Suleiman Hani – How to be a Strong Muslim

Suleiman Hani
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A question that oftentimes people think about in life in different situations that arises in different forms, is a question of how strong you think you are.

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What does it mean to be strong, the concept of strength and even the definition of strength has its applications in different ways. The strength of an object or a person to handle certain amount of pressure, the mental or psychological strength that you may have to be resilient in different situations, you are able to handle certain things, the strength that you may have in your Eman, the strength in your body to strengthen your health, the strength of a relationship, your financial state, and so on and so forth. And this brings us to the Hadith, a very famous Hadith, and it is the theme of our hotword. Today, the Hadith of the strong believer. What does it mean to be strong and

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how do we attain strength in different forms? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said elemental Kawi the strong believer how you don't want to alarm you don't want me to live off equal in height. The strong believer is better and more preferred more beloved to Allah than the weak believer but there's good in both. There's good in both. We'll break down this hadith, sila Nyan FARC have eagerness strive for the things that bring you benefit was starting below while attachments and put your trust in Allah and do not give up do not become weak do not falter in your trust in Allah subhanaw taala do not become lazy when Asaba can show you only when something if something happens

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to your fellow Talquin know and Neva alto Kanika. Kedah do not say after deciding on something and something happens to have difficulty do not say if only I had made a different decision than such and such would have happened. Well I can call however you should say but done Allahu wa Masha found that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has decreed what He wills and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam concluded with for inner lo as for this word, if only lo TAFTA Homina shaytaan opens the door of shaper. This hadith is one of the most famous narrations it is also including the compilations of many scholars including Imam and no mo Allah, the stronger believer is better and more beloved to Allah. Now we

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should always strive for that which is better and more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala while recognizing with equal height there's good in all believers should never look down on other people for sure should never think you are better than other believers. There is good in all believers by virtue of their Iman and Allah subhanaw taala with equal in height. And this is a reminder for us to also be supportive to other believers to help them to become stronger rather than ever having any pride May Allah subhanaw taala protect us the belief of strength here, or the strength of belief is usually what is emphasized. For you to be strong here is not just about being able to bench 300

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pounds note here, it's about your strength in terms of your iman in a lot Subhanallah Tada we think of strength, with humility, that everything we have all types of strength, including any kind of iman, is something from Allah subhanaw taala, but we say with humility, why? Because a very healthy person with just the mosquito bite can cause them to die. A very healthy person overnight to their entirety of what they consider to be strong financially or physically or mentally can change may Allah grant us or Alfian protection, Aloma Amin. But to better understand this hadith, we look at the commentaries of the scholars historically. And we find although the the main type of strength

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that's emphasized here is the strength of Eman. There is of course an application of different types of strength that will help the believer with regards to the pursuit of Allah's pleasure. And so the first example here, the first type of five will mention a shout out if we have time is the strength of iman. And I'll give you an example. That's very common. You have two people are young college students. He goes to the gym, medically, he's very healthy. No problems have Hamdulillah. He lifts weights, he runs he exercises.

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And the example of perhaps maybe his grandfather, he's 80 years old. He's okay medically, but he's struggling here and there. May Allah subhanahu grant her loved ones she felt alone with me.

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When it comes time for solitude fidget, you find that his grandfather very easily wakes up. No struggle whatsoever. In fact, he wakes up before fidget prays the night prayer makes the DUA it's consistent as well the entire year.

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Whereas the grandson, the 20 year old college students, who medically or physically may have a little more strength is unable in terms of his Eman is unable to get up. It's not a physical impediment here. There is no medical issue for him to pick up profession. This is where we recognize the strength of Eman pushes through at times even with your body, with your mind with other things that you're doing in your life. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yes, he slept on the Islamism and he prayed

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it but it was mentioned the hadith of I shall have the long run and Sahih Muslim when they call to prayer was made the first call to prayer was made the Prophet sallallahu simfy That kind of Indian knew that you know whether you call it or whether by Napoleon or whatever a comma b Surah hatin, he would wake up very fast with energy with the first Athan that you would hear for the fajr prayer. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is an example for us is moving with energy when it comes to Ebola. Do we move fast or slow when it comes to our acts of worship? Do we take our time and overthinking? Do we complicate things and justify things that come up with excuses? And so the

