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Fiqh of Menstruation – Abnormal Bleeding

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Haifaa Younis

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A woman came to the Swati Sato center. And she explained it. I am a woman who bleeds. Right? And I'm never clean. Imagine, say this. I've never clean. What does this have the teachers number one

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woman asked

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and they never felt shy

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and they asked about intimate things. Asked about things makes us these days uncomfortable. You know how comfortable you are asking a shear male about a bleeding a lot of woman feels uncomfortable. What here do you want? Now the third thing we we learn from this habit is what? How keen they are about their Salah, she came to him says I am bleeding Should I stop praying? no meaning, meaning you pray, although you are bleeding. So that's for this principle. I am bleeding because we are any subconscious. We have this belief that if I am bleeding, I should not pray.

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Right, which is the essence, which is the basics. But also there is exceptions to the rule and this is the source of it. If I am bleeding outside my period, I should pray because she said Should I stop therefore stop praying? And he said no. So that's the other Another thing we learned from this study.