How To Escape From Sin In The Last Gasp

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In this talk Moutasem Al-Hameedy offers an emergency tactic that comes in handy when we lose control and Shaytan gets us on the verge of sin. We feel overwhelmed and unable to resist. This talk offers an idea that has proved to be very helpful is such critical moments.
Taken from the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) this tactic is an excellent last resort.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is Mark Dawson wilhelmine for Russia doing.com. Today, we will talk about the last escape from shavonne. What's the last escape from shavonne is that when she gets you into the sin, and you lose all control, I'll share with you one tactic that will help you rescue self in the last minute, and save yourself from falling into that sin.

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So what is this technique, it's about when you fall into the traps of shavon shavon seems to get you into a position that is ideal for you to fall into a sin. So all the ingredients of the sin there, including yourself, and then you're so tempted to fall into that sin, and you lose control. You don't you don't seem to have any control over yourself to give it up, or withdraw from the situation or get out of the whole thing. So you just feel drawn into just like a black hole sucking you in. And you seem that you're inevitably falling into that sin. Okay, so this is the last resort, into how to get yourself out of this helpless situation. And it's something that I call obstinate,

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withdrawal, obstinate withdrawal. And this technique has proven so practical and beneficial to myself, and many of the peoples, the people that I've shared it with. So this is why I want to share it with you in this video. I've used it in some of many of my seminars, and we tried to apply it. And the feedback I got from the students who attended these seminars was phenomenal. This technique seems to be so practical, and so powerful. And I didn't, I didn't invent it and make it up. I got it from from Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, that's when the wife of Al Aziz invited him to commit the the sin of Xena. The way usefully sin and dealt with this situation was phenomenal. So now let me

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explain the logic behind this thing. And what is obstinate withdrawal.

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Basically, it's every sin is like a recipe. It's like a chemical equation, you need all the ingredients in one place, in order for them to interact and react with one another. So that they produce the final result, which is in the recipes. analogy, it's the final dish, okay. So if you remove away one of them, imposed important or basic ingredients of that recipe, you don't get the dish. And in the chemical equation, if you remove one of the basic ingredients, or one of the basic reactants, you're not going to get the final result, which is the chemical products, you're not going to get that. And sin is just similar to that. So in this sense, shaytan is a chemist, or

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shaytani constituent on as a as a as a chef. So she's been read all the ingredients in order to make his dish, he needs all the reactants in order to make that chemical equation. And the most important ingredient is actually yourself. Because if you're not here, you can't commit a thing here. Okay, if you're not in a certain

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place or locality, you cannot commit a sin if you're not there. So you are the basic ingredients, ingredient. And that was your thought. And that's why should not brings you here to where the sin is where the other ingredients are, so you can actually fall into the sin. So when he was falling, Sarah was invited by the wife of Al Aziz, everything was perfect for us for that sin. So he was there, the woman was there. And there was this sense of privacy, no one she because she blocked or she locked all the doors and she closed all the windows. So no one could actually know what was happening. And ultimately use of was his servants usefully. Salaam was her servant, she could

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command him and order him and he was supposed to obey. So it was completely perfectly she was inviting him he would she was just telling him, come, you know, she was inviting him to approach her and fall into this sin of Xena and commit Zina with her, but you tell them straightaway said, You know, I seek refuge in a lot from this. And I'm not ungrateful to Allah who's been good to me or I'm not ungrateful to your husband, who was really looked after me and treated me well. What did you say nice to them? Do? He rushed to the door? He withdrew from the situation. obstinately he did not let himself have any second thoughts about it. He did not let himself contemplate and say let me see,

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maybe I can get out of this. Or maybe I'll just, you know, just approach a little bit and not go all the way with that sin. He didn't say any of that. He just closed his mind closes thinking process and made his ultimate focus on one thing that's getting out of this place, you're removing the basic ingredient, and that's why I call it obstinate withdrawals, like stubborn, adamant withdrawal from the scene of the sin. So once you get out of that scene, you can't commit the sin because you're out of it. The ingredients are not there. Okay? So simply you can't commit a sin. So what do you do basically, once you feel yourself trapped, you're gonna go

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You, okay? All the ingredients of this sin are there including yourself, and you're tempted and you see, you feel that in a black hole of, of sin is sucking you in so powerfully, and the pool is so overwhelming and you can't seem to control yourself, all you need to do is just, you know, sort of close that thinking process, you know, halted, you know, bring it to bring it to a halt where it doesn't you don't think anymore. And all you have to do is just tell yourself, I'm getting out of here, I'm just getting out of him put yourself just, you know, you could actually start running, you can start running, because that's what useful is that I'm did he raised to the door, and she chased

