Haifaa Younis – Tuesday Halaqa Series – Reviving the Sunnah

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of learning and practicing Islam is emphasized, particularly in regards to the expiration of forgotten or forgotten options. The segment discusses various hobbies and experiences related to Islam, including a disturbing video of a dosage of alcohol, a woman in a car, a sermon about a man in a plane, and a sermon about a man in a car. The importance of practicing Islam is emphasized, particularly in regards to one's health and safety. The transcript also touches on the importance of praying with their feet and avoiding distraction, as well as the use of the "meson bath" for praying and the importance of proper cleaning and use of the "meson bath."
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bombonera to socceroo gonna bother the data now hoglund amla don't Karama in accountable hub rubbish rocklea sodbury waste silly Omri, what are the 10 melissani of coli? You are beyond me. So I was actually thinking What should I do for you and then this came to my mind this was actually a project we did in my school. And it's a big subject it's sad to know how many Sooners not only we don't know about Subhanallah I mean when I was doing this I was like I'm Allah forgive me, how many centers we don't know about and even the one we know about how many times we do it and how many times or how often we know how important it is sooner and we just choose to do some and not do the other and

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there is no difference between this and this. This is what I was trying to make the point is is like you cannot pick and choose whichever you want other than the obligations but there's a lot of confirmed sooner what could we do with some of it but the rest we don't know we don't do it or we don't even know it's a confirmed son. So this is really sad. So hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen and when I was looking at how would I do this there's so many so I chose to do with my one function or one thing so we can focus so this may be at least two or three more classes. So I chose to start with what

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of course will Sana

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because that's the origin and I'm not going to take you through inside Salah because probably will not have enough time but before as we are coming to salah and then when the Allah shantala taught us that someone is going to call for salah and then inside Salah brown know how much time we will have for the if not we will continue next week inshallah. Before I started this I'm going to start with the basics. What is Suna?

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This was the title. So what is Suna?

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What How do you define it?

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Say that again. So the way our Swati Salatu was salam, that's fine. Absolutely. There's two things two ways you define it. You find it as the word itself. And what does it mean in Islam? And there's two things in Islam when I'm talking about it.

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And what I'm talking about in general, so let's start it's like this they call it law letter meaning What does the word Suna mean in Arabic? If you are let's assume you're not a Muslim, and you're studying Arabic and then the word Suna came in what does this word mean? You're not studying Islam

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it's actually the path so net is a path it's a body is a path yeah I'm literally so if you want to say the way from here to the masala chai Mahi assume that you know masala but because our ears are so used to that word meaning this so we find it very, very strange. As soon as a party literally it's a funny I will miss like element. That's how they define it. It's the path or it is the way and some says it's actually the followed way. Very few people will tell you it's a follow up. It's a path that I follow. So that's in general in Islam with the tsunami but you said it in Arabic In general it's anything he said that he thought was sent out or he did or

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yes Aurora stayed silent. Someone did something in front of him or said something in front of him and he did not rejected or opposed it so it's called the Sonata query meaning the fact he stayed silent that mean this is something he was okay with otherwise he would not have stayed quiet about it so something he did something he said something he approved the sample will say approved and even in general it's the way he looked and his character some will include all this under the sun said did approved the way he looked and the way he acted and those of you who were with us in the six week four weeks we did about the sooner we learned a lot about his way and how he looked at his auto

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center so this is number one we need to learn number two Why do you need to study this one?

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Number one, number one and Allah certain in the Quran like before I say the AI universally sought to Sir Yeah, why do you why you are asking? Of course I do. Then I'm going to say show me

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and this is what Allah subhanaw taala said and so it's early I'm wrong. Call in quantum to hit boon Allah has to be only you have common law. We have Lacan, zuba kumala who often All right, if you really love Allah, and of course we do. Follow me. Me is a Rasul Allah hisako Center, follow

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Rasul Allah sitosterol on the path, the sooner what is the result number one Allah who love us. That's what this verse is saying, you, for sure you say you love Allah, then follow me Allah who love you and will forgive your sins. What does it What will I get other than the love of Allah if I do this? Because we need all of us to move our

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casual way of looking at some is just the sun.

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It's very common. And I'm not talking about you too young who when you almost no, I'm talking about some people even all hemmed in that law toward them. We look at it as just soon so if I don't do it, what will happen

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now this is the definition of it. Or the other name for it is something they commanded muster hub. So what will I get? If I do it? So now we're going to go for action shall not are you just prayed Mahara and you did to rakata tomorrow? Almost everybody doesn't have What did I get?

