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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the training and training required for fasting during the month of Shabbat, which is difficult for people who are already working full-time. The training is mainly focused on the practice of fasting, which is a long, continuous process that requires a lot of effort and dedication. The speaker also mentions the importance of fasting for connecting with the Bible and improving one's health.
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This is an email, even Roger Ver and he said,

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part of the Hikmah of the wisdom that Rasul Allah has Salatu Salam is teaching us in fasting more than the usual during the month of Shabbat is a training, it's a training for the month of Ramadan. And this is absolutely we all feel it specially in the summer so they will be longer, so the fasting will be longer. So if I am a person who fast from one Ramadan to the other, the first couple of days of Ramadan is absolutely difficult. It's very difficult Hamdulillah we keep doing what we are doing, but it is not easy. I know a good number of people, they get headaches, they after they fast they cannot even do any extra deed taraweeh is not easy for them because the body is not used to it. So

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one of the weakness of fasting the month of Siobhan is actually that it is a training. That's what at the moment when Roger was saying, is it training so when you are number one comes in, I'm not going to be worried about me feeling tired, why I cannot do this, why I can do this. Now. The first thing become

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almost a habit so set at training, is that so Shabana as Allah brought it, to Rasul Allah saw to send to do this extra fasting. So it is a training for us also, one of the things also the righteous people did in the month of Shabbat, as a training for Ramadan is start restart your connection with the Quran, or if there is already a connection, we'll increase it, increase it, and this is an imam Shafi used to do this and they said that the reason for that is that the knifes me and you get used to the act of worship, because when Siobhan finished, let's say it's day 30, or day 29, and Ramadan comes in is not a switch, that I will just turn it off, or turn it on, and then my body completely

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changed and fasting becomes very easy, or Satara has very easy, nice Salah and I start trading or I focus. Usually it's not the case, we all know that, that to get to a habit, we need the training. So when we for example, when we exercise, we cannot run three miles right away. We usually have to do with gradual, and if we leave it for a while, even if we have done it, and we leave it for a while it's very hard to go back to the habit unless we train so that's why fasting in the month of Siobhan reading Quran increase

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the reading or the connection of the relationship of the US with the Quran.

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