you do? And they're talking about the captain present dog and forget about the hand there. So you know the Romanian head does that. Many people should have their hands cut off. That's what the Romanians are

00:59:13 --> 00:59:29

saying, what is the Christian because there's so much corruption. They're saying that yeah, there's so many there's so many criminals. So many so many thieves. Yeah. And who's suffering? Is that the normal pain or suffering? Yeah. So so all you got to worry about if you're not a thief. Exactly. Yeah. So

00:59:30 --> 00:59:39

I mean, it doesn't make sense. So we'll go ahead so we'll go Yeah, so he you know, when he left Islam, I was in a lot of agony. Yeah. I remember I want to, I want to go to Africa.

00:59:41 --> 00:59:41


00:59:44 --> 00:59:47

there was this little girl that approached us to sell herself.

00:59:50 --> 00:59:53

She was in I was with my friends was night I remember.

00:59:55 --> 00:59:57

He was like, probably like 12 years old or something.

00:59:59 --> 00:59:59

So five bucks.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:09

$5 So like, look, just relax, you know, we're not looking for this stuff that please. And her pimp was sitting across the street. Look, I could see, he's getting nervous, and they were not accepting.

01:00:11 --> 01:00:12

Because sadly,

01:00:13 --> 01:00:25

they saw people that fit the profile, because that's what happens. People come from the West, they go to Africa, they go to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or they do these things. Right? That's the degeneration level that we reached.

01:00:26 --> 01:01:11

She's at $2. Now she's crying, like, Please, I'm gonna get hurt. And at that time, I was still, you know, Lily, even on the flight, I was thinking, trying to wrap my head around this whole Shediac thing, you know, the punishments. And it clicked. And that moment, I said, If Islam would be here, this girl wouldn't do this. Islam would say that, yes, I would have seen the young girl and that guy over there on the other side, or he deserves big punishment. And that was a paradigm shift in my own brain. Something happened that night. And it all made sense. But see, it was I first thing I realized was that I wasn't accepting reality because I felt it's immoral, or unethical. I felt, I

01:01:11 --> 01:01:22

didn't know. I didn't approve. I just felt Yeah, and most people just go on feelings. They deny Islam, based on how they feel. And they feel

01:01:24 --> 01:01:26

based on how they've been conditioned for many, many years.

01:01:27 --> 01:01:45

Wake up. So before we close, you think that's why another reason Sorry to keep bringing up. We want to send him some love by giving him my invitation to Islam. But when he comes out and he's confidently talking about get the rocks, get the rocks, Abdul, yeah, get the rock get the rocks.

01:01:48 --> 01:01:50

He's the ringleader.

01:01:51 --> 01:02:31

And he just like we're Muslims, just shy away and just but agitate. He's stepping up. And for that reason, let's let's invite him to Islam. Come on, listen by Andrew to agitate for the humanity. Again, we're not endorsing a lot of things. Obviously he does. But we understand he's not Muslim yet. But let's start off with he's still throwing up and this is out of the love and out of respect we really want because you can give someone the cars, he's got all the cars, you need the money, all the money, the best gift you can give someone is Islam, Paradise forever, that inner peace, inner peace. That's what I'm guaranteeing that someone who doesn't have that connection with their

01:02:31 --> 01:02:47

Creator. Wait, not according to your desires. Because you can't be just, you know, throwing up Trinity's and you know, calling God a man and insulting God in any which way and think that God loves me and God's proud of me. And now the people like Undertale they think they're strong.

01:02:49 --> 01:03:07

But remove the cars remove the girls remove the lifestyle. What are they left with? Well, they have inner peace right now they're happy because they are having all these stimuli, cars, the girls the fame, the lifestyle, remove that.

01:03:08 --> 01:03:09

How are you going to feel

01:03:10 --> 01:03:14

remove that from me anyway, like take everything from me. I don't care.

01:03:15 --> 01:03:17

I can take Allah I can take my Eman

01:03:19 --> 01:03:37

around you can't, my mind in my heart rise is surely slamming tennis as you know. He said you cannot take my Islam away. You can. If you want to jail me, Jeremy. That's time alone, my lord. You want to kick me out of the world, the land. It's okay. As Joel is just traveling

01:03:38 --> 01:04:24

can do anything. You want to take my life You make me a martyr. But you can take what's inside man. That's the thing, take away my car, take away my family take away everything. In the end, you can take away my eemaan Only Allah can do that. So for someone like him who might be confused, and the first step is to go ahead and explain because if he's Christian, and he's got problems with Christianity, but he's praising Islam, if you're praising Islam, you agree with many of the teachings of Islam? Why don't we explain to him the most important teaching because if he understands this, if he grasps this, then he can be on his way to saying La ilaha illa Allah the

01:04:24 --> 01:04:55

negation and affirmation there's nothing worthy of worship except the one who created you and duty that's the one you want to worship that pure monotheism. And that goes against, you know, doing the whole three in one and whatnot. So let's touch upon that. I don't I don't even I really don't think he believes in that. I don't think he believes the Trinity. No, it's saying what the Owen Benjamin he also they don't question every human being is wired just so people can understand. You come from the background, an Orthodox Christian Right? Yeah, yeah.

01:04:56 --> 01:04:59

Every human being is wired for believing God.