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Eman here that is mentioned in this hadith and Moltmann Allah we by virtue of the very first word here and monumental Kawi, you're talking about a strong believer, you're not just talking about a strong human being. So it is the strength of iman, the very tools that you need to strengthen your Eman are also mentioned in this hadith, that for example, if asylum and folk you go for you strive for you chase after your goals are set in life, your habits, your time you're chasing after things that will benefit you, your purpose, why you're here, where you're headed. The second was starting biller put your trust in Allah rely on Allah. And this is a sign of EMA. And the stronger your Eman,

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the stronger your toa could in Allah subhanaw taala and the decreased fear you have of worldly things and worldly people. The reality is Allah subhanaw taala gives us all the tools that we need to become strong believers. It's a matter of the choices that we make. When starting Billa wala charges there's part of Tahlequah and part of the strength here. Like the person who is going for a marathon is that you don't give up. You're not just sprinting with your iman. It's a consistent lifestyle. What are toddlers do not give up, do not become weak. No matter how many difficult things you see or hear, do not become weak one at a time just no matter what challenges come your way. If

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you are sincere in the act of worship, persist with it. And if something happens, then say Father, Allahu Masha fan, you accept the decree of Allah. Now, the thing that happens to you out of your control, you're not held accountable for what happened to you. You are held accountable for how you respond. What will you do? How will you channel your thoughts? What will happen in terms of your Eman? What does your Eman do for you in difficult times, to move forward so that you are not stuck in the last chapter of life. Rather, you are reading the next chapter you are developing the next actions you are building your home in the afterlife, you're helping other people, and overthinking

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the past too much is also very problematic. From a psychological standpoint. As many experts have stated numerous times if you're always reflecting on the past difficulties, you're always thinking about those difficulties. To the extent that they are paralyzing you in the present, then you have to recognize that there is something that's preventing you from moving forward and it's no longer the past. It's your ability to find closure to seek help, whether it's therapy with a Muslim psychologist or if it was trauma, or it's you recognizing the ability for you to move forward is very real. It's very possible in this present moment. When you say that Allahu Masha, fine, you're

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accepting that you can't change the past and that Allah subhanaw taala as Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, he is the all wise and he is the All Knowing things happen for many different reasons. We cannot see those reasons now. But we know there is a reward we know that there is purification we know that there is a paradise we know there's a day of judgment. So we keep moving forward. Well Natasha una in sha Allah in de la casa de mon Hakima. Allah reminds us that there are certain things that occur in this universe. Whether or not you love them or hate them is not the point. Allah subhanaw taala permits the things that happen in this universe to happen but it's based

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on his wisdom and his knowledge which we don't have access to. So why we either find ourselves trying to interpret behind the scenes without knowledge and finding ourselves depressed or frustrated, or we trust in Allah subhanaw taala that there are reasons wisdoms for this that we cannot possibly know. Allah is Al Jabbar, Allah is alcovy Allah Subhan Allah is Allah Halim. He is a Rahman he is a Rahim Allah subhanaw taala is the all wise al Hakim. Allah is Allah do the most loving Allah subhanaw taala is the oft forgiving he is Al Karim the most generous and Rosa the one who provides the more you think about who Allah is the more your heart is soft and the stronger your

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iman becomes. Part of the strength of iman as a as a believer, especially today is to know that Allah is with you, wherever you are. Well Who am I come in, I'm a quantum and a Toblerone reports. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a very beautiful narration in the Afghan Imani one of the best aspects of Eman and manifestations of it and Tanima and Allah hamaca hyphema Quint is for you to know that Allah is with you wherever you go. Wherever you are, you're on campus, you're in Iran, Muslims, you're on non Muslims, you're being oppressed, you're not wherever you are. For you to know that Allah is with you is a good sign of iman. And when we think about the reality of the

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world we are in, it's not just about you being a believer, it's you knowing that sometimes there are challenges. There is opposition, there's discomfort, and when these things

