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We completed the Surah, the surah of the Quran or the main theme of the Quran of Islam of towhead. The belief and the oneness in Allah Subhana Allah. As we mentioned the Hadith mentioned that the surah delu, soulful Quran that is Surah equivalent to 1/3 of the Quran. And then we mentioned even if we take that in a literal sense mm no inside his explanation, so he mostly mentions that the Quran is divided into three broad categories. And amongst those three broad categories is the theme of speaking about Allah Subhana Allah from the Allah Subhana Allah begins to speak of SoTL follow up and solo to nurse and what is the relationship between Allah subhanaw taala moving from Surah of

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Tawheed, speaking about the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah and then entering into this theme of these two sorters Sutras of refuge and protection and seeking protection asking Allah Subhana Allah, Imam Shang at Southeast of Sierra sahibabad well beyond. He mentioned the relationship that people have Tauheed people of Islam believers, they will be attacked. Don't think that the journey of believing Allah Subhana Allah, or the Oneness of Allah XLB I will leave a simple journey upon this life. That's what many of us Muslims that we think that when a person submits to Allah Subhana Allah in the beginning there's a certain element of what we may call relaxation of Allah giving the

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individual the ability to strengthen the Eman under your pain and then Allah wants to then test the individual for her symptom. A number Calaca Kumar Bertha you created created a state of vanity without any purpose or do you perceive that you think I'm hums? Um, has admitted Hello, Janet. Hola, como esta Lula in Holloman? Kubla Khan has not the power will come those people that came before you that you think you're just going to walk into paradise without any adversities, any difficulties was Zulu. And the earth was shaken underneath them to even the message that those who are with him said matter Nasser, Allah, when will the victory of Allah's promise to come Allah in nostril lay Karim?

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Inside sorted ankle boot? The 29th Chapter Quran makansutra Because the Macan theme is all about struggling. Once again, Allah begins with highlight elephant, I mean, the hasay Vanessa and you track all your cool men with whom Leah you've known. The people perceive thing they're going to say that we believe we're hula you've ternoon and you're never ever going to be tested inside your lives. Walcot fatahna leadin amicably him Allah did test those people that came before and he's going to test you as well to sift out those individuals who are the true for individuals and those who are the liars. Color tiara, Amanda coulomb color Cordillera Amana coulomb took me a while I can

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Kulu alumna, inside sorted Hydra, the bedrooms they boasted about their faith called Lara, Amanda we believed Allah says you haven't believed what he said you've only submitted is the beginning of your journey that you just submitted to Allah and I believe comes later on. That when tests and trials come how do you persevere? That's where you find that pure belief leads to what pure reliance. That's what pure orthodox belief means. And we don't want to enter into the political world at the moment, we can see that people boast about pure belief, but where's their pure reliance, their reliance, as you can see, and visualize isn't trust in Allah Subhana Allah, or turning and asking

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Allah Subhana Allah, it becomes the world around them, the people around them, the superpowers around them, the governments around them, the people around them. They believe that this is a form of refuge of seeking protection, the believers protection so the Quran ends with these two suitors to highlight there's going to be difficulties and obstacles. There's going to be external attacks upon the believer. But that's the Surah Surah Al Philip speaks about external entities that could harm the individual. Oneness speaks about internal

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unless he was switched to fi so do reverse those things that are internally destroy you, your lust, your desires, your ego, what people may whisper to you, Mr. Ginetta, one nurse, not don't distinguish the jinn or shayateen it's human beings as well, who come and say, Oh, I wish well for you. I want to be good for you and they derail you away from the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we shouldn't be so full of ourselves, I think, you know, these external elements, they won't affect me. These external elements, even affected the Prophet alayhi salatu salam even though he never overcame him as an imam of Syrian Hadith, right, there are certain element of a distraction,

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whether he did something you didn't do anything. And the most solid evidence or proof lies the Quran never stopped upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and never hindered the Quran that some modernists or some oriental start to come and say look, if the professor was being affected by some affliction of of magical what

