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Juz’ 2: Al-Baqarah 142-252
Al-Baqarah 142-150

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una Sunday or lotto soudal Kareem Mr Barrett, Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish likely surgery where Sidley MD Washington melissani yokocho. Cali probenecid.

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We will listen to the recitation first.

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He can

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read the many

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john, let

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call him on

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walking me say a poodle. So for her Amina ness,

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the foolish among the people will certainly say, Mao Allahumma pipilotti human Lottie Kanwar la ha, what has turned the believers away from their Qibla which they used to face say, Paul lilla Hill machico Alma grip to Allah belongs the east and the west, he guides whom He wills to a straight path. In the previous section of sort of Bukhara, the first section of pseudo tobacco. We learned that Allah subhanaw taala chose the nation of Bani Israel over all other nations over all other people. He raised amongst them, many prophets, many kings, and he blessed them with numerous worldly benefits. However, when they disobeyed Allah, and one after the other, they oppose the commands of

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Allah, they tampered with his religion, then what happened, a lot of anger descended upon them, and thus the honor that they were gifted with was taken away, they no longer remained the chosen people. Therefore, the last and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was chosen from other than them, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he remained in Makkah for 13 years. After the Prophet hood and upon his route to Medina, he was instructed to face the beta mock this in prayer, which was the Qibla of the Yahood and remember that they are who used to live in Medina. However, after about 16 months or so, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was ordered to face

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the Kaaba during Sunnah. Now, this is something that bothered the yahood of Medina a lot. And what happened, they raised much propaganda against the Muslims. So Allah revealed is if a lot prepared the believers, that the foolish among the people will certainly criticize you, they will certainly mock at you. They will say that what has turned them away from their Qibla, which they used to face, how can they used to face beta mock this before? And now they're facing the Kaaba, what should your response be, say lilla. Hill machico. Allah, to Allah belongs the east and the west, all directions have been created by who? By Allah, and he can order us to face any direction that he wants. And

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yeah, the mania in us that autumn was the theme, he guides whomsoever He wills to a straight path. Now this was a major change. The shift of Qibla, from beighton macness, to Makkah, to the Kaaba was a major change. And the fact is that in every person's life, various changes occur. And it is difficult to accept change. And these changes, whether they're small or big, whether they are at individual level or at a community level. What happens much talk happens, what we need to remember is that it is through these changes that Allah subhanaw taala tests us that these changes, we don't have much control over them.

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All we can do is that we can accept them. All we can do is that we can watch our luck, our behavior, our actions, the change of weather, the change of age, the change of size, the change of jobs, the change of school, the change of class, all of these changes are in fact a part of life. So when these changes occur, let's not become mere commentators and critics of these changes, rather let us worry about what we need to do when these changes do happen in our lives. What gallica jalna comb automaton was self taught, and thus we have made you adjust community or Muslim ummah. Allah has made you an oma, that is what's up. What's up, meaning one that is in the middle, the oma which is

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in the middle, meaning the western thought, the connection between Allah and mankind, meaning it is our duty as Muslim Ummah, to convey a last message to people and call people to Allah. We are the carriers of this obligation, mankind depends on us, because Allah has made us the custodians of his book of his message, we are not to hoard it, we are to take it to others. We are the connection between Allah and mankind. If mankind needs guidance, we have to take the Quran to them. If they're seeking God, we have to show them how to seek Allah soprano Donna how to worship Allah how to live their lives, according to a way that Allah will be pleased with. Look at alika Gianna comb, oma

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tomasa This is a huge responsibility on our shoulders. Lita kuno, Shahada Arlen ness, that you will be witnesses over the people way akuna Masuda la comme shahida and the messenger will be a witness over you, the messenger conveyed to us and now the obligation the responsibility rests on our shoulders. Allah who raised us to save the people of this world, he did not raise us so that we save her this world. We unfortunately have gotten lost in enjoying the blessings of this world. We are too comfortable in our lives. This is why we find it difficult to even come and study the Quran to even come and listen to the Quran. How are we then going to take this on forward to mankind when

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mankind is living in darkness when people are dying day after day in disbelief? Who is going to take them out of that darkness? If we are not willing to take a step forward and enlightened our lives with the book of Allah? How can we enlightened the lives of other people? One major unlucky volatility contohnya inla li Nana Mumia Kabira Rasulullah, Mahon kalevala rpba. And we did not make the Qibla which you use to face which one the vacant MK does, except that we might make evident who would follow the messenger from the one who would turn back on his heels. Allah could have ordered the Muslims from the first day that they face the Kaaba only. But what happened? They were made to

