Haifaa Younis – How do we repent to Allah

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The caller is discussing preparing for a call with an unknown recipient. They mention having three or four days, but the conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be centered around preparing for a call with someone. The caller talks about wanting from the person they are speaking to to acknowledge their mistake and express frustration with someone who may have made a inappropriate comment.
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What do I do to prepare? What do I do to prepare myself to these days? I have three or four days number one.

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Number one, this is all this callers have been. Repent.

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Repent to unlock. Make sure part of your part of your supplication. Part of what you are asking a lot from today is your law. Please forgive me.

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Forgive me. I didn't do one. I missed a lot. I said things I shouldn't say. I looked at things I should look at. I didn't I did not do things I should have done. So tell me what you saw the absolute truthful repentance to repent to Allah from today. repent to Allah, how do I repent to Allah?

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How do I repent? Think of repentance. Because some A lot of us don't know exactly what does it mean?

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Think of repentance. When someone does wrong to you.

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someone does something wrong to set something up to you that was really inappropriate, or did something that really hurts you? What do you want from that person?

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And Allah is Exalted. What do you want from that person? You want from that person want, number one, acknowledge that he or she made the mistake, right? You don't want someone look at you says What did I say?

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