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It may be that that means that the Quran is not really from Allah subhanaw taala it was only a mine a mild form of showing his human essence. Whenever Allah prodata tests, the prophet Allah is not too savage to show us a relevance that he's a human being. When he wept when he cried, he bled, he got hurt, he got upset. It's all to show us human beings, empathy, human feelings, other than the professor is a dynamic, pure individual. No one can ever be equal in any sense to his subber historical he's patient he's Reliance he's perseverance. That will never happen but Allah wants us to see the human nature that suited for coroner speaks that we send messengers yam Shula fill us

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work Waiuku Tom, they walk in the marketplaces, the messages and they eat food. So we can correspond to them, we can relate to them, we can see that these are how human beings that they live. So imagine if the professor was afflicted with some minor element of some destruction in his life. How is not plausible that we an average human being we can't be afflicted in our lives. How is it plausible? That's where the story speaks about sorcery, about magic about hustle about an aim. That these are realities inside our society, that we need to understand that they do, unfortunately do exist with a hitman that belongs with Allah subhanaw taala Why was Sharon lay such a lake? You don't

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attribute shark to Allah Subhana Allah but he's allowed certain things to take place hit Matala, he Balika immense wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah, that's where enema they write that when trials and tribulations come upon the believer, if it doesn't return you back to Allah to Allah, then it's a trial and tribulation. It awakens you. It makes you make Toba makes you become stronger and your Eman your your teen your certainty and return to Allah craft and it's not a trial. How do you mean Allah it's a nightmare from Allah because maybe I was in a state of hafla laxity heedlessness not really devoted so much to Allah to Allah and Allah panda wants me to awaken more, and show that

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devotion to Him subhanaw taala. So it's not a trial or tribulation, it's coming close to Allah subhanaw taala. And those individuals who think that maybe these are external elements, they don't believe it sorcery and witchcraft and magic, just for argument's sake. But as soon as it speaks about Alain will hazard and no religious denominations, no cultures, no people, they deny the concept of what's known as the evil eye. Or they don't deny the concept of jealousy.

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So the surah is covering encompassing all forms of what humans they go through. Obviously, they have the shift key at what they believe in Touchwood, that this doesn't happen to me or whatever it may be superstitious beliefs that they have,

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by Islam tackles these issues. Islam is telling us these are real issues, not as some modernist Muslims I believe these are figments of the mind. These are split personalities schizophrenia, they some damage inside a person's brain or the the concept of their cells inside their brain that leads them to behave in such a manner. That may be partially true. But there's elements of hardships that do come upon human beings that are elements of attacks that do come upon human beings. And that's why a lot Madrid Ramada go to the view that amongst the reasons sending of these two suitors, in a hadith in Bukhari is regarding this beat even out some

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who tried to witchcraft the Prophet alayhi salatu salam using some relevant Syrah and history to use even use his own daughters to help him do that, as I should I mentioned me Nephi 30 in the feminine format that could be referring to them, even though the sewer is a makansutra for a slew of ether TB of equanimity. So how did this take place inside Medina? And I said earlier to make this this collaboration between this that many suitors can be revealed in Macau, it can be revealed in Macau The Macan period, but it could also be real again at another location another time. And that's what random I mentioned that this time when this person was trying to harm the Prophet Allah to Allah, so

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Allah reminds him. Allah reminds the prophet of us these two suitors to protect yourself Imam su t sorry, tafsir he mentioned that the professor he had normally he would seek refuge from evil, the evil of the night you seek refuge from it. And when these two suitors came down, he left that he left that wording and he used these two sources. Hadith inside a Muslim cut on Zillow, unlike something has been sent down upon me has never been ever sent down upon me ever before. These two suitors I'll fill up wonders Alma with a turn. How to seek refuge with Allah suit

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Hello to Allah. This is Allah subhana teaching us, highlighting us that there are certain elements on the face of this earth, you need to return back to me, you to ask me, you to beg from me, because I am the creator. And this is all my creation called out to be Europe Bill falak. Say I seek refuge from that which Allah subhanaw taala has created. Allahu Allah, Allah. Allah Subhana Allah is the One who is the creator, that if what are we seeking refuge? Some elements are seeking protection, seeking comfort, even some of them they write linguistically that you're turning back to Allah Subhana Allah, you're turning to him because if you're left to your own devices will corrupt be