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As arise then you have to be able to move forward. I'm also Panatela reminds us while taking no one has anyone to move alone are in control mode meaning in a very powerful and short iron SUTA Imran Allah subhanaw taala is saying do not become weak of heart do not become feeble, do not become weakened to the extent that you've given up and do not grieve for you will be the victors if you are truly people of iman, Iman conquers all that is around it. And it is not to be conquered as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, whether or not the victory is today or it is tomorrow or in a year or in the afterlife. The one who has Eman is always victorious, and recognizes this one a

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turkey no one who does not mean you will not experience sadness, but rather you should not dwell in sadness, you should not magnify your sadness, know that you are being given victory by Allah subhanho wa taala. And that there are many things that will strengthen your Eman. And of course that's a longer discussion longer topic, but amongst them is to be around good people good environments to be in the masjid more often. Of course, many people have stated this in recent weeks and we say this all the time. If we can have 5000 people turn out for protests from our community, just the Muslim community, then surely we can have those numbers for salata Juma, surely we can

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increase in the number of prayers during the week. This is a sign of increased Eman as well. And it will benefit our Eman as well. The third is beneficial knowledge to continuously learn. Again the Quran the seed of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the tafseer the Hadith with commentary. The fourth is to continue moving forward action action action while attaches. Do not give up do not become incapacitated. Another advice is to reflect on who Allah is the afterlife, the reality you're going to meet him soon. These are things that strengthen one's mind. And finally, number six is to accept the decisions that you've made. Do not live in the past, you cannot change it. You look at the past

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from the Islamic perspective, to take lessons to learn how to become better, smarter, wiser, so that we don't repeat our mistakes. But we don't dwell in the past and think about them and remove refuse to move forward. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us this is the first type of strength, the strength of Eman it's the main one that is emphasized in this hadith monopoly how you don't have weed alarming and want me to live off equal in height. Another type of strength we can emphasize especially today with what is happening around the world is the emotional and mental strength that we should aim for aspire to have to take care of our emotional mental well being is an act of

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worship the same way you take care of your body, to take care of your mental state and to recognize to recognize no matter how much secular psychology will emphasize otherwise, we know as many Muslim psychologists have stated numerous studies, there is always going to be some link between some aspect of your mental state and your worldview, your beliefs, your belief in Allah subhanaw taala your belief that there are good things happening your belief that there's a silver lining in every situation. It's not to say that you cannot struggle mentally as a believer you can it is very possible May Allah protect us all. But that there is also a link between the two Wow, that'll be

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him. Yet our Karuna believers put their trust in Allah, as many psychologists have stated, those who believe in God and put their trust in God, they live with that lifestyle, tend to feel more resilient in times of difficulty tend to be able to cope a little better. Does it mean they don't face difficulty or sadness? No, that's not what we're saying. But they tend to cope with more resilience. And so many psychologists have stated that there are certain things Muslims should do from the mental perspective, emotional perspective, that will help them in times of difficulty. And so amongst them, number one, is to redirect negative thoughts. If you're always thinking negatively,

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it's always a pessimistic conclusion is to stop yourself when you recognize in the moment to stop yourself with that negative thought and to redirect it to something better to think of a positive label a positive ending, such as thinking about our brothers and sisters or Shahada. This is an example. The second is to surround yourself with not influences that are positive but interpretations that are positive things that will remind you of how to look at the world the lens of tougher and tougher Willamina Eman as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the third is to see challenges and discomforts as opportunities for you to apply your strength opportunities for you to

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become a stronger person tomorrow and to help other people as well. The fourth, when you go through a trial yourself is to recognize you are not alone. You're not going through tests alone in this world. There are many people going through tests and trials. In fact, all human beings go through tests and trials of different types, but even the test that you are going through, you're not alone in it. And obviously this is why in Islam, from the giving perspective, it is better for you to help your brother your sister with a hardship that they are going through than to have a ticket and the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam In other words, the support does make a

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difference. The family members it makes a difference when you support when you ask your children What are you going through how are you feeling? What are you thinking, your wife, your husband, your parents and so on and so forth and other people as well. Especially during times like this. And finally number five to remember. You will never be given a test you cannot handle you will never

