Don’t lose hope

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If anyone listening to us from Algeria, right, how many is the French occupied Algeria?

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Right? And how much they try to change and how much they try to make people forget.

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After years and years and years, like there's a there's a saying says less often the higher loss or higher at the end of the day or at the end, truth will prevail. So, number one, let us not ever in everything we are seeing, it does not lose hope.

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Nothing assuming Rohilla This is what so you may also say they are upset to the his sons don't despair, from the Mercy loving mercy of Allah subhanaw taala what is my duty in front of Allah and Julia Khartoum, and everyone listening to us? Number One, Teach Yourself number two, teach the younger generations teach your children on the dinner table? What isn't? Majid Roxa you don't have to get lectured. You don't have to give lecture these days things are much easier on the internet. What is the Old City what is East Jerusalem in your mind and teach it to your children?