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around between the hammers at Shell pin, where all the bitter be a maroon. If I'm if I'm left to my own self, what's going to happen the attacks and the snake of shape are in the bank to come upon me is going to overcome me. So the believer turns to Allah subhana, Ghana, that the shape one is sorted out off, he's going to come from the right from the left from in front from behind them. While I tell you to accept Shaqiri most of your day to be ungrateful is a promise a shaper is always always going to attack the believing individuals and a strange minute these are yet it's a suitable maneuver Allah where a person seeking refuge or Cora Barrow to becoming humble it shall be then

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Allah then what does Allah mention had either had the mote color of Berggruen? You know, Quran is strange.

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Quran is very strange that we don't seem to see the rub. Badal is Allah saying that you seek refuge from me? And then what? Until one of them comes to death? And he says, Oh, my Lord returned me back to this dunya because the shape on will continues to attack you Hottel mode

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until death. That's why I called Local anima Imam, an Imam, Muhammad, Allah Allah, that when he's at his final stages of life, he still seeking refuge and his son is asking him that what is this that you speak into? Of all these words that you're uttering? He said that the shape Bond came to me and said that you've escaped me.

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You've escaped me he started to deceive Imam Ahmed, even now you've been you've escaped me. He said, No. I haven't escaped you. But this one shaped line wants to go through deception, synthesis with pride, good feeling. Because shaitan is an enemy from the beginning to the end from the beginning that were born even before existence in the heavens. He asked Allah give me respect.

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And I'm going to take every single one of them on the face of this earth. Give me respect allow me to do that. And so we're born each one of us is pricked by the devil by the shape on therefore even before inception, person makes dua in Allah subhanaw taala to better the Hadith mentioned a person seeks to draw on the other that lineage is protected Is it a state of Protection all the way throughout our lives who will attack us have Duffy Salah Tina Murphy bed that Tina imagine he's attacking us in our worship in our Salah in our CRM. So imagine that the everyday life then. Then he comes in whispers was a reading salah, take directions from Allah subhanaw taala Oh, he defames us

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in the sense that we begin to think what is better for us to do inside our lives? How many of the Shabaab just worried about other things, other people, other people's lives? You know, it's such a sickening mentality, that when you walk into the mission, people just worried about somebody else.

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That's all they worried about somebody else? Why are you not worried about your own self? Your own life is a culture that exists that we have to address wherever you go. It's always a culture about somebody else. Even from the beginning, we begin our salah, we're worried about the person next to us, how do they offer their Salah that's a deception of the devil as well. That you've lost focus of your own Salah you're busy, that should be summed up in a hurry when you're busy with a prayer for other people. That's derailing of the shape on as well. Some of us can't seem to understand that. We think that we're doing certain good deeds inside our lives. But where are we from the book of Allah.

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Asha Sunnery. Shireen Sana Sana Athena, where's our relationship with the book of Allah from Ghana, where we live with a book of Allah at the desk what will protect the individual inside their life? That's what one of the random has said to me that I learned in my life that being around people, people leave me. People that need you they pass away. So don't hold affection for people. Hold affection for your good deeds, because your good deeds will be your companion inside the grave. And they won't leave you Robert G rune, the only man who saw and FEMA turret teller in Kalimantan who are caught

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Aloha woman growing Brotherhood had you birthstone these are empty words that when the other day you think so yeah Allah let me come back now shaper would just be standing on the side and he'll be laughing

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now it's too late for you to come back. Now you want to come back and say now I want to do good deeds now yeah Allah want to worship you now I want to remember you. You know and most of us we've been given a good life most of us 20 years 30 years 40 years 50 years given of your life for a better I know right at the brink of the end of your life now you say your Allah give me a chance. Allah gave you so many chances.

