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AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of reciting the Quran during the journey of hugs and staying focused during the journey of hives, practicing daily goals, and avoiding distractions. They also emphasize the need to practice setting goals and memorizing pages of the Quran, and to find recitation friends and partners to improve memory. The speakers stress the importance of environment and motivation for memorization, and emphasize the need to practice practical tips and stay connected to the first row.
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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim. While early he was happy a Jemaine Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my beloved brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah we praise a lot of Arizona, we seek his support his help in all our matters. And we send peace and salutations and mercy upon the last of the prophets, the leader of all the messengers, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So my beloved brothers and sisters, as you are aware that Alhamdulillah we are into a series titled hevs The Greatest Journey. This is the fourth part of the series, we'll handle Allah so far, we talked about the reasons in the benefits of

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why a person needs to be a half of the Quran, we talked about certain challenges and provided certain solutions against those challenges. We also talked about practical tips that are required even before you actually get into the journey of herbs. Now in sha Allah, this session, we want to dedicate towards the very crucial element and that is the phase which is during the journey of hugs, this phase is very, very crucial because this is the essence of your journey, during the memorization of the Quran. During this phase of the memorization of the Quran, you really need to be absolutely conscious, you really need to get up yourself with the best strategy with the best, you

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know, ways possible. Alhamdulillah again, for taking this discussion forward, I'm joined by a fun and I've had well hamdulillah so the whole idea, guys,

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you remember we talked about what are the things that we need to actually keep in mind before we actually get into the journey of ribs. And those are very crucial, by the way. And now in this session, we will delve into the topic of what are the things that we need to keep in mind during the phase of hives, right. I'm sure you guys are you know freshly enough well hamdulillah who have completed the hives of the Quran, so during the time of hives, what are the tips what are the key things that we need to keep in mind so that inshallah the journey can be productive and fruitful basically Elijah Allah three R's rule, Read, Recite and repeat. So we need to recite the page

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properly with the read rules, and listen to a receptor, which is your favorite, and repeat to memorize the page or the if you're memorizing, yes, subhanAllah three, our rule so recite, you know, and read and repeat, recite, read and repeat. Amazing, I think this is something which is very, very crucial and very, very important. Because the whole Quran during the journey, you really need to, you know, recite it, you really need to read it, you really need to repeat it. And this is something which is very, very crucial when you actually start your journey of hives. Subhanallah so we learned three, our rule, recite, repeat and read during the journey of hives. What is the next tip that you

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would like to share? Fun, I think another tip is that we turn off our devices or at least keep them away from us when we're reading the Quran so that we don't have a distraction. Sometimes we remember Okay, oh, I didn't check that feed or I didn't pull something like that. And that just distracts you from reading the Quran and I think we should completely keep our devices away and keep our mind clean on reading the highlighting. I think the tip that comes to my mind associated with what you said is to start your journey. In the early hours. We talked about it in the in the previous session as well to be an early bird you know, the prophets, Allah Islam said the and asked Allah subhanaw

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taala this dua to

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give baraka in the early hours of the day. So that is the day, that is the time where you actually are in full swing. As we say, you know, you're fully energetic, there is no stress, there is no load, you are freshen up. And that's the time I think that you can catch up the Subak especially the new the deed, you know, Subak, the new, you know, portion that you have to memorize. I think the early hours of the day is a very right time for, for doing that. SubhanAllah. Yes. What do you say? I'm that ahead? Have you experienced that? I mean, I'm sure when you used to wake up early morning and be with the staff, that is definitely a challenge. But then that is the method where you can

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empower your journey of Hillsville hamdulillah when you take it up further, what do you think else even because I'm you know, doing Maharajah I also, I always try to wake up early in the morning and do it because at that time, first of all, most people are sleeping. So it's a silent space as well as I think a very good time, the wait for the sun is asleep early, wake up early, asleep a few hours, maybe before or after us that will keep your body in a good state to actually, you know, respond back spinal. So do you think these these short breaks are good enough to actually keep your momentum high. And I think I'm taking a break, taking a break of afternoon and Quran is important.

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Maybe like even reading for one hour and you feel a bit tired, maybe take a 10 minute break, drink some water. Um, sit down and relax yourself. And I think taking constant but short breaks is short breaks are really helpful. I mean that those short, short breaks are there to actually break the monotony and then come back with full swing. Yeah, Subhan Allah, what else do you think Abdullah had is a tip that we need to set daily goals, daily goals, daily goals, I think that's very, very crucial. So Subhanallah we talked about in the in the previous session before, you know, getting into the journey of house there to keep the plan. So part of the plan is setting up daily goals. So

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you need to be very clear. How much portion of the Quran are you going to recite? Daily, right? So for example, according to our obviously capability and availability, so if you have a plan to memorize two pages every day, then you will have a clear target. If you don't have clear target, where will you shoot? Right? So I think setting up daily goals is really helpful strategy and a tip for going forward and getting into the the journey of herbs right hamdulillah hamdulillah What else do you think are fun? I think I'm consistency is very important. Allahu Akbar, I think sometimes we set our goals, I think this is the great one of the challenges as well, you need to be consistent,

