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Salam Alaikum brothers sisters, I'm gonna get into this breaking story of a priest slash monk who accepted Islam. This is a quick clip of when he was formally in the church preaching. It's wonderful to be here. This is my first time visiting the parish here. And this is a short clip of the person I knew him personally describing him from when he was a priest slash monk, be very grieved over some news that I heard yesterday and confirmed that it's true. And it's public information and very, very sad and grieved over this because this is in relation to somebody that I know personally and have also admired and really sad to see this. So an Eastern Catholic priest and monk just recently became

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a Muslim father DeLorean AG. Now I want to get into his personal words. This is from an article that he wrote, where he says, One simply can't be a priest and a monk publicly and a Muslim privately and a Muslim is simply one who submits his or her will, to the One God created the heavens and earth. He said, in order to begin my new life as a Muslim, I felt it important to head back east to go home, to the place where my journey to Islam began. Psalm 20, get this 20 years ago and a little Islamic center in a university town in the Rust Belt, Appalachian, he said a copy of the Quran, the very Word of God on my dashboard, leading the way as he's driving, to where it all began. And where it

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all began, was somehow a seed was planted. He was given Dawa, something happened. And it resonated with him so much so that 20 years later blossom, and it continued to grow as he relays in his stories. So he goes on to say, as a younger middle age priests my life until this point was set. So he's talking about his life is set. He said, I had a promising career as a priest get this. I was well liked, well educated. He said everything by all accounts was going right yet. There's a key point he says yet my inner convictions have changed, matured, perhaps, but a seed planted years ago had blossom into full bloom. This is deep brothers and sisters, this is deeper than sisters and

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people of humanity. How many of us get caught up of worrying about a position worrying about the certain class of people? You got everything? Everything's going right, why do you want to mess it up with Islam? Why would you do that? Because it's the truth is the truth and he was sincere, his heart was open, and he couldn't hold back. And he goes on to send the article lat and then you gotta let it out. La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, you could do it right now. La ilaha illa. Allah, there's nothing worthy of worship, except the Creator to have his an Earth in Arabic, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger. And this will include all the preceding message that came before

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Muhammad, including Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus peace be upon them all. And Muhammad has been the last final messenger, that's that La ilaha illAllah. He goes on to say, I had no choice. And he quotes a verse from the Quran where God Almighty Allah is saying, Whoever Allah guides, whoever, God Almighty guides, whoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whoever so Allah gives guidance. For him, there is no one who can miss guide.

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He goes on to say it is for this reason, that converts to Islam often do not speak so much of conversion, as they speak of reversion to Islam, our pre mortal faith, a long process of returning because, as we know, the problem, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So he said, Every child is born on the fifth or the natural way, a snap of that submission, you are inclining towards worshiping one and only one God submitting yourself to the created heavens and earth. So now you come back to that when you accept Islam. So he quotes this and he says that that's why Converse talk about reversion coming back to the natural state of the human being, being in total submission to

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the Creator. Instead of conversion. It's like coming home. He goes on to say the warmth and hospitality that I've witnessed and received from the Muslim community is simply phenomenal. Never have I experienced such hospitality. Now I know. You guys can go ahead and watch your experiences. You can see remember, I was sitting with a prominent member of the Gracie family and he also travels to the Muslim world. They're doing seminars and he talks about like many people, this hospitality that they feel, he says, I go to people's home here and you know, begging someone home where we're at now he says, Man, I can't even get them to give me a glass of water. So

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people understand when they go

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When I visit the Muslim land, visit the Muslims and you'll see the difference just as our brother here is expressing. He said, I feel a peace, a joy, a relief, my pull towards Islam submission. This is what Islam means submission to the will of the Creator to have a submission to God, the One God, over 20 years has finally led me home. Now begins my work of entering deeper into the faith, a deeper learning a love for Dean. Meaning the way the way is the way of Jesus, the way of Moses, the way of Abraham to lead the way of the last fundamental problem, Muhammad, that way of surrendering, submitting not to your desires, not to a human being, not to angels, saints, nothing in creation,

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but the one God, a love for the Ummah, Allah for Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. So this is the first of a never ending journey back to God. Subhanallah beautiful congratulations to our brother, who goes by the name now, Syed Abdul Latif and whoever can put us in touch with him. Please go ahead, get in touch to have him get in touch with us. We love to sit and talk with him and learn more about his story. And for those who are sad. Some of the people who've known him from the past, who've expressed some kind of remorse. We sincerely earnestly ask you to you know him as a smart, intelligent, likable human being. He's got his mind on right. He's making this decision at

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putting everything on the line. You got to ask yourself, is there something here? You're not going to know unless you do the same and look into Islam? Sincerely, humbly. Look into Islam. read the Koran, and go to the D And we'll get you one as a gift from us to you at the D We'll send you one and ask the creator the heavens and earth alone earnestly guide me guide me guide me. Thank you very much. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I have Alhamdulillah Assalamu alaikum

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