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Your Allah's parents Allah is is Rahim. What kind of mini Rahim Allah is Rahim towards the believer gives them the opportunity. So see are all the bureau Bill falak seek refuge be robbed Bill falak the one who splits open the daybreak does a mom show carries interceded mentioned the bird the lead off the bat the shinda of the hardship comes to light becomes nude comes the daytime. That a hardship that you face there's going to be a cracking and crevice and opening. As you begin off to every hardship there has in the Melrose, reuse, tried numerous reuse rock of every hodgen is going to be an opening. There's going to be off the default that there is going to be an alleviation. So

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seek that from Allah subhanaw taala. Good luck, when shall Rima call up from the evil that which Allah has created, as you mentioned, wisdom that lies with Allah Spandana Allah mentioned these are not created certain things for a certain purpose that we don't understand. But we mentioned maybe to awaken us to protect ourselves to turn back to Allah Subhana Allah, woman shall rehearse it in either our club and from the realms of the darknesses. When a darkness it prevails, that she said the cause certain amount of she said means carries two meanings. Or they said the darkness of the night, or is the meaning in in Surah mom, Timothy under Hasek who will cover that the horse is the

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moon. Both meanings are plausible, because it's the night time that a person is seeking protection from because at in the night, that's where evil in general takes place. It's in the evil look at the numerous ahaadeeth

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That could lock your doors, close your windows, cover your utensils, bring your children inside at the time of the evening time after 1015 minutes, 20 minutes and it's fine if you need to go out by that time. Don't don't exit at that time. Because that is the time that the shayateen they are released, that they come out into society does he find that in the middle Layli away in the in the night is whereby there is destruction. And if you take that linguistically, when do most crimes, and even haram things take place? When do they normally take places in the night that you find haram takes place? So Allah is warning that in the darkness of the night a person shouldn't be out

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excessively is not a characteristic of a believer of a Muslim, that may be a one off to maybe to do something or to attend a function there we find a culture inside our society what they call the night life even amongst Muslims as well. That there is no nightlife for a Muslim is nothing but sharp. In the area takes place and amongst a women folk as well as going out late at night, leaving their homes it's not befitting for Muslim men or Muslim women to be conducting stuff in such a manner woman shall be called Second either welcome woman sure in the first 30 film oh god then we find Allah for the wounds us that because in the depths of the night there's going to be people know

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that I don't Asahi wrought.

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Iron is female, feminine. sorcerers and witches carrier witchcraft, or other nmsa is generic because and the fact that is, is going back to the word no foods as well, is one interpretation. So the nuts has no real agenda to be male or female, so to speak. They these genders of whatever it may be these evil entities

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who blow into the notes

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that's it man most take space in the evening in a nighttime in the realm of darkness that people will conceal themselves. to harm other individuals we find a magic a seeker who will cover

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his credit disbelief. It Steny Musab al Mubi caught stay away from the seven destructive sins are within a ship below. The first is shipped belay Subhana Allah that we find second is Assayer.

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Allah may have discussed this hadith in great detail. Why didn't Allah speak about Kupunas killing a person stealing

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robbing Xena. Other things, why does Allah mentioned straight away straight off the ship, a person who carries out magic,

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because the only way to enter into the realms of what they call black magic is via ship belay. subhanaw taala

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you have to worship the shape on, you have to worship the devil, you have to sell your soul to the devil, to enter into the realms of the scoffer the shark, you have to you have to defame the Quran. If you alter the evil actions, evil actions you need to do till eventually what happens that you feel that the gym is serving your interests. And we mentioned this surah is sort of before a sort of Tawheed belief,

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because that's what they want. They want you to disbelieve in Allah because Akbar will cover the biggest sin, a ship builder. So the person thinks that this gene has less me or is magically has been taken away from because this person done this certain action via the use of the gym. They actually you've entered into a deeper sin.

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He went to the sin of committing shipbuilder, associating partners with Allah and that's why they need your body as well. Because that's the ultimate sin they want you to do.

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So a person should be wary about their belief. Big, especially today's climate that we find cool. Lumen hubba dabba everyone is Rocky is a big business at the moment.