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To be given a test you cannot carry in terms of a tweet. When Allah subhanaw says Now you can leave alone Epson Allah Azza, Allah Subhan, Allah says Allah will never burden a soul beyond what it can handle. There are many applications for this and many connotations, but amongst them is that you do have the ability mentally, to get through this. But there are some choices you're going to have to make, there are some supports you're going to have to take. And if you're dwelling in negative interpretations, negative thoughts or leaving out the optimistic lens, it's going to be more difficult. May Allah protect us and our loved ones around the world. Here's an example to relate it

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to what is happening today cannot count the number of times in the last few weeks that people have stated, they can no longer watch the news follow the news, they're overwhelmed, or they break down in tears every time they see a video of a child being massacred or a parents that is crying for their children or buildings that are collapsing. Of course, we're going to feel sadness and pain and grief. And this is a good sign that there's some human conscious left within us a sign that we do feel we are part of the Ummah, that our brothers and sisters are being oppressed, that there's a violation of rights, that there is an ethnic cleansing that there is an occupation all of this and

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more. So yes, mentally there is some anguish and frustration when people see politicians, not just the president of this country but politicians advocating for and giving a kind of an open check a blank check for the Israeli government to continue doing what it's doing this leads to increased anguish, frustration, how can you see something like this and not mention the Palestinians? How can you see something like this and allow the killing to continue? So naturally, there's going to be strong emotion. This is what we see as a negative experience in the sense of the injustice. Having said that, our resilience kicks in. Here's where the Eman kicks in. Where it doesn't erase it

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doesn't ignore that there is pain that is happening. But at the same time you are thinking about the things that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran when he referenced pain when he referenced well in a blue Wanda calm that will test you, me che Amin on Hopi, some people be tested in this world with fear as the electricity is cut off and Alexa as of the last two hours, and as the majority of the bombs have dropped, dropped at night, and as 50% of the population has children, and they are terrorized Yes, this is a form of state sanctioned terrorism. They are terrorized not knowing if they'll live for the next morning, there is fear. That fear is very real. What an

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absolute wonder can be che imminent Hovi while jewelry and hunger, starvation 1,000,001 and a lack of access to to wealth to material wealth, anything that will help you will enforce and the loss of life with them or not and produce or agriculture. While this shit is something that the verse doesn't end with the test. The verse ends with the glad tidings, who are the Alladhina Asaba to mostly about on call to inna Lillahi wa ala Roger, their reaction. This is where the mental is tied to the theological. This is where the emotional is linked with your worldview, your beliefs as a believer

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that you say we belong to Allah, we don't belong to this world. This was the test that came to us we cannot change it. But we can strive against what is happening right now. So there's an intertwining of the silver lining with seeking justice. There's an intertwining of looking at where the believers end up. If they die upon Iman and they are killed. We know that they are shahada as a Prophet sallallahu sunnah misstated, generally speaking, we say May Allah accept to miss shahada when we think of where they are. This helps us well with some comfort, it doesn't erase what is happening today. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in many a hadith when he gave us one example

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in this narration from carbon medical all the long run in Ottawa shahada if he thought he didn't hold the entire dopamine femoral Jannetty, OSHA Jana Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said, Verily, the souls of the martyrs, the shahada are in green birds hanging from the fruits or the branches of the trees of Jana, may Allah Subhana Allah accept our brothers and sisters and Eliza, a Shahada.

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You think of the children and you have over a dozen authentic narrations that children are in paradise that children are not accountable in the Day of Judgment, you think of the hadith of Ibrahim alayhi salam and the children that are around him. And how many children in recent weeks have departed from this world, and are waiting for the day of judgment to hold on to the hands of their parents. And when Allah tells these children enter Jannah they refuse they say, Oh Allah, my father, my mother, and Turgenev my father, my mother, and to Jana, my father, my mother, Oh Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala says to them because their parents held on to their faith and Turgeon to

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you and your parents. These are promises from Allah subhanaw taala. We think about what the sister and Alyssa wrote before she was martyred. That it says though, you can imagine, yes, there's a huzzah on earth. You can imagine that there's a gathering of souls that left this world held holding on to their faith, as though there is another gathering of husbands in a better place. So this doesn't erase the pain. It doesn't erase the injustice, but it gives us one