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face beta doctors, and then they were made to face the Kaaba, why this change? Why to test the believers, and indeed it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided, for those whom Allah has guided for those people obeying the messenger was not difficult. But for those whose hearts are not guided, then what happens they find obedience to the messenger extremely difficult. Womack and Allahu Neale Dr. Eamon acoem. And never would Allah have caused you to lose your faith. So were you not your previous prayers will not go to waste because you perform them facing beta blockers in obedience to Allah. When you face fatal knock this in prayer, who are you obeying Allah? So the

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prayers that you perform facing way to democritus they are not gone waste. And never would Allah have caused you to lose your faith. Indeed, Allah is to the people, kind and merciful. He does not waste their efforts. Allah does not waste the hard work of his servants. Those who genuinely strive for Allah. Those who genuinely strive to attain Allah's pleasure than Allah does not let their striving go waste. So what is necessary is last sincerity. This is why for the much the hit for the one who strives to come to the best conclusion, even if he makes a mistake, still he will have a reward. Why? Because of his sincerity because of his effort. So what do we learn in these ayat? Then

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in our lives, we are put through many tests, just like the people of Medina were put through a test, who was going to follow the messenger when the Qibla is changed, and who is going to turn back on his heels. Likewise, we are going to be tested also. Whoever follows his desire when it comes to the deen. Then who is he going to

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Follow, is he going to follow his desire? Or is he going to follow the messenger? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, All my followers will enter agenda except for those who refuse, all will enter agenda except for those who refuse the people asked, or less messenger who will refuse. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, whoever obeys me will enter Jannah. And whoever disobeys me is the one who refuses, meaning the one who will be refused from entering Jenna. So this entire test is about what it devour will soon following the messenger, and in our lives also, we are put through this test. There are times when we have the option, do we follow the messenger? Or do we

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follow our desires? We are put in these situations because Allah is testing us, because when we choose to follow the messenger sallallahu wasallam. What does that show that indeed, certainly, we believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because believing in the Prophet means that whatever the Prophet has commanded, we accept it without hesitation, we follow it without any reservations. So we need to see Are there times in our lives also, when we come across a Sunnah that is completely opposite to what we have been doing all our lives that we have been so comfortable with? This is the test of obedience. What do we do at that time, the people of Medina were tested,

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we too will be tested, or the Narada palooka was rica for summer, we have certainly seen the turning of your face toward the sky, because the prophets on a lot of them expected that Allah would order him anytime to face the Carbonell during the prayer. So what happened very often he would look up to the sky, in hopes that now the command will come now to be unwelcome. Allah says that we have seen your face turning up looking out, awaiting hoping for Allah's command. And the fact is that when we do hope for Allah's gift, when we do hope for Allah's help for his mercy, then what happens? Naturally, the sight goes up, naturally, the eyes look up. Why? Because Allah is above his throne.

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He's not nowhere or everywhere, no, he is above his throne. So it is only natural to look up in hope of His mercy. And we will surely turn you to a Qibla which you will be pleased with. So turn your face to word of masjidul head on. And wherever you believers are meeting now wherever in the world you are, when it is time to pray, then turn your face to word it toward what the muster How long? Indeed, those who have been given the Scripture know well, that it is the truth from their Lord, and Allah is not unaware of what they do, while in a title levina otol kita be coonley I attend Mehta bureau people attack and if you brought to those who are given the Scripture, every sign, every

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proof, every evidence, they would not follow your Qibla because when a person refuses for the sake of refusing out of sheer stubbornness, then what happens? proofs and evidences logic and reasoning do not benefit him, because the one who really wants to understand then for him one thing is sufficient. And what is that one thing? This is Alice, her calm? This is Alice command, just like the angels, they were ordered Prostrate to Adam, what happened? That order was sufficient? Yes, they frustrated to Adam, but it believes what happened with him was that he refused, he was arrogant, then what happens? Then a person when he is given proof after proof reasoning after reasoning, he

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does not accept he will only refuse. So the Muslims are comforted over here the prophets of Allah said of the believers are consoled that some people will certainly criticize you. They will spread propaganda, they will defame you, they will argue with you, they will bother you, but do not get worried and realize that no matter what explanation you give them, they will never be satisfied with you. So don't bother to satisfy them. So what does this teach us? that whenever we come across a situation like this, where the truth is evident, but people are not willing to listen, then what should we do? Then do not bother about the blame of the blamers Do not worry about the hate of the

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haters, and just do what you have to do. Do what Allah wants you to do follow his order. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is told that if you brought to those who were given the Scripture, every sign, they would never follow your Qibla nor will you be a follower of their Qibla and Tabitha Vereen. kybella, to whom you should not follow their Qibla either. Why? Because you are upon the truth, and they're upon the false hood. Whether it's about the home mimbar the manager or coming in, in either lemon of water

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The mean? And if, if you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, then indeed you would then be among the wrongdoers. What does this ayah tell us? That those people who have been given their aim should not follow those who do not have?

