Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #28 – The Love of this Life

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the love of dunya and the belief that it is a bridge to life. They explain that the "naughty old lady" in the transcript describes a parable about the death of a couple, and that the "naughty old lady" is a bridge to life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of taking action and not letting things happen to one's life.
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The key, the key, for every evil is the love of dunya. The love of this life, I need to live, because Allah created me, and hamdulillah. But as I knew, I need to know the reality of this temporary home, I'm living

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in a beautiful saying, related to say nanny size. He said,

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he saw this world is doomed here and came to him in the form of an ugly, old lady.

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ugly old lady.

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But this ugly old lady, basically

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wearing all the beautiful jewelleries.

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And the dialog, it says save now Isa asked her, as this do as this woman, which is basically it's a parable of this life. And he said, How many you're married? Come visit? How many you got married to? And she respond? I do not. I don't know the number. I can't count them. There are too many. And then he asked her, all of them died, or

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they divorced you. The answer says, No, I killed them.

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I killed them. Say now Isa said, Whoa, for all the other

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husbands? Didn't they know that you killed the husbands before? How did they not learn? I hope you understand what I'm saying. Basically, we live every day we see people dying, we pray for their janazah some of us may watch the body and we see the out of going is tuning I will not keep people living forever. But still we fall in there see the same trap, the love of dunya and the love of dunya meaning when we favor the dunya over our hero when we favor this life over the hereafter when I disobey Allah and the key for every evil is the love for for this dunya most of the scholars advice that live in the morning and teach yourself and remind yourself you're not going to be waking

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up, you're not going to be living to the evening and in the evening when you go to bed remind yourself you may not wake up. So I live the moment knowing this is my last moment and it's a very good exercise to teach ourselves somebody asked you or asked me and somebody come and told me in one hour you will be dead in one hour what will I end up doing?

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So the more we focus on the Acura my live my life or my living in this life will be exactly a bridge and this is also scholars say a dunia Amparo, this life is a bridge that we cross it to the earth. Or it's a form where we plant and we take or we get the harvest in the hereafter.

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So the more I love it, the more I am attached to it, the more I want, the more my focus is only about this how much money I have the bank account my children, my beauty, my wealth, my career, from morning to evening, my arsenal of suffer. The first thing suffers, we all see our sweater, how many times we miss our sweater, or do we do it just doing it? Because we are busy doing other things we're tired. And yes, there is things we have to do. But we have to remember our And the worst part is when I what Allah gave me in this dunya to enjoy. I use it for his disobedience or when I don't have things that I start disobeying a lot to have what other people have what I disobeyed Allah to

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be like everybody would do me the loan of this life.

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