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right? I think sometimes we set big goals like 10 pages a day. But sometimes we skip one day or two days or three days a week better than that is to set a goal of five pages a day, and keep it consistent and do it every single night. And I think the more frequently you memorize, the better it is for you. And the more easier it is for you. As you rightly said, if you actually memorize yesterday, and then you give a gap for two days, and you don't want to go back it becomes tougher, it becomes difficult, right? So consistency that will help you to to make your journey easier, and to keep it in your memory and to me I think it is essential with for everything and the Prophet

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salallahu Alaihe Salam said something really beautiful, he said the most beloved deed to Allah subhanaw taala is that which is done consistently, constantly, even though it's literal. So if you are, you know, doing Hibbs and if you have, you know, just one page to read, or even half page to read, just be consistent. That's the message that we want to give to our viewers who would like to, you know, take up and getting into this journey of herbs that whatever you are memorizing, keep it clear and keep it consistent. That's another great tip to memorize and become the half is of the Quran. Insha Allah. All right, Abdullah had Yes. What do you think so memorizing is no magic trick

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because many people think it's very hard and it's kind of an impossible thing. Yeah. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran surah number 54.

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I am Acerbity wala Katya sermon Quran Allah decree for help him with decades and we have certainly made the Quran easy for you to memorize and remember Subhan Allah Yeni Allah subhanaw taala justifies it and makes it clear that this journey is possible

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It's just not possible, it is easier. And it is, you know, given by Allah subhanaw taala. So who is better to tell you that you know what becoming a half as is possible, better than Allah subhanaw taala becoming a half is, is definitely achievable. You're right. So this develops a hope in our hearts in our lives, and gives us the direction to go forward, that Allah subhanaw taala made it easy for us to remember and understand well hamdulillah another great tip Al Hamdulillah. So it's not a magic, it's not something a me, you know, out of the world, it is definitely possible. That's what you want to see. Yeah, one thing very beautiful about the Quran is Allah subhanaw taala did not

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tell you have to memorize, it's not for, but when you memorize you have, it's forced on you to keep it in your memory in your memory. Subhanallah This is a very striking thing that we need to keep in mind that, you know, we'll talk about in great detail how to maintain it in your memory until you die. But just a pointer, which is very interesting over here, is whatever you're memorizing, you need to keep it intact in your life in your memories. Subhanallah amazing. What else do you think are fun that will help our viewers during the time they do lives inshallah I think memorizing with meaning is very important. Everything is for many people doing that should mean opening their phone

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and checking the translations. And that's very easy. I think that that will develop some kind of interest as well. Right? So you know what your speaking you know what your reciting times, some verses are very easy for me to memorize because I know exactly what I was talking about. I think there's some certain tips they will help you memorize.

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Know the meaning of the words. Ramon is not the CEO of the social and DSD profit so that, you know, whenever you see redistricting, oh, I know the streets from this province or it will make it easier for you to memorize anything is as you move along. If you as you move along, you learn a few words sometimes I used to think of some word that I used to think that this word has this meaning but then when I moved on, I learned in more context and then I knew the true meaning of the story, Allah Subhan Allah because I think that the content of the Quran is so insightful, and so interesting that it will keep your interest intact, right? It will keep the journey more enjoyable and more

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meaningful and more fruitful. Subhanallah because the more you I'm sorry, you never get bored, you never get bored with the Quran Subhanallah This is a you know, a miracle of the Quran. And what will help you out is when you know the meanings of it, this becomes more enjoyable and meaningful. Alright, what else? I think I think one more thing that I remembered I used to be to traverse and I used to completely wonder what each was means. And I used to always been a mystery. But one day, I just saw an episode of the puzzle from Sarah and I read this story and I certainly and whenever we destroy I recognize what all those pants I was trying to say. And I recognize the meaning of each

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words, Mashallah. Mashallah, I think surrounding yourself with the recitation throughout the day, is something also can be a tip during the time of hives. I'm sure, you know, when you were doing hives, or when you were doing hives, then you have halacha in the morning, in the evening, you know, a little in the afternoon, and just before you go to sleep, so you're basically kind of surrounded with the recitation of the Quran that basically makes you to be with the Quran, and you're not away from the Quran. So obviously, when you are with the Quran throughout the day, it's a better chance that you will keep in memory Subhan Allah, what else do you think I found that we can share as a

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tip, finding a recitation friend basically.

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Like, for example, a recitation buddy kind of thing. Yeah. And in some situations, despite the hard in some situations, but baseball, if you have the opportunity, I think, a great step to take I think it's an amazing, amazing I think recitation buddy is something very, very good. You know, I remember you know, my nephew back in the UK, they have a kind of a pair you know, they partner up with you with another brother. So the two they basically read the Salah, right and he recites the half just now other guy he decides the half just so you basically in no awful prayer, you actually memorize it with your buddy so I think this is again a great tip for us to take up and and to be with someone

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who is your partner in this journey.