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him. So you race to any exit from this locality from this place. Okay, so you just rush out without thinking about anything without having any second thoughts. Let your whole focus your whole motivation, your whole, you know, intention be focused on just getting out of this place, just get out of this place. Okay, so this door, just opened the door rush out, and just walk, walk, walk distances away from that place without thinking. And just to block your thinking, you can actually start just talking to yourself repeating certain things. Again, just out of here, I'm out of here, I'm out of here, I'm out of here, I'm out of it. Would that does it distract your attention from

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focusing on the sale and the pull of the sin. And what it also does, it stops you thinking about, you know, maybe you know the enjoyment you might get from Destin, so just say you blow you block your whole thinking process by seeing this. And by physically moving out of this adamantly getting out of that place. And then you can't fall into this. And usually what happens with sin, and that's something that I learned from practice, and from the feedback that I get usually from people is that sin has high time primetime, it's sometimes five minutes, 10 minutes, or maybe an hour. So once you get yourself out of that locality or that vicinity, where the sin is about to happen, where the

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other ingredients of the sin are there, you can use stuff out of it, okay, for about half an hour, okay, or maybe for about maybe an hour, okay, maybe sometimes five minutes, you know, you desire by that time has subdued has taken a dip. And then you don't feel that so much tempted. So you're in your weakest moments, you managed to get yourself out of danger. And now you're in more and more control after you got out of this vicinity. So that's what I call obstinate withdrawal. Try this with helpless situations, it is so powerful, it has worked perfectly for me, has worked perfectly for so many people that I know, okay, and it just pays off. Some people have tried it, but it didn't

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work out for them. And the reason is, they did not practice it, they did not rehearse it at times, it is as I usually say in my videos, if you notice this, that you need to practice certain things, and at times of ease, and they will come to your rescue at times of hardship, they will come in handy. So all you need to do is at times of ease, I just just now you know, after you just finished this watching this video, all you need to do is just, I want you to put yourself in the mood of committing a sin, when you feel you're tempted and you just want you feel the pool and the attraction of the sin, I just feel so much attracted, get yourself in that mood, and, and just

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abruptly break that flow of the sin. All you need to do just do what I said, Okay, say I'm out of here and physically, you know, with all with all force, get yourself out of that place out of that room, open the door and get out of that room, if you're in a building, get out of that building, okay? If you're in in a certain place, okay, just in your office or in your bedrooms get out of that place. Okay? That's a rehearsal, it's not a real situation, do that 10 times. And all, you know, by doing this, you hardwire your brain in to develop a new habit. And that is basically to break the flow of any temptation you have. So you can do it. So try it 10 times, maybe tomorrow, try it again

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or in the evening, tried another 10 times, and so on and so forth. And you will see it becomes like second nature comes so easy for you to break any kind of flow that you could actually engage in when it comes to sin. And then when you get really in trouble,

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you find it easy just to pull yourself out of that place because you've practiced it so much. But if you don't practice it, I don't have any guarantee that this could actually work for you. Because the poor decision might be so powerful, that you know your ability to break from that situation or to get out of that vicinity might not really work out for you. Okay, so you need to practice this has proved very practical for people, especially young people who are, you know, who I tried with watching porn, watching pornography, that has really helped them because they usually do it by themselves. They have usually their device in their hands, their laptop, or their smartphone, etc.

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And they are by themselves in that privacy and they feel the temptation. So what they tried to do is actually, okay, throw that device out of their hands, or if it's a laptop, just leave it and get out of that place. Just say I'm out of here. I'm out of here. I'll just say GCF. I don't want to commit a sin. I don't want to commit a sin. I don't want to commit a sin. You know, I feel a lot. I feel a lot. I feel as keeps

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saying this because you blocked your thinking process. And he's just physically get out of that place. And maybe you could find some friend to spend some time with or someone to talk with talk to. Okay, so get that Prime Time to fade away, and then you'll be in good position to control yourself. If you do that a few times, you'll actually break from the the sense of addiction to sin, if you do that a few times and then inshallah you'll be able to break from that pool of the sin for good. So hopefully you found this beneficial and if you did, please share it with your friends with your family and create that positive ripple effect. So hopefully will help save more people from the

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temptation of coupon from the tricks and traps of sheet one. It's a very simple advice but as I said, you need to practice it at times of ease, so it comes in handy at times of hardship when you truly need it. Okay, if you found this video beneficial, don't forget to press the like button. Share it as I said, with everyone you can everyone you think who could benefit from it. And until we meet with another video, I leave you in peace Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh