Jannah Gems 11 – What Does Does Not Negate the Fast

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The speaker discusses the negative impact of fasting and excessive eating on one's health, citing studies that suggest that it can lead to health problems. They also mention that kissing is allowed under certain conditions, but not under other conditions. The speaker suggests that anyone who uses IV fluid, including medication, will not be able to break the fast. They also mention that kissing is allowed under certain conditions, but not under others.

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So, what are the things that allowed during the state of casting that will not negate your fasting, swallowing saliva, tasting food, but not excessive tasting food, not excessive smelling perfume and kissing between a husband and wife as long as there is no the law higher again, this is what they taught us that there is no sexual interaction, because the sexual interaction break the fast completely. But if there is the intimate relation without the sexual interaction, it is allowed under Swati Salatu was the reason they put kissing specifically because it is being reported that Saraswati salatu salam during Ramadan, he used to kiss his wives. I put this and I really would love

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for everyone to memorize this because these are the common questions, communist questions we get. What does not negate the fast eyedrops under the tongue medication, Vaginal Cream or medications, vaginal exam, speculum urinary catheter, dental work mouth gargle IV and I m medication as long as they are not a nutritionist. So it's not an IV fluid. It's not an IV fluid. If somebody takes an IV antibiotic, it does not break the past. But if I'm putting IV fluid because that's a nutrition or I'm giving injection b 12. That's a nutrition oxygen therapy. general anesthesia itself itself does not break the fast itself. But if they put which is very unlikely that you will get the general

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anesthesia without having an IV fluid than the fast is negated because of the IV fluid. Skin creams and ointment cardiac cath if you did not get IV fluid, endoscopy biopsies and unintentional vomiting, unintentional vomiting, all these your fast is fine. Do then I will add to this anything I will always say this to my patients anything that is not necessary. Try to not do it in Ramadan but if I have to do with Al Hamdulillah as they say Alibaba wasa the permission is well wide. This there's a lot of room Alhamdulillah Arab land, we can do that.