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If Allah has given us knowledge has given us knowledge? What is before us right now? What is in front of us? The Quran? And what is the Quran, the source of knowledge? So when Allah has given us knowledge, then who should we follow? What should we follow the knowledge they're in that Allah has given? Not what the people do, not what the ignorant people do. So if Allah has made us,

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then when we leave this room, our guide should be this in our guide should be what we have learned from the book of Allah, not the ways and the practices of the people who do not have. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is warned, that if you were to follow these people, after Allah has given you knowledge, then who would you be among Who? The wrongdoers the violin? So the one who, after getting in, if he follows the ways of those who do not have him, then what is he doing? He's doing one who is such a person, he's a lolium. Who are we being unjust to ourselves, we are being unjust to this alien, we are being adjusted the deen of Allah, we are falling short in our duty to Allah.

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This is injustice. So when Allah has granted us knowledge, then what is it that we need to do? Follow that knowledge, not follow what the people of the world do? Because what knowledge do they have? If they're saying something, doing something based on divine guidance, then yes, follow them. But if they're doing something that is contrary to divine guidance, then never follow them, and following them would be pure injustice, and levena artina, whom will kita those to whom we have given the book, those to whom we have given the Scripture, they know him, they know the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as they know their own children. They recognize the messenger as well

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as they recognize their own children. But indeed, a party of them conceal the truth. While they know it. There are those people who know the truth, they see it, they recognize it, their hearts tell them that it is the truth, yet they do not accept it, yet they do not adhere to it while urja will allow Camila back. The truth is from your Lord fanatic una nominal mon 13. So never be among those who doubt. Never be among those who doubt those who doubt about what about the truth. Don't fall for the words of people. Don't get worried because of what the people say to you. Don't leave the truth that has come to you out of fear of people. Remember, it is extremely important for us that when

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Allah has given us the Hulk, then we hold on to it with all our might, even if the entire world opposes it, even if our inner desires oppose it, still give utmost importance to the command of Allah give utmost importance to the word of Allah to the Hulk. While he could language Hatton Who am only her for each religious group is a direction toward which it faces and each person also has a goal. Each person also has a center of life has a goal that he is aspiring towards, that he is striving towards. What does Allah tell us? What should be our center of life for us who hierarchy so race? Are you Muslims to all that is good? For a believer, his center of life is what it is

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hierarchy, it is good deeds. This is what he seeks. And wherever he finds it, he seizes it, whenever he finds it. He takes benefit from it, no matter kuno wherever you may be, yet DB como la who Jamia Allah, who will bring you forth for a judgement altogether. No matter where we go in this world. Eventually we have to return to Allah. So while we are living this life, who is it that we should not forget? Allah? What is it that we should not forget doing clay doing good in the lohana condition encoded? Indeed, Allah is over all things, competent woman how you feel? Harada so from wherever you go out, meaning any place you go to, and it is time to pray, that O Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, turn your face to word of the masjid and held on and indeed it is the truth from your Lord. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. There was so much

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criticism, there were so much propaganda against the Muslims when this change of Qibla happened. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the believers are being told again and again, this is the truth, this is what you have to do. It doesn't matter how much noise the people of the world make, it doesn't matter how much they criticize, when Allah has ordered you to do something, then you have to do it no matter what. And in particular, the command is concerning facing the Qibla. in prayer, which teaches us that whether we are at home, or we are in the marketplace, whether we are traveling, or we are at school, when it is time to pray, and we have to pray, then what direction is it that we

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have to face it is the Qibla. And what is the Qibla, the Kaaba in Mecca, Masjid al Haram. And remember that followed prayer, the obligatory prayers, they must be performed while facing the Qibla. Unless there is no way, no way at all to face the Qibla. And when is that possible that either a person is not able to determine which way the Qibla is, he has no idea. He's in the nighttime, he doesn't know how to tell the direction from the stars, he doesn't know how to tell the direction from the position of the sun, he doesn't have a compass and the time is running out, there is no way of telling where the Qibla is, or it is not possible to face the Qibla. Even if a person

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knows which direction the Qibla is. So for example, a person happens to be in a plane in an airplane, and it is time to pray. Now, of course, you cannot shift the direction of the plane so that you can pray, nor can you stand in the middle of the walkway. Nor can you make the people sitting next to you uncomfortable because you have to face the Qibla. So over there, yes, there is a reason you cannot face the Qibla. So which direction do you face, whatever that you can. But when we do have the ability to face the Qibla and that means we are able to stop the car. And that means we are able to take a few moments and find out which direction the Qibla is, then what do we have to

