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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "will" in Islam, including the actions of the creator and the deception of people trying to convince them to believe. They also touch on the controversy surrounding the actions of the United States against Iran, including the loss of thousands of people and the accusations of bribery and corruption. The use of "naive" in Arabic language, and the confusion surrounding "will" in religion is also discussed. The speakers touch on the use of mockery and false language to remind people of the actions of those who bought miscalculance and the use of facilities to obtain money and guidance.
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Now, verse number eight, we won't mean an end of mankind. So this could be Group A, B or C that we're going to define here. Now there are also among humankind, those who say, I'm a Nabila, we believe, we believe in Allah, Mejia Kulu. Armand Nabila, he Warby Leo will fill you on a home remote meaning, and we believe in we believe in God. And we believe in the coming of the light of the coming of the judgment of the last day, but they do not truly believe, again, not for us to judge. They seek to deceive God, and those who believe they seek to deceive Allah subhanaw taala. Yet they deceive none but themselves, though they do not perceive it on take a quick pause, we will do this

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sparingly. Where are we right now we're in Medina, what's going on? It's fashionably acceptable to become Muslim, you get a part of Zakah you get to keep the lands that you're with, you get the full rights of a Muslim. So I'm gonna go ahead and play the card play the Muslim card. For example, right now you don't go to a job interview and say, I am Muslim. You play the card. Oh, my name is Muhammad. No, it's Mo. So at that time, it was opposite. It was the very opposite. People wanted to be seen as Muslims. So they were coming and they were lying. And they were saying that we believe and they were trying to deceive. And let's see where this deception left them because Allah spawns

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are saying yet they deceive none but themselves, though they perceive it not they don't realize it. They think that oh, we're doing fine. We're getting the car. We're making money from one side and we're playing the we're playing the the enemies of Islam too. We're like, Hey, don't worry, we're with you as well. Verse number 10, Allah subhanaw taala saying they seek to deceive Allah and those who believe yet they deceive none but themselves. Though they do not perceive it in their hearts. There is a sickness remember, Hotham? Allahu Allah BlueBee him in their heart. In their doubting hearts, there is a sickness and we have to put the word doubting into parentheses, because they took

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the first step of disbelief and Allah subhanaw taala increased it.

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In their doubting hearts, there is a sickness, Therefore Allah increases them in sickness, Allah subhanaw taala increases them in sickness. Thus for them there is a most painful torment awaiting in the hereafter. Where did you see these words versus before? If you look up at the top, verse number seven says, is a great torment awaiting in the hereafter that because in the London a couple Russa or Nottingham, they disbelieved, at least they were open about it. But here we see that they are lying, they're trying to deceive Allah, so for them is a most painful torment. And maybe you'll be able to appreciate that slightly in the Arabic language, here you will see the moon Bhima can who

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yet the moon waiting in the hereafter because they have lied about their faith. Now when it is said to them, Do not spread corruption in the earth. They say on the contrary, we are the ones who are sowing righteousness. Now reflect this on yourself. We can look back in the time of Medina when they used to come and they and Muslims would ask them on our fields, they weren't if they were not, they didn't have a label on their forehead that said when I feel but they would ask those people who wouldn't come out in the past when unless on thoughta. It revealed the verses to go out and fight in the way of Allah. They would say, you know, we really don't need to fight so much we can we can just

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kind of sort this out diplomatically.

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Now, when Allah subhanaw taala has spoken, do you have doubt in that? Or do you have controversy in that? No, Allah subhanaw taala spoken to you go out. So when you come to them, they say that, you know, we're not causing any mischief in the earth. We are peacemakers, beloved brothers and sisters. Have you not seen these words spoken in the last six or seven years? You're going into a country you're * their people taking all of their land and killing them? No, we're gonna bring democracy and peace to them. 950,000 people were murdered and slaughtered in your sanctions. And people died while their president sank and sat and drank hot chocolate in Switzerland during your 11

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years of sanction. No, no, we're just peacemakers. We just make peace. We don't want to bring corruption in the earth. On the contrary, we are sowing the seeds or if I may, quote, we are going through the birth pains, the birth pangs of democracy, verse number 12.