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What can you do look upon your own self, welcome, you had a strong conviction in your own self, not to say it's wrong to go to someone but there the Quran is teaching us as we said, the professor would read the sutras had the Lama money but when he was sick, he would ask our Isha to read the sutras upon him, blow upon him and read the sutras. And if I notice, in the English army, there's no translation, because beauty is between spitting and blowing, is something costs, that we find that there's an element of protection for the individual. The profits of every night, would read these three Surah ikhlas AlFalah one nurse, blow in his hands and rub over his body, for what purpose? For

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what purpose is the profit and as I'm doing that inside his life, because he knows the element that is going to be elements of hardship of attacks are going to take place I need to preserve and protect myself, after every single Shala read it once, after maghrib and after fajr three times, I'll fall across well Philip what nurse why, so perfectly protect themselves seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala from these entities, woman shall be Nephi 30 feet Oh God, woman shall be has said in either hazard. So maybe that these elements of you said some people may not believe in sorcery and witchcraft or magic, evil as a false belief. Whatever method to sheltering Ramon Castel a man whom

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are tougher Solomon will act in a sharpener Cafaro read his long pages and sorted Bukhara read the Tafseer, of illiteracy about what these people are due tomorrow, what they were taught, what they were allowed to do that moment in time, what people learn from them and what they began to do.

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Now you will recall the Bane and he was OG begin began to separate between a man and his wife. Read a tuxedo in Nicosia and you want to find a job strange narrations read M M su t total man four of the nations he presents about who these people were how this magic existed. And what they began to do

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is a reality. Quran is highlighting so when Muslims come along and say it's a figment of the mind, we don't really believe in these things. I'm not saying give up medication or healing or discussion, whatever it may be, and carry that out inside your life. But believe also in a deeper spiritual element that we've lost. That many of us lost inside our lives, that we rely so much on medical science, we should rely on it to certain degree, but strengthen yourself, strengthen your soul, with conviction in belief, with Allah subhanaw taala protection from Allah subhanaw taala that he was born were nerfed he's going to allow harm and goodness to come upon me. So here's the reason why all

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this happens inside my life. A believer doesn't ask questions with the Western world ask

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God why do you do this to me? Why couldn't you find somebody else? Why am I the only one that's suffering inside my life? Layali COVID movement has in kalimat is not befitting for believer to use such words. A believer is a call to submit in our partner believer when we hear when we obey I believe is what he said how spoon Allah when it might work in a believer he wants to sufficiently Allah Who protects individual calling them a scooper Siva who's de la ma Wow. We may not like a man that moon believer is the one who says to Allah, it never a scooper see what was me in Allah. I complain to my sorrow my grief to you

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od to Allah does what I believe it has. That's what believer turns to. And inside that realm that externally that externally could be fitted there could be a friction could be hardships. By inside you find is Rama in some sort of Hadith the idea, there's mercy there's compassion there externally, there could be an explosion in a person's life.

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But inside their heart is total contentment and belief in Allah Subhana Allah, as for those of us individuals who believe or we begin to fall into this trap that these elements don't exist, of harming the individual find read for the signs of read through the sufferings of people, that either blocks the person's matrimonial relationship or for their evil to have children, or suffer even many of these ailments that people suffering from. It could be an essence of mushes mussel shell theme of cancer, sicknesses of diseases that we find which are rampant inside our society, and saying, Don't seek medical cure knowledge or twist these words that we shouldn't seek medical cure. What I'm

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encouraging satellited a spiritual cure as well inside our lives, to strengthen relations with Allah subhanaw taala Imam Shakti writes pages inside his Tafseer about the reality of magic of witchcraft sorcery, check multiple activities to suit just two volumes spent 50 pages 50 pages speaking about the reality about what how it takes place at a hardship or people what they go through.

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And as we mentioned that if we don't want to follow that path that look at the end of the surah I mean, surely has it in either hazard that jealousy jealousy is rife inside our society all forms of jealousy that we find

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that in all aspects of jealousy in Hazzard yaku has Sonata Matakohe natural herb and a hadith assume that we find that that jealousy eats away your good deeds.

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Just like the fire burns away at Wood, burns it away washes your burns your good deeds away.

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Why did a prophet some say in the liner Huck, why do you say that they evil eyes a reality.

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No subaqua Shall other if anything was to proceed or to go against other divine destiny or change destiny. Law subaqua Tune in then the evil I will change it. She can say me decide to seduce I mentioned that ain is something that enters female basic and your clothing of ECU erotic inside your your your garments, your work your riding beasts, your belongings, your property to enter right into it.