01:05:01 --> 01:05:15

psychologists have discovered a god's pots but yeah, but putting that aside, you can just observe even the atheist just the amount of time they spent talking about God, or DR is known that okay, you're wired for belief in a higher creator and higher being

01:05:17 --> 01:05:29

so entertained just in Christianity. It's just for them, they think it's just easier to match their lifestyle and still be safe and this is the greatest.

01:05:31 --> 01:05:34

People are going to be upset, but it's the greatest deception of shaitan.

01:05:36 --> 01:05:41

Okay, the Christian theology that God's Son

01:05:42 --> 01:06:29

No, nevermind, God himself pretty much died for your sins. So you can sin and live the lifestyle that Andrew lives by, you're still put it on the JC gold card we talked about before, right? He's like putting on Jesus's back. And this is this is the biggest deception brother, because it's very attractive. Yeah, I can do whatever I want to. And you got a free ticket to Paradise, who never taught brought by any of the prophets and messengers, no one's dying for your sin. Never. If you want to go ahead and turn to your Creator, repent, repent to God, alone. That's it. We're not make sense. We're not claiming here that we're better than anyone or it's so good or perfect. It's not

01:06:29 --> 01:06:52

about that. We think you're better than me. It's not about that. It's about which system offers you salvation. We our salvation is with God. People's salvation is with people. It doesn't make sense. That just doesn't make sense, doesn't align with scripture, even with the old scripture, and that's what Allah says, in the Quran. So

01:06:53 --> 01:07:00

I think, let the people of the NG G, let them stand by what their book says.

01:07:01 --> 01:07:03

Because they don't even stand by that.

01:07:04 --> 01:07:04

That's the problem.

01:07:06 --> 01:07:51

What do you want, you want to have the cake and eat at the same time? It's not like that. Yes, we Muslims have a lot of issues, a lot of problems. But one thing we're for certain that our system is watertight. And I think you cannot find any other way of life that is so adamant about the oneness of God. And I think this is something that fascinated me, the towhee, the pure pure monotheism, someone tried to hear Muslims, with the Joseph Smith and all that when you look into this, it's so far fetched, because in their religion, they're trying to make you a God at the end that you're going to accomplish after this life, then you go on to be a deity. No one can be a deity, no one can

01:07:51 --> 01:08:00

be God. God is God, the creation is the creation. And this is something that resonates, it goes with what we talked about earlier, the fifth or fifth, the belief and one and only

01:08:01 --> 01:08:11

one Creator, nothing worthy of worship, except that one Creator. And if he can understand this, everything else should be able to fall in place. And it's easy to understand, right? That's why look.

01:08:14 --> 01:08:29

Let's say he's having issues. It's tough for him. Yeah. It was tough for me. It was tough for many people who have converted to Islam. Fine. Just say line Allah, Muhammad Rasul first. Yeah, don't worry about everything else right now. Because a lot of people when you talk to him, like,

01:08:30 --> 01:08:31

what stops him?

01:08:32 --> 01:08:38

They they will, I'm gonna have to change my life. I'm gonna have to give up this. This is Yeah. True.

01:08:39 --> 01:08:42

But it's better to be a Muslim

01:08:43 --> 01:09:23

who commit sins, then a non Muslim was righteous. So we'll talk about all those other things with Andrew after the Shahada. So, coming to see Lila, you see, Leila Leila illallah, Muhammad, Muhammad Rasul Allah then finish translate that Yeah, I mean, there's no deity worthy of worship except God the Almighty and then Muhammad is final prophet and messenger just like Jesus was a messenger at his time same statement same statement at Moses time same statement by Allah Allah Musa must always miss the stamp brothers Mohammed has the last final it's always been the sanity there's no religions there's no different it's always been one thing and I love this the negation there's no deity where

01:09:23 --> 01:09:59

the worship so that can be the cars nothing not gonna wish it the cars the money yourself your ego, nothing nothing except the one who created you who created this is so profound, so is the person it's perfect. It's perfect. Yeah, that's it. So from there we can talk about the prayer we can talk about establishing step by step step by step step by step. Let's do this let you like repeat after us. A shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Shadow Anna, Muhammad Rasool Allah, that's it. Come on, Andrew, you could do it. It's something that will get you to the next step, go to sleep, saying it. Hello, you know, during the day say it and

01:10:00 --> 01:10:05

Shall I start reading you know, essentially that book you know if someone like him covers Islam

01:10:06 --> 01:10:18

putting aside all the differences that we have, if someone who course Islam you can imagine how many of his followers will at least consider Yeah or want to be like, why did he like why would him do it that

01:10:20 --> 01:10:47

could change so many people's life stories good. What you're doing right now, I mean, then you become a better better example better exam better because you'll be following the best example Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was a brother to Jesus Moses Abraham. There's a faith in Islam. Yeah. Anything else? Before we conclude I think we ended up with a good one. The message inviting agitate to Islam and also talking about these very important issues or many people are not touching upon them.

01:10:49 --> 01:11:28

I mean, we nice really nice to spend some time with you having you with us here alone. God Almighty rewards you. I mean, I salami, particle xx. And thank you guys for tuning in another exciting episode here with my brother veal on the deen show. Make sure you guys go ahead and subscribe if you haven't, and we have the latest project with a dean Center. We're trying to get this up and running. So support us there. And we'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you. I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take

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