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Most assured, no. Allah beware, alas. Surely No, indeed it is they themselves who are the sewers of corruption, yet they do not perceive it? Verse number 13. Moreover, when it is said to them, believe in the heavenly message as the people of true faith, now we're referring to the Mottaki, the true faith have believed they say Shall we believe as fools have believed what either the law amino karma and a nurse will call do they say, I know

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No come on man sofa you want us to believe like these fools guys rubbing their head on the floor five times a day. You want to see these people who left their businesses in Makkah all alone. Take these verses start hearing them what's going on as people have left their lives, their businesses, their wealth, their energies all in Macau and they've come to Medina and they're starting from scratch. Should we believe like these people who are fools? Shall we believe as the fools have believed? Most assured? No. What is this? No, indeed it is they themselves who are fooled, why are they fooled? Only a fool would try to deceive Allah subhanaw taala and think that the one who knew

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about you when you were eating your feces in the sack that you're that you slept on, you slept in your mother, Allah subhanaw taala knew about you and now you are going to come out minuite Fatima ADA who are fussy Momo been some piece of dirty fluid you're going to come out and be an open opponent to Allah and may thus they are they don't know yet they do not know it in verse number 14, we see Allah subhanaw taala that's when they meet those who believe they say we need to have believed we like Islam. We believe Muhammad he was a good person or they set out to a sunnah we to believe. But when they are alone with evil, once they say We are indeed with you, we are only

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mocking them, we're just we're pulling their chain. Look, it's a time it's a time for votes. It's a time to keep people happy. We'll tell them what they need. We are only mocking or making a mockery of them. Verse number 15, Allah subhanaw taala gives it back to them and reminds them rather it is Allah who makes a mockery of them for they are not only not trusted by the Muslims, they seem as fools to the Muslims, but they are shade lines and who are the shade lines? Many of the tafsir and we're not going to delve into these things. Talk about the oral Lama, the scholars of the previous two religions, Christianity and Judaism because they have the books the book said and a prophet will

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come to you he won't be from amongst your people he will look like this he will have these signs and they rejected it they hit it they said no no no don't don't don't read this. So when they went back in the people like man do you look like a Muslim? Now

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those are just my Friday friends okay. And they they tried said that they were playing them we are indeed with you they said they in return the hypocrite said to the evil ones the ones who are plotting against the Muslims were just only mocking them rather it is Allah subhanaw taala who is making a mockery of them for he let them continue in their transgression wandering blindly I want you to go back have them Allah who will obey Him or answer marry him wanna other Saudi him Will he show? So we said this, that they are wandering blindly and they haven't turned to Allah subhanaw taala Allah is mocking them by allowing them to think yeah, by me going to the masjid once or twice

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a month and showing my face with a fake intention. Then I left behind I was letting them wander blindly. I want you to keep pick up on these key words for wandering blindly have them Allahu Allah seal on their heart on their hearing. Let's see how Allah Andaaz going to bring this together. Verse number 16 Hola. Hola. The inner star a woodburner letter V Lu luda. And in verse number 16, Allah subhanaw taala says these are the ones who have purchased misguidance and he has actually used the word hula Iike Lizzie Nash, Tara wood Bala, lotta Bill Houda This is actual word bought in the past tense. So they have bought, purchased misguidance at the cost of guidance. What is this from our

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behalf? DGL to whom we can owe more Dean, what is this purchasing of the misguidance and I want you to take a look at this for for a moment's time here. When you use the facilities that the man the merciful gave you to do as you please. And then to try to deceive him you assume I'm going to be doing good. And you're actually using the things you got free money that's your senses. You're using them to lie and deceive the people around you in turn deceiving Allah. Allah said use what I gave you this tongue, these eyes, the facilities are Rahmani Raheem, remember, use them as you want. But you're purchasing misguidance in turn for what you could have gotten guidance for thus their trade

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has not profited their souls and Allah Subhana Allah knows the human being. And the fact that when it comes to when I when I mentioned bling bling, when I mentioned money, cash, immediately the ears go up. What can I do with money? What can I do to get money? Allah subhanaw taala is using this to remind the people there is something more than money and that is Miss guidance and guidance that can be purchased that can be sought after to the facilities that Allah subhanaw taala gave you thus their trade has not profited their souls for they have not been guided

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Right so, in the inner circle Mr. Kim and I'm going to we're going to learn to reflect on Surah Fatiha I O Allah guide me to the straight consistent path. That consistent path can only come when Allah subhanaw taala guides it Allah Houma. It didn't set off and Mr. Team Allahumma mean

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