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Bismillah, your Walkman, your

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thing, and any situation, whether it's COVID-19 whether it's a sickness of a loved one, whether it's a loss of a job, whether it is in the best moment of my life, I have to look at it. Number one. This is all from Allah.

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I think we have always to remember this. It's from Allah. Number two, I tell myself since it is from Allah, this is higher. This is good. My job is to look and ask a lot number one to show me the goodness in this and we human beings by nature, and especially living in the West, more educated We are the more we have, we think we are in control, because the more technology I mean, you see it, we drive a car, we don't do anything. We just sit in the car and then turn this button, this button, this button, everything works. And I think it's all under my control because I am pressing it. So the first thing I learned from this and this is the beginning or I call it the key for my spiritual

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connection is to change my mindset that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only one in control.

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Nobody else and Allah said this repeatedly in the Quran. He said that affortable Anam the cattle he said that inshallah tunas, in very explicit verse what he said he says koloff will be boring fella Kashif Allahu Allahu. What you read can be higher for what a cliche in audio, that's the verse of the cattle. If Allah will touch you, afflict you with more, what is more harm evil? Could be sickness, something I don't like. Then a lot remind you and me fella Kashi fella who Illa who nothing will remove it cash if his cash is to expose, nothing will expose it or remove it, except Allah. What do you read can be higher and, and if Allah subhanaw taala wants you and that's in the

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owners. If he wants for you, good. No one else else can prevented