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So what did I get? If I do it? And what about it just a tsunami not gonna do it.

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You'll get the blessing and the pleasure of Allah even more. Definitely, but there is more.

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Can I get what is the credit for your skin, you will be rewarded yet simple, you will be rewarded if you do it one time, Stan, if I don't do it,

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nothing will happen. That's why people unfortunately, were start merely in general in general enough, when you say something is soon now almost 100 or recommended, if you do it, you will be rewarded. If you don't do it, you will not be punished in general in the in the like.

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Like in the law of Islam, that's how it is. But this is how I look at it in dunya.

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Right? Somebody will say you know what, if you stay two more minutes in this place, I'll give you $5 if you leave, nothing is going to happen how many people will stay

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it's $5 only I didn't say everybody will stay right. If anything if you leave on time Nothing will happen. No punishment. So here you are one time Stan and it can be even more so that's I need this I started with this as basics. Some of you probably all of you know it, but it's always good to start with the basics. Number two, that he predicted that some time is gonna come what people will start forgetting his son.

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Nuts in general, but at least thumb over even Jose Aldo horiba Islam starts as a stranger and will end up as a stranger. But this is specifically about someone who learned the abandoned or forgotten sooner, and he or she revived them if he say anything about it. And listen to this hottie this haggis will make you smile that to him that I'm very happy. A good number showed up today that tells you you really want to learn so let's say what he said are Swati Sato. Sam said the following. It's an intermediate man I assume nemen suniti how'd you meet her two body fat in Allahumma luxury, Metro Manila be here in rady a yo cosmin jewelry him Shaya woman if the Abuja attend Bala Allah tala bajo

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la hora su can Allah him through Asami Mann amela. Viva la casa de coming Zadie Boucher, this is an attorney. let's translate.

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And I want you to pay attention to the words because in the words you can tell you, you predicted that the sooner will die.

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So Pamela, and he said the following, he said this is to be done saving the Buddha. And he said, I am

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no he said to be no. Learn and save. Now Buddha says I'm ready to learn, teach me and he says again, learn No. And he said I'm ready to learn. Now comes in he said, Indeed whoever revive asuna that from my son that has died after me.

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Sooner died after him is autosar that person comes in he or she younger, old, revive it. So what will happen? He says that person who will revive it, then for him or her their reward similar the reward similar to everyone who did it before and everyone who's going to do it.

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Revive as soon as dead soon, but he specifically says matter tomorrow he died after me. And before I will tell you a couple of the ones I'll discuss. I'm going to ask

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And he said the opposite Also be careful. And he said and whomsoever act upon whomsoever or he would revived or or invented innovation Aveda he will have the punishment of everyone did it without minimizing the punishment of the other. So be very careful I always say this especially these days with all the internet and availability and people start spreading hiraeth This is the Hadith and then most of people honestly how much knowledge we have about the hygiene and we love our Swati site to Islam and hamdulillah I learned you need to be very careful Did he really say it? Is that really the hurry that that is words? And is this really the action? So whomsoever revived a dead soon

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that's our topic abundance and so now let's talk give me a couple of Sooners something related to the Salah that is a completely abandoned think of the masjid think when you come upstairs or at your home that we abandoned it we know it but we abandoned

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before so now I'm giving you a clue not about Voodoo

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yeah and before so that's something we're going to solder and he did it almost almost every time and rarely you find people

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Okay, I'll give it to you because you probably are gonna keep guessing. Number one, number one is a sewak

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and I'm going to come to it in detail sewak right one number two, and this you see it in the masjid every time. Even in Juma

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What do we do when they are done? is being called woman especially upstairs.

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And what is the something that he

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he didn't say quiet? He said so.

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He said listen number one. That's why you're quiet because you can talk and listen. So he said Listen, I'll come to it in detail. So that's number two. Okay, number three, so Don Winton, right but not yet. vasana

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What is this? So now here

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you are.

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What do we normally do? Talk Talk span Allah Subhana Allah number four, which is this is also very common. Very rarely you see you're not in the masjid. You are outside in the park a Salah time comes into play with or without the shoes.

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It's not you can do with this sooner.

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With this shoes. Haha, I love the Ha. See it's a dead soon. Alhamdulillah I'm so happy because that made me feel even happier. Because Allah Subhana Allah made me saved. Absolutely. Now come to it. I'm just giving you now the like outline on come with every Hadith and what he said.

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Praying not on the earth, not on the ground. So in the car, in the plane?

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Is it sooner or not? Especially in the car, the plane there is issues about

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praying in the car.

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Sooner or not?

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I'm not talking about obligatory solo.

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I didn't say driving. I said in the car. Yes or no or I don't know.

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You are in the car.

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It's as soon as Salatu Allah wa ala they say, this is what he did. I'll come to it. Don't jump patient. So at least I'm getting your attention. So that's good. But can we have a little bit quieter attention. So a sonata for Allah wa he actually prayed on the camel on the camel. And there's a hadith about that. So I can pray I should. This is how I want you to all think of it. Every now and then I want to do one of the things that we are learning for only one reason. It's assumed that and I'm reviving it. And it will be lovely if someone asks you.

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So why you are doing this. And you're going to say it's the sooner then you revived it the Hadith I shared with you. So number one sewak. And I didn't expect that many people in this room because I brought some c work with me. So I'm not going to give it to anybody because who I'm going to give it to. Right? Honestly, I didn't expect that 100 so see work, pray in your shoes. Listen to the dance between adanya karma usually make a dua and there's also a singer in between this one more

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and the sooner the no offering or item. So let's start one by one. Why should I listen to the other. I'm very busy. I'm very busy.

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I'm humbler. I'm standing up in the masjid to pray. And I need this five minutes to answer all my text messages. Check on my children. Yeah, my friend. She just posted something just two seconds Let me check it. Why do I have to listen?

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So look at this or soiree sought to a sinner said and I'm going to share with you the Hadith, because it's very explicit that it is not a differential opinion, either similar to NIDA for Julio come I have

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one new here. I need an ADA is the call for Salah. advant we call it and the other name for is amnesia when you hear it when you hear it. Fair, Fermi's immediately all say it What kind? Is it optional? Or it's an order?

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It's order for all you say? The same. What's them was then the person who's calling for Salah is saying, and this is another Buhari and Muslim.

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say listen and say I don't know what he's saying. My Nia is I want to say what he is saying. And I'm since I'm seeing some some maybe don't know the Arabic language. Just listen. And your journey is to listen in sha Allah, Allah who will teach you as the more you hear it, you will know how. So that's number one. Number two.

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Once you finish what he said, What do you do? We start talking

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or start talking with the person next to us. So now I learned right? You're all laughing because it's true. Right? So Pamela, it's painful. It's true. But Hamlet lies teaching us. So what should I say? is more than is done, finished. He called for the event A Don is called for the prayer. So he finished What should I do?

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So I say Allah Mohammed Rasul Allah. Just a second just a second one question first. I say that you love Mohammed Rasul Allah

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yes or no or I don't know. Okay, let me teach you because it is not

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so out of Swati Sato Salaam said the following. That's another hurry. He said this isn't Muslim, either. Similar to you here the other number one for kulu Muslim I say the same way. what he's saying. Except when he say hey, Allah Sana. Hi alfalah. What do you say? Now how La quwata illa Billah. no power, no change of status, but by our last podcast, now we finished.

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This is what I need to do for Hulu. Muslim I have some then salamu Allah

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Who doesn't know Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Allah Allah. So Tomas Allah, Allah sallallahu we had a call Mashallah you say one, Allah who respond by 10

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see how much we are losing. Say. You say once Allah say 10 Macedo Li Waseda then make up for Russel Wallace Auto Center, along with Dr. Masato at the Mohammedan l was cedar what's the lower cedar?

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What's the lower cedar

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no Muhammad Allah what is different? What is the luisita

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it's it's exactly it's actually an A highest level and it's like eminence like somebody who will become royal Indonesia.

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So ask Allah here I am. me. Are Swati Soto Sam asking me to make for him. And I am so miser, I don't even do it.

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Because there is a reason after I do this, what will I get? So number one, you're going to send salado Swati santosa. Number two, you're going to ask Allah Subhana Allah to give him a high status. I'll Waseda so masala Holly who was sila? dynamin. Zero from Jana. It's a status or it's a place in Jana. No one will get it latchable really abdomen Eva de la What are you want to akula anahola This is very high level engine. Very difficult for ordinary people for people to get there. And he is saying I hope that I will be there are surely Satoshi. So he is asking you and me to make dua for him. For Mancera, Li l Waseda now comes in whomsoever asked Allah to give me that status. Hello,

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Alicia Artie law, then he deserved my intercession and how much we need the intercession.

