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Jannah Gems #20 – Don’t Get Upset

Haifaa Younis


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The Communist advice the Torah, Swati salatu salam gave it in a different wording and different versions is don't get upset. So let's look at all what Ross Swati thought was Sam was asked, and in which context he was asked the first one. He was said that the question he received his jasola advice, give me an advice.

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Give me advice, don't get upset.

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Second one, you're also like, teach me I live meeting, teach me something, and don't teach me too many things. Because I really want to understand and basically the meaning of an apply and he said, Don't get upset yet or the same answer. So power law. And the third question jasola guide me teach me something do let me guide me something will let me to Jenna. And also don't give me too many things. And he said, Don't get angry lotto Bob. So in every way, whether it is a general advice for new when somebody you want to give somebody one advice, you will give the most important thing that will cover many issues. And the answer was Don't get upset. So what does this Don't get upset me?

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There's two things here.

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They say number one, teach yourself or teach myself. All of the characters practice the characters that will prevent me from feeling anger. What are these characters that will help me not to feel angry, not to feel anger, and they say it's number one, teach yourself, to be generous. To give generosity,

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forbearance humbleness, I need to learn these and practice it. lets me see myself how much I am humble. How much forbearing I am. How much I forgive easily. How much I pardon these characters. The more I have of these, the more the less the feeling of anger. Number two, what about if it's happened, I felt angry. And the end the feeling is inside you. So the second part of the advice of our Swati salatu salam to this more than one Sahabi is when you feel the feeling of anger, don't act upon it. And I think for us, this is so important because this part is where the part all the evils happens.

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Because when I get angry, and I act upon my anger, that's where the evils the backbiting happens, the hurtful words comes out of the tongue. The hurtful act comes from the hand. The hurtful acts comes from the rest of the of the body. So I that is feeding and acting upon the feeding.