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thing to cope with one thing to look forward to that you're not worried about those who died upon Eman, they are in a better place. You're worried about those who survived and those who are being oppressed, and those whose lives were taken as well with humanitarian laws violated left and right and war crimes that are being committed. So there is a combination of the pain and the grief with something of optimism, something of a silver lining, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who spread these forms of optimism and may Allah subhanaw alleviate the fears of our brothers and sisters in the hills and around the world. Aloma Amin, the third type of strength, and perhaps this

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will be the third and the final that we will cover for today. Inshallah Tada is the intellectual strength. The intellectual strength is not just about the psychological resilience we are talking about. But in one sense, we're talking here about knowledge, we're talking about knowing we're talking about wisdom. And some of these things will come through learning and learning and learning consistently and knowledge is light in Islam. Beneficial knowledge is a type of news. But also this requires us to filter out all the intellectual junk, all the things that are useless. And some studies are finding that on average, many teenagers are spending almost five hours a day on social

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media now many adults as well, if that is the case for you, that is an average by the way, some are more and some are less. But if it is the case that you are spending this much time on social media, which usually is not that healthy. If you are doing that, then at least make sure not just to decrease to a reasonable amount, so that you're more productive Losada million farak. But the things you are consuming should be beneficial.

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Always aim in life is not just a matter of 100. But always aim in life, that even in times of leisure and entertainment that you want to take in something beneficial. You'd like to read, find yourself reading something also useful. You want to spend time with your family try to do something beneficial. You want to watch something, don't watch something harmful, watch something beneficial as well. So find something even in times of leisure entertainment, even in the downtime when you're relaxing, so that it is an act of worship for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala while recognizing that our Ummah is the home of the Quran, they all matter is supposed to have the highest standards

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of knowledge in the world. The Omega from years 750 to 1258 develop many of the sciences, and many of the fields that in fact the entirety of the western world is utilizing today and is indebted to the Muslim ummah, for as many academics have stated, knowledge is power, knowledge is lights, knowledge is awareness. And if every single one of us is equipped with beneficial knowledge in different areas and different topics, we are also able to benefit others in society. So the knowledge of why is Islam true? How do you know Islam is true? Giving Dawa is something that should not stop no matter what happens in the world knowledge of a certain situation, the real story, the

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real narrative, the real history of Palestine, what happened in 1948, because there has been there have been many attempts. And today there's clear propaganda and millions of dollars in funding to change the narrative to change the story of what actually happened in 1948. To change it so that more people are are considering this to be a very complicated issue. This is very complex as to groups of people, no 1948, there was an ethnic cleansing that was planned on March 10 1948. This is known and this is documented. And so when you read these books, and you see what is happening, we are more equipped to then benefit people to impact people. And by changing the narratives by

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changing the worldview around us, perhaps as we've seen in the last 10 and 20 years, perhaps it will change what happens in the future. There are ripple effects we cannot see. And I would recommend on that note, the actual book called The ethnic cleansing of Palestine. For those who don't know, I recommend this for those who are interested. But the end of the day, when we talk about the intellectual, we talk about the emotion, we talk about the strength of emotion. These are three of many, at the end of the day, the objective here is the same. To utilize the different capacities and faculties you have to be strong in different areas of life, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you

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want to have a strong body, strong mind. You want to have intellectual strength and emotional strength for the sake of Allah, that it is an act of worship. And it is all intertwined with iman it is intertwined with our purpose in life. And the believer who is looking to become stronger and asks Allah subhanaw taala for help and asks Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, remembers at the end of the day that Allah subhanaw taala is always with you while we're Malcolm in our country. So seek help from Allah and seek forgiveness from Allah. Ask Allah for forgiveness. He's the offer give me the Ever Merciful Julio Kalia there were still people I knew I confess stuff you don't know who will

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have a full Rahim?

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Community Law Lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while the early or Sufi woman who Allah

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us strength in all of our capacity

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in all of its forms, and to make us an ummah, of strength and an ummah that recognizes that it does have strength, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant strength to all of those who are suffering locally and globally. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a source of justice for our brothers and sisters and brothers and Philistine and all around the world. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for all of our shortcomings.

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