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Imagine I want to honestly when you think of the intercession of Roswell assault or Sarah, think of yourself in a big trouble, honestly in a big trouble and the only way that

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You will be out of this trouble. If someone comes in and put a good word for you

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a big trouble they will fire you think of it like your inner at work, and they will fire you. And then you look and look and says, You know what this person I'm going to go and talk to him or her and I'm going to say write an email on my behalf. So they will not fire me. Right? And that person wrote, and you're not fired, how happy you are?

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How happy Alhamdulillah now this is this life. However, there were no one neither speak nor write an email, no intervene, except Him and His Salah torso, and he didn't say only I'll do it. * achalasia Fatty, you will get it. He will intercede for you with Allah subhanho wa Taala by saying only what?

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Listen to the other panel law. Listen to the other finish. Since Allah tala Swati Sato Sara and then make the dua and I'm going to share with you that you are out next make the job you get the Ashoka intercession question comes in is that you are only the live do I only when I am in the masjid or can it be on I am home can it be on my phone? Can it be on the on the television?

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Yes, when it is the time for sauna so on your phone time for Salah Dan goes in you listen, repeat and then make the sense Salah Torah Swati Sato Sara. And then you ask Allah Subhana Allah for the DA five times a day. That's five shafaq per day.

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times how long we are living.

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How much we missed.

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Pamela Mia la Do you mind us all this is I think one of the problems is that we don't remember. Because we don't think it's a priority. We don't forget important things.

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All of us. We don't but things that is not very important or it's second or third level we forget. So hello Charlie shafaq at number two. So this is the first one when you listen to the

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listen and say Salah or Swati cytosis praying in your shoes.

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Sometimes you need to do it for only one reason. Because it says

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and especially when you're outside because when you are outside it the other day when we're in MSA right. Very few people did it.

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Very few people did it. It was la masala It was not a place where it was where there the carpet is made for prayers so you don't put your shoes on it because it will get dirty. But if you're outside anywhere, anywhere, keep your shoes and this is the hadith of roswaal De Soto so

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he said Yes Go ahead.

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Yeah. Ups if you are outside the masjid or outside our masala you come in and there is no special carpet made that the whole room had the carpet. Otherwise, you don't need to take off your shoes and I'm going to share with you two hobbies. So this one is actually he was in his Salalah hisako Center in the middle of the Salah. He took off the shoes

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in the middle of Asana, he took off the shoes. So of course what do you think the people behind him did? The Sahaba took off their shoes. So he said Why did you take off your shoes?

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Look at this.

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In the middle of a sweater, they said you took it off, we are taking it off

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path followed soon. He then said no. In the middle of Sana gibreel came to me and told me there is impurity on your shoes, take it off.

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And now comes the teaching. This is what he says he says either had to come into the masjid when someone comes to the masjid. Let him check his shoes. If there is no impurity, let him pray with it.

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Not in this matches the messages that time was there was no carpet. So what did I say? Any place you are praying, there is no special carpet for that the whole room. Meaning in your house. If you are in the house, you normally don't take off your shoes when you are when you enter the house. When you put your Sujata if you're standing outside this agenda, you pray with your shoes.

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You get the point. Pray with your shoes. So that's the first thing he did it. Then he comes in with a hadith and he said Son leukemia adequan hyphal yehudah nazzaro This is an order. Pray with your shoes be different from the Jewish and the Christian.

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coloful yehudah one nazzaro it's actually an

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I have it here.

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It's an Abu Dawood. I would So pray with your shoes. So what do we need to do? I want to number one to remember the Hadeeth. First one I should is whoever reviver sooner.

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Whoever reviver sooner, he or she will have the reward of everyone. What followed that soon. So imagine you are in a sauna

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and 1000s and you're standing there with your shoes. And of course people will look at you. So So immediately now your intention is to revive the sooner. right not to be different. Not to show people you know, because then that's not from your knee is to revive the sooner you look at people and says it's okay to pray with your shoes. It's sooner.

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And you can coat the Hadeeth Yes.

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I'm sorry. Go ahead. Yeah, absolutely. In the airport.

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That's all the time. Airport in

00:26:13 --> 00:26:13

in the park?

00:26:15 --> 00:26:18

No, it's in the in the place in the airports.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:31

There is no special carpets. It's an interfaith room, or it's a meditation room. Almost every airport in the United States. At least I have traveled.

00:26:33 --> 00:27:17

Right? Yeah. But in in in DC also, they have a special place, like a special place. It's all carpet, that when you take off your shoes, but if you come in, let's assume this is the interfaith group, or meditation room, you come in here, and then you only see the cobbler and then they put this agenda on the chair, which is also very common, you'll follow this agenda by the prayer rug, you put it on the direction of the cabinet, but you stand with your shoes, but you're not standing on the prayer rug. You're standing outside the prayer rug and your intention This is why I'm keep saying this. The intention is to revive the sooner and you follow the sooner and let it be no one else is doing it.

00:27:17 --> 00:27:18

You do it.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:25

You do it. You go to the home. When you pray outside. This is all courtyard

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with your shoes.

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Doesn't matter Feeny? Actually the Hadeeth originally the Nan Nan is a slipper is not the shoes What do they What did they wear these these? Those days? It's hot and it's desert What do they wear?

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Exactly Could you be anything it's not the idea is in the idea it's okay and the third thing is don't jump on people who pray in your in their shoes because that's what we also do. It's like don't do it. What is that take off your shoes and that person could try to explain it sooner. And then he's like no hamdulillah you're learning no DD and hamdulillah so that's number two. Salafi Dr. p halochem. Number three pray in the car.

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Now let before you all jump on me. Okay, number one not obligatory Sala unless you have to.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:33

Meaning if there is no time left and especially among people coming from work. Imagine you work in downtown. Right and there is a huge

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let's say traffic on highway 40 a major accident and it's my job and you hit your car at five. And by time you get home at 630 you missed them. So that's an obligatory but you can do that. Because

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exceptions of the rules when you are in a state of need in terms of power, otherwise a Salah will the Salah time will lapse. Otherwise this the obligatory Salah is actually need to be outside the car whether moving or not moving. Whether you're the driver or you or you're sitting in the car coming to the sooner you can do it as a sooner revive it. Solo ha I had a lot of my teachers with them in the car will have time they are praying and the car and I know what I mean. Still has time. The idea is to revive it to remind people Lahore Sana mahalo soon. I mean as soon as I'm talking about and this is what he says and this is one is Sahabi has narrated this Have you he said the

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Rasul Allah Software Center cunning said Behold,

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a virgin torture Will you to add a layer in our lives on in October. He said Allah Swati has Salatu was actually the lagna oma, he said the voluntary prayer roswaal he sought to sit down did it when he was riding on his camel and would ever direct

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It was going he was praying

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because it's smoothing same thing apply for the plane. You probably for the plane A lot of you know that but I'm talking about we are not traveler. We're in here and then he said he did Witter on on the camera with or solder on the camera, but he did not do obligatory accept when we are in need. Are you okay? Your faces says like What is she saying?

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I did at one time, I had no option. If I waited. I if I waited till I come, I would have missed it.

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Yes, you can I made a Do you want to true story, I made a joke that the traffic lights become red.

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And the draft had become right. And I did the cookers have ever done. I mean, literally, I had to because my other option was I will miss it. No way I'll make it home. I could tell no one, huh? I couldn't because I was in the in the street. I couldn't it was it was as a highway to the street. So my point is, you find all the options you are all talking about. Can I park on the side? Can I be stopped at somewhere and safe and I pray but I'm talking about none of this. You can pray as a driver. But if you are not a driver, there's no issue about it. The driver is because you're worried about the safety and how can I focus on in general? Absolutely you can do

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right? So what the idea is in the in the car, just revive this sooner. In general, you're not going to do every day the force a little cart before the horse in the car, but I will revive it. I will try to do at least once a day. So if I left the house in time for Baja, I was like okay, I'm going to do it in the car. You see my point? Just revive it till it becomes a habit. Because this is what he said man I assume that he who? whomsoever revived my son. Another sada that very few of us does or even know about. It's a sooner it's called Salatu tober

00:32:18 --> 00:32:36

Salah to Toba, what is Sonata October. So the prayer of repentance so what is that? Anyone and I'll share with you the hurry. Anyone who commits a sin any sin don't think of major major big ones innocent somebody just backbite

00:32:37 --> 00:32:39

right? Look at something Hello.

00:32:40 --> 00:32:45

said something not pleasing to Allah. Immediately. What is this?

00:32:48 --> 00:32:51

Exactly going to do? And total cat

00:32:52 --> 00:33:22

you will do and total cat and I'll share with you the Hadith. And this is in every day. I would say that Boubacar narrated this hadith and Abu Bakr Sadiq Khan Samia semana todo su Allah alayhi salatu salam yaku Mammon Abdi use enable them but for yasumoto not a single servant of Allah commit a sin that tells you we all are liable panela using the Buddha number one sim for your single door, perfect mobile.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:36

Home, it was only rakatan then he stand up and perform total cat to my stuffy realer than ask Allah for forgiveness. Illa Allah for Allah Allah.

00:33:37 --> 00:33:38

Allah forgive

00:33:40 --> 00:34:10

Japan en la ad sin, any sin, you do it, I do it we do it immediately. Get up, go to the bathroom, perform goodwill, then stand up in front of Allah pantalla to total cart and ask Allah for forgiveness. Question comes in. What about if I don't remember it? Later on I remembered Can I do the solder later on? So I said something for example during the day, and I didn't pay attention and then when I was going to but I remembered

00:34:12 --> 00:34:33

Oh, I did that. I looked at that. Can I do it? scholar says yes sir. preferrably immediately, but even later on is and then in that Hadith, he recited the iron sights early Emraan. Were looking at the value for a certain or one or more emphasis on the Corolla, for stuff are all either Ruby or my favorite. No but you know for

00:34:34 --> 00:34:56

those who commit, Allah is used fracture. fracture is actually married to any intimate relation outside marriage. So that's Xena. Oh, one or more emphasis on the wrong do themselves. That's the other ones. That's something said something looked at something. The Corolla. Immediately you remember a lot

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

of stuff or only the movie and ask for forgiveness.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

And then Allah says Who else will forgive? But Allah? Well my offer is no but in Allah so that took tober it can be done alone. And it can be also you're done together it's it's a sooner it's they didn't say it's confirmed sooner but it says sooner. I think each one of us myself included, if not number one, at least once a day we need to do it

00:35:25 --> 00:35:26

sometimes more

00:35:27 --> 00:35:29

especially if we were invited somewhere

00:35:30 --> 00:35:32

you know what I'm saying? Right?

00:35:34 --> 00:35:57

Right, but I would not Yes, but I would not delay it. Because the more we delay it the more shaitan will come to us and the more we will get lazy so immediately if you remember it immediately stand up and do it. And ask Allah so to recap, there is nothing special do read can read any part of the Quran but ask Allah for forgiveness and Allah will

00:35:59 --> 00:36:44

exit I was just coming to it. So behind Allah any time this caller said even if it is after also, even if this after fudger so let's assume this. So penalties are timings where Salah is not recommended in general after fudger and after also. So after fudger I could just trade and finished and then check your phone and there was a message that really upsets you and then you answered with anger and you said something not pleasing to Allah immediately go and pray they say because this solder has a reason any solder has a reason you can do it in these times. So istikhara like asking a lot to guide you in a decision or somatic tober

00:36:45 --> 00:37:00

right? always just oral mate or any solder that has a reason the generic masala Salah for the rain. Any of these you can do it in these times, which is not recommended to pray so for that to Toba? Yes, yes.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:49

Yes, so not to sugar, it's not Salah, it's it's usually such that a shocker. You port prostrate you prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala. to any one immediately the good news comes in immediately. Naturally, you actually go for prostration I mean, you've seen it sometimes. Those of you who watch football, another football soccer these days, especially honestly, especially these days with all these 100 very famous celebrity players, and they are practicing Muslims, immediately they go for sudo and the middle of the field in the middle of the non Muslims 1000s I mean, if you have to watch them hamazon App Player, you know all the players so Panama, so yes, but not a specific seller. It

00:37:49 --> 00:37:53

says you just go for prostration now comes to the see work.

00:37:55 --> 00:37:57

See work? What is your work?

00:37:59 --> 00:38:06

What see work or miss work? Yeah, yeah, that's okay. It's actually both are right. miswak What's your work? What is it?

00:38:07 --> 00:38:25

Yeah, what is it? It's actually cleaning the mouth with a stick. Right? So panela and the stick is the Iraq tree. And you see it everywhere it is sold. So what's the big deal? Can we have toothbrush? We're done. And I can floss and I'm done.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:44

Can I finish? Can I finish? Can I finish? It's coming. It's coming. It's okay. It's okay. At least you are very interested in 100 law that's good. So here you go.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:13

And I want you to memorize this and not memorize if you memorize 100 but the meaning to make you love to do see work or miswak or actually thought was saddam said and this is an admin and then Buhari also, he said su work as you work Matata to lil femme Amaro bartonella Rob that's the beauty sewak is a cleansing agent or it's a cleanse for the mouth. Okay, I can toothbrush, I can.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:48

floss. Second one is only with Omar obatala. Rob is a pleasing to Allah. So when you are doing it, or I am doing it or we are doing it, we're not only cleaning the mouth, we're actually in act of worship. I will be rewarded for it. So everybody, buddy, so keen on washing on brushing the teeth, right? Your children are in big trouble. If they did not brush their teeth before they go to bed. Right? Because you have to take care of your teeth. Why not? miswak

00:39:53 --> 00:39:55

Why not doing miswak

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

I have tried it for a month for no another month for two weeks.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

With not brushing my teeth

00:40:02 --> 00:40:10

just wanted to see let you know more and I know I know it because when I floss I know if my teeth needs more cleaning

00:40:12 --> 00:40:27

Matata today from a robot only rob it is pleasing to Allah pantalla and it's cleansing to the mouth miswak the other one also roswaal a salt was set up. Someone said Listen, I said just be patient.

00:40:28 --> 00:40:33

Lola and Ashoka Allah Almighty, there are more Thomas yakob localizada

00:40:34 --> 00:40:53

if it was not hard for my own mercy, how merciful alayhi salatu salam was with us to Allah and he knows us and he said if it was not hard for my oma for my people, I would have ordered them to perform to us miswak Jews mitzvah with every Salah imagine

00:40:55 --> 00:41:02

imagine this. So how can I do these both? What is the best thing to do? Put your miswak

00:41:03 --> 00:41:04

next in the bathroom.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:11

Next your toothbrush and your seat and you can clean that

00:41:13 --> 00:41:26

coming just Bismillah Allah Molloy I'm coming I'm coming word it is the commanded and how do we solve it because we all not only learn but we need to figure out practical ways of doing law

00:41:27 --> 00:41:28

oh it's in the masjid

00:41:38 --> 00:41:39

la cama

00:41:47 --> 00:41:47

de la

00:41:53 --> 00:41:54


00:42:01 --> 00:42:04

should run smoothly

00:42:30 --> 00:42:30


00:42:44 --> 00:42:45

Yeah, no more

00:42:50 --> 00:42:50


00:42:55 --> 00:42:55

burned up.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:04

So when do I do see work? What's the

00:43:06 --> 00:43:09

number one we said before sada. Right. Number two.

00:43:11 --> 00:43:18

I'll give it to you. Because I don't think any anybody does that. At least these days. Every time you enter the house,

00:43:20 --> 00:43:39

when you are especially meeting your family, and this is all hadith of roswaal he sought was and just for the time I'm going to quickly go and he says this is Satan. Ns ns was his helper, his servant. And he said in the huddle, baitcast Yaqui when he entered the house miswak was in his hand

00:43:40 --> 00:44:09

and when he is me in his hand, meaning he's using it, so when you enter the house, number three, first thing he does when he wakes up for solitude for the night Salah when he wakes up from the Salah, from the sleep for the Salah, the first thing he does is he do miss work. So for us to practice this for the night, put it next to your nightstand. So the first thing when you come when you wake up you just how long it takes

00:44:12 --> 00:44:39

less than a minute when you get used to it less than a minute. So that's number three. Number four. Every time he ate something that change or or make or bring smell to the mouth. He used to use the sewak every time he didn't have a software set up whenever there is ma smell coming out like garlic like Anya, then use this. Number five

00:44:40 --> 00:44:42

when entering the masjid, every time

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

because they say this is the beauty of entering the masjid that we need to beautify ourselves when we enter a Masjid. May Allah Subhana Allah make us all do that beautify it and the way pleasing to Allah is not beautify the way I like. So what we see

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

Like we need as the time we take for us to beautify ourselves going to a big gathering or a wedding. Do we do the same thing when we are coming to the masjid

00:45:14 --> 00:45:57

and inside the masjid to swine? Yeah because before the Salah because it's before the solar So here you go Anthony so you you stopped your car let's say reality you stopped the car and you did see work or you're walking entered the message open the door if you are if you're like saying I'm alive No no. When you follow with by the letter he used to follow the sooner for us what he thought was by the letter, even if the action is not needed at that time he used to do it. So if you want to do it you you open the door and you do the miswak then you go upstairs before the salon you do this work, and I'll tell you I have seen people woman, the sewak is in her purse, in her purse. What and not

00:45:57 --> 00:46:00

only one usually couple Allah knows how many times she gave me

00:46:02 --> 00:46:15

honestly, because what is she doing? She's reminding us we allottee words as she was a happy woman will give our genetic adult every time so when you enter the masjid and when you read the Quran

00:46:17 --> 00:46:22

and Yaki Rasul Quran when you read the Quran, you also use the Syriac why

00:46:24 --> 00:46:27

why before reading the Quran

00:46:29 --> 00:47:13

you let's assume let's assume I just brushed my teeth and I actually flossed but I need to do this number one so not pleasing to Allah but because I am reading the words of a loss pantile so my mouth has to be the most purified and in a pleasing state to Allah and he likes those who work his power life The last thing as well is to Salaam if you all know when he died by the last thing say that I gave him exactly was this miswak he looked at it and he was too weak to grab it. So she understood right away. She took it, put it in her mouth and gave it to him. She's always to say my my saliva was the last thing he tasted

00:47:14 --> 00:47:33

panela Yeah, so how am I any This is something very easy. These days. You find it anywhere. You go on Amazon you can order Allah knows how many kinds and the masjid everywhere you go now there is one very, very common last thing before the Salah because also related to sauna is a sutra.

00:47:35 --> 00:47:42

sutra is the acca barrier when you are praying so when you that's when you're praying alone.

00:47:43 --> 00:48:00

If you are praying with the Imam the Imam is your sutra. So what is the sutra because a lot of people misunderstand this sutra is where I am praying and where I am going to prostrate where am I such that space is needs no one comes in it

00:48:01 --> 00:48:28

and so I need to put my search for my barrier in there. So if I am walking in the masjid and I have put let's assume anything I put it that I understood this is the barrier I can walk from here but I cannot walk from here. He Allah has sort of said I'm specially when he traveled. He always had a piece of wood and the Sahaba said he had always come with him a piece of wood when he stand up for Salah he put it in front of him because he was the Imam

00:48:29 --> 00:48:41

for us here. Why do you see them hi Rob where the Imam stands there right it's always a wall in front of him. So a wall is a cetera. So at home when you are praying,

00:48:42 --> 00:49:09

usually praying to a wall. The wall is a sutra nobody is going to come if you are upstairs to the pillars or to the wall. And why is that again? Because it is as soon as Aracely sight or Samson either sulla hadoken Palio Sol de la Soto while he had pneumonia while I had Yama Rubina de if anyone of you is praying let them pray to a sutra sutra Amina barrier, anything can be a barrier.

00:49:10 --> 00:49:12

Anything porous paper,

00:49:14 --> 00:49:18

anything. You will see the phone I'll say the phone but don't put it up.

00:49:19 --> 00:49:50

Because it will be a distraction. Right so Pamela how many times you say allow a quote on the phone and the phone starts. So turn it up on your knee, just use it as a sutra but turn it so you won't Don't get distracted. So the Hadees says, who I'm saying so ever stand up for sada let him stand up recently Illa sutra let him put or she put a barrier. And now this is the description of let him or her be so close to that barrier. And don't you let anyone comes between you

00:49:51 --> 00:49:59

at all this is what you do. And literally you find them. You literally find them because another Hadith he said the meaning of the

00:50:00 --> 00:50:11

person who's passing in front of the person who's praying meaning passing between him and the barrier. If he knows the punishment of this he would have waited 40 years

00:50:13 --> 00:50:17

for zero The only exception scholars allowed it is an alarm

00:50:19 --> 00:50:53

only in the Holloman it is crowded not under harm in general when it is crowded like when you get stuck in the off and then it's Sora time and you need to leave there is no way you're going to move unless you pass through people but in general don't take it lightly. So what we learned today about the it's all related to solder and I try to give you the most forgotten one there is there is more but less abandoned. But these are absolutely abandoned. Rarely anyone does. Listen to the other. Say what they were the mom says and make the dua afterwards between Adana comma, maker do

00:50:54 --> 00:51:12

pray with your shoes. You put a sutra to pray in your car. Use your car as frequent as you can. I met most pantalla teachers and give us the ability not only to learn also to practice Zakouma law hierarchy, panic alarm, organic shadow,

00:51:13 --> 00:51:22

suffering rucola to settle on sad now Mohammed Wallah earlier was Javi Sleeman kathira what your Milady What do you all for coming

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