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In need of the Quran what else do you think? The hut? Yes, I think reciting in your Salah in reciting the Quran what you memorized in Salah Subhanallah I think that is one of the finest ways why Allah subhanaw taala also kept Quran to be recited the major portion of it in salah I think this is a beautiful way you know a lot of times you know we fail to realize that we have an opportunity to rehearse ourselves the Quran during our novel Salah as well during our for the Salah as well so we have to take that opportunity that's what I think you you're trying to say that we can take that opportunity and master ourselves you know with the memorization as well amazing amazing I think I

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think we're going in a very structured in a very powerful way to understand the tips of how we can actually memorize the Quran inshallah a fun what else I think listening to the Quran is awesome Han Allah Yes indeed. Yes indeed. It really helps me by the way Yes. When you listen to the Quran, especially from your favorite reciter it kind of don't tell me your recite favorite recite or is Mishary Rashid alafasy

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Oh is it is the favorite one for many Mashallah. Great, great. I think that's that's a very powerful tip over here is, the more you listen, the more it will keep in your mind. And obviously, I think the better way to listen to it is keep the most have in front of you. And then you you look at the most half and then you listen to it so that way your Tajweed your Mahabharat your rules of reciting the Quran also gets perfect. And at the same time, you're using other sensors, and that is your ears to get into the mode of memorization, Masha, Allah, what else that I heard, I think the first way is from just 28th to 30th. Right? So you mean start with something small, right? So that it's easier

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for you. Alright, so that's the first journal first way and the second from Surah calf chil, just 28 Okay, so you start from the middle, and you go all the way till just 28th grades, that's the second way alright, and the third way is from surah baqarah to Surah Subhan Allah I think these three chunks and division is quite logical and helpful. Either you start from 28 to 30, or even just a barrack that's 29 or 30 to keep the surahs short, an easier for you to memorize. And then from Surah kaha that's the middle of the Quran up until does Tabata code just 28 And then you basically start from the beginning. So that Fatiha until Surah till cough so that's an amazing the way that you

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know, you're getting more clear during the journey, so that it helps you as well. Alhamdulillah What else have we, I think another thing is to make sure you're, you're connected to the first community. So sometimes, you know, if there was any competition, maybe you can ask your teacher to inform you on there's any competitions so they can participate in them. So you can improve yourself inshallah will only go along. Absolutely. I think I think environment companionship and the community that you move around, you see someone is, is a half is your Quran, and then you see the other person is also a half is a Quran. And here you see that person is doing, you know, he's done with half of, of the

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Quran so that these things really, really affect us because we see everyone around us who are the companions of the Quran, I think that is something which is really, really helpful for us to be able to get into the mode of, of memorization and this is I think, during the memorization, this is something which is really, really important right we will get that environment and the motivation exactly. I mean, you see every other person is in the, in the, in the journey of lives. I think this is also very, very important to note my beloved brothers and sisters, that we ourselves elders should surround ourselves with those people who are the people of the Quran, Subhan Allah and people

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of the Quran are the people of Allah subhanho wa Taala among mankind. Allah has his own people. You know, as as we know from the Hadith, Allah has his own people and the Sahaba asked who are the own people who are your people, your Allah, he said the people of the Quran, the companions of the Quran, so we ourselves as a

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Leaders should associate ourselves with other people who are, you know, her first Pamela and we should encourage our children to interact and engage and exchange ideas with those who are already, you know, into this field with Hamdulillah. I think the, the way during the hips journey is also is you have something which you have to memorize, that is a new sub, right new dose as we could say, right. And you have something which you have memorized just a day before, that is your Mirage, you know, sub t as we call it, you know, a day before, and then you have something which you have memorized, perhaps a week back or a month back to memorize that as well. So I think three level or

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three phases that you need to,

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you know, recite and repeat every single day, you need to concentrate on your new that is jujitsu, and you need to concentrate on that which you recited just yesterday, and then you need to keep in mind what you have memorized a week back or perhaps a month back so that you don't forget that. So, when you have these three levels, as well, I think this will, again, help our selves to be able to continue the journey of his well hamdulillah again, muscular India Habibi fun. And Abdullah had Zachman Lochhead. I think we, our audience, our viewers, are now equipped with so many tips will Hamdulillah that you can keep in mind and consider implementing during the phase of, you know, hubs.

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During the journey of hubs in sha Allah, I'm sure these tips are very useful, very helpful, very practical, very realistic, And subhanAllah achievable. So these tips have helped us these tips will definitely help you and the rest in sha Allah, to make this journey beautiful and fruitful. So in sha Allah Bismillah to Allah, we have covered so far the before what we need to do the tips that we have to keep in mind. Now we talked in this part in this session, what we need to do as tips, practical tips, proven tips during the journey of insha Allah. In the next session, we shall talk about what we need to do after we complete the Quran. That is very, very crucial as well because our

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attempt our desire, our aim and goal is just not to memorize once and forget it, rather to keep it in our lives until we die. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us benefit us from these tips Inshallah, and open the doors open the gates of baraka and open the vase for us to memorize the whole Quran insha Allah in our lives before we die, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us facilitators and to shower His mercy and choice guidance in our lives so that we can follow the path of those who are successful in this world and the hereafter will argue that Awana and it hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen