Jannah Gems #12 – Activities that Beautify Your Fast

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting to redeem a cake and prevent negative behavior. They stress the need to control one's appetite, hunger, and thirst, and encourage people to be generous and use their own family members as platforms. The speaker also mentions Subhan Allah's upcoming events and the importance of serving the needs of the entire population.

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recommended actions of fasting, beautify your fast. I always say this to myself, everybody at the last day from Milan have already baked the cake and gave it to Allah presented to Allah pantile The Bay to bake a cake we need to fast from and stay away from the three things food, drink and the relationship. Everybody will do that everyone will bake a cake. Now we need to present to Allah subhanaw taala beautiful cakes. Let's compete in this. And these are the sunon the extra, the extra actions that we beautify our fast

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break the fast, quickly haste to break the fast megado app at a time of fasting. Control the anger manners manners is extremely important. extremely important. You are under control you're controlling your your appetite, you're controlling your hunger, you're controlling your thirst, you will control your anger. You will control your your desire to speak, desire to revenge, you will control it and Allah will make it so hard. A lot of people say I don't do it for hold. It's so hard to wake up. Don't do it because I don't need it. I'm fine. It's not about that. It's beautiful. You're fasting to beautify so hard to eat, even if it's a drink of water. If it's a piece of one

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date, or a proper whatever Allah opens but do it and your intention remember the near the intention is to beautify my fasting. reading Quran. Ramadan is the month of Quran reading Quran inside Salah reading Quran outside Salah charity Alhamdulillah Muslims in general hamdulillah lucky but an increase it they are very generous in Ramadan and that's why almost all the fundraisings are in Ramadan. Because people will give will give you say this is Ramadan. So be be generous and our Swati salatu salam was very generous and he sent out to a sinner in Ramadan. He was described that he was more generous than the fast quick wind that comes and brings a lot of higher whether it kind of

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Jordan or Rehan masala

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so he was very absolutely very generous night prayers. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen alone and he Tarawa you can do it with your family. And then you do some extra yourself let's say with your family that you cannot do that as long as you are used to in the masjid. hamdulillah do some with your family and then you will do alone. You do alone feel the feeling of you're alone in the presence of a loss pantile and curve and then this year Subhan Allah Allah decaf is usually in the masjid unless you can do a ticker for in your own masala if you have a special place some scholars will allow this to be done in in the home.