Jannah Gems #31 – The Key to Hypocrisy is Lying

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of lying about actions and moments in life, rather than just facts. They use the examples of the Bible and LA as examples, and emphasize the need for more attention to one's actions and moments in one's life. The speaker also talks about the importance of remaining confident in one's belief and avoiding arrogance.

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Lying, not saying the truth is the key for hypocrisy. Well I have to be,

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because I am going to be

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acting and saying things that is not me.

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To show that I am different to show that I am better and gradually becomes normal time become a hypocrite. The key for hypocrisy is line.

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And there is a three level of linings here. I lie about Allah Subhana Allah. May Allah protect us, I lie about or Swati salatu salam, may Allah protect us and I like the with people, and I live in my daily life. So let's take first first, the first one. Now law said this in the Quran, among other among many, if not all alike, anybody who is more in just to himself or herself than those who are taller, why can they claim and they say false hood lying about a loss animal?

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Who is worse than that?

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And Allah repeated this a lying about Allah subhana wa tada saying things a lot that is say it's in the Quran itself in the Quran. It means this doesn't mean this. And of course, the worst things which are Hamdi blanshard, we are not Muslim are people, right? And they say this is from the Iranians is not from the Quran, or Allah said this in LA didn't say this. So lying about the last Pantheon, second one, lying about Allah su alayhi salatu salam, and there's a heavy metal water water. There's a hadith with a very strong chain and the meat that the Hadith is mankiller Bala yamata and medium palatable what other human now does it.

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Also have a swatting slot or servicing this whosoever

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intentionally in the word is intentionally lied about to me or Swati Santos? And I'm saying this, let him or her look at their seat in the hellfire. And how do I lie about total, Swati santosa. And this is a lot of us, does it not intentionally, but it's something we really need to pay more attention is when I say all of us what is autism, this is a headache. And especially in this day and age with, we post things online, we share with everybody in the group and telegram and what's up, and we forward and we really have to be careful.

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is is this is really what he said that he said

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the third one, which is the common lying to people, and why do we lie? And everybody if you think of yourself, why do we lie? We lie either to show off, we lie to be like everybody else. We lie to cover our false. The common lie the communist lie we all here is we we arrive late, why you were late, there was traffic, there was no traffic, I left the house.

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So to cover our photoshoot to cover our shortcomings or to blog to brag and to show off. And that's also from the roots of it is arrogance, or to be like everybody else, or sometimes we lie to make people laugh

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or to lie to to be accepted. It's all about life and about dunya and about people. And that's a disease because it is not just lying. It's a key for hypocrisy and hypocrisy. If we continue with it, it becomes hypocrisy in belief. That's what I love the villa a disaster.