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do? We have to face the Qibla in prayer. It is a condition for the correctness of the prayer. It is a condition for the validity of prayer. But remember that when it comes to knuffle prayer, voluntary prayer, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam face the Qibla at the beginning meaning when he would say that that word. And then what would happen? whatever direction the mount went into, he continued to pray, meaning it didn't matter whether he was facing the Qibla any longer or not. He continued the prayer. What in the hulan haccombe Arabic, this is the truth from your Lord, woman, Allahu la Finn. And I'm Tara Manu. And Allah is not unaware of what you do. So whether we are in the plane, or we're

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in the car, whether we are at home or at work, Allah knows what we are doing, what we are capable of what our limitations are, and what our abilities are women, Hazel Harada, and from wherever you go out for prayer, then turn your face toward Elon Musk. And wherever you believers may be, turn your face to word it in order that the people will not have any argument against you, that the people don't have a chance to say about you that what is wrong with the Muslims, when they wish they face the therapist. And when they don't want to. Then they pray in whatever direction at one point in time you face one direction. And another point, you face another direction. No, be firm about this.

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This is something that we have to be particular about, no matter where in the world we are. When it is time to pray, then we have to face the Qibla we have to face masjidul how long in prayer? Well, how are you so Macondo, for one Lulu? How come shutaura li la akuna Lin sgrna como jetten ala Latina, voila, moment home, face the Qibla so that people do not have any argument against you, except for those of them who commit wrong. Those people, those who do well, they will continue to speak against you, their mouth shall never seal. So no matter what you do, how good you do it, there will always be people who will criticize you. So learn to ignore them. Do what you have to do, and

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ignore what the critics say. Otherwise, we cannot obey Allah. Remember that whenever we are doing something good, and people begin to criticize us, then this is a test. These people are a test for us. A law is in fact, testing us. He is checking us whether what we do is really for him, or it is for some other purpose. Because when we begin to do a good deed, then what happens Initially, the intention is pretty good. Well, coloboma 21 in Allah, but then what happens over time, we begin to seek praise from people, we begin to feel very happy about our presence in front of other people. So there we are tested. Do you still continue to do what you said you are going to do for Allah,

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despite the criticism, despite the hardship, if you still continue to do it, then yes, you did it for Allah. But if you stop then that means that you stopped Why? Because you didn't do for Allah because if what we

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Doing is truly for Allah, then what is sufficient that my lord is watching. And that is enough. And if what we're doing is for some other reason than what will happen, we will stop because we're no longer looking forward to the fact that Allah is watching us. So Allah reminds us, he tells us Filatov showhome work shoni fear them, not fear me, fear them not, do not fear the people do not fear what they say to you about you, the criticisms that they hurled at, you know, what is it that we should fear? Who is it that we should fear Allah subhanaw taala and this is something very important. This is something that perhaps we can make a note for ourselves. Filatov showhome walk

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shoni don't fear people fear Allah, I am not going to fear people, I am going to fear Allah and fearing Allah. This is a sign of a man. Remember that man is not complete, until our love, our fear, our hope is all in a loss upon the hautala when he owed him money or material a come and so that I made perfect my favorite upon you, and that you may be guided. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, three things, save a person. And one of them is the fear of Allah in secret. And in open. One of the things that save people is what the fear of Allah in open and in secret, that when a person fears Allah in front of people, and when he fears Allah, even when he is alone, that

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because Allah is watching him, he is afraid of him. And so even when he is alone, he does not indulge in wrong actions, he restrains his hand, he restraints his tongue, he restrains his limbs, then that is something this fear is something that will protect a person. The question is, how should one fear Allah? How is it that we can fear Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you should fear Allah as if you are seeing him. And Tasha la anagha Tara, you should fear Allah as if you were seeing him. If we're doing something wrong, and our mother walks in, or our teacher walks in, then what happens to us at that time? Do we become afraid? Do our hands begin to

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shiver? Do we just drop whatever we are doing? Yes, that fear just overtakes us. Why? Because the person came in front of us and we see them. So because we see them, because we are seeing them because they're before us. We are afraid. The prophets have a lot of them said that you should fear Allah as if you were seeing him. Just think about it. When we are caught red handed, when we are caught in the middle of when we're doing something wrong, what happens to us, we are overcome by fear. But when we're doing anything wrong, then who is always watching us? Allah is always watching us. So we need to check ourselves. Do I have fear Allah, the way I fear people? Do I fear Allah the

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way I fear people when I am caught doing something wrong? This is the Russia that we need. This is the Russia that we need to bring about in our lives. So on the one hand, we have to fear Allah. And on the other hand, Allah says, Do not fear people do not fear them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Let's not the fear of people, prevent any one of you from speaking the truth, when he has seen it, when he has witnessed it, when he has heard it. Meaning when any one of us has seen the truth, we have witnessed it we have heard it, and we are to testify that yes, this is something true, then the fear of people should not prevent us from speaking the truth. Rather the fear of

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Allah should make us speak the truth. Fernando showhome walk shoni wily coyote monera materialet come when I look on the dune so that you may be rightly guided