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And especially if the person inside that they they probably are inside there is an element of of hatred towards a person

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and a look with an evil eye will harm the individual even more. It could even kill the person

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as for harming a person read the Hadith

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of the end of the companion a smiley bit Khalifa and even so hate if I'm not mistaken. There's individual beautiful skin.

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I want to combine so many babies who is skin they never praise Allah Subhana Allah, he immediately he fell ill he fell sick.

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And the professor he inquired that what happened to this individual who are the people that were there. At such as companion was named, I was told to perform voodoo, take the remnants of the voodoo and tell this individual to be struck by the evil eye to bathe himself pulled out water and then he was killed in an instant.

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Because these were the evil ideas, a affliction harms people. The people don't praise Allah Subhana Allah, and especially mentioned that his peep jealousy inside our society as well who don't like the heat who don't like Eman who don't like Islam.

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They don't like it.

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They don't like they don't like the symbols of Allah. They don't like the love of meeting some Muslim countries that the volume of the Adan is turned down because we were doing Montura haram. It reminds us about Allah. So turn the volume down of the ASEAN.

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I'm not speaking about non Muslim countries, I'm sorry, but Muslim countries, Muslim countries turned us on down there should be limits, how can you be limits on the sound of the voice of the other man, because again, you have to the shape on the other hand expands the devil. So when the voice of the other hand or the margin is deemed, then you find that devil become more free.

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In such society, to encourage people to is wiser towards haram. Therefore we Muslims should be aware of our society, that whether it be the mantra that we find inside our society which are rapidly expanding, rapidly expanding inside our society, whether it be this environment that we live around as a Muslim with rapidly Hmong crowd is expanding as people live a tacit silent life.

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You know, what do we Muslims have with a Christmas tree?

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Muslim man, what does it concern us?

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We're interested we have in a Muslim man it may be this country's debt free her, her the dino whom Bala to whom they can treat their land do whatever they want to do, we have no recourse. We have no quarrels with them they could do what they want to do. But why do we need to in how long to show what

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witnessing are occur in a belief surah Muhammad is Allah say, the heavens and the earth about to rip asunder and down era many one other woman, many Takigawa

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this one is belief is the belief was Christmas is that Jesus? Jesus is the Son of God.

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That's the belief that's the core belief. Ignore the denominations don't believe in the core Christian belief is that Jesus is the Son of God born according to him on the 25th of December.

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So what was what do we mustn't have to do with that? Then you speak about where people have to heed what people love. Islam is a Token Service

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is a Token Service to Islam.

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It's a weakness of our Islam, that we should be strong Rossia inside I believe in a conviction what we believe in, that we believe in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the one that protects gives honor give dignity, that defames a person that derails a person sends a person astray.

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Where a person has that belief that conviction, they'll always be successful inside their life. They'll always be successful inside their life because they know that the point of return is to Allah subhanho wa taala. And as you find this concept

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of seeking refuge from ALLAH SubhanA ism, I'm sad to see the conclusion he mentioned that these are essences that live inside a society. When a person is strong inside their belief, they can overcome these obstacles. They can overcome these hardships. May Allah grant us all the Tofik inability to understand these sorts of laws will follow up wonders to practice them inside our life. recite them inside our salah, outside of the Salah, after the Sunnah. Why the corruptor Khurana fester is below him in a shape on the regime. When you read the Quran and seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala imagine the Quran when you read the Quran. Quran is pure Why are you seeking refuge with shape on

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from Allah with Allah Allah from Shavon for what reason? Because he can come and annoy you even when it's reading the Quran and some dilemma come on nucleon Imam could to be a mentioned why the Quran Quran battle Kira, when can have a cold that if he mentioned after you read the Quran, even means that when you begin reading the Quran, some say when you after completing the Quran, because when you finish the Quran shaitan they do come and drain you as well. So the meaning is plausible. The seek refuge when you begin the Quran, when you finish the Quran, there is only a point of when Allah Tada have my total reliance and he's the one that can protect me