Jannah Gems #22 – Ask Allah for Steadfastness

Haifaa Younis


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You ask Allah to keep you steadfast along with me as I look at the Bat Allahumma Lucas about your Allah. I asked you steadfastness. I asked you steadfastness. It's not easy. It's not easy.

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As as the Sahaba came to Rasul Allah salatu salam and he said, Tell me one Give me one advice. And don't give me too much one advice in this day, but don't give me too long too many. And he said, quote, I meant to be Latimer stop and he said, say, I believe in Allah, and stay steadfast, faster, steadfast, keep on the right path. Keep on the same path. Don't go right don't go left. Don't oscillate. A loss of the total Swati Soto Sara, the end of solitude. The end of solitude, he said first time come only woman tabaka will

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study steadfast you and those who believed with you and don't over relatable don't do injustice, ask Allah and you can you you know some dough has already set in your own language Yeah, Allah just like you made me You made it easy for me to fast the whole 30 days. You made it easy for me to stand up. Pray all that long nights you made it easy for me to read Quran you made it easy for me to stay away from the disobedience your Allah state, make it easy for me afterwards. What do you think Allah will do? What do you think Allah who will do? What Allah Ramadan yesterday bloco your Lord said, asked me on Whoo, respond, and Swati can salatu salam

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taught segnale and he said, his realizada will houda ask Allah ask Allah to be that he guides you all the time. And he makes you say and do the right thing. I said the right thing. And Abdullah Yama, he always used to pray for himself along my journey the user alone is certainly useful. You're of law, facilitate for me his use of these things. Meaning things that that the acts of worship are easy. Remembering you is easy. reading Quran is easy. staying away from disobedience is easy. A da or Bonilla to zocalo been a bad headache will have been a militant kurama in the canta Wahab Allah said this assault Allah Emraan that's what we need. Laughter Cubana nada in headaches and yoga.

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Don't let our hearts deviate. After you're guided us. Think of it in the concept of Ramadan. We were guided Alhamdulillah now to the coven. I thought why don't let it happen, that we will deviate that there is a tener Wahhabi anomala don't karma and gift us your loving mercy. In our hub, you're the one who gift so ask Allah to stay steadfast