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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys doing? Many of you would have known that in the past, I have made a reputational extra series of reputational videos against a one Patrick, but David, an individual who's notorious in social media, and has his own podcast, where he has various guests. Now, this particular person has actually changed his mind on some key issues. And I wanted to bring this to the fore. And give him credit for that, actually, because a lot of people will find it difficult to do this. Let's take a look at some before and after clips were in before he would my characterization at least, hyper generalize in a low resolution way, the status of

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Muslim terrorists or terrorism and Islam, or terrorism and Muslims, and then afterwards, he corrects himself. Let's take a look at the before and the after. In the Muslim religion as much as people in America want to make it. It's a very peaceful thing. You've heard Bill Maher say this before. We're bill says most Muslims are not terrorists. But Bill Maher also says most terrorists are Muslims, right? Well, he's not wrong. First thing we think about us as a Muslim extremists. I mean, every Muslim is a Muslim extremist, which is not it's a smaller sect of the majority. So recently, he's had another guest where he was talking about Islam again. And he asked a very pertinent question, to

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which in my opinion, he received an unsatisfactory reply from his guests. Let's take a look at the question that he asked, What are they doing that their messaging is more attractive or NBA players, football players, Hollywood, some people are starting to say, Well, I'm kind of going to lean towards this then Christianity today. So as you can see, he's asking what is it their messaging? Okay, now, first and foremost, is, I think what's happening here? Whether it's intentional or unintentional, there is a kind of equivocation going on between Islam as a religion, okay, and the Muslim people, or Islam as a civilization. These are three different things or usages of the word

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Islam. Historians, for example, when they use the word Islam, they talk about Islam as a civilization. Okay? But then Muslims are the practitioners of Islam, what are they doing their messaging, it's not really that Muslims have a messaging or a PR campaign, or that will come together and saying, This is what we're going to say. It's just that there is a simple message of Islam, and that is to believe in one God, to believe that there's only one God worthy of worship. If you want to juxtapose this will compare this or contrast this with Christianity, then clearly, the main difference here is that we don't believe Jesus is God, or the Son of God, we don't believe in

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the Trinity. These are the main theological differences between Islam and Christianity in a nutshell. But of course, there are many other things as well, which one can research we've had lots of discussions about on this very channel. Suffice it for me to say that the theological messaging is very different, relating to the status of God, we believe in one God worthy of worship. Christians believe that there are three persons of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If you look at the data, why people convert to Islam, this is one of the most oft repeated oft cited reasons why people do so. And then of course, there are all these other things the social norms, the

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moral code, there are the you know, very clear who dude or lines, red lines huddled means, boundaries that Allah God has set for us, which people find attractive and appealing because it gives them a sense of purpose. Of course, purpose itself is something which Islam aims to give. But having said this, now, I think the guest he missed the boat when he was answering the question, he said that Islam provides strong patriarchal response to say feminism. But if this was the case, if this is the main reason why people convert to Islam, then why not convert to Orthodox Judaism? And Orthodox Judaism has very many similar laws when it comes to the family and traditional nuclear

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homes and so on. So why not Orthodox Judaism? That is because there are key differences between Islam, which is an evangelizing proselytizing religion, a cosmopolitan, religion and Judaism, which isn't any of those things in any of the same way that Islam is? Let's take a look at another thing now those segments which I found quite problematic, let's say with what Patrick bet David has stated about the media in Islam, but at the same time, the media will defend Muslim but immediate will not defend Christianity, the the sports teams will say hey, you have to be a little bit more understanding about the Muslim religion, but Christianity that can give shots so

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Another point of media representation of Muslims I think is completely problematic. And Zhi Shan from Sparta gender has made a video in a segment he talks about Georgia State University is actually a study about media representation of Muslims, and how it's actually on the whole, quite negative. And that is why many of the maybe misconceptions that he initially had before he changed his mind when were present in the first place because of negative media representation. But the issue of sports is even more unusual. I know he made a very specific point about teams and so on. Maybe he's talking about NFL teams or NBA teams in the American context. But it's unusual, but not least,

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because if you look at the main kind of institutions, sports institutions and organizations, FIFA, the Olympics, and so on, I would put I would posit, I would submit that actually, almost all of them are this favorable to Muslim nations, Muslim countries, Muslim teams, how so for example, look at the Olympics is divided into the Summer Olympics, and then you got the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics in and of itself, excludes the majority of Muslim countries because of the fact that most of those countries are not even in a climate where you could do things like skiing, and so on. So it's already exclusionary, to the majority of the Muslim world 60 countries are Muslim majority.

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Then once again, look at FIFA, the majority of World Cups, for example, of the ones that have actually been hosted or hosted in, in Western nations or Latin America. I mean, it's been for the most part Europe or Latin America. And the homefield advantage is very real, as we've seen, Qatar recently, which is a Muslim country, the first time a Middle Eastern country. And I think the first time Muslim countries ever, you know, hosted a World Cup, and you saw completely different results with Morocco, and Muslim country, reaching the semi finals. So the point is, this wasn't the case of all the world cups that happened, you only find a few of them which favor the Muslim interest. So

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you've got the Olympics, you've got the FIFA World Cup, which are the two biggest tournaments in sports, and are controlled by American businessmen and so on, or European businessman for the most part. That's one aspect. And then you've got in popular American culture, which you'll be very familiar with, I remember growing up and seeing a character on the W. W. E, the World Wrestling organization called Mohamed Hassan. And this was a particular wrestler, who, when he came out played the part of a terrorist, actually, and there was actually one segment where when he came out, many of you will have remembered in WWE. He came with terrorists and so on, so much so that the

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television station had to ban this character from appearing ever again. It was a scandalous event. So post 911, I would argue in sports. And in general, look at the Qatar situation where you had all of these people, you know, all these teams coming and talking about Gary Lineker, and all these pundits from across the world attacking or trying to get them to be undermined in some way. So

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the argument is not really there. I have to say, Patrick, I'm not following the argument that you're making here.

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In terms of sports and representation of Islam, and Islam being rubbed. However, I will agree with the guests when he said that Christianity and Christian figures were also being depicted in a backward manner. And that is, of course, after 1960s. And the guest was correct in saying that there was now a shift towards individualism and social liberalism, something I cover in a small book that you can get for free, called the scientific Deceptions of the New Atheists. But having said this, I think it's good that Patrick is now moving in the trajectory of understanding the other side. I hope that trajectory continues was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh