Ammar Alshukry – A beautiful Du’a of Umar ibn Abdul-Azeez

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the phrase " handy time of the year" and how people can use it to express their feelings. They also mention a phrase used by a doctor to describe a situation where a person is only pleased with their partner and not with their own personal attributes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being content with one's partner and not just looking for something that is good for them.
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It is not good when you try to force things before their time. Everything has a time and of the beautiful two hours of embodiment. Abdulaziz is used to say hola hola me as a Luca or he says hola humara the Neva Derek Oh Allah make me please with your other hat, Allah Rida dije la che in a Horta or Allah that Farah che in the MTA, he says, or che in a delta, he says, Oh Allah make me pleased with your destiny

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to the point where I do not want to hasten something that you've delayed, or to delay something that you've aced it.

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That's a beautiful, beautiful,

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oh, Allah makes me so pleased with your destiny, that I don't want to delay anything that you've tasted.

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You know, a lot of times in English when people

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they don't, they're not much be thinking of the connotations, but they'll say things that we don't believe. So they'll say things like, Oh, they're gone too soon. We don't believe anybody's gone too soon. Nobody's ever gone too soon.

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That's a problematic phrase for us, theologically, because everything happens in its appointed time. Nobody ever leaves too soon, nobody stays too long.

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And so he says, I'm ready when I'm done, as he says, Make me please with your destiny, to the point where I do not want anything that you've hastened to be delayed.

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I lost a loved one

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years ago, make me so pleased, Oh Allah, with your destiny, that I wouldn't want any of my script to change, because you chose it for me. And I realized that you are more merciful to me than I am to myself. And you are more knowledgeable and you are more wise. And something beautiful that shifts are either coming to mentioned on this is that just reflect on the idea of this phrase ready to be lifted up, but I am pleased with Allah as my Lord. That drought that you make you say it will lead to be liable, but I am pleased with Allah as my Lord. What does that mean when you say I'm pleased with Allah as my Lord, meaning Oh Allah, I am pleased with the script that you wrote, for me. I am

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pleased with the destiny. I don't prefer anything else other than what you have written for me. And if a person is only pleased with the things that they are naturally inclined to, then you're not pleased with Allah as your LORD you're in, you're pleased with your intellect as your Lord.

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But I choose Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so he says, ready to be liable. But anyway,

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and I'm going to map that, as he says, and I do not want for anything that you've delayed to be hastened.

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Look at all of the things that we want in this dunya and a lot of it doesn't happen. The first moment that we want it.

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Whether it's a job or whether it's marriage, or whether it's children, or whether it's, it's reminds me of the

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there's the story of the brother who made a DUA and he said, Oh Allah,

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he's making godless the Hydra and he said, Oh Allah.

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If so, and so is good for me in marriage, then write her for me. And if she's not good for me in marriage, then make her good for me and marriage and write her for me.

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Like, kind of drives that.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala for what is good for you and that you be content with that. Okay?

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